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Arleen and I are snuggled up together watching cartoons, both still sick as dogs. I went to school to have lunch with her like I do every Wednesday, and she started to complain of a headache and nausea. I took her to the nurse who measured her temperature. It was 101, so I took her home. She tried to go to school this morning but had to be picked up shortly after because she started feeling sick again. Always trying io see the positive side of everything, I see sickness is a great excuse to be cozy together. My father used to call me Pollyanna for that very reason. 

I love going to her school lunch because her friends are really great. We play all sorts of games together, but my favorite (an invention of our family) is one where we ask a question like, “Who likes to smell their own farts” or “Who wants to marry Barney,” and then we spin something that has a pointer or equivalent. Whoever it points to is the culprit/victim. Yesterday, her friend Jude, tried to find a place at our table but we were all filled up. The teacher found another table for him, and he looked so dejected that I asked one of Arleen’s little girlfriends why. She said, “Because everyone likes it when you come over, Mimi.” It made me feel so good. It also makes me feel good when they ask, “Are you Arleen’s mom?” I say, “No, of course not. I’m her grandmother,” and they can’t believe it. Then they ask how old I am, and I tell them, ‘I’m 61.’ It lets the air out of my sails right away when they all gasp in terror as though I’m one step away from the grave or something out of Tales from the Crypt. 

By the way, I’ve been reading a lot of research suggesting we’re entering a mini-ice age now, one that will last 200-250 years. They think that some Atlantic heat conveyor belt in the ocean in on the fritz or something. With temperatures in Russia at minus 80 and record snowfalls in Turkey, Greece, other parts of the Mediterranean, I think I’ll ask Erik what’s up. What’s your take on all of this?

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Me: Okay, are you ready for some big questions today, Erik?

Erik: Yeah! Hit me!

Me: First of all, can you channel Mother Earth?

Jamie bursts out laughing.

Jamie: Ah, I wish you could see his face! He like whipped his head at me and he just went, “Wow.” (Jamie mimics the voice of a stoned surfer dude.)

Jamie (to Erik, still giggling): For real.


Jamie: Okay. I’ll say what he says.

Erik: I’m sure if you smoke enough pot, you could.

(Figures. Sigh.)

Erik: But no, honestly. Yes, you can just like you can channel the spirit of the oak tree out in front of your house, like you can channel the spirit of the worm.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: You know, Earth has a living force, and yes, you can channel that.

Me: Wow, you mean the whole living force?

Erik: Yeah, and I bet you a million dollars it’d be hard to put words, into what you’d feel, because the English language—just any kind of language, verbal language—wouldn’t do it justice.

Me: Oh my gosh. I’d be afraid to hear what she’d have to say.

Jamie (snickering): He puts his arms kind of out like a dead bug kind of a thing and he goes (in a pitiful voice) “Why did you hurt me.”

Me: Aw. Well, I’m sure that Mother Earth is probably strong enough that us little peon humans are probably nothing. I mean, what we do is probably nothing compared to what she can handle. I don’t get that. I mean, I don’t condone or excuse what we do to pillage our planet, but I don’t get that.

Erik: We’re just on the surface.

Me: I mean, her healing ability must be enormous compared to what we, uh, we’re just like little bugs crawling around on the surface. Little fire ants building little mounds here and there. And she can just kick those mounds over, sprinkle a little bit of Amdro on them and go back inside her house for a cup of tea.

Jamie laughs.

Erik: Yeah, but our presence is altering the climate, and that’s the part. That’s the part with our human mistakes like dumping oil in the ocean and the pollution and, you know, ruining rain forests. We’re eating up resources that help Mother Earth keep her balance. So, she’s constantly in readjustment.

Jamie: He loves how Native Americans think of weather—how it represents Mother Earth’s emotions.

Me: Oh!

Erik: It’s her way of guiding or reprimanding the animals and the humans who are on the Earth, who are hosts.

Me: Mm hm.

Jamie: And so he’s got this new concept when he hears about earthquakes and things of that nature, (Jamie giggles) he thinks, “Serves you right” for that area for Mother Earth to act that way.

Me: Ah oh.

Jamie: That’s funny, because isn’t that, um, a Celtic, um who worships the land?

Me: The Druids, maybe?

Jamie: Druids, yes! They worship the land and they pray to it—pray to Earth and what she can do.

Erik: Yeah. Looking at it this way, you know, this is how she reacts. Then you check back in to that belief system, it doesn’t look so fucked up anymore.

Me: So when there are massive geological events like hurricanes, earthquakes and things like that, it might be Mother Earth trying to tell us something?

Erik: Yeah. And that means you need, as a collective, to adjust something that you’re doing.

Me: Can you trance channel Mother Earth or would that just be too much.

Erik: Who has the fucking balls to do that?

Me: I know! It seems like you would only trance channel part of her and then the rest would, um, it’d be like puppetry.

Erik: Yeah, that’s the easiest way. It’s mostly that way with angels and Mother Mary and all these awesome saints and energies who’ve experienced life and know a greater Source and just can’t fit into that human body anymore. They just can’t.

Me: Well, what would happen if you did, just hypothetically?

Jamie (laughing): He’s talking about spontaneous combustion.

Me: I was wondering about that, too! Are some cases of spontaneous combustion due to the fact that the person doesn’t set boundaries and just accidentally trance channels or tries to trance channel but obviously doesn’t know what they’re doing? Then BOOSH! Up in flames.

Erik: That’s not the only cause, but I do think you’re onto something. We’ll talk more about the other causes another time.

Me: Hm. You know, it’s like sticking a metal spoon into boiling water. You can get burned, and that person acting as a conduit can’t take all of that energy.

Erik: Yeah. Right.

Me: Robert, when he channels, um, if he channels too much, he gets too hot. Oh, and one side of his neck gets bright red, beet red.

(Robert is one of the Channeling Erik mediums.)

Jamie: Oh, really?

As I type this, I remember that when Jamie channels Erik, he always enters through the side of her neck. At the moment of entry, you can see a flash of light, and almost always (maybe always), the overhead lights flicker. Very cool.

Me: Yeah, so I have to fuss at him to stop channeling. When he comes over for our Friday night get togethers, he’s supposed to take a time out from channeling. It’s a “no fly” zone for mediums. Partying only.  Okay, so trance channeling Mother Earth—you shouldn’t do it? Not recommended? Don’t try this at home, right?

Erik (laughing): Yes, don’t try this at home, but do try to tap in and understand the emotions and the emotional quality behind her.

Me: Okay. Now, can you channel Source?

Erik: We do it everyday. We’re a part of it.

Me: Oh, okay. All right. So, what about trance channeling Source?

Erik (laughing): Good luck!

Me: Wow, can you imagine that?

Jamie wails in laughter.

Jamie: He’s talking about busting a nut!

Me (laughing): You know it reminds me of one of the episodes of Raiders of the Lost Ark where the dominatrix vixen type demands all the knowledge of the Universe from this circle of aliens, and she just blows up.

Erik: That would be it. Yes.

Me: Could you tap into all—if you did channel Source I mean really someone like you, Jamie, who’s a conduit—not just a regular person. (I start giggling.) You’re an irregular person, Jamie. But if you were regular person like me, I mean—

Damn. Talk about stuttering like a fool.

Jamie: He’s stopping you in your tracks.

Thanks you, Jesus.

Erik: That’s pretty much like saying, “I’m ready to merge with you. I’m ready to succumb and hand over this life and not be alive anymore.” That’s pretty much what that all boils down to. You know you’ve heard those people who say, “Okay, I’m ready to die,” and they flip the switch and they connect to Source and they just disappear. Their body’s still left behind, but they just let go.

Me: Are you talking about channeling or trance channeling Source?

Erik: Trance.

Me: Oh, okay. But channeling, being a totally wide conduit like you, Jamie, could you receive all this information and—

Jamie: I wouldn’t know how to translate it. It’s weird. Sometimes I know things, but I can’t get it to my mouth; I can’t tell you what it’s like at all.

Me: Hm.

Jamie: I have an understanding of it, but I just can’t explain it.

Me: Does it stick?

Jamie (giggling): For me, in my experience, it’ll stick for a little while, maybe three or four days. Then it becomes really elusive, and then it just disappears. But I recognize it when I’m close to it. I just won’t be able to recall all of what had occurred.

Me: Okay. Anything else on that, Erik? Jamie?

Erik: No.

Jamie: No.

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