Channeling Patrick Swayze, Part Two

Enjoy part two of our interview with Patrick:

Me: What was your transition like for you?

Patrick: It was damn near a perfect release. It was my time to go; I know it. I don’t question that for a second. In the process of my death and dying, I was able to raise awareness—

Jamie (to Patrick): Oh that’s right, you had cancer, didn’t you?

Me: Yes, he had pancreatic cancer.

Patrick: I raised awareness and money. I found, you know, not absolute cures, but I found ways to prolong life with cancer. I’m very proud of what I’ve done.

Me: Well, I remember early in your disease you said you were going to beat your cancer. You’re quite the fighter, and you really did persevere for quite a while!

Patrick: I did! Longer than expected. In many ways, I beat it down in the eyes of many people, and now they see it as a cancer that needs more attention and research.

Me: Absolutely!  Okay, so can you describe your actual death?

Patrick: I remember I thought I was going to fight it that day like I did every day, but that day happened to be a day of complete peace. You know, after all the treatments and the surgeries, my body didn’t feel like my own. Radiation, all these healing techniques that the medical field considers pertinent to my situation.

Me: Yes.

Patrick: I used what I considered complementary techniques that helped me bring the peace and openness I needed to embrace this death rather than fight it, and it happened to be on a day when I was accepting. My family was all with me; I felt completely at peace; I said my goodbyes. I had done everything. Looking back, it was the most perfect ending to a magnificent life.

Me: Wow.

Patrick: I don’t have any regrets. I was able discuss and talk about anything and everything. I was always a man of honesty, and if I didn’t do it in that moment, sure enough five or ten minutes later, I would turn around and give you my honest opinion. I just couldn’t hold it that long.

Me: Well, we could all learn a lot from you. So you really had no regrets? That’s one of my questions.

Patrick: No, no.

Me: It seems like you had the perfect life.

Patrick: Well, thank you! Of course there was hardships and disappointments, but that all comes with the package of what life is. I think that’s why we’re so challenged and intrigued by coming back and doing this all again.

Me: How is your wife doing? Lisa. Such a lovely woman. Is she doing all right?

Patrick: She has her days. Mostly she’s doing very well. She’s continuing the discussion about pancreatic cancer and continuing her donations.

Me: Well, good.

Patrick: I’m very proud of her.

Me: Wonderful. So, when you left your body, what did you see? Were there people to meet you? What were your surroundings like?

Patrick: I was able to help my family in the room. I created a sense of joy, even though there were tears. It was a recognition that we all knew how great that moment was. And then when that was complete, I kind of fell back into another place. I was greeted by my parents, everyone I loved that had died, everyone that I had worked with that had passed away. I remember one of my friends yelling out that he had lost his bet, thinking that I would live much longer than I did.

Jamie and I chuckle.

Patrick: I was peaceful; I was happy—

Me: Now, you say you were able to create a sense of joy in the room. How were you able to do that? Were you able to manipulate peoples’ emotional energy or—

Patrick: No, no, I wouldn’t do that! You can change the mood in the room by expanding your being out into everyone, and I was trying to show them that I was happy, and I knew they could feel it. They felt it; they looked at each other; they knew—there was an unspeakable knowing. And that’s how I left my last touch on them.

Me: How wonderful! What a great gift! Was it your destiny to die when and how you did?

Patrick: Yes.

Me: Why?

Patrick: I have no doubt about that. It was part of my way of helping to raise awareness for cancer. I know in my death I’ll be helping other people with this same type of cancer.

Jamie: He says it’s not common.

Me: It’s definitely one of the worst ones.

Jamie: It is?

Me: Yes. Very aggressive. He really battled it heroically. So, it seems like you were destined to die relatively young, because you fit so much in to such a short period of time in your life. It’s almost as if you knew all along.

Patrick (chuckling): I think so. I think that’s a complement right there.

Erik laughs.

Me: Can you describe where you are now, your surroundings? Describe your afterlife, including what you do as your life’s work there.

Patrick: My surroundings are your surroundings. I’m still very much involved with my family members. That’s who I stay with first and foremost. I help her, my wife, use the funds that we have to continue on. She just does so much in my name, in my interests, that I do want to be a part of who she is.

Me: So you hang around the earthly plane? Is that what you’re saying?

Patrick: Yes.

I hope he visits me, then!

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Elisa Medhus

  • M and M

    Such a beautiful, beautiful spirit Patrick Swayze is! We are all so lucky to have been able to experience his beauty through his movies and music. I hope when I cross over to meet him.

    And I have personally experienced that feeling of all encompassing love after a friend or loved one passed, so amazing that words cannot describe. It is so wonderful, a slice of what it must feel like on the other side. Thank you Patrick, for confirming that feeling is intentional, and not just some random situation. Bless you for all that you gave us and all that you keep giving us. I just love that you are still here, helping and supporting. Love your energy!

  • Anonymous

    I recently added this video of Patrick Swayze singing “She’s like the Wind” to my favorite YouTube Videos. I didn’t know he actually sang the song, it’s so beautiful! Thank you for interviewing him!

  • Patrick

    All I can say, these Texas Patrick guys….(is any effect rubbing off?)

    Clutch in, pull shifter into second gear, release….

    Elisa – I faintly remember a second e-mail address and vote in the bloggies…is that still possible without cancelling out the first vote?

  • Carol M. Didden

    Patrick Swayze, wow! I’ve always loved him & his words are inspiring, especially with MLK holiday representing volunteerism coming on Monday. His “extended” life & current influences in his family’s life ring true for those who give selflessly. He shows that it can be done both in our mundane world, as well as, the dimensions beyond. No doubt that he is tappng into and using his infinite intelligence on a daily basis.
    Thank you Elisa, Jamie and Erik for a reminder that sharing ourselves unconditionally is a trait that never goes away; we see it in you three & in particularly in our Patrick Swayze.
    Peace, Love & Blessings, Carol D.

  • Anonymous

    Loved this! He’s such a nice guy 🙂

    Can you ask Erik about Christ Ahn Sahng-hong and add him to your list? They say he is Jesus, the second coming of Christ (he already passed away in 1985), of the World Mission Society Church Of God. Would be interesting to see what he has to say about what he started! They say his wife is God the Mother/Heavenly Mother that was referred to in the bible as the New Jerusalem Mother.

  • cyniraholt

    Voting for Erick? Where can I find details.. I’m so sorry I’ve been so out of touch.. Where is it posted? Let me check on your twitter.. Facebook.. #imsooooguilty Love you.. Brightest Blessings~

  • cyniraholt

    Okay I see… The yellow star.. I’m there.. Thanks.. bb~

  • divya

    after trying 3 times , my vote was accepted but i haven’t got a verification email yet.Does that mean my vote is not counted and i will have to vote again?
    ps : that site is one of the worst i have seen 😉

  • It’s very bad! Check your spam folder. If it’s not verified it doesn’t count. 🙁 Sorry about the hassle.

  • The really big one, silly goose.

  • 🙂

  • Yahaira

    Wow his peaceful energy is strong and for ever . uh…

  • BB

    What nonsense! His parent greeted him? His mother was still alive at the time.

  • snowwhite

    Patricks mom was alive when Patrick passed over, you need to research more, also, not very sure he would be proud of his wife! shame you never done better research.

    • Kelle

      I caught onto that too. Also during the conversation with Elvis, I find it funny how during that entire conversation, he never once mentioned his daughter, who he adored.

  • Galaxy

    Elisa, It is quite the trick to be greeted by his parents when his mother didn’t die until 2013. When Jamie was scouring and lifting information from Wikipedia for the sister’s suicide, ice skating, football, meditation, Scientology and Buddhism, she missed the Mommy info. She was alive and kicking for four more years after Patrick died. Notice there are no in depth detail about what Jaime couldn’t know…it is always the knowable details that are given.

    Oh that’s right, you had cancer didn’t you? No, Jaime, he was hit by a bus . You know damn well what he died of, but we must act as if we don’t have a cluuuuuuue about any of these people to make it seem legit.

    • Many of us have more than one set of parents!!!, don’t get so upset… Just relax!!!!

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