Channeling Sai Baba, Part Two

Enjoy the last session of the abridged interview of guru, Sai Baba.

Me: I feel funny asking you this, but do you have any regrets?

Sai: No.

Me: Because?

Jamie giggles at his answer.

Sai: I never took a step in my life without consciousness. This is why I have no regrets.

Me: How wonderful! Not many can say that. Can you share a past life that may have influenced your most recent one?

Sai: It was a life where I was a turtle. I lived for over a hundred years in the heat and the rain, and I loved only one.  And it was through this patience that was forced upon me because of the size of my body and by the—

Jamie (to Sai): I’m sorry. I don’t know that word. Condemption? It’s almost like being condemned to live a long life.

Me: Oh, okay.

Sai: Yes, I was condemned to a long life, and because of my size, I moved slowly. This allowed me to understand the subtleties of the earth and what she teaches us. Through this I gained the wisdom I needed to know how to be the human I wanted to be.

Me: Were you one of those gorgeous, huge Galapagos Island turtles?

Jamie: That’s exactly what he’s showing me! Don’t they live a really long time, like a couple of hundred years?

Me: Yes. Really long lives. Fascinating. My dad once rode a Galapagos Island turtle. I’ll have to find that picture.

Jamie: Really?

Me: Yeah. Now, have you reincarnated yet or do you plan to?

Sai: I will return to earth after the change is made to be able to sustain the people’s needs and desires.

Me: Okay. Can you tell us a bit about your afterlife?

Sai: Life is expansive and so is my afterlife.  I stay in the constant state of meditation and—

Jamie (stumbling to say a word that starts with a d): Can I say it in my words?

Erik: Go for it, Jamie!

Jamie (to Erik, giggling): No, Erik. I’m asking Sai Baba!

Everyone laughs.

Jamie: It’s confusing. His words are very graceful, but he’s sharing that he stays in meditation so that he can divide himself and work with thousands of people at a time. He’s constantly manifesting for centers and individuals and groups on earth to communicate with them and continue his teachings that he had on earth.

Me: Wow.

Sai: It was my will and my desire and my time to leave. I was told it was my time. I knew. Therefore, I agreed to it and accepted it, yet I still enjoyed the role of showing.

Me: So, before you passed away, you were already dividing yourself and manifesting yourself in various places, just like you did when you appeared before Jamie and the others while you were still alive.

Sai: Yes.

Me: Fascinating. Now, what do you think about the state of humanity now?


Me (in the high-pitched voice of a begging child): Be gentle, please!


Jamie sighs.

Sai: Thoughts and words and deeds shape others and they shape you and they have shaped the governments of every country. There should not be any dislike or distrust on language, age, sex, race, nationality, and socioeconomic status.

Me: So what you’re telling me is what you envision the state of humanity to be if it were perfect? It sure isn’t like that now!

Sai: To be clean, to be pure, one must first clean out.

Me: Clean out what?

(Long pause as Sai Baba explains to Jamie.)

Jamie: Ooo! He’s talking about cleaning out the judgments that humans think they have the right to hold.

Me: Yeah.

Sai: For so long, the children of the world were set free, and they gained a false sense of security and power. Now we must learn the untruth. You cannot and do not get attached to worldly pursuits and things. Be in the world, but do not let the world be in you.

Me: Wow. Any other advice or messages for us?

Sai: Everyone wishes to seek enlightenment, but the spiritual process is right living.

Me: Living right?

Jamie; Yeah, living right.

Sai: Good conduct, moral behavior, honesty—these are the spiritual progress; these are enlightenment.

Me: Okay, last but not least: Erik do you have any questions you’d like to ask?

Erik: What do you want to tell mankind? I know you’re already told them a lot.

(‘Gosh, was Erik listening?’ I thought.)

Sai: For what the people need now, I wish I could go to every person and tell him or her that patience is all the strength that man needs.

Jamie: When he says man, he’s referring to men and women.

Me: Yeah, humanity. But who are we kidding? We know it’s mostly men who need that, right, Jamie? Women are perfect!

Jamie (giggling): He smiles and then laughs.

Me: I’m just kidding, of course.

Jamie: You know he’s not really that straight-laced. He’s very relaxed in his posture. He looks comfortable and shifts his weight from one hip to the other.

Me: Well, thank you so much. I look forward to meeting you in the future.

Jamie: He puts his hands together and bows.

Me: I can just see him! Thanks so much, again.

Sai: Thank you, and I look forward to visiting you soon.

Me: Oh, I hope so! We’ll try to spread your wisdom to the masses.

Sai Baba leaves.

Jamie: That’s so cool! He said thank you, and he gives blessings on your book.

Me: Aw, thank you!

(Enough with the thank you’s already!)


Me: Wow. Just wow. The whole turtle thing just blew me away.

Jamie: That was really, really awesome! To hear him talk! He’s got that big hair! Big fuzzy hair!

Me: I don’t know what he looks like. And fuzzy hair? Really, Jamie? Isn’t all hair fuzzy?

Jamie laughs.

My Father Riding Sai Baba?






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