Channeling Ted Bundy, Part One

Let’s start with the positive:

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful birthday greetings. I wish I could have replied to all of them! I so enjoyed my weekend camping in San Antonio. It was so relaxing. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too.

Now for the creepy and not so positive, our interview with Mr. Ted Bundy. Brace yourself.

Me: I was thinking about interviewing someone evil, but maybe it’s a bit dangerous for you, Jamie? I’ll let you decide. What about Osama bin Laden?

Jamie: We have to talk to that guy?

Me: Well, we don’t have to if you don’t feel safe.

Erik: Oh, let’s talk to Ted Bundy!

Jamie: Oh, god, Erik; how do you even know these people?

Me: Okay! Ted Bundy; he’s on my list.

Jamie: Oh, is he?

Me: Yeah.

Jamie: He was a creepy guy, wasn’t he?

Me: Maybe they’re not really creepy as discarnates. Maybe they do what they do to teach or to learn. Or it could be that they’re just a bit lost.

Jamie: That could be true.

Me: Yeah, some of them, anyway.

Erik comes in with Mr. Bundy.

Jamie: He’s kind of handsome looking.

Me: Yeah, supposedly he is. Hello, Mr. Bundy.

Jamie: He’s got a nice voice, too. Wow.

Ted: Hello.

Me: I guess you probably know we want to interview you in hopes of learning from you—at least from your mistakes. That said, I appreciate you coming by. My first question is this: Why did you commit the crimes that you did? Was it part of a spiritual mission or contract? Was it related to personal baggage from your last life or lives before that one? What happened?

Ted: Yes, it was part of a spiritual contract I signed up for. I knew I was to have this life. I knew who I was at a very young age. I didn’t value life the way others did. It was different for me; it’s not that I wanted to kill it or harm life. I just didn’t have the same values.

Me: Why is that?

Ted: That would be the question: Why did I come in that way? I was to play a certain role—not that good and evil need to exist—

Jamie: He’s a good talker, too, by the way.

Ted: Not that good and evil need to exist for people to learn their lessons, but often, that’s how the story plays out. If there’s no villain, there’s no good guy.

Me: Ah, okay. Now, when you crossed over, what was your life review like? Did it evoke any epiphanies or realizations?

Ted: I realized that I was forgiven.

Me: Aw. Good.

(I truly can’t believe I’m feeling sorry for this guy and that I’m happy he’s forgiven.)

Me: I bet your life review was a bit rough, though.

(Long pause)

Jamie: Oh my god; the guy actually HAS emotions. Wow.

Me: Aw.

Jamie gets a little choked up and takes a few seconds to compose herself. I’m wondering now if the Ted Bundy charisma had affected us as it did with his victims.

Jamie: He’s not playing it, either. All of a sudden, it was hard for him to talk about. 

Ted: Yes. Upon my passing, I got to experience all the pain and suffering I inflicted on dozens of women.

Jamie: Dozens? What?

Me: Mm hm.

Ted: To understand my position, after death was the first time that I could really feel what I had done. Many people told me I didn’t have a heart; I understand that, now, but when I was living, I couldn’t grasp that, because I never felt pain or suffering. The pain and suffering of others simply amused me.

Me: Oh, yeah. I understand what you’re saying.

Ted: I wanted to know more about it, and to know more about it was to experience it.

Me: So, when did you start feeling that emotion? Was it during your life review, or was it right after you crossed over?

Ted: No, it was during my life review.

Me: What were you here to learn, and what were you here to teach?

Ted: Well, Ms. Elisa, I don’t think I was here to teach anything. Mine was a very selfish life. I didn’t have a broad outlook on life; I was not striving to be something greater or better. I was striving to be more cunning, more mischievous, and more manipulative. But the power of that kind of control and discipline—

(Jamie listens)

Jamie: He’s describing being able to be one person one minute and another person the next minute. Isn’t what they call psychotic? Psychopathic?

Me: Oh, yeah!

Ted: And it was under my control; I wasn’t possessed by another entity. I didn’t worship some evil god or the devil. It was really—

Me: It was all Ted.

Ted: Yes, I was a very ignorant and loose young boy who went too far and had no concept or grounding to ever get out of it. It was my time. I deserved to die.


Young Ted Bundy

One short announcement: Jamie and Erik’s next small group channeling conference call will be on May 3rd 12:15 CST (1:15 EST) and it’s bound to fill up quickly since she only takes a maximum of 9 people. You can sign up at If the group fills up before you get a spot, email me at and I’ll see if Jamie would consider holding another conference call a bit sooner than usual.

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  • Lorraine (LP)

    wow! I am amazed Ted Bundy came through and what a great interview….
    Osama Bin Laden would be very interesting as well….but I would not want Jamie or Erik to feel ‘unsafe’.
    Thank you for this fascinating channeling!

  • Slygirl

    Wow! Is all I can say. So Ted felt all the pain and suffering from his victims. All I keep thinking is “Wwow, I’d bed Adolf Hitler is still to this day reviewing his life, and his victims suffering! Since he killed millions. I can’t wait for that interview!!!! That will be an emotional one for

  • WOW! I love this! This is my favorite effect of this blog-which is to help us get beyond our judgements. To be able to feel compassion for an individual who was so heinous in life is a wonderful gift. And certainly, altho he interviewed with his Ted personality, his soul is more than that, further up the food chain so to speak. Our essence is all God and all beauty. Thanks for being courageous enough to call this guy in!

    • Lorraine (LP)

      I do agree. I love this interview, for the reasons you posted…

  • Clau_Bueno

    It’s just so said when someone has this type of “contract”… i think my brain is tooo small because i don’t get 🙁
    if we want a better world, why we put these people in here?

    glad that you enjoyed your bday!!! any good prank from your little man?
    big warm hugs to you,

    • eupeptic

      While reading this interview I was wondering why his soul chose this life as it was and the response I got from my spirit guide is that it was much more about his soul accepting to live that life as it was rather than actively choosing to live such a life. Along the lines of what was discussed (or at least hinted at if you read between the lines) here about suicide bombers, etc., sometimes a soul will reincarnate into a less evolved body for a reason, and after that incarnation their soul may not (or should not) have devolved much spiritually – and according to my guide that was the case for the soul that reincarnated into Ted Bundy’s body.

      My personal view is that souls can live without a body and bodies can live without a soul as they are both living entities (one is biological and one is spiritual) and the two can be merged into one (by reincarnating) to create a life that consists of varying amounts of biological or spiritual influence. And in this case my view is that it was largely if not solely a biological handicap (that being a mental disability due to how his brain developed which was accepted by his soul rather than corrected [which is entirely possible and not at all difficult while the brain is developing, or even later if the soul desires] so that he would have lived a healthier, more normal life) that led to his lack of feelings for others.

      As far as why souls are willing to accept lives such as Ted’s (and Hitler’s, Stalin’s, Mao’s, etc.), I suppose it’s often so that their soul will evolve spiritually, but I sure do think that people can do better than they do, and souls should be able to demand more out of their future incarnation(s) than they do. (Or maybe there’s just a large and continuous supply of souls that aren’t all that spiritually evolved – as such, we don’t notice much of a difference in terms of the spiritual evolution of humankind throughout the centuries and even millenniums.)

    • Jane5

      I agree. If we don’t need suffering, or “good and evil” in order to learn or grow, why in the world would he ever have this contract? Why would anyone choose such a thing?

  • JoAnn

    well,,,interesting first transcript with Mr. Bundy…..i can say ,,,i like learning his reasons and such and his reflection of his actions from the spirit world,,,but i can honestly say,,,,i do not feel any pity or feel sorry for him,,,,not that i could not and would not be able to forgive him,,,if i needed to for my own or anothers healing but i do not feel inclined to forgive him of his acts or his reasons for doing them. I am wondering if ,,,I need to?,,,wondering if me not having any feelings about the life he lived is something i need to fix?,,,or is it healthy for me to feel nothing toward him?,,,,i wonder also,,,if when he was the tiny lil guy in the picture at the bottom of the post,,,,could his life path of been changed by spirit,,,if we were further advanced as a peoples? and this leads me to see,,,,that maybe ,,,being able to see and help people like Ted beore they are lost to themselves , would be just one of the benefits of us all becoming enlightened?,,,,Humans being blind to the spirit world has given us the greatest gift of all,,,because when we do “see” we have the unique gift of human emotion,,,that other spirits do not have?,,,so many questions,,,Love To All!

  • wow-powerful-speechless

  • LinT

    I really can’t comprehend any justifiable reason why people come into existence with vile agendas to commit atrocities….am I missing something here?

  • Amber

    That Jesus link I gave you on the last page…well he did an interview with John Lennon in 2009 where he sounded in deep emotional pain about his arrogance towards women. He was having a sort of therapy session. He recognised early childhood affecting his later behaviours. I was just thinking how tortured he was about this not-loving-enough and then there’s this Bundy fellow murdering women and not sounding so much like he’s in a world of darkness or great torture about his misdeeds. It’s interesting how -as he sees the true perspective of there being no right and wrong -that it sounds like, again, this lesson being that without the evil we wouldn’t know the goodness. But I’m with Clau on this though , lost as to why, cos it really seems daft to have these contracts that are so awful just ‘playing roles’ to fit a purpose. You’d think there’d be a kinder way to teach people about the love of God wouldn’t you and how to get by with our fellow humans.
    John Lennon, by the way, must have really benefited from his mentor, Gandhi, because when you and Erik interviewed him in 2011 he sounded happy-enough and even said he’d no regrets! Nice to know of a spirit making progress.
    Still with Jesus -there’s much on the Erik site that I just haven’t seen yet! I just read the ‘more of Jesus’ post, and angels and God and found them really interesting. Thank you.
    Also Erik playing a really mean guitar. Tremendous!!

  • Terra

    I’m kinda glad Osama didn’t come through. I don’t think we’re ready for that yet. I loved the honesty of this interview. Interesting….. very interesting 🙂

  • Judi

    His session with you and Jamie certainly explained things; why he did what he did. My husband loves to watch the tv movie they did about Ted’s life and I couldn’t figure out “why” he did what he did. How could someone be that inherently evil?? But now we know. Thanks for posting.

  • Azan Sherif

    osama bin laden would definitely be cool, because i’ve read reports that he was actually a CIA agent or something .

  • Linda

    Elisa with all due respect I would like to ask that maybe you not ask question like(My first question is this: Was it part of a spiritual mission or contract? Was it related to personal baggage from your last life or lives before that one? What happened?) But let the one you are interviewing answer them. I think it stands that their unprompted answers will be more authentic for the reader.

    • JoAnn

      I am thinking we all made a list of specific questions we wanted answers to,,,from the celebrity readings and with the list it is easier to stay on focus with the interview,,,but i could see how if someone was new to the blog and hadn’t had the time yet to go back and follow all the post and comments,,,it could cause them to be lost on topics and such that the blog has already had discussions on. Maybe with us having so many new members ,,,we could give a small summary in forum or somewhere,,,that can show the question list and other things and anyone that has any questions and such can post a comment and another blog member can try to help them find the post and comments that discuss the topic? Love To All!

    • I agree!

  • Now I’m just a little confused after reading this since he confirmed it was a spiritual contract. What would be the reason for the life review if it was all determined before hand that he was going to do what he did?

    I’ve listened to many videos from Dolores Canon and she often talks of karma but I haven’t ever heard her mentioned spiritual contracts. If we all come here to learn or to have the experience whether it be a positive or negative one what is the purpose in karma?

    I remember the channeling Jesus transcript where he said something similar, there aren’t good or bad actions just experiences. So if all this is true why do we view someone like Ted Bundy or Osama Bin Laden any different than say Marilyn Monroe? I’ve heard Dolores Canon say that as souls we have to experience every kind of life there is to experience, so I guess at some point we all play the part of the evil murderer or villain so that we may know what that was like as well. Any thoughts….

  • Caleb

    I’ m sorry, I don’t mean to be the bad egg of the group, but I cannot even if I tried, evoke any kind of emotion for this disgusting man, who brutally and barbarically killed innocent young women, most of them college students under the age of 21. Just sick.

  • A daunting task but an excellent idea!

  • You’re not alone. I struggle with that too. I think only Jesus and a handful of others could completely look at Bundy with forgiveness and love.

  • The life review isn’t a heavenly spanking. It’s just what it says it is: A review of your life. It’s the time to digest any kernels of wisdom–and lessons that might help you evolve. Maybe there are some souls that have life reviews with very few if any lessons. SOme may have life reviews where they feel all the love they’ve given to others.

  • Md

    Hi Ms. Medhus!

    I cannot thank you enough for interviewing Mr. Bundy! For a long time, I wondered and marveled at the sheer lack of conscience in psychopaths. Mr. Bundy had a high IQ. and was a student in psychology. He very much studied his victims and at times played a handicapped or injured man to lure women to him.

    I do feel sorry for him since he did not have that part of brain chemistry that does enable us to empathize with others. He did choose to come this way and his brain chemistry was set.

    On the other hand, it must have scarred him to go through the fear and pain he caused to those women along with feeling the pain of all the loved ones who grieved for their losses. Not only that, he felt for the first time in his life review, so it is as if a blind person seeing for the first time.

    For a while, I thought you only channeled celebrities who lived a modest life, but chanelling a psychopath has been a gift for me to read. I have been an avid reader of psychopaths to better understand them but reading more here has been eye opening.

  • I really never felt sorry for Bundy or other’s like him. After all, look at the atrocities he committed. But I’m working on forgiving him. That’s very different than condoning and excusing his behavior or feeling sorrow for him. Still, complete forgiveness alludes me.

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  • someperson22

    ted bundy was a sociopathic killer, not a psychopathic one. he was also a necrophiliac. he would return and assault the dead bodies of his victims or shampoo their hair, dress them up until they had decomposed too much. he had no physiological capacity to experience empathy (a complex emotion). he does not care about anyone’s forgiveness. he also did not study his victims, he killed them almost at random but preyed on certain impressionable groups such as young girls. he killed, raped girls under 16. he definitely was intelligent and clever and deftly skilled at manipulation as sociopaths are. they have no capacity for guilt or empathy – just like a blind person cannot see.. you cannot just come in a think they will somehow “think of how to see and be able to see”. once a sociopath – always one. struggle all you want to think of forgiving him…he never cared for anyone’s forgiveness. that’s guaranteed. to personify sociopathic killers as having any remote capacity for empathy is totally naive or delusional.

    • Things are different on the other side. I think you need to keep reading. You’ve completely missed the point of this blog: Why we’re here, what the human experience is about, what spiritual contracts we make, etc. So, before you insult people with labels like naive or delusional, I advise you to explore all sides deeply. If you refuse, then trust me, you’ll eventually see my point.

    • Trish Browne

      he is not a sociopath on the other side.

      • Nick

        Very true. People can change when crossing over.

  • Crystal

    I have a feeling that there are some spirits that won’t let go when they start connecting with you, is that what happens sometimes with your channelings?

  • Sarah

    Hi, this is such an interesting post! I am currently doing some research for a production company and would love to know where you sourced the images of Bundy as a child?

  • Nick

    I think Ted Bundy was an interesting fellow to say the least sure he may have done some bad things but hey maybe that was his fate because his mind and body told him to commit those atrocious acts upon women and to scare society this so called sociopathic Ted Bundy may have not shown feelings prior to the killings, the case, or even after but nevertheless he was a man who had “feelings” because like Richard Ramirez once said “is serial killers may have feelings deep down but maybe we don’t” him having the same time of bestiality as Ted Bundy shows that when death nears even a sociopath can have feelings. And that, in turn, may not classify them as sociopaths. A sociopath is someone who lacks empathy until the end. And Ted a Bundy was not a guy who lacked empathy until the end so I, myself, forgive Ted and I know Jesus does too. And I’m no Jesus freak either but I am a believer in Christ and the heavenly bodies. But I am not a believer in the so called Hell. I believe in “Hell on Earth” but no hell. Ted Bundy may be serving his time here on this Earth as a ghost which Some may consider a hellish state but I would consider it, moreover, his reawakening and when God finally decided Ted gets to go to Heaven “where everybody goes” then I would be happy for him no matter what he may have done in his pre-existing life. It’s foolish to think all men and women have value to them because not all of them do. Beautiful flowers, too, wither and fall. That’s the fate of all living beings. And to say Ted Bundy would not take any of your forgiveness is ridiculous to say because any soul and I mean any soul would seek forgiveness and the forgiveness of others. So i do not see any reason why anyone wouldn’t forgive such, a person, a being, a lost soul who soon will go to paradise. Paradise is where everyone goes eventually. Everyone knows that.

  • kimberly ann goodhall

    This can be likened to defamation character…This is one of those situations that if Any family member of Mr. Bundy seen this might disagree with this posting on social media. untrue events and speaking on the behalf of their deceased family member. One might be so inclined to sue.

  • kimberly ann goodhall

    this is inaccurate

  • kimberly ann goodhall

    exploitation of the dead for profit is unacceptable

    • Why would you think that? I spend tens of thousands of dollars and get no money in return. Know your facts before you cast judgment.

      • kimberly ann goodhall

        exactly you’re being robbed

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