Channeling Ted Bundy, Part Two

I’m sorry Jamie and Erik’s channeling conference call filled up so quickly, guys. I think it was only a matter of hours. I’ll see what I can do to get Erik and her to host another one sooner than usual.

Here’s the final part of Ted Bundy’s interview:

Me: Yeah. I know this may be a bit obvious, but do you have any regrets?

Ted: I know what people would want me to hear. They’d want me to say that I regret raping and killing these innocent people.

Me: Yes, of course!

Ted: I also know that I’m being asked to answer from the heart. I don’t have any regrets. I lived a very veiled life. I could not see very far.

Me: That must have been rather disabling. Still, it’s hardly an excuse.

Ted: I don’t mean it to be. I honored my spiritual contract; I did what I needed to do, and for that, I feel a sense of accomplishment and I’m relieved that it is over!

Me: What do you mean, your contract? With whom did you have a contract? What was the contract about?

Ted: To indulge in myself and create personal harm to others.

Me: And why did you create that contract?

Ted: So that the masses would learn the value of life.

Me: Okay. So, in a way, you were here to teach. Right?

Ted: I will NOT call myself a teacher.

Me: All right. Do you have a past life you’d like to share with us that you think may have influenced your life as a serial killer?

Jamie: He’s showing me being a very, very small baby. He’s in an incubator in a hospital. It’s a baby boy.

Me: Oh, okay.

Jamie: And it’s skinny and small, less that five pounds. I see those round stickers on the body and some tubes.

Ted: Couldn’t breathe. My lungs weren’t developed, and I couldn’t breathe. I only lived for two weeks.

Me: Aw. So sad.

Ted: And I was in pain the whole time. I was suffering so much, but I had no way to communicate that. I had a breathing tube, so I couldn’t even cry for attention and help. I was in constant pain, and they wouldn’t give me anything to ease it.

Me: Aw.

Ted: Finally, I passed away. My body just couldn’t sustain life. For me, it felt so incomplete to have that life and not be able to understand it or express it. So, this led me to seek an understanding of death and expressing pain and suffering through others to see how they could experience it—to see how suffering would affect THEM.

Me: Oh, I see.

Jamie: Oh, my god!

Me: Very interesting. Do you have any messages for humanity, Ted?

Ted: Yeah. Life is not over at death.

Me: Yeah. Okay.

Jamie: That was it!

Me: Erik, do you have anything else you’d like to ask?

Erik (in a whisper): No.

Me: Well, thank you, Mr. Bundy. I hope your next life will be a better one. Do you plan to reincarnate?

Ted: No.

Me: Okay. Well, thank you.

Ted: You’re most welcome.

Ted leaves.

Jamie: Ah, he’s gone.

Me: Are you doing okay, Jamie?

Jamie: Yeah, yeah. His look, his eyes—

Me: Mm hm.

Jamie: He’s got this kind of dark-eyed stare. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s a different look. You can tell he’s not the dude he was when he was alive; he’s different now, but still, there’s something that’s a little off.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Clau_Bueno

    Hi Elisa,
    i actually don’t know what to say… i’m not being judgement but I still have a hard time to swallow this “contract”… 🙁


  • LOL, I wish I could have signed up for the conference call D: </3.

  • Lorraine (LP)


    Elisa, if you Jamie and Erik could try to set up another interview sooner, that would be fantastic. This next one filled up too quick; I had no chance, lol….
    thank you as always Elisa! xxxxx

  • Creepy. I would have thought he’d have been forced to come back and experience the pain he inflicted. Or maybe he’s kind of banished to the lower levels until he comes to terms with what happened? Very confusing.

  • Dixie Chic

    The God that I know would not have someone contract to kill others to experience feelings of death. Such B.S. This guy was of the Devil. And I can’t believe he is walking on any planes of Heaven. He needs to be in Hell and burned out of extinction.

  • JoAnn

    May 6th is my b-day and i was wanting to have the money for the conference call on the 3rd,,,,hopefully Jamie can do another soon,,,,about the post,I remember Erik telling us before ,,,that every spirit on the other side ,,,isn’t always nice,,,i believe he said some are real dicks. I am going to say IMO,,,, Ted is a spirit personality?,,,,that is a dick….and i feel that his reason for doing what he did is b/c he did not and does not have the range of human emotions needed, to be ,,,Human!,,,,,and i spread that same opinion to his contract as well,,, the soul making the contract ,,,truly was not interested in experiencing any true human emotions,,,

    • Elizabeth M

      Perhaps, because we are nice people, we don’t want to acknowlege the unfortunate truth that selfishness, self-indulgence, revenge, anger, hate, are very real human impulses and emotions. Unenlightend? Yes. Harmful? Yes. Intolerable to others? Mostly. But it is part of the spectrum of humanity we are on the earth plane to learn about. That doesn’t mean it’s OK with me that people do harm to others, but looking at our earthly plight from a broader perspective does help me temper my judgementalism.

      • I agree with you Elizabeth. We come here to have experiences and life lessons regardless of what those may be. We all must have had our reasons to come to this 3rd dimensional reality of duality. And while I don’t condone what he did after looking at it with a broad perspective of all experiences being “neutral,” so to speak, what it comes down to is learning and experiencing all there is to know.

        How does one truly appreciate abundance if they’ve never experienced the lack of abundance. We can’t always incarnate into a life of being a good, honest, moral persons. In order to truly ascend to the higher realms I think we have to understand and experience what it’s like to not always do the right thing.

        He said it was a contract meaning he knew before he incarnated what he was going to do. Think about it, why would “God” or some of the higher beings of light let something like this happen, there must be an explanation for it that we in this 3rd dimensional reality with our limited minds can’t truly comprehend.

      • Jane5

        They and Source CAN’T stop it from happening. They are not “all-powerful” in the sense that we usually think of it as in able to control everything. Source and beings of light are all powerful in the same way that energy is all powerful, it cannot be created or destroyed. It is everywhere at once and all knowing just b/c it is part of everything.

        That is why the roles we play and the choices we make can be very important. We are creating and affecting Source and participating in the fabric of everything, if that makes sense. It’s on us all to change the world b/c there is no “God” controlling things.

  • Anna

    It’s very hard to comprehend what type of lessons a soul is learning to grow spiritually when all judgements are suspended and the experience is infact the lesson. We’re so used to judging everything as being right or wrong — or as having some type of significance against something else that accepting something as just “what it is” feels very wrong and uncomfortable. I guess the earth school is just set up this way (with contrasts) so at least we have that type of experience.

  • JillR2009

    This one just makes me shiver…

  • Su

    Very creepy indeed, it’s almost as if he is justifying his actions with his message ‘life is not over at death’.

    • Jane5

      Agreed very creepy. But as far as trying to justify his actions, I didn’t take it like that. If he were saying that as a human i would think you were absolutely right. But he is a spirit now and he knows. He clearly was aware of what he did and that it was wrong. Him saying life is not over at death is not real news to us here but to the world in general it is useful information. Helping to get that info. out there is even one of the reasons Elisa and Erik started this blog I believe.
      That “the dead are not lost to us.”
      I see it as Bundy did not see himself as one to be imparting wisdom, at least while talking to us in the form of Ted Bundy. So he shared a simple straightforward piece of information. I thought that was classy of his spirit, to not spotlight himself or hold himself up as an example in any way.

  • Gail

    Because we are living in the realm of polarity there are people that are signed up to be of light and some to be of dark. It is all created by divine- not always for us to understand and of course not judge.

    • Nancy Antia

      Just a question, no judgement involved here. Then to teach us the sacredness of life “they” – whoever they is – send a dark spirit like Ted Bundy to rape and kill a large number of people? When will polarity end? When we’re all enlightened? Will that be the time when crimes and wars end too? I wonder…

      • saissann

        when there are enough souls that no longer want to experience war, then wars will no longer be created.
        in the Buddha interview, Buddha said suffering was not necessary.
        that said, this bundy spirit is bewildering–for Jamie to say there’s something off about him makes me wonder if Eric could get any information about that, what kind of soul he might have compared to non-serial-killer peeps, and were any of his victims with him during his life in the incubator?

  • Ted Bundy was caught and arrested just a few miles from my parent’s home. At that point, his behavior was beyond lunacy. He was such a habitual liar, I am not sure whether he is now sincere, or not. In this interview, he is talking to James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, a socially conservative organization. It is apparent to me he was so afraid of death that, upon the denial of several appeals, he started talking and admitting to many more crimes in hopes of sparing his own life. He was afraid of what may become of him after death so he reached out to religion for help.
    He was not raised in a loving home as he decribed. It may have been labeled as such, for appearance sake. He was born out of wedlock, which was a big scandal back then, so they made up a story to justify his legitimacy; his grandfather was horrible and treated women as if they were nothing. Pornography may have been a trigger, as well as his grandfather’s and mother’s actions, but he was wired for this behavior upon entering his life. I suppose that is why he chose his relatives. What he required to become “Ted Bundy” was all in place to help form and shape his beliefs.
    After all this time, he still makes us cringe. I hope he receives the love he needs, for he is still, part of US.

  • darn because my wallet was stolen i had no way to pay for the call-and i had my questions.

    • I hate when that happens to me! Losing the drivers license is the worst!

  • M and M

    Very interesting. I’ll bet Jamie had to take a spiritual shower after this one.

    It would be interesting to hear what some of his victims have to say, now that they are on the other side. If it was a spiritual contract, there should have been contracts with some or all of the victims.

    • LOL!!!

    • Patrick De Haan

      I admire Jamie’s ability to remain in the room with even the spirit of what once was Ted Bundy. Shower? ACID BATH.

      When I made comments about where the lines are drawn between purely Earth decisions and the plans we make beforehand, I didn’t know Bundy would appear in a few days. I realize relatives and friends of victims could read this, so allow me to offer advance sympathy.

      I struggle with the idea any “volunteers” were drawn into Bundy’s atrocities. He mentions contract; WHO – besides him – made such agreement?
      As revolting as it sounds, I have often wondered about a victim’s role as a component. In no way do I mean to imply any of it was deserving however I wonder how stance, attitude, approach or demeanor attracted Bundy the offender. The pattern is well recognized in predators; even where humans are potential prey. Wolf attacks against people are very rare. In nearly every case the victim is a young female. Armed victims are not even approached; wolves instinctively detect the mortal danger. They certainly cannot recognize a rifle or even differentiate it from a stick; yet they instinctively keep a safe distance just as sheepdogs are wolfhounds protect livestock.

      Did Bundy perceive targets as vulnerable? Were his approaches random and opportunistic? I desperately want to believe this and that my nearly lifelong idea that the strong should protect the weak, and provide the tools – both mental and physical – is the solution. I’ve raised eyebrows on several continents telling people all women should be armed. Did Bundy read weakness when targeting victims? Were lives cut short by him, lives truly planned to go elsewhere and experience other things?

      I’m an American in Texas with 30+ countries visited and several lived under my hat, often amused and mystified with the impressions of the USA regarding protection, defense and independence. I know many readers here aren’t American and understand this well. I wonder if this dynamic at the international level was in play at the individual level with Bundy; was he analogous to a terrorist and the innocent victims? Was one lesson awareness, protection and self defense ability? That the notion people should be free to go about their business without danger and fear is unrealistically Utopian? That we require such atrocious things to awaken?

      Or was it all planned, offender and victim alike? I intensely dislike even considering the latter. I want to believe our souls are far better than this; we need never sign up for the receiving end of such treatment to gain benefit. Sure, a lot was learned but for Bundy to say all the experiences of his victims were felt during his review; was it all so one-sided that dozens of people crossed his putrid path just for his benefit?

    • Edie

      I agree with you there M and M. I bet we could learn much more by hearing what some of his victims have to say.

  • in my Course in Miracle classes over the years we always get on serial killers – child molesters and other not so nice people-this explains it rather nicely-do we like what he says no but it makes sense.

  • Tomatoseedwoman

    Great channeling, Elisa, Erik and Jamie!

    The ultimate lesson should be that people need to stop being terrible to each other. Contract or not, it points to the apathy of the masses, that our earth would “need” someone like this guy to come in and commit atrocious acts.

    It is similar to the Jack the Ripper channeling in that the ultimate lesson is there should be NO NEED for anyone to come and be evil. All we need is love, understanding and a connection with God. Bundy should not just be excused for what he did, though. But his incarnation points to the apathy of the masses, which causes suffering in itself.

    • Jane5

      That is similar to what Ryan has channeled Erik saying to me. That our society gives rise to monsters b/c of how it is structured.

      • Patrick De Haan

        The structure will certainly change, that is certain; drastically. Let’s hope the benefits follow as soon as possible.

  • Sharneshaan

    After watching the interview, I had to ask myself what was the message I wanted to take from his experience and it was, if I’m not filling myself with love, peace joy and happiness every conscious moment of my life, I am filling myself with something! If there is any darkness within myself it has to come to the light, has to be exposed and transmuted. That is what was spoken to me! Thanks again Erik, Elisa and Jamie for exposing such amazing truths that go beyond the physical, limited understandings, that go beyond a logical sense of understanding and expose truth in it purity, that is what is true for me! Much love Sharne.

  • nikki6278

    I found this link re life review, interesting.

  • Jane5

    What happened to him as a baby makes me completely heartsick. I am filled with grief and rage that that could happen to such a new and innocent life. God I hate life as a human! What good is anything if the innocent suffer.

  • Danielle

    I can’t believe I missed it again. I’m so disappointed, I looked everyday but I had no idea where to sign up….so annoyed I missed it..I really needed this one.

  • guest

    I think you should interview one of the women he murdered and see if it was part of their spiritual contract or if they were just at the wrong place at the one time…

  • Yaminikaul7

    i feel that mr bundy s actions show god s justice maybe it was the karma of those women. maybe they accumulated negative karma . but mr bundy does not feel right about it or say actually nothing it was just a spiritual contract not bad not good. but ted got to experience something and learn it . god s laws are so perfect. everyone gets justice. may mr bundy progress towards goodness

  • Tiggy

    Dolores Canon, in one of her superb series of books on regression hypnosis, accessing the subconscious mind, interviews a personality similar to Bundy’s, who acknowledges that he was proud of fully accomplishing his spiritual contract in order to provide lessons, but that he was very grateful that the ordeal was over

  • guest

    I wanted to know
    If this was his spiritual contract,I was wondering how many more people like him need to be incarnated.I understand the part about theres no hero without a villian.When will the time come when we wont need incarnations like him and everything will just be.?Also I was wondering if it was his spirtual contract,was a dozen killings part of that contract or being in that mentality caused him to kill that many?Interviewing any victims of a murderer will she light on what we are confused about spirtitual contracts.Remember people dont be judgemental.I feel very sad for the victims and their families but when I read this interview I was neutral almost like being a judge hearing the 2 sides of the story but not judgemental.

    Ok why does Jamie get weird feelings about peoples eyes?Does she suspect them lying?She said this about whitney houston too.Elisa plz ask her

    • Coming to a blog near you (and we’ll hear from one of his victims)

  • Denise

    I feel that I brought with me certain restrictions and veils to create my experience. Like no confidence so I had to create the confidence although the confidence is there I just couldn’t access it. I guess he had similar restrictions on his perceptions only to the extreme in order to live out that life. If there is no right or wrong just experience I guess I can understand it but that’s a tough one. And what of the women that agreed to that spiritual contract? What were they suppose to learn? ooof, too much.

  • L.A. George

    I feel like I’ve been beat up. That was terrifying! I’m torn between the physical responses I feel that have to do with survival and the spiritual push that puts all in balance. We humans are dark and light, capable of the most unfathomable hideous atrocities towards each other on one hand and the most beautiful soaring art and acts of kindnesses on the other.
    I’m shakened! I’m a 74 year old man and I feel like crying. I don’t think I want to see any more this.

  • Tracy Lamont

    Thar was chilling to watch. He seems so intelligent and articulate that it’s hard to align that with the knowledge that he’s a monster.

    Intersestingly, I watched a following clip where a behavioural expert said that he was lying the whole time and he could tell by his facial expressions and eye contact etc..

    Well I must be really naiive cos I was engrossed in every word he said – especially when talking of his remorse for his actions. But I suppose that’s because I need to believe that there’s a normal human being inside that animal – and I am conscious that that’s an insult to animals…

  • Check out today’s post. Tomorrow’s will prove to be even more revealing.

  • Jane5

    Here’s the wikipedia for whoever it was who said that Bundy’s beginning was far from benign. This confirms that, he may even have been conceived in violence and betrayal. Not that that excuses anything of course but still sad. 🙁

    Things like this and what Patrick says create questions for me such as 1. We are supposed to live with love and not fear. BUT, 2. we should be prepared to defend ourselves. Be trained and armed (with something) and alert (but not afraid.) BUT then there is the theory that what you think about you bring to you. Like, if you train in self-defense and are always armed, does that increase the likelihood you will face something like that? I don’t really believe our thoughts bring things to us necessarily in all cases. But it is something to think about.

    I would love to interview Bundy’s GUIDES. How did they work all THAT out?

    • Patrick De Haan

      Thoughts of an attack bring an attack, Thoughts of defense bring defense. Being prepared and aware bring preparedness and awareness, which deflect the predator, be it wolf or worse.

    • Mommazee

      Jane, I read the wikipedia on him. I believe that people choose their parents and have contracts with them, too. He obviously knew what he was getting into, he knew who his parents were going to be and what kind of people would surround him, he chose to incarnate with them. I am sure his guides were always there making sure he stayed on his path, he signed up to be the darkness, to be the bad guy, so his guides probably helped him in that regard, like putting thoughts in his head or not letting him have opportunities to be loved, etc. (whatever it is that guides are capable of doing to keep us on our life plan we chose).

      I also was thinking the same thing about guns and defense preparedness. I always feel like if you have a gun, and think thoughts of defending yourself, isn’t that kind of like worrying, where you are praying for something bad to happen with your thoughts, without realizing it? Isn’t that inviting it into your life? If I just keep thinking that nothing bad will happen to me, and if it does then that is just meant to be, part of the plan…then I feel better about it. But it is good to know how to defend yourself, or think about what you would do in case something happens, but immediately follow that thought, with thoughts of love.

  • Jane5

    Ugh sorry, here’s the link:

  • Sylvia

    I sure would like to know if little Madeleine McCann is still on earth.

    • Mommazee

      Sylvia, Elisa had posted about this before, if you do a search of McCann it will bring up this post:

      Tracy had asked about the whereabouts and condition of Madeline McCann, abducted in Portugal when she was four years old, four years ago. Sadly, Erik and Maddy both report that she is there in the afterlife, but is doing fine. She was taken by someone in the hotel, someone her parents saw and interacted with on numerous occasions. She was kept alive by her captives for quite some time and unspeakable things were done to her poor little body. This was such a shock for her, because she was raised in such a loving, safe family. She had no idea that such “monsters,” as she calls them, even exists. It just wasn’t in her realm of possibilities. Of course, this innocence only made her an easier target for evil. Her captives intended to sell her on the sex slave market, but fortunately, she didn’t survive long enough for such future atrocities held in store for her.

  • She’s on my list but I’m a little afraid to post it since her parents are still alive.

  • Nancy Antia

    Hi Elisa,
    The more I learn about the spiritual realm – and I’m very grateful I have the chance to do it – the less I understand the rules. I can’t even get why Jesus himself chose to reincarnate in a sick boy in your country. To raise consciousness is not an answer to me, no matter if it comes from Jesus. (hope he answers my questions one day). No offense involved. Never understood the Catholic religion precisely because it stresses the value of suffering and how much suffering and pain teaches us. I’ve always have had difficulty in accepting we’re here to learn through such painful experiences.
    Ted Bundy doesn’t say who he made the contract with, does he? Can’t be with Source! but everything IS source. Well… I guess I’ll have to keep on learning before my own time comes. I’m lost and puzzled. NDERs sometimes report incredible things too. A woman NDEr asked why there’s so much pain on earth and was told that there are sick people because there are people who want to heal the sick. Everything’s in perfect balance, was the message. It doesn’t make sense to me but apparently it did to her. [sigh]

  • Yes, and I plan to talk to Maddie more in the near future.

  • I guess that’s what the Ascension is all about. SOme will, some won’t.

    • Nancy Antia

      Yes, Elisa, thanks. I think that’s what ascension is all about: the end of pain and suffering on earth!

  • It’s all about the duality we need to become love. We need to experience or witness suffering in order to truly know joy. Same with betrayal/loyalty, hate/love, resentment/forgiveness.

    • Nancy Antia

      Yes, Elisa, I can understand that but still, it’s too much pain and suffering for some of us. Would you teach your children (or grandchildren) what electricity would do to them by making them stick two fingers in the socket and KILL them? I can’t get heaven’s teaching strategies, just can’t … but some day I’ll know. Maybe when I get there, I hope. Thanks for your answer.

    • Michelle

      He would have made the soul contract with the women he killed, wouldn’t he? For whatever reasons those women chose to experience that kind of brutality. There must have been something in that for them to learn. Only they can say. For every soul that chooses to incarnate to suffer at the hands of another, there must in turn be that other soul who agrees to incarnate to inflict the suffering. I’ve always believed that, but it never occurred to me that the “bad” person would have a motive of their own for wanting to inflict pain such as Bundy did. Very interesting. I can’t help but wonder what Hitler would say if Erik could get an interview with him!

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  • yahaira

    Creepy …brrrbrbrbrrr

  • I’m curious…he says he had a contract before incarnating about the type of life he intended to lead. Did the contract include the women (maybe men too? I don’t know much about this Ted Bundy) that had become victims of his crimes? Did those whom he killed agree before *their* incarnation to die in that fashion and at his hand? If so, why? Are these type of things not as random as it would seem?

    • Did you read the interview of one of his victims? Very interesting and it might answer some of your questions.

  • Doris J. Gibson

    This is absolutely amazing!

  • Doris J. Gibson

    But why did he accept the life of the child that suffered?

  • Simon

    But he didn’t feel sorry for his actions, maybe he is still suffering psychosis.

  • James

    Uh.. Ted has reincarnated.

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