Channeling Tupac Shakur, Part One

Just a reminder: Today at 7:00 P.M. CST, Erik will once again be interviewed by Sheila Gale on her internationally renown radio show, The Sheila Show. Here’s the link:

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And now, let’s get a little wisdom from the poet extraordinaire, 2-Pac Shakur:

Erik: Mom, I picked the last one, so it’s your turn.

Me: Okay. Hmmm. How about Tupac Shakur?

Erik: Okay, be back in a sec.

Erik disappears, “poof”!

Jamie: This should really interesting, because I don’t know the first thing about him.

Me: Me neither. I know he’s some sort of rapper, but that’s it. I also think he was known to be an incredible poet.

Jamie giggles as Tupac materializes with Erik.

Jamie: That’s what he just said! He came in and said, “A poet!”

Me: I knew it! Oh my god, I must have channeled you, Tupac!

Jamie: That’s a trip! Yes, he said it, and you said it at almost the same time!

Me: Cool. And Rap stands for “Rhythm and Poetry,” right?

Jamie: Is that for real? I have never heard of that!

Me: I think so. That’s what one of my kids told me, anyway. They try to keep the old lady on the down low. So, hello, Tupac! It’s an honor to meet you!

Tupac (in a sing-song voice): Gooood Mornin’! How are you this fine day?

Me: Oh, it’s beautiful outside, beautiful indeed. I’m doing well, thank you. So, Erik, you ask the first question.

Erik: Okay. How did you know who you were, and when did you find that passion in your life?

Me: Great question, Erik!


Jamie (giggling): Oh, I wish I could imitate him. Even just his average speaking voice has a rhythm to it.

Me: Oh, really?

Jamie demonstrates the musical lilt to Tupac’s voice in a string of random syllables.

Tupac: I started working backstage—

Jamie: He’s showing me speakers, wires. I get the image of him setting up, plugging in.

Tupac: I could see all the creativity in all the people, there are so many other sounds besides what there is onstage. The clanking, the ticking, the dropping. So, I decided—

Jamie (puzzled): He was a dancer?

Me: Hmm. I don’t know. Maybe.

Jamie (skeptically): I never heard about that. He says he danced a little.

Me: Okay.

Tupac: Yeah, and that’s what led me into Rap. Getting around the right people. And I knew what I was interested in in life, because any kind of sound around me, I would always fantasize it to be something musical. I could even hear the music in—

Jamie: God, he’s showing me two people yelling at each other. Screaming! It’s bad news.

Me: His parents, maybe?

Jamie: That’s funny. I was asking the same thing. I asked him, ‘Is this your house? Where did you put me?’

Tupac: Yes. There was a lot of upset at my home. I never had a moment of stability, and so I took all these sounds that I could find—the passion in them. I don’t expect anybody to understand that.

Me: I think I get what you’re saying, Tupac. Everything has a rhythm and poetry to it, even the darker noises.

Tupac: Maybe that was just the core coping skills of a little boy.

Me: Maybe they were good coping skills for that little boy.

Tupac: Yeah, well, it got me everywhere I wanted to be.

Me: That’s exactly right. What beliefs did you have about death and the afterlife, and did those change after you died?

Tupac: Death was all around me, growing up. Illness, murder, accidental deaths, whatever. Pick a type of death, and I swear I can name someone in my life who has died that way.

I’m saving some for the book, including his thoughts about the afterlife, but I will share more tomorrow about his other philosophies, experiences, etc.

Again, don’t forget to listen to the interview Tuesday night and to use the social connect buttons below to share the love and knowledge!

Now, enjoy Tupac’s creative genius in “Dear Mama.”

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Elisa Medhus

  • Kyle

    Love the site….was wondering if you could channel Kurt Vonnegut. It would be fascinating to hear his thoughts. Thanks for everything that you do.

  • Ash

    Now the real question is… will he tell us who killed him?! I know I saw a news article a few months ago about some guy who is already in jail that confessed…

    • Su

      Great link! It does sound like teh guys telling the truth. What a tragic tale.

  • What a great idea! I can’t believe I forgot about him! I heard him speak when I was a student at Rice University!

    • Denise

      And Douglas Adams

  • Su

    Love Tupac! What a great talent. My first boyfriend was spitting image..he still is. One of my faveroite Tupac cover…Changes.

  • cindy

    Wow! What a great interview on The Sheila Show! Thanks Elisa, Erik, Jaimie, and Sheila.

  • Kandelmer

    Tupac did some pretty horrible things when he was alive — rape, shooting people, etc.

    I’m wondering if he feels any remorse for the pain he caused others.

    • Yes, he does talk about his regrets.

    • libra male

      Tupac did not rape that girl .. he had a good heart, genuine love for women & a lot of women were attracted to him .. he definitely was not the type of person who commits rape

      she probably took him down because she was promised some money .. I’m tired of people speaking on what they don’t know

      • I wouldn’t be surprised. He was a gentle soul. He had trouble balancing angst with love but his intention was there and he had/has much to teach.

  • amy cavanaugh

    Radio show was AWESOME. Interestingly, some of the stuff Erik said about death and celebration, I wrote a chapter in my book just last week on the same stuff. Gratitude to ERIK and CE Family!!!

  • Denise

    I just finished listening to the Sheila Show interview. Wonderful. So much hope.
    I especially liked the comment of being challenged in life to establish a common ground. That is so true; I could not be who I am today without any of my life experiences. My kids grew up in great environment (their dad teaches meditation) with a support system of family. I thought I was fortunate to start meditating when I was 18, my kids started at 4. Of course they take it for granted.

    • I also listened to the interview with Sheila today! It was great! So was the first one.
      I had an afterlife experience at 6 and have always believed in the afterlife and been interested in so called mystical happenings ever since! Only, at my time you could not talk about these things (I am 73); you were called crazy and weird!

  • Ynge, tell us more about your afterlife experience!! Also, where are you from? Germany? Sweden? Norway?

  • Anonymous

    Tupac was an evolved soul. I love and admire him.

  • I Fully Appreciate you beacons for bringing Tupac in what an honour….he was a great poet and male figure for me being a baby bringing a baby into this world at the age of 17…his vibe, his words, his frequency soothed and inspired me so it centres me into my own great bliss when I found you had him on the list…thankyou!!! So look forward to the book….I remember living in new Zealand and feeling the significance on a broader world wide scale the way his death was taken publically….I remember looking to the stars thinking thankyou thankyou for all you have done and what it has given me… I so love what yous are doing through your awakened beings love you(((hugsbugs)))

  • Sue Ho

    That’s not totally accuract. Tupac’s ex manager said Tupac was rapping “before” he got introduced to the group he ended up dancing for. Don’t know why he seemed confused by that part. Do they sometimes forget or get mixed up about the time lines?

  • Nell

    But Tupac isn’t dead though, he’s very much alive and his “death” was staged. Maybe this is his higher self being channeled??

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