Channeling Tupac Shakur, Part Three

As many of you know, Tupac was no angel here on earth. He suffered many hardships, committed many transgressions, but in the end, he graced the world with his poetry and now, from the afterlife, with his wisdom. Enjoy the last segment of Tupac’s interview.

Me: Okay. Now, what past life do you think influenced your last one the most?

(Long pause)

Jamie: He’s showing me him being a Caucasian male dressed in full cowboy gear—the leather on the legs, chaps. He’s a bit skinny, you know. Not really a brute. Lot’s of facial hair, kind of unkempt. Because he was so skinny in that life, he learned how to shoot really well to protect himself, and he was a really sharp aim.

Tupac: In that life, I used my gun for reasons where it shouldn’t have been used. It’s what protected me, but yet I was known for being impatient and killing people. That impatience carried over to my last life: big ego, big gun. I thought I had rights I really didn’t have.

Me: Good thing you were so skinny. It made you less of a target, right? When the bullets whizzed past you, all you had to do is turn sideways.

Tupac (laughing): I like you!

Me: Well, I like you too, Darlin’. So, I guess it’s almost poetic that you, yourself, succumbed to a gunshot wound.

Tupac: Yeah, damn ironic.

Me: Now, last but not least, do you have anything else you want to share with the world?

Tupac: The wild wild west is over, man. The only thing legal you can shoot anyone with anymore are words out of your mouth, so you better learn to use them well and responsibly. Be careful not to let words fuck up relationships that you value.

Me: Okay. Erik, do you want to ask Tupac anything?

Erik: Naw, I’m good.

Me: Okay. Well, thanks so much, Tupac. I hope to do you proud.

Tupac: Thank you.

Jamie: He just turns and walks away; he doesn’t say bye or anything.


Jamie (giggling): Erik! He’s sitting up on my countertop again.

Erik: I was so intimidated by him!

Me: Aw! Wait, what the hell could he possibly do to you, Erik? I’m mean, after all, you are dead.

Jamie (still laughing): I could kinda tell you were nervous, Erik!

The announcement of Tupac’s death

Tupac’s Funeral

Full Length Tupac Documentary

R.I.P. 2Pac

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Elisa Medhus

  • Pete Janssen

    It’s great hearing what Tupac has to say… It seems that when anyone crosses over they have something insightful to say about life which is always great to hear… I think it helps all of us…
    I also wanted to say I loved the interview… again… I love hearing about the spiritual side of life from the spiritual side… I love how it’s so natural as well for Jamie, nothing weird about it at all, just normal… like the way God intended… thanks again guys…

  • I wonder if in spirit one can be harmed by another spirit, mentally? Is that even allowed? Can spirits get into arguments and hurt feelings?

    • Patrick

      No, no and yes, certainly.

      Resolution of differences quick; grudges and lingering hurt cannot be hidden.

      We are spirits here on Earth, just as in Heaven; physical bodies are temporary rail cars in which we ride. Our station will arrive and we’ll “de-train”.

      Arguments and hurt feelings can be part of the plan we’ve set and are always an opportunity for all sides to learn. Sometimes the insight is fast, sometimes a long while in coming and in some cases, understanding is clear once we get off the train.

    • Erik discusses that in a very recent interview. Can’t remember details. God, it’s hell gettin’ old.

  • Bluhorizon888

    I’m curious, if the after life is all love then why feel intimidation?

  • Ryan Geraghty

    I have been a lifelong Tupac fan. I really appreciate you doing this interview Elisa. I wanted to take some time to put some more information here for people who might still be seeing him in the “thug” identity that he sold. Tupac openly resented the thug illusion. He was very outspoken about how he was disgusted about how being a thug was the only thing people wanted him to be, but that if being a thug would feed his family and neighbors, then he would act the part. Like many genius artistic types, I think he was bipolar too. People who idolized Tupac do so because of his obvious power, charisma, and love. The scary stuff that scared parents was marketing. Rap music wasn’t getting played unless it scared people. Tupac’s best works were always vivid stories of how hard it is to be human and how hard our world is. He was constantly calling for truth and love between people.

    “I got love for my brother, but we can never go nowhere
    unless we share with each other. We gotta start makin’ changes.
    Learn to see me as a brother ‘stead of 2 distant strangers.
    And that’s how it’s supposed to be.
    How can the Devil take a brother if he’s close to me?”

    I see no changes. All I see is racist faces.
    Misplaced hate makes disgrace for races we under.
    I wonder what it takes to make this one better place…
    let’s erase the wasted.
    Take the evil out the people, they’ll be acting right.
    ‘Cause mo’ black than white is smokin’ crack tonight.
    And only time we chill is when we kill each other.
    It takes skill to be real, time to heal each other.

    Tupac, along with most rap artists were giving a voice to the struggle they saw daily and that society seemed more comfortable ignoring. Rap music is supposed to be uncomfortable to listen to because we are all connected and we all ignore the horrors that are a part of our world. Here is a link to an interview with Tupac that he did before he was anything more than a genius kid, full of love and light. He is so tuned in in these interviews to a lot of what we have all come to learn and appreciate on this blog.

    Thanks again Elisa for including him on your site. I feel like I might have been the only person who was really really looking forward to hearing from Tupac.

    • Elena Kurteva

      I would’ve loved to see another tupac interview and if possible in a video, I 2onder if it is at all possible?

      • Possibly. I’ll have to think about it. I have so many on the list.

  • Oh ya, I could sense Erik’s nervousness from here! lol, and he interjects much less than in other interviews.

    • Tupac is scary!!

      • Ryan Geraghty

        I have such a hard time with that. Are you certain that it was a fearful intimidation? All accounts of Tupac outside of the image that was sold to people was that of a tender and sensitive individual who cared for those who suffered. I have such a hard time thinking of him as a spirit bully type. He was also a pretty little guy. I’m kind of surprised Erik wasn’t a little bit of a fan to be honest. The Thug image was created and given to Tupac and he regularly made fun of how quickly society jumped at the chance to eat it up instead of looking at him as a real person. He was an extreme artist and played his role too well from time to time, but it was always done as a cry to society against racist stereotypes. He spoke often of how all people want to see in him is a thug, and that they can’t see past it, so he will give them that if it will get his friends and family away from the criminals in their neighborhood. I know I’m going off a little, I just feel defensive of Tupac. I don’t want the misunderstandings to continue into the afterlife. You and Jamie are great though and again, I really appreciate your interview here. Thanks Elisa!

      • Erik was a very little guy too! Maybe he just remembers Tupac for the image the public created for him.

      • Cyniraholt

        I got a good feel of your beautiful site and such amazing stories…. I have so much respect for what you do.. and Why? As a sensitive, I’m very intrigue with “Everything” Is there a way to access older radio shows of Erik and his enlightened journey on the other side. I actually LOL when Erik was nervous.. I think I had tears.. Just proves that here or there.. Energy is Everything. I just wish I can remember how to access, before fear set in.. I know spirits are kind enough not to scare the crap out of me.. I won’t take that well at all! One man came so vivid in my thoughts when a lady stop by to buy some crystals, her sister told her so much about them, and she saw our sign and stop by.. I told her of this Gentle older man I saw.. and she told me.. OMGoodness before I came here which she never stops to strangers house.. lol. She was at his funeral. Don’t get me wrong I do have a way of explaining without getting anyone scared and upset. I don’t try to figure out why or how..The saying rings true treat others as you would want to be treated. People say they love that about me. I don’t know. I want to Learn more. Brightest Blessings~

      • Type your reply…

      • Oh you sound like such a beautiful soul. As for Erik, once he and his homsechool buddy (a friend of his who I also taught) hand made a bunch of scooter and wagons for a woman and children’s shelter for Christmas. The invited them box on TV (local news) and Erik was sooo nervous. Maybe it was his practice for things to come. Before his depression hit, he was rarely nervous, always outgoing with a lovely combination of mischief, humor and sincere love. On his grave marker, it says “He loved deeply and was deeply loved.” That, I thnk, describes him best.

        As for all things death and spirit, after learning what I know from the blog and knowing that Erik is still Erik minus the body and the depression, I have NO fear about such things.

        You can probably open up your abilities even more if you read this wonderful book Erik recommended I read. I’m going to have to read it twice, but it’s probably the most life changing book I’ve ever read: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. SOO amazing.

      • Demetrius

        What a great interview!

        Tupac was a very unique person on earth.

        I am curious to know about Tupac Daily Activity in Heaven

        I wonder If Tupac and Biggie are Friends in Heaven.

        I wonder if Tupac and Biggie still write music and Poetry In Heaven

        I wonder if Erik can bring Tupac or Biggie with him for the next interview

        I would love to get an update on Tupac and Biggie life in Heaven.

        I wonder what Tupac and Biggie think about the new movie “Murder Rap”

        I am a Hip Hop artist and I am influence by Tupac and Biggie.

        I wonder if I can Ask Erik a favor and see if Erik can go to visit Tupac and Biggie and ask them if they want to be my spiritual guide. I wonder if they can help me write great music.

      • Elena Kurteva

        Yes that’s also what I know. I was tupac interview was longer than that and more elaborate. He has a lot to say, he was an activist through many of his lyrics, he wanted to support and instill good. I wish we got a video now that Erik is a bit more experienced and could submit some questions. Tupac is no scary info, he was amazing actually with lots of good thinking, very advanced, lots of understanding and good observation sense. His image was the way it was for different reasons. But many people don’t know what else he’s done with his life except rapping that’s what’s sad

      • Yes he was (and is) an amazing soul.

      • Tanya QueenieBeez

        He wasn’t scary. He just had an amazing sureness and presence about him. I am his #1 fan..was sad to see he made the Archives, (hoping he was still alive and would resurrect in 2016) As he stated in Makaveli and a few of his other songs. Interesting interview.

  • Oh, you’re not alone Ryan. Promise.

  • The ultimate goal is to become unconditional love. When you cross over, you only lose your body, not your fears, insecurities, etc. Erik is a newbie, a rookie guide, so it doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • Anonymous

    Elisa thank you for this interview and for including a link to the documentary about Tupac so that people can really learn more about such an important figure to so many people.
    Love and light to Tupac.

  • Lisa

    Elisa, Thank you so muchfor this beautiful work that you do. You, your son Erik and Jamie are a true inspiration <3 can you tell me, which book of yours includes this interview? I will buy all your books but want to know which to read first? I am assuming you have mire than one book out and if not you should!! Too much inspiring work not to!! Could you guys do a video on how to develop psychic and mediumship? would love to hear Jamie and Eriks points of view regarding this. God bless, Lisa

    • I don’t have a book of all of the interviews. Maybe after I do a lot more, the publisher will want me to write one, but it might be too controversial. They say these interviews might make the media rip me to shreds. I do get a lot of hate emails and comments about them.

  • Allison

    Welcome back Elisa. You were missed this week. No idea how I missed this wonderful interview but thrilled that I stumbled upon it. I don’t think Erik meant that he was “intimidated” by Tupac’s gangster persona. I think he was in awe of Tupac’s amazing energy. The interview was 3 years ago and I’m sure today Erik could hold his own with Mr. Shakur.

  • Cyn Trone

    Thank you so much Elisa for this wonderful interview! Tupac has been such a inspiration to me and an powerful influence on my life. Growing up listening to his poetry I had such a deeper connection with him, than the “gangster” identity that everyone else saw. I am truly grateful. I am new to this site and I am loving it so much. So much love comes from everything you write and I appreciate that. I am looking forward to reading more!

  • Srj

    I loved this interview! I truly enjoyed Tupac’s passion when he speaks out. His statement about the wild west is over and the only legal thing you could shoot people with are words. How powerful was that statement, even more so, his life and death was an example of how powerful words are.
    He’s so amazing. And thank you Erik for bringing him to the interview.

    Ps I saw your doppelganger yesterday Erik!! Completely uncanny, I was shocked at the likeness.

    • Sometimes he projects his image on strangers.

      • Srj

        Oh my god! I would have hugged him had I known that.
        In hindsight, the guy smiled at me like we shared an inside joke. But I was more caught off guard by the likeness that I even apologized and said that he looked so much like someone I know.

        Yesterday I had my energy healing and reading, I asked Erik to show up prior to that. And he totally did! When she picked up on his energy she said, “a male energy is here..he said you know him.” I was like, oh yes that’s Erik. She started to laugh and said, “oh, he such a character!”
        I laughed with her and thanked him for showing up. Erik you are such a Rockstar!

      • Turquoise Taylor

        Is there any way I can get you to email me on contacting or channeling Tupac !!! He’s really meant a lot for me and I want to ask unanswered questions, get back to me at

      • I have to get through almost 400 other celebrities so I can’t really go back to the ones I’ve done already. You’re right, there are so many questions and each celeb could be interviewed for hours, but I don’t have the time or money to do that. Patrick, do you want to interview Tupac?

      • Are you talking about the encounters and praise ones? That would be great. Some people want to remain anonymous, but it would be nice to learn more about those who are sharing.

  • J. P.

    Elisa, would you ever consider uploading the complete Tupac interview (including his views on Heaven)? I know you mentioned a while back that you were saving some info for the celebrity interview book, but then you said you probably weren’t going to publish that after your publisher discouraged it. If that’s the case, PLEASE upload the full Tupac interview, he was such a fascinating person! <3

    • It’s not in YouTube format but all parts of it are on the blog.

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