Children Spirits and Suicide Rates

I’ve been watching the DNC, and the chaos is deafening. Although I’m not a fan of Trump, Clinton or Sanders, I’m proud that Americans stood in protest when their voices were quietened by a rigged system. HRC was destined to win anyway, even if superdelegates were a nonentity, but people are sick of politicians on either side of the aisle acting like they know better than them. That’s what government has become to me. Big Brother patting us on the head, saying, “Don’t worry. You’re too stupid to think and do for yourself. We’ll run your life for you.” And they line their own pockets and stoke their egos with power at the same time. I’m wondering if this insurgency populace election cycle is what Erik was talking about long ago: a breakdown or at least a stripping down of government bureaucracy. Then comes the financial institutions and other corrupt entities that have built this house of cards. I remember him saying that the Indigo children are here to break down structures, and the Crystal children are here to rebuild the world into something beautiful, clean and pure. That sounds like a tall order and will likely take decades. I guess what I’m saying is that maybe this isn’t a bad thing. Maybe it’s time to clean house even if it means stirring up the dust so that we sneeze and cough. Maybe we’re just experiencing growing pains. Your thoughts?

As you ponder, check out these two short Best of Erik posts. 

Topic #1

Me: Let’s see if we have time for one more question. Infants and young children: how do they appear to us when they cross over?

Erik: That depends on the spirit’s journey. If they died as an infant, they might choose to grow up with the family so as every year passes you’ll see them grow just like a human would. There are sometimes, though, like if they pass at age six, the next time you see them they look like a young adult. They’re coming across as who they naturally were. Others might pass when they’re 10 and want to reincarnate as a baby into the same family so they regress year by year for ten years. So, it’s different how you’ll be able to view them. What you really need to focus on is the connection of their name of how they were identified on Earth and their relation to you, and just accept that how they choose to present themselves is what they want and what they need to grow through.

Me: Well, when I cross over, are you going to be the Erik I remember or what do you want to do?

Erik: Oh yeah, yeah. I’m staying put like I am.

Jamie giggles.

Me: Oh good!

Erik: I’ll make you a young mom when you get here.

Me: Get your industrial strength airbrush and Bondo ready.


Topic #2 (along the lines of my introduction)

Me: Suicide numbers are really increasing at an alarming rate. I wonder if some are subconsciously choosing to leave because they can help with the Shift more from the next dimension. Greater leverage there maybe?

Erik: They can. I bet it’s not related to the fact that they know they can help more once they die, but they know they just don’t want to go through it.

Me: Oh, I bet.

Erik: So, you know, they just get out a little early.

Me: Yeah, and leave us all to be in the foxholes by ourselves. Like rats leaving a sinking ship. Oh well; it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Erik: That somebody is us.

Me (heaving a deep sigh): I know.


Enjoy this praise for my sweet boy’s book, My Life After Death. Be sure to read it! You won’t regret it!

If there is only one book you read for the rest of the year, let this one be it. From the afterlife itself, Erik reaches through each word on each page and brings you into his personal journey and his experience of his own suicide and the afterlife. Fascinating, inspiring, and full of his typical humor and four-lettered charm, his vividly detailed and emotional story is a testament to the fact no one is ever “lost” and death is never the end. What began as such an isolated and tragic event for one family has since grown exponentially into a captivating story with the endless capacity to heal and inspire. This is one of those books that stays with you and directs you to the real things in life like love, family, and connecting with yourself and with others. You won’t be able to put this book down and even after it ends you’ll want to re-read it over and over and over again. It’s just beautiful.


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Elisa Medhus

  • Lynne

    I totally agree with Jessica’s review about your/Erik’s next book ‘My Life after Death’. It filled the ‘holes’ of my understanding obtained from numerous other books on the afterlife, it affirmed what I already know, and it was simply downright authentic, positive and healing. Thank you Elisa, Erik and your amazing team of channellers. Continued love and blessing to you all. Lynne

  • Patrick

    Oh no, another observation about human political activity? I’m bracing for MY soon-to arrive hate mail, not just yours, Elisa!
    Seriously, although it might seem as if politicians believe many constituents need them, they know better. You hit the nail squarely; money & power and yes, the current political rebellion is part of the shift against that.
    My guides have suggested political improvements would come about fastest if nobody voted. Far fetched? Of course, we & they know it, but it’s worth considering just for perspective. In the USA, something like ¼ of eligible voters don’t register and one third of them (or more) don’t bother come an election. If 99% either voted or abstained, things would change very fast. I’d like to see Trumton or Clinump attempt to take office after only 1% of voters showed up; the Republicrats and Democrans would be in a bind.

    • Judith

      Thanks Patrick, I feel a little less guilty about my decision not to vote this election.

    • Luci

      Here in Australia we have compulsory voting. It makes us feel as though everyone’s vote matters. It benefits the Left, as it’s usually younger people, the marginalised and vulnerable that don’t vote when it’s not compulsory. The US has many wonderful qualities, but politically its owned by the mega-wealthy eg Koch brothers, George Soros, Wall Street. The countries with the highest standard of living are the Nordic countries–they are happy to pay high taxes so that everyone has a good life. I believe it’s Norway that has the largest superannuation fund from taxes collected from drilling for oil in the North Sea. It has collected billions to ensure its citizens can all benefit. I can’t imagine the US (or Australia) doing that. Here in Australia the mining companies rape and pillage the earth (which belongs to all of us) and give nothing back.

    • Mia

      OK, Patrick, here’s your hate-mail: I really like you. You’ve been a long-time contributor to this site, you always pick up Elisa’s sword, and you’re probably the smartest guy here. But I do have to agree with the two other writers a couple of posts ago — my intuition says your personal opinions infiltrate that of the ‘Committee.’ You know as well as I do that potential mediums always worry that the messages they get might be from their own brain, not that of an entity in another dimension. I’m sure you consider that too. The reader has to consider it as well. I read this blog and ‘The Amendment’ religiously because I like the ideas. And all of us here love Jamie and Kim because you can tell for sure they are either great actors or they don’t follow TV news. You just happen to be smarter than them. You talked about a Beatles song that any fan knows was written by the other guy. That was the first red flag. A couple weeks ago, the Committee said Hillary Clinton purposely allowed her emails to be hacked for a greater purpose. I don’t have any committee advising me, but my gut tells me that Hillary is just as dumb as me and Elisa. We don’t know how to run computers. We hire people for that. And when they screw up, we don’t throw them under the bus. Hillary’s server was the same her husband used, like, 10 years before. She didn’t know. The last four secretaries of state did the same thing as her. Colin Powell admitted it in his book. Old people like us know nothing about computers, much less how they’re hacked. You learn from that. She was for TPP, now she’s against. Political. She voted for the wars. She’s made mistakes, as have we all. The point is, she’s not evil, just fallible. Same as Trump. He made fun of a cripple. I thought it was funny. Perhaps not politically expedient, but not a deal-breaker. The guy has made a fortune, lost a fortune; he’s hired Muslims, Latinos, blacks and his kids. With a three-tiered democracy, how much can he screw up? You think your taxes will go down next year, no matter who we elect? I like the Trump kids, though. And Chelsea was also taught well by parents. A lot of potential there when we all calm down.

      And Elisa: Please don’t start these political debates. You have three heartwarming Erik stories and get four comments. You lead off with your political views, you get over 70 comments. See a pattern? I love you when you talk about physics and health care, because you know shit and I have to look everything up — just like I do with Patrick when he goes on a rant — which helps me learn. But you just can’t piss off all your black fans by saying that people looking for government handouts are killing this country without ever looking up the facts. It seems like, I hate to say, and this might not be true (do you still read newspapers?) — you get all your political information from Fox News. Should a woman who happens to have a kid or two and an absentee husband work 40 hours a week for $7.50 an hour while paying for child-care? Or should they apply for food stamps and stay at home with the kids. You and I don’t have that problem. Think of it from their perspective. They are using every option available to love their kids. Just like you would do, if forced into a corner.

      And Maya,
      Love to read your stuff. You seem a little angry for someone who has it all figured out, if I can be so bold. The more gurus you throw under the bus, the angrier you become. I have ego too. It’s what we consider.

      I get free entertainment here, and I’m happy. I always read Channeling Erik blog posts a month later, just so I can read all the late comments. Elisa is a Founding Father of a whole new genre. Erik doesn’t curse as much anymore because he has our attention. Patrick is cool. Maya is cool, and I enjoy the work immensely.

      • Point taken. It’s my emotions leading the way. I’m very worried about the future of our country and think neither candidate is worthy or capable of the position.

      • Mia

        I don’t think you know. This is not about Erik at all. It’s about you. And you are doing a great job. I just happen to be the same age as you, and we both know that opinions do not trump thoughtfulness. I thank you for what you are trying to uncover. Even you don’t know what that is. But you are trying something. That’s how we all should be.

      • Tony Benz

        nah fuck that. dont listen to mia. flaming liberal. suprised eric doesnt talk about hillary clinton causing vince fosters “suicide”. maybe if the black fathers didnt give in to gang culture and were around to provide for the kids with wife it wouldnt be that way. tired of blacks and spanish and false jews saying the whites have corrupted the system. cant stand liberal democrats.

      • Tony Benz

        fox news is the only tv media outlet that isnt controlled by the jewish cabalistic bankers. get away with your liberal propaganda . donald trump all the way. keep the refugees out and the ultra violent cartel immigrants. guarentee erik would agree. his personality on the earth plane is alot like mine.

  • Maya

    My thought is Indigo or Crystal people, they are not guaranteed to bring light. For example, indigo person like Teal Swan is a narcissist who suck people into destruction. And crystal person like Jessica Schab charged ridiculous amount of services, and at ‘spiritual Diva’ war with Teal, etc.. And Pleaidian Alaje became a hateful person. Plus ‘buddha boy’ Palden Dorje is involved in beating case.

    IMO, no matter what type of souls you are, special or ‘regular’, once you become a human, still your ego is challenged equally. If you don’t pass ego test, you’ll burn in hell. (hell in the terms of your creation)

    • Lorri

      Well, who says Teal is an Indigo? Herself? Same for the other ones who call themselves “Crystal” or “Pleaidian”. Maybe they aren’t any of those and are just using the labels to gain power.

      It’s something to consider.

      • Lorri

        BTW, I am only a little bit familiar with Teal. I know there is a lot of controversy, but I don’t know the truth.

        The only point really is that anyone can call themselves by a label that might not be the truth.

        I didn’t want to specifically attack Teal when I really don’t know what the deal is. If I wanted to do a lot of research, maybe I’d have an opinion, but it doesn’t interest me for some reason.

      • Maya

        Herself (called an Indigo). I used to like her 3 years ago. I was very active on her tribe. But then, she got worse and worsen. She is an energy manipulator (she can appear in my dreams or mental image, very powerful). She can make you feel good or feel bad depend on her mood. But since divorced her third husband, she got terrible. All of her blogs and videos energetically make me nauseated. She is very dark.

      • Mia

        “Teal Swan is a narcissist who suck people into destruction. And crystal person like Jessica Schab charged ridiculous amount of services, and at ‘spiritual Divas’ war with Teal, etc.. And Pleaidian Alaje became a hateful person. Plus ‘buddha boy’ Palden Dorje is involved in beating case.”

        Or, you could be a douchebag. You. I know you live seven hours from Vancouver and that English is your second language, but you’ve got to lighten up, pal. They burned you, sure, but don’t blame them. Lessoned learned, but you are just as smart as them. I’m listening because anger makes my Spidey-sense perk-up.

    • Tony Benz

      teal swan is definitely sexy.

  • M&M

    I agree with you, Elisa. Clearing out the old is always dirty work, but often necessary to truly start anew. The political situation we are in is pushing a large portion of the population to really question things on a deep and personal level. We can take the narrow view and only see the concern/frustration over having ‘no good candidate’ to chose from and what either one will do to us in the near future, or look at it from a higher perspective and see where this shake up could take us in the longer run. I’ll be it leads to a swing toward integrity and respect for human lives. It might take a while, but this very situation could be the catalyst, approaching the rock bottom point from which we turn and start to swing the other direction. There is a lot to be learned from how not to do something.

    I see people speaking up more about what they don’t want, what they are sick of and sending a strong message that leadership in politics needs to change. Amid all the scariness and uncertainty, I find that to be a bright spot.

  • Callies’ Pet Human

    “Erik: They can. I bet it’s not related to the fact that they know they
    can help more once they die, but they know they just don’t want to go
    through it.”

    Hmmm… somewhere I read that other souls were anxious to be here for this, if only for a brief time, so they can be a part of the Shift. And that it is a privilege to be here at this time. Well, I guess it depends on one’s perspective and readiness to participate. Maybe Erik can address that dichotomy for us?

    • Mauigirl

      That’s always been my understanding as well. For years I’ve been hearing that souls are lined up to be born now and the whole universe is watching. I’d love for Erik to address this.

    • Maya

      Before they incarnated, they line up and anxious to be here. After they incarnate, quickly they want to exit. It turned up the ‘game of life’ is not as fun as they thought to be. lol

  • Never heard of them. I’ll check it out.

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