Chillaxin’ with Jesus and Mary, Part One

Tomorrow morning, we leave for Barcelona where I’ll meet my relatives (for a change.) We drive to Oslo starting around 4:30 AM, so I might be too travel weary to post something tomorrow. Quick announcement before we continue with today’s post. Since Kim and I are both out of town, we won’t have the radio show this Thursday, but we will on the following one. 

Robert: Can you see me?

Me: Yeah, it’s fine.

Robert: Okay.

Me: Hi there.

Robert: Hi.

Me: How are you doing?

Robert: I’m good! I’m a little bit nervous for some reason. Sometimes I get a little bit nervous, but I’m a little bit more so today for some reason.

Me: I think I know why!

He has no idea we’re going to bring in Jesus and Mary.

Robert: Why?

Me: Well, first of all, I want to say hi to Erik.

Erik: Hi, Mom.

Me: Hi, sweetie. We want to ask Jesus and his mommy, Mary, to come in for some clarification.

Robert: Okay.

Me: Erik, can you go get him?

Robert talks about how Dolores Cannon has been popping in a couple of times. He recognized the name but doesn’t know anything about her. I tell him she’s on the list to be interviewed.

Me: Erik, my sweetie, can you go get Jesus and Mary, or pull them in?

Erik: Sure, Mom.

Me: Work your magic!

Robert chuckles.

Robert: They’re here.

Me: Well, thank you for coming again, Jesus and Mary. I really appreciate it.

Jesus and Mary: It’s our honor.

Me: Really? Oh, I can’t believe that! But that’s so sweet of you to say! Aw shucks.

Robert: They think it’s funny that you would react that way.

Me: The reason I wanted to talk to you both together is that there are some discrepancies that need clarification. First of all, Jesus, when I talked to you, you said you were not born from a virgin birth, and I don’t know because she wasn’t that clear about it, but it seemed like Mary intimated that it was a virgin birth. Which is it? No judgment here. A birth is a birth. Bringing a new soul into this world is the same no matter how it happens.

Robert: It’s semantics. For some reason I can’t remember what that word means.

Me: It’s a matter of how you say it.

Robert: Okay. She said it was semantics.

Me: Okay, so go on.

Mary: For me, a virgin birth means that the child was ordained by God.

Me: Ah!

Mary: Human interaction is required for that, but the child was the result of God’s desire for him to be born to fulfill a certain purpose in life.

Me: Ah, I see. So, was Joseph the biological father?

Mary: No.

Me: Okay. Who was the biological father?

Mary: A Roman soldier.

Me: Oh, really? Was it consensual?

Mary: No.

Here comes the hate mail.

Me: Oh, no. Really? Aw. Well, uh, Arleen wants to come and say hi.

Comic relief in the way of a grandchild.

Me: We’re talking to Mary and Jesus. Do you want to say hi to Jesus?

Robert laughs.

Arleen: I can’t hear him.

Me: Say, “Hi, Jesus! Hi, Mary!” His mom is Mary. Do you want to say hi to them?

Arleen (perplexed): What?

Robert laughs again, and I repeat myself.

Me: She’s like, “Whaaaat??” WTF in a big way.

Don’t worry. She doesn’t know what that means.

Me: Do you want a message from him?

Arleen: Yeah! Yeah!

Me: Okay. Jesus, what have you got to say to my little grand daughter baby! (I get sappy and kiss her.)

(Long pause)

Me: Don’t pick your nose so much?

Arleen’s eyes widen.

Me: Just kidding! You don’t pick your nose.


Robert (hesitantly): Well, it’s kind of a big message for a little child. If she doesn’t understand, maybe you can put it in different words.

I share my earphones with her.

Robert: To paraphrase: “The world is a big and scary place. It can be seen that way sometimes, but you’re equipped to handle the life you’ve been born into.”

Me: So you are safe. That’s what he told you before, too.

Jesus: You are safe.

Arleen: Yay!

Me: Okay, say bye to everybody. They can’t see you!

I pull her toward me and kiss her like a maniac.

Robert: You’re going to be on the Internet!

Me: Go back to your homework.

Arleen: I’m done with my homework.

Me: Okay, good!

Arleen: Can I be here for the whole thing?

Me: Well, you can sit, but I have to ask some questions. So it was a rape?

Mary: Yes.

Me: Wow, that’s so weird. How can this whole thing with God ordaining this jive with it being a rape? I just can’t wrap my head around that.

Mary: It’s a lesson that something good can come from something traumatizing. Something beautiful can be born of that.

Me: And so it did. Wow. Gosh, that’s heavy.

Robert: She says it’s a metaphor for pain in some way.

Arleen (showing the dough she made): It’s dough.

Me (chuckling): And also, Mary sounded like she didn’t think Jesus died on the cross, but Jesus, you said you didn’t die on the cross. You said you lowered your pulse and breathing rate to make people think you were dead, and then you were rescued in the end and ended up moving to France and raising five children, two of whom died. So what’s the skinny on that one?

Arleen: I need to sit down.

Robert (laughing): Arleen.

Me: There’s no place to sit down.

Arleen: I’ll sit down right here on the edge.

Me: Okay.

Mary: Again, it’s semantics.

Arleen: Where’s Polly?

Polly is Robert’s dog. He brings her over to our place every other Friday.

Robert: She’s down here on her bed.

Mary: He did die on the cross. His body died on the cross. When you saw his body, it looked dead, but when you get into the specifics of it and the spiritual side of it and you start to understand the things that we did not understand at the time, then you realize that he did not die.

Me: What do you mean?

Mary: It was my perception at the time. When I saw my son, he was dead.

Was this a near death experience? Did he have a cardiac arrest and come back?

Me: Well, how did he end up moving to France? He said he lived in France.

Mary: Because my human side saw him as dead, so that’s what I understood.

Me: Oh. I understand. Okay, so what really happened?

Mary: He did not die, but it looked like he was dead.

Me: I see. Okay.

Mary: That’s from the human side of it. From the spiritual side, it’s true that a part of his human side died literally when he was hung on that cross. The part of him that was alive to fulfill that destiny died. Once that destiny was fulfilled, that part died.

Me: Ah!

Mary: Then a new life was started for him, which is why he was no longer known for what he was known as before as Jesus. He went and lived a life as an anonymous person.

Me: So, Mary, you went the rest of your days thinking he was physically dead?

Mary: Yes.

Damn, he could have sent her a text or email saying he was fine.

Me: Gosh, that’s awful. Okay, what was the purpose of your crucifixion? The person asking this question goes on to say that Mary considered it a sacrifice but Jesus did not. Who’s right?

Robert: They’re both right.

Of course.

Arleen: Oh, can you ask—

Me: No, I can’t pause.

Mary: For me, it was a sacrifice. I sacrificed my son and the ability to be a mother to that son.

Me (solemnly): I know how you feel, Mary.

Jesus: You know this intimately because of the sacrifices you have made.

Me: Yeah.

Jesus: From my perspective, it was not a sacrifice because it was what I came here to do. I knew this was what I was going to do. I was afraid.

Me: Sure. You were human.

Robert: Yes, exactly. The human side of him was afraid.

Jesus: But it was not a sacrifice. I wasn’t giving up anything.

I know how you feel, Mother Mary

I know how you feel, Mother Mary

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  • Patrick

    If this version of Jesus’ conception doesn’t get somebody excommunicated, then church standards have dropped to a new low!

    • ce ce

      The Roman Catholic Church would lose their minds with this information. I’ve always instinctively known that “all is not what it seems” and although baptized and raised as a Catholic I could not accept the Catholic religious views. I’ve read just about all that you have posted Elisa but for some reason I didn’t read this until now. Maybe I wasn’t ready then???

      • Patrick

        Since it can’t be “proved” (two thousand years is awfully stale for admissible evidence) the Vatican would ignore it, even if somebody could get their attention, not to mention every other sect & religions that recognize Jesus.

    • Callies’ Pet Human

      Believe it or not, about 10 yrs or so (maybe more) there was a show on one of the cable channels – it might’ve been the History Channel, I’m not sure – where a historian proposed a similar theory for Jesus’s death and resurrection. I don’t remember if she believed it was “faked” somehow or simply that he really wasn’t totally dead, but the rest of the idea was the same. I remember telling a friend about the show, one who grew up with me and went to the same Catholic grade school. I said to him “If Sister Mary Godzilla (euphemism for one of the nuns that taught us) heard this theory her habit would explode right thru the roof of the school.” So it’s interesting to have this idea resurface in this context.

    • I’m man enough to take the truth.

      • Patrick

        And a lot more; you’re as resilient as it gets, doc.

  • Magda

    Ask Erik if there are any alternative timelines in which christianity didn’t appear as a religion and what their history looked like 🙂

  • Wallace Brown

    Interesting interview which concurs with a TV documentary I watched many years back here in the UK, in which it stated Jesus did not die on the cross, evidenced by the fact that blood doesn’t run when the body has died and if it is written that it was Jesus’ flowing blood that confirmed to the soldier he was dead after piercing Jesus’ side, then he was in fact alive. Along with that was the birth of Mary’s illegitimate child may have been as a result of rape; and quite possibly by that of a Roman soldier as it was common for such incidents to take place and even more common to blame such a birth on the supernatural.

  • Luciana

    Very interesting. Thank you.

  • Elizabeth Tizon

    Oh my dear God! Jesus was the child of rape! How did I not see this. How perfectly fitting for the Son of Man.

    • Patrick

      There is no such thing as a “child of rape” any more than a son of crime. An offspring is not the actions of the parents.

      • Adriana

        Elizabeth is just stating Jesus was concieved as a result of rape, hence she said he was a child of rape.

  • Elizabeth Tizon

    I have been studying channeled material for years, and this corresponds perfectly. But I’ve never heard this, or understood so clearly. It makes perfect sense. That’s why Joseph married her, and took care of her and her baby who he raised as his own. He knew the truth. He was a good man. I’m getting goosebumps! That’s when I know that whatever God is it is confirming these words. Wow! Thank you Erik!

  • Nancy Antia

    Hello Elisa and CE family, I don’t understand Jesus’ death. I don’t get if he did die on the cross or not. Could any of you please explain it to me? Thank you!

    • He didn’t die on the cross. Watch the Jesus interview on the Channeling Erik YouTube channel.

      • Nancy Antia

        Ohm all right. I will. Thank you, Elisa.

  • tofaclown

    Ok..I’m a little behind times. I just discovered channelingerik and have been binge watching. So far I have seen 2 different sessions with “jesus” and just found another although I have not seen it. After the very blatant differences in the one with Jamie and Pam (is that her name?) I am loathe to see the one with Robert, as I have a feeling it will be even more outrageous!
    Needless to say I am very confused, slightly pissed, and feel like the largest sucker for ever even considering any of this is true!!
    If this entity lived only one life as Jesus, born of Mary, how can the “stories” be so completely at odds with each other?!

    • I think Kim, being a Catholic, may have had filters up. I like the one with Jamie the best.

      • tofaclown

        Thank you Elisa for replying to me even though this is an older discussion. I also liked the one with Jamie the best. It seemed more genuine and just “easier” somehow.

  • angel warrior

    You better get right with God the Father Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. What you are sharing is coming from demons and fallen angels, not from a place of holiness. The more you share, the clearer it is to those of us who can discern from the Divine Holy Spirit that you have allowed these infernal creatures demons and fallen angels to use you. Ask God the Father, God, the son, our Precious Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Redeemer of mankind to forgive you for the blasphemies that you speak.

    Souls in Heaven would never talk so inappropriately about our Heavenly, Lord and King, Jesus Christ. Our Mother and Queen, would never be addressed as just “mary”. Only demons and fallen angels will use these names to address our Beautiful Mother and Queen over Heaven and Earth, because it’s impossible for them to speak her or our Lord’s Holy title. Please pray to the Divine Holy Spirit for true discernment. No child’s soul that has returned Home to be with Our Heavenly Father, would think to talk about the Holies of all Holies in the Highest Hierarchy of our Eternal Home.

    As much as you want to believe that your son, is speaking to you, he would only be allowed to, if God our Heavenly Father allowed him to. Please ask God, as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Mother Mary Immaculate, your guardian angels and archangels to reveal to you the truth. If you don’t then you will learn of the consequences awaiting you once you pass over the Veil, that separates, the physical from the spiritual realm.

    I shall continue to pray for your soul, and all whom you have led astray. We all have to earn our way to Heaven, it is not a free ticket. Great personal sacrifice, prayer, fasting, and penance are needed to stay on the narrow pathway. Please hear what is being shared with you. May God give you peace.

    • Thanks for your prayers, but I beg to disagree. How could a demon create so much good and save lives both figuratively and literally? There is evidence in scripture that Jesus was actually a medium Himself and I think that man has corrupted the Bible to oppress the masses. You’ve been duped. Even Jesus says that 80% of the Bible is incorrect. Science is forming a bridge with spirituality and it’s similar to when we thought the earth was flat, then someone posed the hypothesis that it is round and were scorned, ridiculed and jailed. Well, guess what? The earth is round. Arthur Schopenhauer said, “Truth comes in three phases. First it’s ridiculed, then it’s scorned, and eventually it’s accepted as self-evident. You’ll get there. I have faith in you. Sending you prayers.

      • angel warrior

        Thank you for your sharing. The spirit world does not work that way. Demons speak half truths. They will tell you a thousand truths if it means that you believe the bigger lie on their agenda, and that is to capture your soul. You are a child of God our Father Almighty, and yet you spread horrible lies about His Most Beloved Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

        I shall continue praying for your soul, demons will continue using you as their instrument to mock and insult the majesty of our Precious Lord and Savior, our Holy Pure Spiritual Mother, Mother Mary Immaculate, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Grace, Our Lady of Fatima, and the titles are endless.

        You see, you aren’t hearing this from someone who’s a novice in the dealings of spiritual warfare, I speak only the Truth. If I read your posts, and I don’t say anything, so that you at least know, that you’re dealing with very cunning fallen angels, then I will be accountable before Our Lord and King Jesus Christ who now presents Himself as Lord of Mercy. During the Warning, which will be a mini judgement that every person on earth will have to experience I will have to answer to our King, who will present Himself as Just Judge, as to why I didn’t say anything to a spiritual sister who is heading in the wrong direction.

        Many people converse with their loved ones, friends, and family after they have made the transition back into the real world, the spiritual realm. God decides who will converse with each other, we don’t, and certainly those who pass over the Veil don’t make decisions on their own, without it first being God the Father’s Holy Will for that soul to do so.

        Such a privilege is only allotted to those who pray, fast, and have sacrificed through penance. Your son Erik, would not be allowed to swear so easily, or callously talk about our Holy family members meaning the Divine Holy Trinity, Our Blessed Mother Mary, the arch angels, the guardian angels, or the saints. God’s Holy Laws and Mandates dictate everything in the Heavens, except those worlds of Heaven where demons, fallen angels still dwell in the lower levels.

        You share that there is no hell or purgatory. Tell that to the billions of souls who thought the same thing, until they went over the Veil and found their sentence announced that their soul’s destination was to exist in hell for all of eternity. Go on youtube and type in what happens to unbelieving souls that go to hell. These places do exist, souls are sent there for mocking, insulting, our Lord Jesus Christ, for lying, for spreading false truths throughout this world. Demons want you to lose your soul. They will tell you whatever you want to hear.

        Pray a novena to the Divine Holy Spirit. Ask God to help you discern what is truth and what is lies. God will not allow your son to converse with you if you yourself don’t even have a personal relationship with the Blessed Holy Divine Trinity. You must first ask God to open up your spiritual eyes so that you understand what is really going on.

        The only way your son would be able to converse with you is if God our Father sent him to warn you and the rest of the world that prayer, fasting, and penance are so needed to help save billions of souls who are falling like snowflakes into hell every instant, purgating in timeless worlds until they purify themselves to be allowed entrance into the realm of sinless, pure eternal glory

        I shall continue praying for you, and I hope you will really hear that what is being shared with you is a message of love and concern for your soul.

        May God’s many blessings be upon you, your family, loved ones, and friends- Angel Warrior, one of your sisters in Christ Jesus

      • Nancy Antia

        Well said Elisa.

      • angel warrior

        I shall pray for your souls.

      • EL

        From a third person perspective, what you wrote about God and all those fancy titles with capitals sound incredibly man-made…It sounded like what kings in the old days would like the people below their rank to address them as — egotistic and “you better do as I say or else, and btw, I’m really perfect and merciful too”.

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