Communicating with Our Loved Ones

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Today is a nasty one. Tropical Storm Bill has his sights set on the Texas Gulf Coast, and the rain is coming down. This isn’t good since all of our waterways are already full. Send us some prayers. On the other hand, it is cozy. I have my little dog, Bella, on one side of me and my grand-dog, Gidget on the other, all snuggly and warm. We’re going to keep Gidget overnight because her parents (my eldest daughter and her husband) are on call at the hospital all night and day, and we don’t want Gidget to be home alone in case their house floods. 

Me: Are there a couple of ways that someone who has lost somebody can communicate with them?

(Long pause. Jamie seems to be following Erik around the room with her eyes.)

Me: I know you talked about the hand game, for example. Maybe you can talk about that.


Me: Or something else. Your choice.

Erik: There are a whole lot of ways to communicate with us. I want to debunk—

Jamie: Debunk? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Start over.

Erik: Commonly after someone dies, the living person will feel them around, and they get a sensation that something’s happening, and then after a period of time, that goes away. Then the person goes, “Oh my god. I’ve lost them all over again. I don’t feel them” and then they grieve harder. Let me set the record straight. When you stop feeling them around, it’s not because they quit. Trust me, we don’t quit. We don’t look at our watch and go, “Oh, there we go. You get three weeks of us showing signs and now we’re getting out of here.”

Jamie mimics Erik moving his two thumbs in back of him like people do when they say, Adios.”

Jamie and I chuckle.

Erik: That’s not it. It’s because you’ve raised your vibration, and now, if we’re doing the same thing, it’s just like feeling air rather than a gust of wind. It doesn’t get your attention as much. Though I’m going to say to you who’re watching (or reading) this, say to your loved one, “Amp it up. Make it bigger so I can understand these signs on [my new] plateau, on this level of energy, energetic messages and signs.” Now for the others, you haven’t really felt anything or you want to continue a relationship—


Jamie: Yeeees? (She laughs) Don’t say it like what I—Do your thing.

Erik: You have to figure out the way that you can get your information the easiest. Are you a good listener? Are you a good feeler? Are you a good seer? Pick one of those and ask your loved one to use that to give you a sign or message. Then take away the expectation. Don’t tell them how to perform in that way. Like if you’re a good feeler, don’t say, “Okay, come and mess with my hair.”

Me: Mm hm.

Dance monkey boy. Dance.

Erik: They might not be good at messing with your hair, but they’re absolutely great at giving you hugs and getting your chest all tight and you feel like you’re having an anxiety attack.

Great. How fun.

Erik: So if you don’t put an expectation on it, they can perform better according to your needs.

Me: I think you told us that expectation is a very dense energy just like depression is and it vibrates at a very low frequency in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. So it takes you guys a lot to lower your vibrational energy to get to us. So anyway, that’s why we use expressions like, “I feel low” or “I feel down.” It’s a very dense feeling.

I’ve felt that for a long time after Erik died. It’s this very heavy feeling in my chest. Still have it sometimes.

Me: So can you try to think joyful things to make it easier for you to get to them?

Jamie covers her mouth with both hands, clearly embarrassed. What did he say? Whatever it is, she’s not going to repeat it.

Erik: Yes, you can watch comedy. You can go have an orgasm.

Oh, there it is.

Erik: You can engage with things that bring you a lot of joy, and then step into the realm of meditative thought or openness, mindfulness. Then you’re going to perceive that subtle energy so much easier than what you would if you were in that down, low or dense point.

Me: Yeah. Tell us about the hand game.

(Long pause, then Jamie laughs.)

Erik: It’s not the slap game.

You know that one where you hands are on top of someone else’s and you fold them over to slap them. First one wins.

Erik: For those who are living, you pick a hand that represents yes and you pick a hand that represents no.

How many hands do we have?

Erik: Keep it the same. Don’t change it. Stop changing that shit. You guys will change it and think that we know what’s going on. We are creatures of habit still.

Jamie: He’s giggling.

Erik: So when you have your yes and no, in the center of your hand there’s an energy center. It’s like a secondary chakra, and it’s very sensitive. We can merge; we can push our energy into the hand.

Jamie points to her palm.

Erik: So it will make your hand have a different sensation, hot, cold, tense, tingly. Most of the time it interferes with blood flow so you’ll feel a tingle.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Sometimes pain, stiffness.


Jamie: Sound like fun.

Erik: But you’re not having a heart attack. Keep your hands separate from each other. Don’t keep them next to each other. So keep them far out,

Jamie: If you’re going to communicate with your loved one or spirit, make sure you’re talking to them and nobody else.

Erik: So call on them and no one else. Dismiss them from the party.

Me: So basically it’s good for yes and no questions.

Erik: Yes, but that’s the hard part, Mom. People will just go, “Well how are you doing?” That’s not a yes or no question.

Me: That’s true!

Jamie laughs hard.

Erik: And after you get a sensation in your hand, acknowledge it so that we know to stop so you can go back to feeling normal, and you can begin the next question.

Me: All right. Anything else on this topic?

Erik: No. I love you and Happy Valentines Day.

Erik has told me, in the past, that if you don’t get a sensation after a few minutes, just keep saying, “Make it stronger.”


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Elisa Medhus


    Thank You So Much for this! I have been trying to think about how to do this. And I love how honest Erik is, and Jamie, Thank You for repeating it. There are thoughts that I tend to have and want an answer to, but don’t want to say them out loud! Lol

  • srj

    So I’m not going crazy! Shortly after intercourse, in that post orgasmic state, my energy was open so to speak, I saw a lady with red curly hair in the corner of my room. She appeared to be waiting on me.. just standing there. I asked my partner if he saw her too? But he told me to stop freaking him out.
    Haha. That explains how I saw her, my energy levels in that state of mind.

    • WOW!!

    • Mary Coker

      That’s really cool, srj. I had a psychic mentor in the past also state that some people can even open their kundalini while freakin’ in the sheets with their partners. I knew he wasn’t lying, as that made sense to me for some reason. He also said that when he opened his kundalini through meditation (another method), it was just like an orgasm up the spine to the crown chakra, and it lasted for about 30 seconds to a minute for him. He further went on to describe how when he left his body in dream state, that the colors of objects were so bright that they glowed, everything had conciousness, and it was like being a constant sate of orgasm. Last year, I had such a dream experience where I left my body just like in his description. The colors really are so vibrant they glow their own colors out into a thin aura. Everything did have some strange hard to describe conciousness. Everything knew who I was, whether it liked me or not. And there were some entities that didn’t like me…as I don’t think I was supposed to leave my body! ^^; But my mentor and another psychic I knew in real life were there. They were helping me through this powerful out-of-body dream state. Although few words were said, there was such depth in the emotional impact when they were. The super conciousness and the emotional fullness of everything was not what I’d call an orgasm, but more like spiritual ecstacy. When I woke up, my blanket was 80 pounds, and I couldn’t move for 30 seconds. I was asked clairaudiently if I would like to “go back in”, but I said I wanted to stay awake a little longer to just review what I had just dreamed so that I wouldn’t forget it, but then I was fully back in my body, could move, and was too awake to return to sleep again. Dang it! So guys, don’t take your time with that one, go back to sleep if you want to return asap! XD

      Sorry for the long post, but I hope that this is enlightening to someone, and I really suggest people have this experience. It was amazing!~ <3

      • srj

        The mind is so powerful! Your experience sounds so intriguing. I’m trying to get over myself and work in cleaning my energy, after that maybe I’ll be ready for oob experiences.

      • Mary Coker

        Srj, I really hope you get to have the experience soon!~ My dream was like…super lucid? It wasn’t the type of OOB where I was floating around in people’s homes and seeing people while they sleep. That’s being OOB in the 3-dimensional plane. My OOB was like in 5-D or something…where my conciousness was dream traveling to other planes or some collaborative dream space created from the people I met. I did leave though, as I my body couldn’t move for 30 seconds after awakening and my blanket ain’t 80 pounds. So there are different types of really cool OOB’s!!~ I hope you enjoy each unique one you have. My best advice to manifest having that experience is to really want it, know you’ll have it one day, and also to let go emotionally before going to sleep. Like don’t go to sleep hating on the assholes-of-the-day you encountered, let those negative vibes go, and it ain’t easy! But once you can get to that simple emotional state before falling asleep, and feeling secure about what worries you otherwise and not letting it get to you at bed time, then you’ll be able to accept that spiritual bliss feeling. That “bliss” should be your last thought, and it’s like putting a “guides are welcome” sign up on your door knob, to allow them and others to come in and meet up with you in dream state. Even people you have issues with can come and meet up with you in dream state and help resolve issues, if you just give ’em a little bit of love and belief in them before bed. That’s how I do it, and when I go to bed thinking hell about ppl, I never have my psychic dreams! XD When I go to bed with my last thoughts being about more positive stuff, this is when I get my psychic dreams and predictive dreams also. Sorry for the long post, but I hope this mini dream tutorial helps you out!~ *kisses*

      • srj

        Oh my Mary Coker, thank you for sharing!!

      • Mary Coker

        Np. 🙂 I was just really inspired I guess.

  • luvscats

    Thank you so much it’s interesting I just saw this . I’m gonna try it

  • luvscats

    Sure miss Geri my sweet sis

  • Mary Coker

    I actually tried the hand method here the other night, and it works! Wow! 🙂 The first 5 minutes were trail and error. I had to first ask 3 times for them to adjust the vibration, ask Erik to help out, and then finally my guides figured out that I liked strong cool minty tingles best. Tickles, poking, and hand pressure were not my style.

  • luvscats

    I’m gonna try it thank you

  • Brianna Parker

    Omg!!! I’ve been wondering why when I ask my guides to give me a sign, or do something to let me know they are there especially my master guide, nothing happens especially lately its been very quiet. No chills and static sensations. I’ve been discouraged and doubtful wondering whats going on lately. Last couple days I did notice faint chills and static sensations when id laugh during one of my fave show’s. I like to ask my master guide to join me watching my favorite funny shows on YouTube. 🙂 I only know the identity of one of my guides so I mainly speak to her and of her.

    So its easier for spirits to get thru to us when we are happy??? I’m taking Erik meant with what he said above, that asking and expecting Spirit’s to give signs, appear in pictures as recently I took random pictures expecting to see orbs, even asking my guides to appear in the pictures… When there was no orbs or anything I felt discouraged and doubt about all this.

    • Brianna Parker

      I meant to share an experience. A couple months ago I was having an emotional crisis silently. I was on a bench begging my master guide for a physical sign that she really is there and is my guide. I was very upset, in a lot of emotional termoil and desperation due to things in my life. A short time later I felt/heard tapping on the back of the bench. I turned around expecting someone to be behind me because the tapping was so physically real. There was no one just a grass push. I was can’t explain the feeling I got when I saw no possible way for the tapping to have happened. The only explanation was it had to be my guide. It was amazing and freaky at the same time. It happened again withen minutes but under the bench. I felt excited comforted and full of joy for the rest of the day and night and more so the next day. Of course until my mind started over analyzing and over thinking the experience.

      • Tapping seems to be something they do a lot!

      • Brianna Parker

        Got my attention. Its not easy to explain away physical tapping that make you think someone physical is behind you. I searched around that bench for anything that could have done it. Nothing was there and I don’t hullucinate either. Lol this was my first actual physical paranormal experience fully conscious. I’ve heard my name when in between sleep and wakefulness before. I’ve had a couple lucid dreams. But never seen a spirit while awake or had any of the classic spirit activity like crazy electronics and orbs in pictures. Etc. The feeling I got when I saw no one nor anything around to tap like that is a feeling incant describe . I was freaked out and the feeling you get in your stomach right below my rib cage but in the center when scared or freaked out but it wasn’t really fear, and it was felt in my stomach. Mix excitement intrigue, flabbergasted basically. Actually I think it activated my solar plexus chakra because the sensation I felt was centered exactly where the solar plexus chakra is located.

  • Melissa Crump

    I’ve been following this blog for a very short time,and in doing so I’ve been talking to Erik occasionally sometimes out loud sometimes in my head..I don’t know if he made it possible but this is what I experienced. For quite a while I’ve been asking God,the creator ,jesus or whatever you choose to call the source for a glimpse into the otherside. Well last night I had this very vivid dream of me being in a place which reminded me of a small town in like Scotland or something. I was happy and saying to Erik Wow this is real,I’m really here…I was able to run and jump and just feel free and full of life!! I seen cobblestone roads, white fences little barn shack like buildings, it was awesome…I was brought to this page for a reason and I believe it was to help me connect with my son who also died way too young,I’ve longed for any type of communication and I’m hoping with EriKS help I will…thankyou for being who you are Elisa..much love to you

    • What a wonderful experience!

      • Melissa Crump

        It was sooo real….I also believe Erik planked me today by messing with my phone…lol…

  • Melissa Crump

    I just checked Jamies page and I was a little shocked to see the price of a reading, that’s more than I make in a week.It makes ordinary people like me think that this is for the rich only.I can’t see putting a price tag on a message from a love one,I’m sorry but I’m really disappointed and it makes me question some things.This happens alot in my life,I get really excited about new found information only to have it crushed by the reality that ,it was either a lie or its out of my reach.I realize websites cost money but that’s a bit extreme .I’m not being negative in any way ,I’m just stating how I feel.I still admire you Elisa and I hope Erik continues to help me and other people,after all its free…

  • Miranda

    I’m so glad i found this post! I used to use the hand game to communicate with two spirits who frequently visited my Dad’s house when I lived there – My parents were aware of their presence, but thought I was crazy when I said I’d figured out a way to speak with them. I’d never heard of anyone else using this method of communication until it was mentioned on your YouTube video (Channeling your Loved Ones), so now i’m inspired to try the Binaural Beats or the Tea Party to hopefully make contact with my Mum

  • Johnny de Haan

    I wanna learn how to do these psychic readings too.
    How long would it take to get as good as Jamie is??

  • Wanda Lopez

    Erik I thinking about my mother I want to now if she’s thinking about me and to now the names of my angels thanks

    • You can ask these questions through a medium, including the ones I use or you can submit your question to Raylene on April 1st at Also, you can call in and ask during the Thursday night radio show and lastly, you can submit the questions when I call out from them for the Ask Erik column.

  • Wanda Lopez

    Erik how I Ken open my third eye

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