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For those of you who have watched the Maddie McCann interview, here are photos of the areas Emma saw. First, she said the her body was taken due north of the resort. She said the name of the place had more than one word but that one of them was “Vicente.” See the port (which she also saw) in Costa Vicente. She also said to the east of the coast was a national forest with a lake that had fingerlike projections. Check that photo out. Emma, you’re truly amazing. Maybe this will get into the right hands so her body can be found. Thanks, Kelsey F., for the photos!!


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Elisa Medhus

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  • Angela

    Amazing interview! Thank you for all you do. Love to you, your family, all the mediums and most of all Erik. He was with my Dad when he transitioned March 6…. thank you Erik.

  • D’na

    I got chills seeing that photo of the lake. It’s just like Emma described. Thank you for letting us know how they are doing in the afterlife.

  • Kyle Shields

    Shouldn’t this be passed on to the authorities and the parents shown the interview to see how they react

  • Jon L

    This is incredible. Honestly, I had never heard of this entire situation :-/ But I googled her and read a number of articles before I watched the YouTube and it was incredible. These pictures are just another confirmation of the veracity of what’s happening with the whole Erik community.

    I thought what was really interesting was that the first head of the investigation in Portugal eventually resigned to write a book and his supposition in that book is EXACTLY what was channeled on the video. He was sued by the parents for liberal and had to pay like half a million dollars (though that was later overturned on appeal). Someone should get this video to him bc whether he believes in mediums or not, when he sees it completely affirm his suspicions and provide a location, I’m sure he would be all over this.

    I thought the worst part of the whole story as it was told was when she said she had forgiven the parents but was disappointed bc they actually ENJOYED the attention. Omg that’s terrible. Poor girl.

    This was a good one.

    • Maybe I should take this video down. I don’t want to be sued!

      • Jon L

        I’m an attorney and you cannot be sued based on what’s in the video or any of the other posts.

        Since they are celebrities, the bar is even higher for them to prove libel but, that aside, no allegation has even been made that they definitively have done anything. There is no material contained in the video that comes close to what I read in newspapers yesterday! Since this is a “newsworthy” story, the First Amendment applies and protects you from any damages under defamation laws. In order to be sued, they would have to show that you made a defamatory statement with “actual malice — with intent to harm them” or “with reckless disregard for the truth.” And even if that was found, you still have the First Amendment. Trust me, you have NOTHING to worry about.

        EVEN IF you were sued, the TRUTH is an affirmative or absolute defense to ANY defamation claim. I don’t think they want to go there lol.

      • Good to know!! I would think they wouldn’t want media attention for the video, and if they sued me, I’d make sure it was all over the news, globally. With the specific information given, the case might get hot again.

      • Jon L

        The detective could be sued bc he wrote a book accusing them of doing it and, because of his Hugh profile within the case, his accusation drew worldwide attention and they could then point to that global attention as damage to them. However, that verdict was overturned for the reasons I wrote below.

      • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

        Elisa, yes, I thought you were REALLY brave for coming out with this video. Noone believes little Maddy’s parents any more, so anything they say or do is understood to be trying to get researchers and investigators off the trail. But they have a lot of money and powerful people behind them.

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Wow, what a great interview. Little Maddie is talking about the trafficking of children for rich and powerful men, and children being kidnapped, drugged, abused and kept in dungeons. That is just what happened in the Dutroux case, and many victims report that as children they were kept in cages. That’s pedogate and pizzagate. Two of the photo fits in this case bear a remarkable resemblance to the Podesta brothers, even down to the mole on the cheek. Yet the Podestas seem to be untouchable. It is so true that some people are above the law and that the rules that apply to normal people don’t apply to them.

  • Wow!

  • Fascinating!

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Elisa, can I ask you whether you are on the naltrexone WHILE you’re still on antidepressants, or did you come off the antidepressants before you started the naltrexone. If you’re still on them, are you now going to try to come off them. Does the naltrexone help you to sleep also? Thanks

    • I will try to wean off my antidepressant with my doctor’s supervision. The only major side effect (and usually only for the first week) is trouble sleeping, but I haven’t had trouble. You can research more on Google.

  • Erin Davis

    amazing! I loved this interview and was trying to find the lake and port on google maps. Prayers to Little Maddy and her siblings.

  • JAckie C

    Query – have just read the above post inMessage from a Hopi Elder May 7th 2011 and in that day’s post it says both Erik and Maddy said she was abducted by someone in the hotel taken away and subjected to terrible things for 3 days before she died? Please could someone clarify? How-one else seems to have picked this up. Who was the medium who channelled this original message from Erik and Madeleine?

  • Wow, interesting! Emma was spot on.

  • I feel like Emma’s is correct.

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