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Before you start reading today’s Best of Erik, I have a couple of announcements. Kim is in L.A. working so she will not be able to do the radio show again this Thursday. No worries, because we’ll definitely be back on tract the following week. Because of her travels, she’s also not been able to get to the Ask Erik questions. We’re a month ahead for the magazine anyway, but for those of you who have submitted questions, it may be another month before they’re published. I’m so sorry! Okay, let’s see what Erik has to say about connecting to the source of wisdom!

Me: What’s the best way to connect with a higher source of wisdom and guidance?

Erik: Mental and emotional discipline. Period.

Me: Okay.

I can hear Jamie snickering in the background.

Me: End of entry!

Jamie (still giggling): He’s waiting for you to complain.

Me: I know.

Erik: Okay, so mental discipline—that’s the meditation. Emotional discipline is like being able to identify how you’re feeling—to not go numb.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And—

Jamie: Oh, and you can tac—what are you saying?

Erik: You can write in there, “physical discipline,” because you have to have that in telling yourself to follow these things. You have to take time. It’s not like you can just go one weekend out of the year and just totally fucking get it. You incorporate it into your lifestyle. It’s not like purchasing a telephone and just having it. You know, you have to plug it in, you have to use it. What if it’s broken? It needs your attention. You have to give it attention, and that’s the physical aspect.

Me: And you have to use it all the time? You can’t just use it one day and then put it away like the telephone? You can’t just use it and put it in the closet.

Erik: Yes. Set up the time, you know. Make it part of a routine. Tap into it.


Jamie (whispering to me): You know he’s going to say something off-the-cuff. He leans back and he’ll usually put an elbow up and like lean his head on his hand somehow—on his cheek or on his forehead or chin. And he kind of looks up and away.

Erik: Why is it that people think they can just get the reward?

Me: It’s more fun that way!

Erik: Is it? I really thought it was more fun if you, you know, like discovered it for yourself, learned it for yourself.

Me: Oh yeah. Exactly. It is. It is.

Erik: It’s that whole lotto mentality.

Me: Yeah.

(Long pause)

Me: Is that it?

Jamie: Yeah, he’s up and looking again.

Erik: Life is not a lottery.

(Long, long pause)

Jamie (to Erik): What are you thinking about, Erik? What are you doing?

Erik: Nothing.

Jamie: Yooou, I think, just lied to me, which goes against the inner honesty code you just talked about!

Me: Oh, busted!

Erik: Okay, I was thinking about ways to help people.

Me: Aw, Sweetie, you already are.

Erik: I was thinking about ways to discuss why life isn’t a lottery, that luck does play a part, but you have to show up and play to even be part of the game.

Me: Mm.

Erik: It just gave me other things to start thinking about.

Me: Aw, that’s my boy!

Jamie: He’s smiling really big.

Erik: Lukas used to hate it when you phased out, Mom.

Me: When I would phase out? Yeah, I do it all the time. ADD. Actually, I think I just dissociate and go out of body.

Before closing, I’d like to share an excerpt from a book by Mercy Montes entitled, “Grief with Ease.”

Although we are here enjoying ourselves in the afterlife, we haven’t lost our innate personality or ability to have fun.  This includes the childish pranks we pull on you simply because we love to hear you laugh!  We don’t want to see you constantly wallowing in grief; we want to make you smile as it makes our vibrations sing.  It lifts us up to watch you marvel in our little antics and manipulate energy and objects to show you we are still by your side.  Yes, working in a time warp can offer challenges for us, but the bottom line is that it’s fun and exciting!”

Here’s some additional information. Get your own copy today!

A Spiritual self-help book about helping one experience the grieving process with Ease.

Author Mercy Montes, guided by her late son Anthony Vallez with the help of a medium, takes you on a journey of how to grieve with ease.

Anthony explores how we think about death, as well as life on earth for the person who has lost a loved one – he describes death, transitioning, and the afterlife as something not to be feared, but to be rejoiced.

Though it is human nature to avoid grief, in doing so one avoids life. Grief is a result of our attachment to expectations, born from life’s disappointments.

Mercy shares her and her son’s perspective to help others cope with their grief, to not fear death, and to comprehend how to get in touch with loved ones who have passed.

Grief with Ease will help you cope, and reconnect to your loved ones who have transitioned to the afterlife and offer his readers the opportunity to explore an open concept of the afterlife.

 Available online at:


Love this picture of my beautiful boy.

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