Crazy Dead People

I’ve noticed that a lot of blog members struggle with not-so-nice spirits hanging around them. Erik gives up great advice on how to handle them. If you like this post, please share!

Me: One blog member wants to know this: You said that once a psychopath passes, they’re relieved of their condition. That’s nice to know. So, we can presume that dementia and bipolar disease disappear, too. Is that right?  She goes on to say that Ted Bundy was cool about having spiritual contracts to kill those women. She’s wondering if some spirits are stuck in an earth memory phase, but, for her, it doesn’t appear to be so. What about evil spirits who torment us? They can seem to by psychopaths from our perspective, so are the latter not suffering a latent memory lapse of their previous human state—not psychopathic, but rather making a personality choice to be bad because that’s still the stage their spirit is in?  So basically she’s saying Ted Bundy passed over and was fine because what he did was part of a spiritual contract and had meaning. So, why are some of these spirits evil torment us?

Erik: They obviously haven’t crossed over, Man. Like, you die; you have a choice. Do you stay on Earth in the lower dimensional planes or are you going to cross over to where your natural state of being would be, cuz you don’t have a fucking body? So, if you were crazy and didn’t believe in God and all that shit and you die, then guess what? You’re not—

Erik (to someone else):  Yeah, I know.


Jamie: Who are you talking to? I didn’t say anything.

(Long pause)

Jamie bursts out into laughter. I’m left hanging.

Jamie: Wow! Some other person in spirit was telling him, “Don’t put it that way.”

Jamie (to Erik): Oh my god! Did you just get in trouble?

I gasp.

Erik: No, but it was a good point. I didn’t want to base the concept of going to Heaven on the belief in God.

Me: Oh, yeah. Right.

Erik: Cuz that’s not what gets you there.

Jamie (to Erik): Who was that?

Erik: No, don’t worry about it.

Jamie: He’s giving me these hand signals like, “Shut the fuck up.”


Jamie (to Erik): Uh uh. You put me on the spot all the time!

Me: So, it’s your turn, Erik.

Jamie: Your turn, Buddy!


Jamie: It’s an archangel that watches him. He calls it part of his team.

Me: Oh! Okay.

Jamie (laughing): The team that’s helping him be a better spirit! A better person.

Me: Aw.

Jamie: And this was all formed because of his growing character on Earth.

Me: Oh.

Jamie: Yeah, because he has, uh (to Erik) you’re right. You do!

Erik: Because I have a huge opportunity to teach people a simple truth not based in any religion. But, you know, sometimes you fuck up and say those things. That’s why I have them there. They’re like my autocorrect.

Let’s hope it works better than the iPhone autocorrect. My brother in law, Jim, texted somebody about virtual reality and it ended up as “Vaginal reality.”

Me: That’s good, Erik. Are they like your supervisors?

Erik: Yes.

Jamie: I looked at him and go, ‘You care!’ And he goes, “Of course I do!” But, you know, he just plays it off as if he’s some tough, rough kid, and then all of a sudden when you see that side of him, you realize how much work he’s putting into it.

Me: God, yes. You work so hard, Sweetie.

Jamie (with a slight quiver in her voice): That’s so awesome.

Me: But sometimes you have fun doing it. It’s good that you are having a good time.

Jamie: Aw, he just leans back in his chair and goes, “Ah, I love my job! This is me.”

Me: That’s so awesome.

Erik: So, yeah, you don’t have to believe in God to get to Heaven, but, if you had no belief about the afterlife and you were an asshole, you’re going to be an asshole still, just without a body. It’s in the higher dimensional—

Jamie: I like that. “Higher dimensional.”

Erik: –dimensional planes where those lower vibrational emotions just don’t resonate. So, of course when you cross over, all that bipolar crap and, you know, the need to kill people and to fuck people up—it’s just not really there. I mean, you can have those thoughts; you just can’t pass it on; you can’t really act on it. They just go flat. So, if they’re dead and they’re having those thoughts; you can pretty much say that son of a bitch hasn’t crossed over. They’re hanging in the lower dimensional.

Jamie (giggling): Dimensional! I like that.

Me: He’s got the lingo down!

Jamie: Yeah. Dead people lingo. The dimensional.

Me: Sounds like a TV show. The Dimensional. Or a band.

Jamie: Oh, wouldn’t that be fun.

Erik: Ahem. So, if you’re hanging out with a spirit that’s a little tweaky-tweaky, first of all, I’d say. ‘What the fuck did you do?’ You’re obviously not protecting yourself. You’re entertaining this kind of interaction.’ So, I’d say, ‘Shame on you!’ cuz you have more power than Mr. Crazy Dead Person! I would tighten that up, and then I would start laying better boundaries for that shit to get away from you, and if you are the “chosen one” to help Mr. Crazy Dead Person cross over, then fucking man up! You know, do it! Do your job. Help it. Who knows why the crazy dead person picks that one person who probably has no fucking knowledge about how to help a dead person cross over. It could just be this living memory of who they used to be.

Me: Exactly. Wait; let me tell my sister to get the dog. She’s barking. She’s a little Yorkie puppy. Weighed 12 oz. when we got her, and she’s still so tiny. She wants to play with the cat.

(I try to call my sister, but she must be outside.)

Me: She’s supposed to be watching her. Okay, go ahead.

Erik: I was wondering how long you were going to take that barking.

Me: I know. Okay, go ahead, Erik.

Erik: I don’t remember where I was, cuz I went over to the house to see the dog bark.

Me: Okay. Anything else?

Erik: Nah. Just tell that person that if they have someone like that around, they’re the ones who are fucked up. Set the boundaries. Tell them this is not what you’re looking for; this is not what you’ll allow.


Be sure you share all of the pranks and visits you’ve received from Erik on our new “Erik Visits” page by clicking on the appropriate tab on the top menu of the homepage or on the link below. Even if you experienced a whopper in the distant past, don’t keep it to yourself!


Take this POLL whether or not you’ve had him spook you!


This is a very short YouTube of Erik sharing some of the struggles we have as humans. If you are human, you need to watch. If you’re not and you’re eavesdropping and thinking, “Nanny nanny boo-boo. It must suck to be human,” go back to your alternate universe!



Dear Reader,

The journey on which you’re about to embark will take you through stories that are deeply personal and involves a relationship between a mother and her son.

As a physician raised by two atheists, I had no personal belief system about life after death. In a word, I was a confirmed skeptic. As my journey progressed, my mind opened. It is my sincerest hope that yours will open as well and that you will have a greater understanding of your own life and what’s to come ahead.

Although Erik sometimes paints a rosy picture of the afterlife, time and time again he stresses that suicide is not the answer to one’s problems. If you struggle, please understand that the information in my blog and my book is no substitute for professional help. Please click here for a list of resources for help when you find yourself considering taking your own life. Know that they are readily available when you feel that hopelessness and despair that many of us feel from time to time in our lives.

I refuse all donations and ad revenue on the blog. It is my dream to one day establish a nonprofit organization that delivers a variety of spiritual services for those who have lost loved ones to suicide and cannot afford that assistance on their own. It’s a mission of love, sacrifice, and dedication.

Love and light,



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  • Jen

    Man… Siiiigh.

    • Brandi

      Time to man up and get rid of that dude. 😉

      • Jen

        Yeah, but I think I have Stockholm syndrome. I like the name Mr. Crazy Dead Person, though, that’s cute.

        He hasn’t been around this week, and that means he’s up to something. I’ve been chanting in my head, “He’s not real, he’s not real.” And what if he isn’t? How messed up would that make me?

  • Thanks Erik! Great perspective, yet again.

  • Clay

    So we can have these cranky, hangers-on spirits around, unless we send them on or don’t protect ourselves. Do I have that correct? What about non-human nasties? Are they real? If so, do we treat them the same in sending them back to their realm, or do we need to call in some serious reinforcements? Thanks.

    • jamie dimarco

      The non-human ones tend to be a nuisance because we don’t get what they are trying to communicate to us and they may be doing a poor job at just saying hi. It’s like learning a whole new language and culture. Imagine you are in some remote country, and you barely know the language, and you try to ask where the bathroom is and the way it comes out is like asking if you can use their living space to defecate. Probably wouldn’t go over well, haha. Also, the more you focus your awareness into other dimensions of being for the purpose of spirit contact, the more you are going to run into some weird, crazy, and potentially hurtful stuff, so creating your own ritual of protection is a must! There are trickster spirits, too, who work to bring you back to your path by indulging you in what not to do, because, let’s face it, some of us learn better by doing what isn’t best for us, falling on our faces, and then reflecting on the lesson we just got smacked upside our head. Nothing, however, has the power to hurt you… unless you let it. We are too powerful to control, but if you don’t assert your will, you can, and probably will, get taken advantage of. Hope that helps.

  • Maria

    Awesome, as usual!!!!! <3

  • jamie dimarco

    It may be relevant to point out that when you’re feeling low and hopeless, it’s easier to attract these type of lower level astrals. They “feed” on the intensity that anger, despair, deep sorrow create. It may be that they resonate with this kind of emotional state and feel more real when they connect with this type of energy. They want you to stay stuck, because like a parasite, they can suck that energy from you, leaving you feeling more depressed, run down and hopeless about your situation. You can send them away, pretty easily, by asserting your will and telling them to get lost. Calling on your spirit guide (even if you don’t know who that is) to get you help works, as well as imaging a pure white light bubble of protection the encompasses your being. Help is ALWAYS available, you just have to call for it. And have the belief it will be there for you when you call. These lower levels have their own intervention team standing by, taking advantage of every opportunity to help the spirit find the will to return to their natural state of being and get the healing and help they need, so you can call on those folks too. You can even imagine a warning light or a loud siren going off, when they start to get into your energy, to act as an alarm or security system to help alert the “proper authorities” (for lack of a better concept). We all have spirit beings watching over us and they do a pretty darn good job at keeping those astrals in their place! If you find it keeps happening, definitely look into your own cycles of emotional being and see where you could do some healing and work to get yourself feeling better, and to get these guys off your back. Be well 🙂

  • Liz

    Ha, I like this one. Seems like the mischievous spirit has left me alone, and every now and again a benevolent one appears. I wish I could help cross them over, but the experiences end in the blink of an eye.

  • Love the post! I am curious what Erik has to say about someone who “takes in” another entity of a lower vibration into themselves to live with them in the same body???

    My oldest daughter is dating a young man who in his teen years, during a drunken and drug (meth) state with his brothers, did a burning ritual on each other and “created” / or “took in” another person that he says he “lets out” to play when he is either drunk, under a very drugged state, or cannot cope with what is going on around him. My daughter has seen this other person show up.. she says it is like a light switch flipping … the way he stands, his facial appearance has slight changes.. his eyes are different.. “Maverick Mayhem” speaks with an English accent…. every thing changes and she is not afraid … “Maverick” tell her he loves her more than her boyfriend…. of course this is concerning to me but she is highly empathic and will not leave this relationship as she feels she has to help him in some way!

    In one year, she has turned off ALL her psychic abilities to cope with being with him as she told me she didn’t want to feel or hear all the “crap” from anyone on the earth plane or in spirit.. her guide was giving her lots of “advice” she refused… lets just say this has not been a fun year and half watching my daughter change to “fit in” with this young man and his group of people he prefers to be around… lets put it like the Princess dating the guy your mother warns you about??? You know the one that because he tells you everything right but you give in to things you never would and he is everything you never wanted and tossed all your ideals out the window for… uh… yeah… it has been interesting to sit by the side lines and bite my tongue often!!

    Keep up the great work all of you!!!!

    Love and Light!

    • liz

      How old is your daughter? Sounds like she is learning all sorts of lessons by trying to fit in with someone who may not have best interests at heart :/

      • She just turned 21 in March… and this is her first “adult” relationship and he came to her at a very lonely time for her. She is aware that it is not a good relationship but she says she can’t walk away cuz then there would be no one for him and she doesn’t like being out in the world per se…. too much bombardment…

      • cristina

        wow, I was the same for years, didn’t give up on people and trying to help them – that is a huge effort and sooner or later you may pay with your health (and not only) for that. When you are 20, you don’t feel the price, but later …. If your daughter wants to really help him, is not by staying near him because “nobody would be there for him” but to help him get rid of the second person/entity: because the second person belongs somewhere else… The best way to help is searching people who know how to deal with such cases. Maybe these people can advise Just an advice, if you hate it, forget it 🙂
        When the guy is well, is no need to worry who would be there for him and she may end up happy near him 🙂
        I’m sorry I worry about things that are not my business 🙂

      • She is already having health issues from this relationship. And they have talked many times that he needs to get help to separate from this “other”. But he is not ready. His grandmother is very ill with a few forms of cancer and is terminal. I am literally waiting for the volcano to blow and so is my daughter. When his grandfather passed not long ago, he let the other take over for awhile… and well ended up in jail for a time with 13 charges against him. This young man signed up to one hell of a contract for this life… and then some of the free will choices that have been made by his family and himself.. yeah not a pretty picture. It is a very sad story and yet I keep telling them both that he has to make the choice to continue the patterns or take a different direction but it has to be what he wants for HIM not for him to do it to make her happy. I greatly appreciate you input, Cristina and Liz!

        It has been a year and a half and yes some things have changed and some have not yet. It is a matter of time and a hell of a lot of patience and love for my daughter that I just sit and wait and when she is open to listening.. we talk … at least now she hears me again… and I hear her too. Thank you 🙂

      • cristina

        I apologize again for giving unrequested advice, and writing such a long message 🙂
        I perfectly understand what she does, unfortunately. I only leave such people when I feel like dying – not sooner. Is a pity we only go for help in the last minute. But maybe you can take the first steps on their behalf – you could contact those people (from website) or others and ask some advice. I know small things can be done: like prayers (that increase the positive energy), blessing the house and the people… little small things – the first steps. The main idea is to increase the positive energy everywhere, so the negative energy is squeezed out. I’m not an expert, but I know these things can be handled by others, before it impacts on your health.
        If the negative energy is huge, they will react back violent, but is part of the process. Ask the help of God and Jesus to give you and your daughter strength, pray for the boy too – I did that in my dark times (praying every day) and then suddenly you find yourself sooo strong one day, that nothing can break you and those who wanted to harm you are afraid of your eyes 😛 – is amazing what prayers can do 🙂

        I don’t think the boy will give up the other one, because he can’t become so strong all the sudden. When I was in “dark times” i felt like being in a deep hole in the ground, so deep you can’t see the sun light, you can feel the air, you can’t see anything around you except blackness. OTHERS pulled me back from there, otherwise I wouldn’t be here today, writing to you 🙂
        I think Erik is talking about how to handle attachments (you can IGNORE the word demon – just think “negative energy”, I am feeling the word demon is a bit to hard to handle)
        “Erik: And then there’s the full possession where the
        spirit will move straight into the body, use it for a period of time,
        then leave. There are times when a demonic spirit can move into the body
        and possess it, overtake it, and this often only happens in cases where
        the person has a weak constitution or a person who finds it slightly
        entertaining and has been toying with inviting these lower energies in,
        whether it’s to cast a spell or a curse. It’s really the ignorance of
        people in thinking, you know, “Ah, they can’t really do anything to me,
        because they’re just like air!” Have they SEEN what a fucking hurricane
        can do?”

        Take care of you all, because you can take care if you know how 🙂 Love to you all

      • Cristina, I really greatly appreciate your comments so please anytime feel free.. I like others input 🙂
        You are more than welcome to friend me on facebook if you like and discuss more if you so choose. Thanks a bunch and much love to you as well!!!

      • Marie Jude

        You may want to rule out mental illness and multiple personalities first. Blessings to all of you….

  • Leo Sheleshel

    Hi Elisa,
    I’m wondering does Erik give instruction… or is there a post on how to communicate with him? Thanks

  • PeaceBWithU

    God Bless You, Elisa *_*

  • cristina

    omg, the “virtual reality” was really really funny-
    here more fun from auto-correct : 😛

    • OMG I went to that site and that’s the hardest I’ve laughed in a long, long time!

  • Marie Jude

    I love auto correct! I once heard of an office worker who meant to end an email with “apologies for any inconvenience” and instead wrote “apologies for any incontinence” 🙂

  • Mark

    Still drinking in the site and remain open to the possibility this is legit. The reason I am coming back nightly to read is because there is something that pulls me back. Yes there is the commonality of dealing with the loss of loved ones but it’s more. I can’t explain the pull. I’m cynical and analytical and something is saying the answer is there just keep looking. Don’t script it just let it do it’s thing and find me.

    This sounds stupid but I feel like I know your son. Not on some godly deity like level but as a real close friend. I call that type of friend a booger eating friend where they could actually eat a boog and in spite of the image being annoyingly nasty as your soul mate, bud, friend you’d just glance over at the image and say hey whatever, dig to china dude and find your pot of gold. LOL. you get the idea? I may screw with that friend and suggest their fingers will turn black and fall off at night in their sleep if they keep it up but that would be for my own entertainment 🙂 He or she would get it and life without a beat would move on because you are in synch. That’s the type of connection I feel with him. I get his compassion. It’s different. While he was on earth he knew people on a different level. He saw their soul. It’s why he brought strangers home. He felt everyone’s emotions. If you asked him he’d tell you that was most likely one of the biggest weights he carried inside. The way he holds his little niece in one video you can tell he gets her. I could tell you what he was thinking at that moment. It’s just weird. Like I said it’s still confusing to me but I’m open to it.

    I do need to ask you what the significance if any is of the one photo of Erik on the porch, snow in the background, holding a cup. He is front and center in the photo. He’s the focus of the shot. When was it taken? What was going on etc… The reason I ask is because last night while reading the site out of nowhere and I mean literally no where the page locked up. Went dark and that photo popped up. I hadn’t clicked on anything. Very odd moment for me but for a year and a half I’ve gotten use to looking up at clocks just at the right moment and seeing strings of three matching numbers as mentioned before so it wasn’t scary I just took it as maybe a hello. Wassup. Glad you found me. Been waiting. What took so long. Yeah it’s me. type of thing. But I do feel there might be something about that photo. The date. Something that happened. A state of mind he experienced during that time. Explain the photo please.

  • MikeHulse

    If I’m ever bothered by spirit I tell them loudly and firmly to F*** Off. If they persist I usually say “Don’t make me Astral Travel and come over there and kick your ass”. They are usually surprised by that statement and stop. I’ve even said it jokingly to Erik when he leaves nasty smells in my room. lol

  • Damn, you do know Erik. I wonder if you guys had some sort of past life or something and maybe he nudged you to the site. The computer thing is typical Erik. He’s done that a lot with other blog members, right guys? The photo was taken on the front porch of our cabin in Norway. (My husband is Norwegian and we visit relatives a lot.) He was having his cup of coffee, feeling calm and at peace while my husband snapped the pic. He looked so good in his Norwegian garb. Other than it being a cozy family moment, I’m not sure. Do you think you and Erik, in a past life, lived in a snowy area? Could that be why the photo intrigues you? It’d be interesting for you to talk to him on one of his calls and find out what the deal is.

    • Mark

      I’m going to try to explain this the best way I can with the understanding this is still confusing to me. So keep that in mind.

      When the picture popped up out of nowhere it hit me as tunnel vision. Not literally where I was looking through a tunnel but the only way to describe that is to say the picture being handed to me to look at was about him. Only him. I was aware it was a full picture but yet it wasn’t about the surroundings at first glance. It was just about him being the focus as if to say .. Here I am. Take a good look. Don’t you recognize me? Look closely. After clicking it off the screen the first time I was trying to figure out how the picture could just pop up like that. My hands weren’t even touching my notebook. I was reading. When I found the photo in the gallery thats when I paid more attention to his surroundings. It’s still the same feeling. He’s the focus of the picture through my eye’s and I was curious if I was missing something as I’ve tried to get any other feeling from the photo and it’s still just about him saying… here I am. It’s crazy.

      I also want to add this. Whatever it all means at this point when I say I feel like I’ve seen and known him ( and here comes another weird feeling ) it’s not so much recognizing the total physical if that makes sense. I know his eyes but eye’s aren’t just beautiful color they are windows. Its the character, the personality, the soul, his essence. That’s who I know.

      If we knew each other in another life we were very close because I immediately felt protective of him along with over whelming compassion and sadness. As if I’d failed to take care of him this time around. I know that sounds weird.

      I’m going to share a little bit about myself. I also work in the health care field. It chose me. What “I” wanted to be as a little boy was very different then what I would become as a man. It’s also a key to why I chose to be born to the women who is my mother who passed away last year.

      My mother was severely disabled and disfigured from childhood. Non ambulatory. It’s an amazing life story. She was never suppose to have children but miraculously had not one but two. My oldest brother was also physically challenged. I am not. From as far back as being a toddler I became the working arms and legs in my family. I am driven by compassion. It’s why I am here. Daily I’m puzzled at how cold so many are by simply not paying attention. It’s most likely why I ended up finding this website because as I said this protective feeling overwhelms me when it comes to Erik as well.

      Erik and I may have been very very close to the point we could end each others sentences. We could have been related or so similar people assumed we were related and it was our private joke on all of them that although there was no blood line to us we were in fact related.

      You may also be a bit surprised and it’s a bit unfair without proof but Erik and I are the same build. I wear size freakin 6 1/2 to 7 shoe. I’m 5ft 7. My waist is 28 which makes shopping for adult mens clothing a real bitch LOL However, even though I’m in a smaller frame I feel 6ft tall. I’ve already explained Eriks humor is mine. His language along with the expletives are mine. His pranks would get two thumbs up from me but I’d add my creative sauce to the mix to make it even more fun. Just for entertainment. I get his love of motorcycles. My main obsession growing up? I was obsessed with dirt track late model stock car racing. Music for me has always been different. I taught myself how to play the guitar and piano. I try to tell people music is like flowing energy for me not just sounds and notes.

      Somewhere in all of this is a connection. It’s like a huge tapestry with all these threads and somewhere he and I are woven together in the tapestry. I’m sure he knows my mom or she has met him. She’d be drawn to him because of our similarities. The thing is I may not have been brought here just for my mom because your son knows me. Thats what that picture keeps saying to me. Apparently I’m suppose to figure it out.

  • Kryssey

    I found all this out a little too late. But rather late than never! Thanks again Elisa for that! I owe you huge!!! And Erik is right, the second you make the decision that lower energy spirits are not welcome, they will go away. Sadly, some can be very manipulative and make you think they care about you or want to be your friend. Allowing you to be more welcoming of them. As a trusting person, it is easy to get duped into thinking that you can establish a friendship with someone like that. You have to realize that they CHOOSE to be here and CHOOSE to not cross over. And there is nothing you can say or do that will fix the drama that continues to exist. And the more you chase after them and engage in communications with them, the harder it is to get rid of them. I am happy to say that only ‘heavenly’ spirits are around me now! And unfortunately, these spirits can know a lot about you, your past, your family, and even your friends. I often wonder if they have access to the same information as all other spirits do, and that is how they can know the things they know about us. Including our deepest fears.

  • You know, I wonder if you guys are twin souls? Soul mates for sure, but twin souls might be a possibility too. Hm. Interesting.

    • Mark

      For me it’s so confusing. It’s so much to take in and compartmentalize.

  • saissann

    just like the emotions of fear can magnify the negative entities around us,
    the emotions of love & gratitude can magnify the positive entities around us.
    clarifying our intentions & focusing & fffeeeeeeellllling love well-being happiness gratitude peace security joy worthiness and whatever else tells the goodbeings around us what we want and they start working to create it for us, then we just have to get out of our own way.
    if we focus on fearstuff, it gets confusing.

  • Adriana

    Erik’s advice is not helpful. I’m sure there are negative spirits hanging around people but how does one “do your job and help it”? Many people arent even aware of spirits hanging around them.Perhaps one asks for help from guardian angels or God or a healer.Perhaps envisioning a white light around oneself of telling the spirits to go to the light? Come on, there must be some way to keep negative spirits away,otherwise dont bother to bring up the subject.

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