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Time for a poll! In order to extend Erik and me to you guys more, Raylene Nuanes and I would like to host a monthly session where you can submit personal questions that Erik can answer. In order to cover costs, she suggested charging a very small fee. Perhaps you can help me figure out what would be fair. Please know that I will not be profiting from this at all. I guess you know by now that my motives are pure where Erik is concerned. Please answer these polls to give me guidance.

Today’s post is a bit different in that it’s just a video. This documentary trailer is about consciousness and Erik, my husband and I appear somewhere in it along with Deepak Chopra, Ervin Lazlo, Nassim Haramein, Edgar Mitchell, Dean Radin, Anita Moorjani, Uri Geller, Rupert Sheldrake, Amit Goswami, David Ash, Eben Alexander, Peter Fenwick, Jamie Butler, Bruce Lipton, and many more. This trailer has some Norwegian in it, but most of it is in English with Norwegian subtitles. If you want to stream the full length video, click HERE!

Ignore the apology. Just click on the blue button, and it’ll take you right to the trailer. Enjoy!


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  • T Diaz

    i love how you add falling snowflakes to your blog this time of year. we are actually having snow flurries outside today here in boulder 🙂

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    I think charging is a good idea. But I don’t know how much.

  • cristina

    Elisa, perfect timing for my question 🙂 I’ve been thinking to ask you for this for a while now: Jamie Butler is having a new scheduler where she releases like 8 videos per month (the ones just audio are free). I asked her if she would like to have a CE segment in it – she transchannels several spirits and I thought you and Erik would be a nice addition – it can take the shape and form that you and Jamie would like, maybe the form that you had before and you can agree on making your videos free or not etc.
    What do you think ? I just loved so much seeing you 3 interacting, not that I don’t like others, but you 3 hold a special place in my heart <3 Jamie said she is game for this, what would you say ? Is it a good idea ? You two (three) get to make your own rules …

    • cristina

      maybe we can do a “bridging science and spirituality”, because your other son (and myself) and Erik seem interested in it …. just some guidelines about what mathematics we should work on 🙂
      That … and channeling Mother Mary and Jesus (again, I know) and Golden masters that your other son was interested in and… wow so many cool things you three can do <3

      • I won’t channel Jesus and Mary again because I have so many others on the list. What questions do you want me to ask about bridging science and spirituality? Maybe you can email me a list.

      • cristina

        thank you so much Elisa <3 Please ask which are the first steps that I should take in terms of:
        which mathematical concepts – written by which mathematician. I'm thinking that proving the dimensions exist, is the first step, but I'm not sure if I'm right and even if I'm right, where do I start ? 🙂
        Please ask those only when possible for you <3 Bless you!
        Btw, I've been in some hell situations for more than 1.5 years now and your boy was beside me almost every day, supporting me and encouraging me "come on bitch, it will get better soon" :)) Such cuteness ! I honestly feel like I've been through a war…

      • Can you email me a list of specific questions? I’m not sure what you mean by which math concepts. Email me questions about the bridging between science a spirituality. I need more than one question to justify it as a YouTube video.

      • YannB

        Sorry for interrupting but i wonder if i can add my question too.
        I sent you an email few months ago (August, 2) and i was wondering if it’s possible to check again…

        Anyway, i understant you cannot please us all so it’s ok and Thank You Elisa for your hard work! 🙂

        BTW, the night following my recent post (Erik on The Shift), i received a “letter” (with ink and paper) from Erik in my dream! I don’t know If it was really Erik or my subconscious but i found that to be very original for a response lol

      • Which questions were they? Can you email me again so I can check?

      • cristina

        dear Elisa, I emailed you, I hope is not too confusing what I need. Big hugs to you and bless you for all your work <3

    • I wanted to keep making videos with Jamie but she’s too expensive for me now. She charges $800/hr. She’d give me a little break, but not enough so that I could afford it.

      • cristina

        well, was worth to try 🙂 I do love the trio 🙂 I keep hoping to become rich and to afford Jamie too :))) If my wish comes true, I’ll sponsor my favorite trio too <3

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