Crying and Hoarding

As promised, Raylene’s monthly Q & A for July is ready, and even if you didn’t submit a question to her, I think you’ll find some of the information very valuable for your own life! Check it out:

Also, it’s time to collect questions for the next Ask Erik column. I know. We don’t even have the answers to the last month’s column but they’re coming, I promise. So please submit ONE question to and keep them short and, if possible, typo and grammatical error free. No emoticons, please!

I have some exciting news. Raylene’s Denver event was so successful that she’s hosting another one. Here’s the information:

Date of event: 8/12/17

Time: 1:00pm-6:10pm

Location: Holiday Inn Express Suites

12030 Grant St.
Thornton, CO 80241
Ticket cost: $200

What is included in the cost?

  • Goodie bags
    • Starter crystal kit
    • Palo Santo (cleansing agent)
  • Dinner will be provided

Working with Energy (1:00pm-2:00pm)

  • Setting protection
    • Learn how to set boundaries, set up protection around yourself, and the different types of protection
    • Learn how to feel crystal energy
    • Learn how to feel spirit energy

Break (2:00pm-2:10pm)

Working with Crystals (2:10pm-3:10pm)

  • Learn about the power of each crystal and what they do
  • Learn how to channel crystal energy
    • Become more sensitive to feeling its energy
  • Guest speaker Jessica Baumeister from Jaden’s Way

Working with Divination Tools (3:10pm-4:10pm)

  • Learn how to use dowsing rods
  • Learn how to use angel oracle cards/different variety of cards
  • Guest speaker Holly Gould will discuss Astrology

Dinner (4:10pm-5:10pm)

  • Dinner will be provided

Ask Erik Hour (5:10pm-6:10pm)

  • Raylene will channel Erik for a full hour to answer questions

After Hours Fun (optional):

Get it to know other CE peeps and develop long lasting friendships after the event is over. The social after hours will take place right after the event is over in Raylene’s hotel room or in the vicinity of the hotel (depending on how big the group is). Please know that this will be a casual social hour separate from the event itself. Wine and fine spirits may be present, but not provided.

And now enjoy this Best of Erik two-fer!


Me: Can spirits cry?

Erik: Yeah, if we really want to.

Me: Would they want to or is it more like, “Oh, let me see what it feels like to cry.” Or do they ever feel sad enough that they want to cry and release that sadness?

Erik: It’s pretty weird here. You don’t really get that overwhelming need to cry as a release. We don’t process struggle the same way. On Earth there’s a lot of Force A and Force B. Cause and effect. Right and wrong. Positive and negative. There are a lot of opposites whereas in this higher dimensional plane, there are not a lot of opposites. It’s based a lot on unity. So you don’t quite feel that tug or separation. We don’t get that kind of, “I need to cry. I’m misunderstood. I’ve been, you know, shamed, walked on.” We don’t really come across that easily.

Me: So, why would a spirit want to cry?

Erik: Well, like sometimes –

Jamie: Which is, I had it this morning. He’s giving me permission to give my example. I had a mother, a caller, call in for a reading, and her mother had passed away. So, her mother had come in to talk. And she just burst into tears. She’s trying to talk through it, and finally she just told me—me, Jamie—“You know, I didn’t expect to react this way. I’m really content with where I am. It’s just all these emotions came back, and they’re just exiting through this crying.” It was just this purge. It was the first communication, audio communication through a medium, that she had with her daughter, and they got a lot of conversation under the belt. A lot of healing.

Me: Good.

Jamie: But the mother was so surprised, being deceased and content where she is, that so much came out through tears and, you know, sobbing. So, that kind of thing can be that they’re lowering their vibration to communicate with a human, and in lowering it, they process the energy differently.

Me: And that makes them cry?

Erik: Yeah. It can come out in tears. It could be that they decided that they want to cry, that this is part of their personality and how they work, but the crying would come from internal inflection. It would not come from and external, “Oh, I’m poking you and hurting you and making you cry!”

Me: Oh, I understand. Do they cry tears?

Erik: Tears? If you’re a human and you’re watching a spirit kind of release energy that way, then, yeah, you’re going to describe it as tears falling down their face, because that’s what you’re used to calling it.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: But no. No, we don’t have tears.


Me: Very interesting. Okay, now when we were talking about hoarding, I forgot to ask the main thing! What’s the spiritual basis for hoarding? We talked about why people hoard and all that, but what is the spiritual basis?

Erik: The fear that it’s going to be taken away. Come on. When you died and came to Earth—

Jamie (laughing at what Erik is about to say): Oh my god, that’s funny.

Erik: A spiritual way of looking at it is when they leave Home and come to Earth—when they die, then come back to Earth, you lose everything.

Me: Oh!

Erik: And some have fear that they’ll never be able to have a life where it’s not going to be taken way from them. You know, there are some circumstances where—

(Long pause)

Jamie: I’m listening. Hold on.

Me: Sure.

Erik: There are some circumstances where a spirit is, let’s just say, being a little bit of a dick, and is supposed to be reincarnating. They have this other thing that they, themselves, wanted to learn, you know, because reincarnation is self-driven. God’s not around going, “You have to do that shit, and you gotta go over there. You promised me you’d do that!”

I chuckle softly.

Erik: No, it’s totally self-driven, but sometimes they fucking cop out, and that’s why we have people like Gracie who are like, “Listen. Stay true to yourself. This is what you’re doing.” And then they come back in with a little bit of a kick, you know, a disappointment about being alive. They’re pissed. It’s their own fucking fault.

Jamie: He’s laughing, He thinks it’s funny.

Erik: So, they feel like they’ve had everything ripped from them or taken from them—

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: Which is bullshit, but, you know, people believe what they wanna believe. Spiritually, they’ll get to Earth and then they’ll try to hold on to every little piece of shit they can get their hands on, because they don’t want it to be taken away.

Me: What a mess.

Erik: And they create those patterns in their relationships on Earth. In their family, everywhere. They get made fun of; they get abandoned. Oh, it’s crap.

Me: They just wanna cling on to whatever they can. Except people, I guess.

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  • T Diaz

    Elisa, I think there’s a typo for the cost of Raylene’s event. Should it be $200 vs. $20? If it’s $20, I’ll be the first to sign up, but I have a feeling it’s not ;-D

    • You can check on her site to make sure.

    • I checked and it is $200

      • T Diaz

        Aw, rats. I was just checking when your 2nd reply came in and was getting all excited lol. Thanks for checking!

  • Vic

    I checked the blog daily , waiting for July`s Q & A, how come I missed ???. I really needed to ask something 🙁

    • I don’t post about that. I just post about the Ask Erik column. Raylene’s Q&A is her gig. You have to go to her site on the first of the month, preferably as close to midnight Mountain Time as possible.

  • kandake27

    Would a narcissistic parent be an example of a hoarder, if they are possessive of their kids? Has Erik ever talked about narcissistic parents before?

  • Alphonso de Barbo

    I get the impression that some of us are ‘coerced’ … in the nicest possible way to ‘come back’… I’m gonna strap on the armour to combat that one!
    …but this time around, I’m not a hoarder and TCFT! Lol…

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