Dealing with Bad Shit

I just finished Part One of my channeling session with Raylene for the February Monthly Q&A. I plan on posting it as a YouTube on Saturday. Then on Tuesday, we’ll finish the other questions, which will probably be published as two YouTubes, Wednesday and Saturday. The problem is that Raylene couldn’t control the number of questions she received and 150 poured in within the first day. Now she has the ability to cap it at 40 questions max and will start taking questions in April. I’ll announce when she’s ready. 

In a recent session with Kim/Erik, I learned some ways to deal with “bad shit,” the topic for today. When something bad goes down, rather than saying, “Oh, no!” say “Oh well.” Or you can say the Sanskrit word, “Tathastu” which means, “So be it.” These are so healing to say and kind of feels like a release or surrender of sorts. 

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Me: When things go awful in one’s life, what’s the best way to handle it? Faith? Letting go? How?

Erik: Come on! That’s a really broad question, Mom. We first have to know what’s awful, and we have to identify it for each individual. Then we have to go into the same fucking talk we do every time which is why you identify things as awful. Everything just is. Everything just is. We need to stop giving it a positive quality and a negative quality. Just be it as it is, and then you won’t be fucking dealing with this shit.

Me: Easier said than done when you’re mired in it.

Erik: BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS. Look at the lessons in it. Know that you’ll get through it. Even if it’s joy, you’re going to get through it. Even if it’s jealousy, you’re going to get through it. Even if it’s your workday, guess what, you’re going to get through it.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Surgery? You’re going to get through it. Bankruptcy? Guess what? You’re going to get through it. There’s always a movement forward. As Winston Churchill says, “If you’re going through Hell, keep going.”

Jamie laughs.

Me: Exactly. Get through until you reach the other side. The same thing with grief. So really, you don’t have to let go, or I guess that is kind of a way of letting go, because you just keep on keeping on.

Erik applauds.

Me: Anything else on that, Erik.

Erik: No, that about sums it up. I could henpeck a bunch of details about awful situations but, you know, it’s not really going to give anybody any extra insight. The core in keeping it simple is to stop identifying it as positive and negative and keep going for what it is to YOU. It’s going to be something completely different to the person next to you even if they’re going through the same shit.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: They’ve stepped in the same dog shit, but guess what? They have a different pair of shoes than you. You know, maybe you have a pair of flip-flops on that’s way more grosser and they have Crocs or whatever. It’s just different for everyone.

Me: And some people have those hiking boots with the Vibram soles. It takes forever to get the dog shit out of those crevices. I’ll take the flip-flops over those any day.

Jamie laughs.


Even Dog Shit Can Be Sweet

That was a short post, so I thought I’d give Erik a chance for a curtain call.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Lisa M

    Hi Elisa..I figured you would be busy with questions for Erik through Raylene. I actually paid for a one question through paypal and the question box disappeared before I could ask it. I contacted Raylene and she said it would be no problem that there had been some issies and she said to email her and it would be done. I’ve seen 2 of the Q and A on you tube and my question still wasn’t answered. Does that mean it will be on the 3rd one or is it considered lost? Thank you so much for what you do and Erik is amazing. Lisa M

    • Gosh I don’t know! Email me this and I’ll forward it to her.

  • HAHA!!

    • cristina


  • Robin Kincaid

    I really needed this humor today. My brother just passed after only having leukemia for three months, a milder form he was supposed to be fine with (but winter infection set into his lungs). Any way, if I hadn’t been reading everything Erik has said these last couple of years (and read the two books), I would have had a very bad time of things. Erik keeps us going Every Day; what a Blessing he is.
    Thank you for your wisdom and HUMOR, Erik ( I am sure he has just read this somehow!!). And I know that my brother is probably fishing right now, on the Other Side, with one of his grandfathers (heck, probably both of them!

    • Aw, sending love, prayers and healing energy your way. I’ll ask Erik to check up on him.

  • Susan S.

    I wanted to let you know that I had a reading with Raylene today, and of course Erik came through for me. She confirmed that Erik is with me and works with me (as well as my other beings in spirit). And the fun thing is, that as much as he’s a constant reminder to keep the energy light (he’s the party!), there are times when I have no trouble telling him to chill for a little while (reminding him of my boundaries). I’m a mom and have had lots of practice with my own son (14). Plus, a few years ago, I did some significant personal healing so I could have strong boundaries. Thank you so much for bringing Erik into the world, and then being brave enough to share him with the world as you are now doing.

    • 🙂 Someone has to keep that boy in line when he gets rowdy!

      • Susan S.

        Yes ma’am!! 🙂

  • Kim

    I m one of the person who paid twice (but I was probably one of the first ones who paid)for Erik and didnt put question. Actually I didnt see the note box at all so I was confused. I wrote an email with questions and facebook messages to Raylene but she didnt answer till now. Will my questions be considered?

    • Do you want to write me something to send to her?

      • Kim

        Yes! What is your email adress?

        Or I would be glad if you could forward it:

        Hello Raylene
        My name is HB Kim, I wrote you an email and facebook message. I guess you must have been overwhelmed by the amount of questions. It’s such a pity my questions didn’t get through because I was surely one of the first ones who paid (for 2 questions)but missed the questions because I didn’t see the note box while transaction.
        My questions were:

        1) How will my divorce process go?

        2) Will my daughter come back to me?

        I wouldn’t mind if you could answer those questions next month…or will it be refunded?
        Anyway I would be thankful for your reply.




  • Trish

    Hi Elisa, me and technology, sheesh. I looked but can’t seem to find the youtube February Ask Erik Question with Raylene. Is it posted as March? Thank you for your help, and everything!! Love.

    • Maybe just search the Channeling Erik YouTube channel for “monthly.”

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