Dealing with Bad Shit

I just finished Part One of my channeling session with Raylene for the February Monthly Q&A. I plan on posting it as a YouTube on Saturday. Then on Tuesday, we’ll finish the other questions, which will probably be published as two YouTubes, Wednesday and Saturday. The problem is that Raylene couldn’t control the number of questions she received and 150 poured in within the first day. Now she has the ability to cap it at 40 questions max and will start taking questions in April. I’ll announce when she’s ready. 

In a recent session with Kim/Erik, I learned some ways to deal with “bad shit,” the topic for today. When something bad goes down, rather than saying, “Oh, no!” say “Oh well.” Or you can say the Sanskrit word, “Tathastu” which means, “So be it.” These are so healing to say and kind of feels like a release or surrender of sorts. 

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Me: When things go awful in one’s life, what’s the best way to handle it? Faith? Letting go? How?

Erik: Come on! That’s a really broad question, Mom. We first have to know what’s awful, and we have to identify it for each individual. Then we have to go into the same fucking talk we do every time which is why you identify things as awful. Everything just is. Everything just is. We need to stop giving it a positive quality and a negative quality. Just be it as it is, and then you won’t be fucking dealing with this shit.

Me: Easier said than done when you’re mired in it.

Erik: BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS. Look at the lessons in it. Know that you’ll get through it. Even if it’s joy, you’re going to get through it. Even if it’s jealousy, you’re going to get through it. Even if it’s your workday, guess what, you’re going to get through it.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Surgery? You’re going to get through it. Bankruptcy? Guess what? You’re going to get through it. There’s always a movement forward. As Winston Churchill says, “If you’re going through Hell, keep going.”

Jamie laughs.

Me: Exactly. Get through until you reach the other side. The same thing with grief. So really, you don’t have to let go, or I guess that is kind of a way of letting go, because you just keep on keeping on.

Erik applauds.

Me: Anything else on that, Erik.

Erik: No, that about sums it up. I could henpeck a bunch of details about awful situations but, you know, it’s not really going to give anybody any extra insight. The core in keeping it simple is to stop identifying it as positive and negative and keep going for what it is to YOU. It’s going to be something completely different to the person next to you even if they’re going through the same shit.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: They’ve stepped in the same dog shit, but guess what? They have a different pair of shoes than you. You know, maybe you have a pair of flip-flops on that’s way more grosser and they have Crocs or whatever. It’s just different for everyone.

Me: And some people have those hiking boots with the Vibram soles. It takes forever to get the dog shit out of those crevices. I’ll take the flip-flops over those any day.

Jamie laughs.


Even Dog Shit Can Be Sweet

That was a short post, so I thought I’d give Erik a chance for a curtain call.

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