Death, Continued

I’d like to dive in to where I left off in the first channeling session with Erik. As he mentioned, after he saw his body and voiced dismay at the “mess” he created and his concerns about how we would react when we found him, he escaped to Norway to visit his grandfather, Bestefar. I’ll get into the abilities of a soul later, including how they travel and manifest whatever they wish.

Once he was in Norway, he says, “I felt this magnetic pulling sensation, pulling, pulling, pulling me almost like a vacuum. And all of a sudden there I am, there I am! I started looking around and saw that Allie was there! Denise was there! Denise was right there in front.” (As mentioned early, Allie was one of Erik’s former girlfriends killed by an accidental gunshot wound to the head back in March 2009, and Denise was his aunt (my sister) who committed suicide to end years of suffering from the complications of diabetes.) Erik approached Denise, who was standing in front of the others and asked, “‘Did I go to Hell?’ She responded with a big laugh and said, ‘Because you see me?’ Then they both laughed and Denise added, ‘Erik, you idiot!’ They hugged and everyone else came up to hug him and welcome him back to Heaven. Denise told Erik she already knew what he was going to do and asked him if he could just stay for at least fifteen minutes to visit with them before he go back to check in on us.

At this point, Kim says Erik’s case is a “huge anomaly,” because under ordinary circumstances (if the word “ordinary” can ever be appropriate in this subject matter!) committing suicide before it’s your time to go is a big no-no. Souls that end their lives always have to go through some form of therapy in isolation to help them understand why they did what they did, how they forestalled their chance to work on certain issues, etc. But Erik didn’t have to go through all of these steps, meaning he is probably a higher level soul. (More about soul hierarchy later.) Instead, Erik met and mingled with his soul group, stayed for a short period of time, and then returned to Earth where he’s living with our family now.)

In the channeling session, Erik continues, “I wanted you to know I was there. Those are the orbs you saw in the pictures you took. That’s me! At first, souls materialize as balls of light and then later we can materialize in a form you can see. And that was me visiting Pappa in the dream where we were standing next to the truck. It was also me in the dream Popi (his maternal grandfather) had of me in his lap. And Mom, that dream Kelley had, that was Allie sitting next to me!”

Kim adds that Erik is very well liked and is seen as extremely charismatic to others in Heaven. She also commented that Erik is going to be very tangible in dreams. She’s amazed how he already has so much control and power over his energy despite his recent arrival. She says, “This much electrical power is astonishing!”

Next, I asked Erik if he was more comfortable in the spiritual plane than the physical plane, and he answered, “Yes, it was like having pain all the time like with a migraine or an abscess. I found some peace in Norway, but all the peace I found was fleeting. That’s why I always jumped from one thing to the next, to the next, to the next. That’s why I didn’t stick with anything long-term. The pleasure or enjoyment or stimulation it gave me was always so fleeting. I would start feeling pain again and then I’d jump to something else.”

Kim then started to get choked up and said, “I see Erik getting on his knees, his hands together as if pleading, and tears are streaming down his face. He’s begging you to forgive him for what he’s done.”

I plan to practice channeling Erik on my own. If this goes well, I will urge anyone who has lost a loved one to develop their own skill, too. Apparently, everyone has the ability to channel those on the other side, including their own guides. Maybe this will give hope to other parents who have suffered what I believe is the ultimate tragedy, losing a child. If I can establish a relationship with my son in the afterlife, so, too, can they.

I urge everyone to read about the scientific evidence for the existence of an afterlife, the survival of consciousness after death, the fact that we live many lives, and other matters I once considered the domain of quacks and charlatans. I recommend two books in particular. One is entitled “The Hidden Domain.” This deals with the quantum physics of the soul, consciousness, thought, and the “other side.” You have to digest each page slowly, because it’s pretty heavy stuff! The second book is entitled, “The Afterlife Experiments.” Here, you’ll read about experiments that are performed using strict scientific methods to establish the fact that consciousness, and therefore the soul, does survive after death and communication with departed souls is possible.

Peace, everyone!

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  • Kristina

    Those two books sound really interesting!! Especially the afterlife experiments

  • I’ll save you my copies! You can read them in your spare time (ha ha).

  • Joe

    Elisa, did the medium mention anything about hell? Or does everyone just go to a different level of heaven? My mom passed away from Leukemia a few months ago. She was a wonderful woman and I just hope she is in heaven. I can vouch for what you say about signs from the otherside. My sister got a text message during our mom’s funeral and it was from our house phone, which AT&T later told us does not have the capacity to send text messages. It was a sign when we needed one the most 🙂

    • No, Erik and others say there is no Hell, but I plan to share that part of the transcript soon.

  • nanseer

    new to erik”s blog…my heart goes out to his loved ones..i lost my son in 95 in a drowning accident and he came to me too…im reading a book written 100yrs ago “life beyond the veil”.im a strong believer in L.A.D and smiling here reading about erik…what a great shiney

    • Our hearts go out to you too, Nanseer. I hope you start at the beginning and catch up. You’ve been at this for awhile now. Tell me, when do the waves of grief dissipate or go away? Have you had any more visits from your boy? Tell us more about him and yourself. I know, I’m being greedy wanting more, but you’re family now and we love you!

  • Ali

    Elisa you are extremely strong!! A wonderful friend and psychic William Constantine once told me that there is positive in every bad experience…you just have to find it…I am also an empath working on harnessing my abilities and the operations director of the largest paranormal group in the u.s. New England GHOST… sending you lots of love & light!!!

  • Being an empath can be very challenging! WIll you keep us posted on the progress of your work? {{{BIG HUGS}}}

  • Jan Drake Bakke

    Peace out Erik!! xoxo

  • Sorcha Sloane

    Elisa, I just found your blog and I can’t tear myself away from it… Can you please clarify something for me…

    Had you mentioned those dream appearances of Erik to the medium? When she was channeling Erik confirming those three dream appearances, she’d never heard about them before?

    • Hey Sweetie, No, I make it a point NEVER to give mediums any information that could be leading or could provide the answer. It’s best to go to a medium with questions that don’t provide and information. Does that make sense? Glad you’re here.

  • Clare Kuehn

    I am curious how many of the names and places the medium knew on her own … or are you telling the story as if she had known, so that it reads better, because she gave basic information but not the full knowledge of family, etc.? Whichever it is, for the skeptics (not debunker attitude but skeptics), it would help to know how much of this session or reading was coming from the medium and what kind of a medium she is: was it trance, was it more like John Edward, was it possession?

    • Clare Kuehn

      Oops: him. The medium is a him. — Anyway: I know you said you didn’t give any information but I’ve never heard of a medium knowing all names and places.

  • John Brosnan

    The Hidden Domain? I knew I recognized that. That’s the book based on Seth’s material. Seth was basically my first introduction to channeling. He (and Jane Roberts) changed my life.

  • Charley Max

    Hey Erik, can you help me with my brother? I’m really hurting

    • What’s going on?

      • Charley Max

        He crossed over this pass January and I feel so guilty and depressed over some issues we had together. I feel like he disowned me. I’m so sad that I didn’t have a better understanding of his situation and helped him more.

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