Depression to Progression

Before you read this beautiful testimonial, I want to wish you all a wonderful 2017. May it be a year of love, peace and enlightenment!

My name is Michelle and from the U.K., living and working in Dubai as a teacher. I was introduced to Channelling Erik by my Indian friend, and after watching one interview, I was hooked. I’ve watched all the interviews now and watching other interviews from other mediums. I’ve always been spiritually minded and curious about a lot of things. I suffer with occasional depression and feel lost in the world, but Erik has made me feel more at peace and filled many gaps from my curiosity. He’s made me want to research more about the topic and I am doing so. The biggest lesson he’s taught me is to concentrate on what you love the most and what you think best helps you and others regarding my teachings and life experience. Erik is lovely, honest, to the point and a great teacher. I’m looking forward to him helping me further as I have a long way to go.

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  • T Diaz

    All the best to you, Michelle. I’ve also suffered from mild depression – you are not alone, and like you, in the CE blog, vids, and community in general, I’ve found so much help and joy and that little bit of levity that we all need now and then May 2017 be a happy year for you where you find yourself farther and farther from depression and toward progression!

  • Terri Moreno Gelbaum

    Welcome to the family Michelle. But it’s more like wisdom from Erik,on a skateboard,through bullshit fear and ego ,and on to the best fun you could have. I love this group so much. I love Elisa for making it so easy and loving. And now I love you too. HAPPY FIRST DAY2017

  • Paulette Roberts

    Can anyone help me find the Debbie Reanolds interview w Carrie Fisher, I saw it on face book and didn’t have time to look at it , now I can’t find it.

    • I’m going to post it after the All Lives Matter series!

      • Paulette Roberts

        Ok thanks

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