Do You Feel Like You Don’t Belong?

Me: Here we are for Part Four of the Woo-woo Guru’s session about the human experience.

Jamie (smiling and rubbing her nose): Erik loves that title. He’s cracking up.

Me: Let’s talk about some of the struggles people have. There are some people who feel like they don’t belong. Can you tell us what that’s all about and what they can do about it?

Erik: You mean the “Ungrounders”?

Me: You tell me.

Jamie (to Erik): Tell us. What’s an “Ungrounder”?

Erik: That’s somebody who lives their whole life and never feels like they can never put their feet in the ground and really feel it.

(Long pause)

Jamie: So, I should have asked my question out loud. You can always tell when I’m quiet I’m doing something in my head. So I asked him, ‘Are those the people who feel like they can’t have the human experience?’

Erik: Yeah. They’re the ones who are coming in from other life sources. Listen to me. We’re just going to be real clear. Human beings, which I like to refer to as emotional beings, are not the only beings in existence. (In a sassy voice, raising his hand and touching thumb to index finger.) Period.

Jamie and I laugh.

Jamie: That was really sassy of him.

Me: He’s sassy today!

Jamie: Mm hm.

Erik: These people who come in from other life sources sometimes have a hard time being human. They have a hard time moving in the human body, having the human experience—you know, making a home, going to work, creating a family, having an emotional connection to somebody else, because they’re used to drawing from a different set of emotional values. We just don’t have those here. Every life source—

Jamie (to Erik): What are you talking about? Other races? Aliens? Can we use that term?

Erik: Hell yeah, we can use that term! Aliens. Every form of alien life systems, they communicate in different ways, and yes, we can have our soul exist in other life forms. Okay, so (moving his hands like he’s smoothing out a blanket) let me lay it out for you. These are the life forces that are coming in and reincarnating—I fucking hate to use that word, because it totally assumes that time is linear and that pisses me off. I like anybody who’s tapping in to the Channeling Erik Book of Knowledge—

Jamie and I laugh.

Erik: —to know that time is NOT linear, but I am bound by the stupid English language, and that’s the fucking word you created and that’s what I have to use. That pisses me off!

Me: Well, we’re going to talk about time in depth later.

Erik: Yeah, yeah. We totally have to talk about that, Mom.


Jamie: He’s telling me he loves that. So, even though he’s using the term “reincarnation, he wants you to know that time is not linear so this is not past life, present life and future life.

Erik: So, other life forms or aliens, if that’s what you wanna call them—other dimensional beings—are reincarnating into the human beings. Happens all the fucking time. This is not new. It’s just new because the language attached to it—our curiosities of the sky—and science is trying to tap into that shit. These people who do so have a hard time grounding. So we kind of call them the non-grounders. They have a sense of, “I don’t belong; I can’t connect.” This is a huge reason why. I would say to these people, “Chill out. You’re okay. You’re not broken. Trust me, you’re not broken. You’re doing this for a reason, and I think slowing your mind down from bickering and complaining to yourself that you’re not feeling right because you hear how other men and other women feel and you want that.” All right, first of all, that’s just flat out jealousy. You are what you are, and you have to love on that a little bit. So chill your head a little bit and figure out why the fuck did you do this to yourself? It is your choice. Nobody is making you do shit. You’re deciding to have this kind of experience. Was it to be a scout? Most of the time—I say “scout: because I mean “observer”.  Most of the time you’re going to jump into completely difference life form structures just to be a witness. See what it’s like. “Why is this so good for them?” “Why is this so bad for them?” So you’ll find your career and your family life, personal life, all of that will revolve around just watching and enjoying that. Logging information. Needing to know details. Just own up to that’s who you are and live it to its fullest. Then you won’t have that feeling that you can’t connect. You’ll have this vein of purpose, this line of purpose. There are other reasons why they come in to, not just to be the seeker or observer. It could be to feel. It could be to have conflict, because Earth is a kickass place to come in and have conflict.

Me: Tell me about it!

Jamie laughs.

Erik: That’s true. Right Mom?

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: There are other planets and locations that have conflict too, but the sweet thing about having conflict on Earth is that there is forgiveness and resolution. A lot of times with other life forms there isn’t that. Once there’s a conflict, there’s a non-return. Non-return point of being. Not here. So there’s a sweetness to conflict when you have it on Earth. I don’t know. I’m trying to learn more about that shit. Us, our lifestyles, cultures and societies and patterns compared to alternative dimensional beings’ lifestyles and patterns. You know, I know a little bit, but I wouldn’t call myself the guru on that topic.

Me (chuckling): That’s mighty humble of you.

Erik: Come on, Mom! I’m humble! (He points both index fingers at me and says): Back to you.


Dear Reader,

The journey on which you’re about to embark will take you through stories that are deeply personal and involves a relationship between a mother and her son.

As a physician raised by two atheists, I had no personal belief system about life after death. In a word, I was a confirmed skeptic. As my journey progressed, my mind opened. It is my sincerest hope that yours will open as well and that you will have a greater understanding of your own life and what’s to come ahead.

Although Erik sometimes paints a rosy picture of the afterlife, time and time again he stresses that suicide is not the answer to one’s problems. If you struggle, please understand that the information in my blog and my book is no substitute for professional help. Please click here for a list of resources for help when you find yourself considering taking your own life. Know that they are readily available when you feel that hopelessness and despair that many of us feel from time to time in our lives.

I refuse all donations and ad revenue on the blog. It is my dream to one day establish a nonprofit organization that delivers a variety of spiritual services for those who have lost loved ones to suicide and cannot afford that assistance on their own. It’s a mission of love, sacrifice, and dedication.

Love and light,


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  • Trisha

    So if you are an ungrounded do you go to heaven right away when you die or go back to your original planet?

    • Good question. I think you go to Heaven because other planets are in the 3rd dimension plane like Earth.

      • Trisha

        Ok, makes sense. Thanks.

  • steveatl

    I’m really struggling with the concept that there is no linear time, and that this is all an illusion. I don’t disagree with it – somehow it feels true, but understanding it is mindblowing.

    • Lorraine (LP)

      I don’t think this is all an illusion as a matter of fact I think Erik just stated that in another post that ‘everything is really happening, it is not an illusion’. But I’m with you…I’m trying to wrap my head around the linear time issue. It is mind blowing!

    • Maya

      I think, that we are in the Now, in the Akash there are so many “Now”s you can choose on. For example, today you have a very bad day, say somebody cheats on you. You can choose your Now to:
      a. think lower frequency thoughts, e.g. think “I am a victim, everybody is bad to me, buhuhuu.. etc.”, then you’ll be connected to your past live as a slave, and if you keep thinking like that, your next reincarnation will be similar, or
      b. think high frequency thoughts, e.g. think “I am not a victim, I’ve chosen this experience, because 20 years ago I wanted to know how it feels like to be cheated, because I was so numb, and I wanted to feel, so next time I will be smarter, more understanding, and compassionate to others”, then you will be connected to your Now as a God, where you have chosen this experience. Once you learn this lesson, you won’t repeat the same lesson again, then you will be faced to the next lesson, which you had asked (unconsciously or not) long time ago (in different “Now”s).

      I think if you looking at your Now from the higher frequency thoughts, you will invite more higher frequency Nows from your akash.

      For example, in your akash there are 2 different Now potentials for 2 days from today. Today you get intuition to check your car. If you ignore your intuition (choose low frequency Now), then 2 days from now, you invite low frequency Now where your car is broke down. But if you choose to follow your intuition, and check your car, then 2 days from today you will get higher frequency Now, where your are happily driving.

      The basic line is, everything is coming back to God, but you how you choose your life (good or bad), depends on how you think or it. You make the choices. You are God here. There are so many Now moments. Choose the highest ones.

  • Lorraine (LP)

    I really enjoyed this! thanks for sharing

  • Jen

    I wonder what psychological disorders not-so-human human beings are often diagnosed or even misdiagnosed with. I imagine there are a lot of those beings trying to integrate into society and are having a hell of time.

    • Patrick De Haan

      Mass killers, homicidal maniacs for one…

      • cristina

        i guess that is a joke 😛
        Being evolved means loving and caring, not killing 🙂
        The less evolved ones eg HUMANS have those features you talk about 😀 i guess nobody needs proves because are everyday in the news 🙂 – you can include desire for money, power and leadership and you have the complete image of the average human being 😀

      • Jen

        Ego, ego, and ego. Basically, that’s what it boils down to! But realistically, I think there can be two poles to ungrounded humans. Those who hurt others and those who hurt themselves — to any degree and everything in between!

      • Patrick De Haan

        Being evolved doesn’t guarantee benevolent behavior will be chosen for a life on Earth and no, I was not kidding at all.

      • cristina

        I am guessing you may think about Hitler contract – he was evolved and he did bad things 🙂 Or probably to the shooting that took place to that school in US where the killer also killed the mother 🙂 – but those are separate cases, with contracts to do so, plus they came with partial amnesia in order to commit such atrocities – they were not connected to higher self, they understood what they did AFTER they died ….
        I doubt the biggest evil on earth is done by spiritually evolved entities and I am talking about those who don’t come with a contract to do evil, but to do good……
        eg: probably you are spiritually evolved, are you thinking to kill? 🙂 I am sure NOT, no matter how harmed you will be 🙂 And are many many like you and Jen 🙂

      • Jen

        Oh, I don’t find myself spiritually evolved OR ungrounded. I’ve never felt out of place either, so I don’t think I have to worry about those factors.

      • Josefine Mutzenbacher

        Why does evil exist?

      • Jen

        Really? Is that because they can’t relate to the game of human life or because they’re exercising freewill? Both maybe?

      • cristina

        being evolved and committing the atrocities Patrick talks about should involve partial amnesia and a contract to do so . Being evolved means being only love 🙂 and no matter how harmed you are, you will never or rarely harm back (but only enough to stop others harming you, never more) – i hope I am not wrong 🙂

    • cristina

      I would say: depression, suicidal, avoiding people and enjoying nature 🙂

      In the end, we are all “alien” energies because we existed long before the earth was created 🙂 Now, apparently because of the shift thing, there are some much more evolved spirits that incarnated for the last 60 years… now for me that would be like taking an adult and forcing him to live with children 😀 and telling him he is a child 😛
      The thing is, if the adult forgets what most of the world says and start searching for adults, he will be fine 😉 he will be understood, he will belong 🙂
      And don’t forget, we all have guardian angels(or guides or however you want to call them) – just connect with them and ask for help 🙂 Plus those “alien” energies may have some soul families too 🙂 You will be amazed how many ufo sightseeing are latelly in the world 😛 …

    • Good questions, like schizophrenics and people who suffer from other mental illnesses. Could be they be undergrounders as Erik puts it? Schizophrenics are not living in our dimension, and it is possible that they are aliens as well

    • Bethany

      Oh yes I’m one of them. Some names given to me are depressed, anxious, and autistic

  • cristina

    😛 “Channeling Erik Book of Knowledge” – so cute!

  • Janet E

    sweet validation always makes me SMILE. Thanks Erik!

  • JoAnn

    i love it and i really love it,,,i am learning those other lifestyles,,,through my visions,,, i am learning about wormholes and viruses,,,and some even more awesome,,knowledge about the other dimensions and their reality,,,now i am learnning to see it from this side,,, because it is flipped and backwards,,,,as we learn ,,,and i dont want to say relearn either,,, because,,, the new stuff,,,is just new to us,,, but eitherway,,,it would not of been created without us,,,the stuff we learn now,,,is that ,,we create for ourselves and for other lifesystems here,,,they all want to live,,eat,,shit and rest just like us,,,, so it is time to see the unrecognized,,,, as we do this,,, the others are doing the same,,, from all dimensions and realms,,,, they know not of us,,because we will not take notice of them,,, we learn,,spirit learns too,,,,spirit learns,,,we learn too,,,,same thing,,, except,,,we have the ability to make the change,,,,not them,,,,and if You were them,,, you would be able to make the change not them,,,and if You were them,,you would have the abilty to change but not them,,, and in the end,,,we learn,,,we all have the ability to change,,,even ,,, them

  • Liz

    I love this! I was told I can’t ground, so this helps a lot 🙂 Thanks, Elisa!

  • carolyn

    I don’t think I have commented here before, but I have been reading the blog for a month or so. I love it and am so thankful for the focus that Jamie/Elisa/Erik put into this!
    Erik, everything you say meshes so well with all the other great information I have read/watched/heard in the last few years. Amazing. Mind-blowing. So expansive and liberating! I just love you!
    I have been told by psychics/healers that I don’t incarnate often (although at the same time they seem to say I am a very “old soul” and have lived thousands and thousands of lives, I am assuming they mean other-than-human lives ) and that when I do incarnate here I come during chaotic times, or times of great change and transformation. They say I am not really here to evolve more (through “reincarnation” — sorry to use that word). I have been told I am from a “star planet”. That I am part of a group of souls here to???? To what? I am not sure. I have been told I don’t have a lot of practice being human. And I have EXPERIENCED incredible difficulty being in a human body! (Insert very long story with severe health issues.) I also don’t feel like I can “do” being human like others can. Others make it look so easy. I can’t just relax and live life. I really resonate with the idea that I am hear to collect data, to observe. One woman said I am “very very very highly trained in metaphysics”. I have read about Arcturians. Hmmmm. Sorry to go on and on here, I guess I am just wondering more and more about this whole “alien” thing and just WHO am I? What am I a part of? I am at peace not knowing until I transition… but I still feel very ineffective “down here” on Earth, like I am not getting much done at all.
    But I WANT to change everything, play Queen and wave my magic wand and make this world sane and happy and always beautiful. It is so frustrating. I have this “duh, why don’t people GET this?” feeling. And I can’t connect with people physically and feel safe. It is a struggle. I crave blending my energies with others, but also fear it. What Erik said about being used to getting energies from other sources makes sense. But why can’t we be more grounded? Why the suffering? Why do we (meaning those who choose to come here to help/observe etc) choose to experience so much bodily pain? I know there are always soul level reasons. But really, enough is enough.
    Anyway, thanks for your words Erik. I hope that I am bringing back this data during my sleeping time because I can tell you that a great deal of my daytime is taken up by just surviving being human. Getting through the day. Reading my huge pile of books and reading great blogs like this one make my day so much more rewarding!
    On my bad days the only message I want to bring home to those on my star planet (ack! my husband would die if he knew I were saying those words!) is: “Being human is too fucking hard!!!!!! Hello? We need help, and fast!!!!!” I do feel they/we/all of us are getting the message finally.

    • You should definitely find out more about your origins and what the long arc for your spiritual mission is over the span of many lives. Consider signing up for one of Jamie’s conference calls so you can ask Erik about this and more. Unfortunately these fill up fast because she only takes a handful of callers.

      • The undergrounders thing that Erik mentioned, I feel I may be one of those individuals. As I mentioned in my post previously, I have always felt out of place and not able to fit into society demands and do things like others. I am not a social individual and choose to be alone because I feel more comfortable with it. Also, I have always had a sense that I don’t belong on this planet and long for a home that I am not consciously aware of. It’s as though, there’s a pain my soul that aches to go home. I don’t know, but I feel very uncomfortable on this plane and always have

      • Bethany

        I know how you feel. It’s very hard but remember you are always loved by your Home folk wherever that may be for you <3 They never leave you even right now they are beside you and watching over you and when you leave earth it will be the most wonderful reunion 🙂

    • Patrick De Haan

      Carolyn, this comment of yours:

      “….But I WANT to change everything, play Queen and wave my magic wand and make this world sane and happy and always beautiful. It is so frustrating. I have this “duh, why don’t people GET this?” feeling. ”

      It is possibly one of the best ever posted here and I thank your GAGs (Guardian Angel and Guides) for sending you here to say it.

      BTW, anybody here who is offended by the condescending tone of what I write? Well, yes.

      Reverse your position like a flipped mirror…how would it feel when someone else considers YOU the person that doesn’t “get it”? Your urge to wave a magic wand and sanitize life; wonderful yet by whose definition? Sane to the one is crazy to the other and in this you having the experience – literally – of a lifetime. This juxtaposition is PRECISELY what you came here to experience, this emotion of bumping into what seems so misguided and simultaneously determined to stay off course.

      Great job you’re doing, well done!

    • M&M

      I could not have said it better, Carolyn! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I feel exactly the same.

    • Maya

      Hi Carolyn, do you have any Ego at all? Something that you like more than anything else in the world? For example, chocolate cake, maybe? Pizza? Money? Fame?
      Forget about creating peace on earth, etc. You are here on Earth to understand EGO. You are ill because you don’t find your ego. Ego is what makes you grounded on earth.
      So it’s your job now to find something that you really like that worth the fighting for. Be selfish for it. Then after you die, you tell the aliens out there that chocolate cake is soo good, that it is worth the killing.
      Or, if you are here to teach, then tell us how to get chocolate cake for everybody so we don’t have to kill anybody?

  • LinT

    I’ve always felt I don’t belong,not sure if this is the reason or not.I feel it’s because my Mum tried to abort me,as she didn’t want a baby & told me this as a child… maybe it’s both,having a lifelong interest in all things ET.
    Very interesting,Thank you.

  • M&M

    This has got to be the most beneficial message from Erik for me yet. Thank you so much for bringing this information to us. This is so spot on for me, it gave me chills. I’ve always felt like “an observer” and that I don’t fit. I do look at others and feel jealous, like I want to be comfortable and fit like they seem to, and I do feel anxious because I just can’t. This post completely resonated with me. Than you Elisa!

    • Patrick De Haan

      Most of us here fit this description – “ungrounders” – (sounds like a weekend bowling team) the principal reason we visit and contribute to this site.

    • Thank you, Thank you, for expressing this, because I feel the exact same way about life on this planet. All my life I have felt out of place not being to fit in and be like others, or do things the way others do things. I’ve always felt like an outcast, and was bullied as a child in school because of it. Thanks to Erik shedding light on this matter, and reading your post, I don’t feel so alone after all. For some reason, I have pondered the possibility that I may be an alien. Thanks,

  • Patrick De Haan

    Please excuse this shameless book promotion (just about ready for mass consumption) it has an entire chapter on “TIME” – which’ll be up and running in a few days.

    No cost; free. No charge. The chapter can be opened separately. (If you’ve visited the website, please excuse the redundance) then click on BOOK “THE PLANET”

    • cristina

      love the site, i simply love committee answers 🙂
      Thank you ! 🙂

  • E. Taylor

    I feel this way every day, actually since I was a little child. I felt I was not like other people (children) I often found myself competing for my mothers’ attention and acting out in weird ways. High School was the worst, I wanted to be popular, a scholar, and with the in crowd, I left HS on such a sour note. Now that I am in my early 30’s, I’m still trying to find my way, I feel I will become someone extraordinary, but yet, I’m still trying to find my “way” to get there. Mind you, my initials are “E.T.” lol

    • You are not alone; I feel the exact same way

  • Babo85

    Ok.. first of all, I don’t want offend anyone, but lately I seem to get in a sort of military mindset. after fighting severe depression since childhood, trying to “change the world” I now have come to a point where I realise it just doesn’t work. I’m not going to change the world, and neither are you guys. I feel the world will change itself. Another thing that keeps popping in my head is a constant ” shut the F*^%k up! Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and get with the program” (Private! :P) I kinda feel like the Drill Instructor from “Full Metal Jacket” is in my head. I’m even considering joining the army. Not to fight for, or defend my country, just to learn endurance and adaptation. If you can’t change the world, you might aswell endure it

  • I can definitely relate to not being able to fit in with people in society. I have and still feel very uncomfortable on the earth’s plane. I have always felt out of place, and have a difficulty time trusting people. I would say that I am a “loner” who enjoy my own company and no one else. I feel that when I am around people, it gives me a claustrophobic feeling of fear. I can’t stand it! Since reading this blog, I have come to believe that nothing is wrong me, and that maybe, I am an “ungrounder” as you put it, Erik . For some reason, I have pondered if maybe I am alien from another planet incarnated in this body to experience human life on Earth. I don’t know, but I do know, I don’t feel at home here. There are times when I cry as though I miss a home that I am not consciously aware of. It’s a sense of loss and I feel it in my soul. Erik, I want to thank you for addressing this matter because it makes me feel better about who I am. Can you do me a favor, please? Can you tell me if I am alien incarnated in this human body for the experience? I would love to know this because it would satisfy my quest in understanding who I am truly. Thanks, Erik

  • from somewhere else

    If you feel like you don’t belong then you know the answer…everything else is growth… you understanding the matter is simply growth of this… learn to understand that your journey is yours and any insight into this shapes your path. We enlist the help of others to gain this understanding of what is meant only for our path. Keep in mind that your path may entangle with others but truly this entanglement is what shapes your outreach. Again we embark and question, ask, and all the things that comes with this territory. No one can tell you how to think is why anyone will end up here. No nuance into an awakening can give you immediate answers. what happens here is what you will do with it. Your lesson starts now as it began the day you were born as then as is now no one can tell you what you believe is why you question your reasoning behind ‘your’ belief. We travel to here and there for our reasons based on why we chose to venture there. This is all growth and all we enlist along the way shape our reasons that we want this journey. Finding others that grown in the tracks we deem or percieve to make sense will accompany us on our travels. This is important as our souls awaken again akin to what we understand for ourselves.

  • Simon

    Maybe this is me

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