Does Your Soul Have an Innie or an Outie?

One of the blog members posed a fascinating question for Erik, and his answer is equally fascinating. Don’t you just love our boy?? Hope you enjoy, but first complete this profound and compelling survey.

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Me: Tell me about the umbilical cord to the Earth, Erik. They say that some people have umbilical cords to the Earth and some people don’t. Can you tell me a little more about that guys?

Jamie: Erik looks around the room and goes, “Guy?”

Me: Oh, sorry, sorry. Guy?

Erik: I’m the only guy here, Mom!

Mom, Well, ain’t you a stickler for details!

Erik: Yeah, I remember I showed up for one of the blog member’s reading—

Jamie: You did, didn’t you?

Erik: She, um, the umbilical—


Jamie (fussing a bit at Erik): No, just tell me.

Erik: Imagine—

Jamie: Yeah, just describe it.

Erik: Imagine everybody that walks the Earth or every tree, every plant, every life force, you know, not the manmade inanimate objects. Animate objects. They’re energy core—we are NOW awakening.

Jamie: And he’s saying it like, “You dumbass,” but in an endearing way.

Erik: We are now awakening to the fact that there is an energetic system: chakras, shit like that. Now, we’ve always believed that people have auras. (in a ghostly tone) Woooooooo. Now, what they don’t recognize is what is the purpose of it? It’s not just self-contained to the physical body—to one little life force. It actually, if you can imagine, has a tiny tornado peak off the topside of the auric field and then a tiny tornado peak at the bottom of the auric field. The bottom actually goes to the Source in the Earth. Think of it as a gravitational pull. A visual of a gravitational pull. Then think about the topside being a visual of being connected to Prime Source.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Now, a lot of fallen angels—the angels who decide to actually reincarnate—and think of—

Me: Wait, what do you mean, “fallen angels?”

Erik: Oh, cuz, Mom—

Jamie laughs at whatever she hears Erik saying.

Me: Are you talking about Lucifer or something?

Jamie keeps laughing.

Erik: No, not really. Mom, didn’t you watch City of Angels?

Me (meekly): No.

Erik: This would be an angel, not a guardian angel, not an archangel, but an angel that wants to experience human life and incarnates into a body to have that experience.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: Well, once you do that, you can’t go back to being an angel, because then you’ve separated yourself enough from Prime Source that you don’t really kind of get back to that level. So, we call it fallen because they choose to step away from—free will, right? Free will.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: They choose to step away from the role they set themselves up to do.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Okay, so that or an alien, which is another life force that isn’t an earthly one—

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: For example, these two have a hard time creating that tiny little tornado to connect to the Earth Source, the gravitational pull, the core of being on this planet. So, when you’re looking at their aura, you see the one that connects them to Prime Source, All That Is, blah, blah, blah, but the one at their feet looks like a little nub. It looks like a chopped off finger.

Jamie and I snicker.  

Erik: You’re like wondering, “Where’d the tip go?”

Me: Aw!

Jamie (laughing): He gave me such a bad visual that I had to laugh about it. Can you imagine like one fat finger just chopped off at the base, just dangling?

Erik: Ahem. As I was saying. And these people often feel like they can’t get grounded to Earth so they never really have a sense of home. They feel abandoned, but there’s nothing in their lives that shows abandonment. They’ve been loved by family, friends, and other relationships and so forth, and they never quite feel like they’re accepted or that they’re in the right place.

Me: Aw.

Erik: Because, they don’t have that grounding source, and it’s an experience in life. It’s neither right nor wrong, but it does create a lot of conflict and confusion in the human’s life.

Me: That sounds a lot like you, Erik, because you were surrounded by so much love, but never felt accepted. You always felt lonely.

Erik: Come on. Haven’t we already agreed that I’m an alien?

Me: So, you’re not a fallen angel?

Erik: Wouldn’t it be such a good story to tell? That really would be nice, but no.

Me: So, you’re not Lucifer, then.

Erik laughs.



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Elisa Medhus

  • Tracy Lamont

    Cool post. Elisa, you’ve never seen City of Angels? One of my alltime favourites. Watch iton a duvet day with a nice, big bar of chocolate. Guaranteen to make you cry.
    Adam was the same as Erik, always felt like he didn’t fit in. He was just so different to my other kids, just something about him. He was just special, I guess 🙁

    • After Erik told me about the movie my sister and I watched it and I cried like a baby. One of my faves now

      • Ash

        I saw it when it first came out. I think I was in junior high… and Iris was my FAVORITE song. I wore the soundtrack out! lol It’s got some Hendrix on it. Erik might approve 🙂

      • PeteJanssen

        The original was far better. It’s called “Wings of Desire”. It’s subtitled but its very cool. It’s got loads of cool stuff in it.. Peter Falk is in it, Nick Cave’s band is playing in it… It’s pretty awesome…

      • Simon

        So touching and sad

      • Simon

        So touching and sad

    • Simon

      I love that movie

  • Love the way he describes fallen angels. I was told by Matthew’s angel that this is my last time here..I wont be coming back, but that Matt will. So I guess I can beathe easier, knowing this is it. Another 11 years and I am home!!!
    another movie you should see is “A Rumor of Angels”. I just saw it this weekend. Blew me away. Someone in movieland gets it!
    Always glad for Mondays when you and Erik are back. oh..and I’m an outie..just sayin

    • I’m an innie! Let’s take a poll! Anyone know how to use Monkey Survey or whatever?

  • Mommazee

    Hmm I’ve been told that I’m very grounded, like I’m wearing lead boots…I guess I have an outie? LOL That means I’ve been around the block quite a few times 🙂

  • Jan Drake Bakke

    That was fun!! I love the blog!! I can’t wait to read them everyday!!xoxo

  • marga

    Then I’m an alien too. in fact Erik showed uo in one of my readings. Interesting.

  • JoAnn

    this detachment sounds like me,,,,i am not sure but it does answer the question of why i feel so alienated and lonely,when i have /had tons of love given to me here,,,,if i could find this out,,,,then what could i,we,,do to help us feel more grounded to earth?

  • LA George

    Well even though I’m an innie with abandoment issues, I doubt I am a fallen angel…I have had an ongoing romance with Gaia, to the point of not functioning well if I’m not in nature very often (Mountains, ocean, horsetrails etc). I do find it strange that most of my life I have felt this deep longing for ‘home’ and never felt at home anywhere. Now I’m curious, I wonder if I have a ‘stub’ 😉

  • PeteJanssen

    Synchronicity plays its hand again… I was feeling some of this stuff this morning… I actually said something to myself to the effect that I “never really have a sense of home”. I can’t wait to find out where I’m from… I’m sure it will make a lot of sense when I do…

  • BarbaraSparks

    Erik’s description of the auric field gave me goosy chills (the good kind). I had just had a session with someone where I was “seeing” the energy field of the individual just as he described. After that image came to me, it inspired me to draw a symbol using that shape and I’m going to use it on my website, etc. So, to get confirmation of my inspiration is so great! Thank you Erik for helping with that…

  • Yahaira Florentino

    Thank Elisa. As always juts super deep and informational. Cant thank you more for all this work you do. I Love that movie Eric mentioned like 6 times and every time is as touching as the first. Hey about angel that come here.. Doreen virtue has writen about that. ” Earth angels” she says that also unicorn , mermaids, fairies and other creatures are born here every day by choice. Loving this readying time 😉

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