Dolphin Kathy Celebrity Interview and Pulling Weeds

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Now for our feature presentation.

Eclectic Horizons recently invited one of our long-time clients and Channeling Erik family member to ask questions of Erik through psychic medium Kent Lehman. Following is the transcript from the session.

Kent: OK, let’s get started because Erik’s ready. I know when he comes strolling in because he plays a theme song. I hear AC/DC and there’s Erik!

Client: Awesome!

Kent: Yes he strolled in and is waving “hi” to you.

Client: Hi, Erik! So the first one I have is kind of a multi-layered question. One of my favorite things that Erik brings up on radio shows and blogs is how we’re all equal like the soul of a person, a dog, a tree, an insect, you know cow, etc and that there is no hierarchy so I was hoping to talk about, or ask him some things about that for my first few questions?

Kent: Sure.

Client: My first question is about a dolphin and I wanted to ask specifically about Kathy who was one of the dolphins who mainly played Flipper on the TV show most of the time. My understanding is that she died in the arms of her trainer, who is now an activist for dolphins, Richard O’Barry, and some of the things that I’ve read state that she stopped breathing by choice. Basically kind of committing suicide in a way to show that that wasn’t a great existence for a dolphin and I was wondering if Erik could ask her questions for us?

Kent: OK, yeah definitely. He’s…

Client: Kind of like the celebrity interviews!

Kent: Exactly! It’s cool because he is demonstrating what you are talking about (although he is being a jokester by saying he’s not in a pool and he can’t really have a dolphin sitting in the chair next to him!)

Erik: With us all coming from God or Source, then we are all the same and there are not “less than” energies that come from there. So we make our own choices on what we want to do and what we want to experience and that can alter our individual vibrations up and down, and that’s part of learning about ourselves.

Client: So did she actually do that? Did she stop breathing by choice?

Erik: Here, I can let her speak!

Kent: She’s saying it was a combination of her body wearing down and she had accomplished what she had come in to do. That was part of her contract with her trainer that set him on his path.

Kathy: The Angels came in and assisted me to allow me to die in my trainer’s arms rather than him finding me somewhere.

Client: OK, what was her mission for her lifetime? That was her contract for her trainer. Did she have a separate mission herself, too?

Kathy: For me, it was a more universal thing. A bringing of awareness. Rather than being a dolphin running in the wild, like having a wild dolphin life!…

Client: (laughing) That’s cool, I love that! Has she ever had a human lifetime?

Kathy: Yes, but I liked coming back as a dolphin because I feel like it was a “higher” form.

Client: Awesome, no I totally believe that! That’s cool because my next question was basically how it felt different to be a dolphin versus a human so she kind of answered that.

Kathy: With the human you have so many more chances for growth because with your ego and your filters it provides for much more conflict and that provides growing experiences. Whereas for a dolphin in some ways it’s more instinctual, but we still have very high intellect and we can have an ego but it’s a little bit different. It’s a little bit simpler, less complex. We do have our own groups and families and pods with our own personalities, but without the need to dominate the environment like humans.

Client: Well thank you so much for talking to us! Is there anything else that she would like to share?

Kent: She really thanks you for asking about her.

Client: Awww.

Kathy: My main mission again was to bring awareness—awareness of dolphins and all living creatures. My way was to be domesticated so that people could see and interact (with me) and with my trainer to help show that all life is precious and that it needs to be respected.

Kent: She’s showing how we use trees for wood or fuel and part of that is the process of what Mother Earth provides and what we use to survive and that’s fine but she hopes that we respect Mother Earth and respect everything. That doesn’t mean that we should not touch anything.

Client: Right. OK, well thank you so much! Well, kind of along the lines of what she was saying, I don’t have a specific one in mind but could Erik give us a message from a tree or a plant that has maybe had an incarnation as both a plant and a human?

Kent: He’s acting like he is exerting a lot of effort to drag a tree in here!

Erik: Hold on, trees are harder to drag in here!

Client: Oh, sorry!

Kent: No, he is laughing and just being a smart ass, he’s just being fun! OK, it’s very fascinating, when he’s talking to this spirit, this soul that has been different incarnations. It’s very similar to the dolphin. It’s very interesting how high the vibrations are of the dolphin spirit, almost like an angelic vibration.

Client: Oh wow, so you definitely notice a difference between someone who most recently was human and the plant and the dolphin being higher vibrations?

Kent: Yeah, it’s interesting because they are like teacher spirits, like where Erik is progressing to…Wait, he is being self-deprecating but he is smiling when I say that about him progressing but he knows that he is a “teacher guy” now.

Client: He is!

Erik: When spirits come in that way (as a plant or tree) a lot of it is to feel that denser vibration but without having all of the stuff around a human incarnation. As a tree, you are relatively helpless. You can’t move and you’re basically stuck there but that is part of the simplicity. So these higher vibrations like to come in to a simpler incarnation as a way to teach.

Client: So along those lines, one of the things that I struggle with, I guess, and I think that maybe other people feel this way is the idea of when, for example, a tree gets taken down and for me also specifically (and I know most people make fun of me for this) but I have issues with the idea of weeds. Sometimes I feel guilty plucking weeds. So can he maybe talk about that a little bit? Do they kind of come in with that expectation that it may happen? Is it like traumatic or can he talk about that a little bit?

Kent: OK, Erik just stepped forward…

Client: Oh yes, sorry, I meant it as a question for Erik. Please tell the tree spirit thank you for coming through.

Kent: Oh yes, no worries, they don’t have egos there so they are just thrilled to be able to talk and share!

Client: Awww.

Erik: Remember that everything on Earth has a cycle and everything on the Other Side has cycles too. But especially on the Earth you have a cycle that is very much condensed and limited. There’s birth and death or like I like to call death more like the real birth because to me it’s easier to go back to the Other Side than it is to incarnate. So weeds have life forces but they are not long anyway. So when weeds sprout up…

Kent: He thinks it’s really cute by the way that you feel bad about pulling weeds!

Client: I do, I feel so guilty!

Erik: But drop the guilty shit, OK? That’s OK if you feel bad, but that’s what the plant spirit was saying to me is the respect thing. If you have respect for them and you’re not just yanking them and discarding them, you don’t need to feel guilty.

Client: Just doing it respectfully is OK.

Erik: Yeah, they have a life cycle and even just walking on the side-walk you may step on an ant and not even know it, it’s just the cycle of life. So weed spirits don’t have trauma because they got pulled. That’s just their whole experience. Weeds, plants, everyone here we all have a cycle, a limited time here.

Client: That’s cool, that answers my question.

Kent: Oh, he’s jumping back in, he’s saying one of the key things is showing respect and love for all of God’s creatures because it’s not an unloving act to pull a weed out but you can still show love because it helps increase the vibration of everything. You might feel bad for having to pull it out but having that love and respect that helps feed all of the energy around you and increase your vibration.

Client: That kind of makes sense just kind of acknowledging it as a being rather than just dropping pesticide on it.

Kent: OK, now he’s showing bugs on the wind-shield and on the car grille!

Erik: We all know going in that anything can happen. We can be walking down the road or flying through the air as a bug and SPLAT!

Client: (laughing) OK, so the same kind of idea to be respectful of bugs and if they happen to fly into your wind-shield obviously that’s not your fault or like you are maliciously squishing them or whatever.

Erik: And some people have no qualms about smashing bugs and that’s fine. That’s their belief system. But if you project respect and love energies to all living things, that is what helps improve the world around us.

Client: OK, so along those lines, are we drawn to plants that have a message for us? For example, like a passion flower if we need calming. Is that how flower essences work?

Erik: Yeah, that’s why flowers are so universal and why they have that calming effect, especially for people that are intuitive and open. It happens for dudes, too. They may not admit it, but if they actually take time and look or smell a flower, then the flower can bring memories of Home (where Erik is). And it’s also a great way for spirits to use as symbols and signs from passed loved ones. A lot of times you will anchor a flower or plant with somebody and that’s a great way for them to get your attention. They can put their energy into a plant or a flower and then for some reason as you are passing by you turn and think, “Wait, I didn’t see that before”. That peony bush or whatever and while you’re wondering why you are looking at it, you remember Grandma.

Client: Thank you!

Kent Lehman is a psychic medium and trance channel based in Lakewood, Colorado. He works together with his wife Cindy Musil in their business Eclectic Horizons providing private sessions to clients around the world. To learn more about their work, please visit their website, check out their blog, sign up for their monthly e-newsletter, and follow Eclectic Horizons on Facebook.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Judith F.

    Tears started flowing as I began reading these interviews. Kathy’s committing suicide confirms what activists see each year in Japan’s Tajii Cove, where there’s a wholesale slaughter of dolphins. They’ve observed that as the chaos is happening to trap and kill them, many dolphins ram themselves against the boats and take other actions to induce death before capture. :'( What an absolute privilege to have this knowledge given to us through Kent, Erik and Client (whoever you are!). Since I’ve retired and started gardening, I’ve developed an increased love for and awareness of plant life. Often, when I pull weeds or pull off parts of a plant to prune it, I softly say “I’m sorry.” And Erik was in usual good form, lightening the mood by “dragging” in a tree! 😀 Thank you all for this wonderful post, and thanks for holding down the fort (aka, blog), Mike!

  • Patrick

    The tree part rings so true. I’m fascinated by them. I had a field guide as a kid. When I see the trunk of a large one that’s fallen or dead but still standing, I wonder what life it saw.
    A 2008 hurricane took four from my yard; I left stumps as tombstones, to remember them. The largest, 80 foot loblolly pine, remained standing with a nauseating tilt; she had to be removed. It was like putting down an injured dog. As the chain saws started, a squirrel jumped from 40 feet up, scrambled and raced right back up her magnificent trunk.
    In a forest reserve near my house, there are countless 100-150 year old trees, even some in their third century. Pines with trunks 4 – 5 ft (1.2 – 1.5m) thick at their base, many 100+ ft/30 m tall, 200+ year old sweetgums, three century oaks….it’s like a cathedral.
    I often stop, look up and admire them; I get a sensation the trees know it

  • Ceridwen777

    Thanks, Mike, for a wonderful post – I just love learning about the incarnations of animals and plants (esp. trees)! 🙂

  • Jacqueline Orszulak

    Thanks so much Kent!. Love the knew learning that post gave me! thanks also to Kathy and the tree spirit. Good reminder to all of us who think we are enlightened until we learn even more about the sanctity of all life!
    I’d like to thank God, Arc Angel Michael and other sacred energies for their helping my brother get through bypass surgery yesterday. Thanks for answering my prayers!

  • Widdershins3

    “…if they actually take time and look or smell a flower, then the flower can bring memories of Home”–Love this! It’s probably why I persevere at working on my large, unruly garden. Because it’s a reminder of my real home and is like experiencing the beauty and peace there, even if in a less-vibrant form.

    And I too always felt bad when pulling weeds, but now I keep an attitude of “onward and upward” when I do, knowing that every one of them is going into a compost pile and will nurture my soil one day. I’m grateful for them and sympathetic toward their short lives.

    I love that Erik honors trees and animals–I’ve always known instinctively that soul is soul and that everyone and everything has it, but you wouldn’t believe the flak I’ve gotten from both conventionally religious and atheistic folks. It’s why I turned to Paganism and later to Spiritualism.

  • Nehaa

    That was a very enlightening session. Thank you Mike for sharing and also thank you for sharing about Kent and Cindy…i was on a look out for soneone who was a good clairvoyant et all.
    Thank you.

  • Lynn L.

    Fantastic questions! Learned a lot, thanks so much! But I wonder what Erik meant when he said “…everything on the Other Side has cycles too.”?

  • Ceridwen777

    I live on the Northern California coast, where the Redwoods meet the ocean. The old growth trees are a couple thousand years old or more. The 2nd and 3rd growth trees are still hundreds of years old. Redwoods get up to 375 ft. high, and the base is so large, it takes about 15 people holding hands to surround them. They have such an amazing presence that I feel like I’m in a spiritual temple when I am among them…think of all they’ve seen in all that time! Their root structure is shallow for their size, but it’s interconnected with all the surrounding trees – they support each other…and their energy is SO healing and grounding! I think – as my husband wrote in an article once – that if the ancient Druids had lived in Northern California instead of Britain and Gaul, they would have revered the Redwood instead of the Oak… 🙂

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