Dragonflies, Frogs and More

Another great Erik encounter. Keep ’em coming, folks!

Around late March, while looking up how it feels to be hugged by spirits on Google (I honestly don’t remember why I was looking that up), I stumbled upon this website. From that time, I started noticing some of Erik’s pranks without knowing it was Erik at first.

I work retail. My workplace kept bowls full of free samples on the register counter. During a manager meeting next to the register counter, after a customer dug his hand into a sample bowl, a small cute dragonfly flew out from the bowl and disappeared somewhere up in the ceiling. I didn’t know at the time that Erik liked dragonflies, but I did stop and ponder about what I had seen. Like, why would a dragonfly be inside of the sample bowl? Not that I had never seen them before, but they aren’t as common around my workplace as the big flying ants.

The next notable pranks involved frogs. One night, while my mom and I were watching TV, my cats discovered a small frog indoors next to the sliding door. I felt worried thinking one of my cats will eat it and get sick. My mom stepped on the frog and threw it out, and we concluded that our house had terrible insulation. Another evening, I found a small frog in my bathroom sink. Thank goodness it wasn’t near my cats, but it did catch me off guard. When I turned on the faucet, the frog jumped and disappeared down the drain. Frogs aren’t rare where I live, but for frogs to enter the house that easily during those moments, it had Erik written all over it.

I guess Erik confirmed it at my workplace when I got a call from a store in another state. The store manager said his name was “Erik/Eric” (not sure of spelling) and had wanted to discuss something about a customer who normally shopped at my store location but had been causing trouble at his store location.

Besides those pranks and happenings, there are the smells. I’ve told Erik I don’t mind most smells, but to avoid the smell of cigarettes, since I have terrible allergies and I’m sensitive to that odor. Erik has been polite and gracious enough to comply, of course.

One night, I was unable to sleep, and I mentally mentioned to Erik how I used to draw when I was bored. He urged me to draw him, so I did. I’m not sure what to do with the sketch I drew, so I’m keeping it safe for now. Maybe one day I can send it your way Dr. Elisa. Do you have people who send you artwork of Erik at all?

Most of the time, I just blabber thoughts to Erik and listen for some of his insights. During one night when I was really scared, he helped me visualize a boundary of white light to protect myself. When I’m playing piano, I think sometimes he listens in. I told him I’d like to send my music your way Dr. Elisa if it was something you might enjoy, though I haven’t exactly wrapped my head around YouTube yet.

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  • Paulette Roberts

    I hope you or your mother will not step on frogs anymore

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