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The small group conference call channeling yesterday was amazing. Jamie and Erik were in fine form. So, unless anyone comes forward and objects to posting the audio file (which is perfectly fine) I plan on doing so Saturday.

Now, here’s a mix of questions from the tail end of a session in February.

Me: Okay, is an entity who has reincarnated unavailable to be channeled. I’ve heard this answered both yes and no.

Jamie: Erik coughs and says bullshit at the same time!

Me: Oh no! So, yeah, that makes sense all of our lives are happening simultaneously!

Erik: Exactly! They can be channeled any time as long as they’re willing.

Me: Okay, recently people have heard these strange sounds all over the world. They sound like a bunch of whales or something. They’re really weird. Is that coming from the Earth like the magnetic poles shifting or something? Some of them sound like an angelic chorus, especially the ones coming from deep in some forest in Canada. Others are from Czechoslovakia, Russia, Chicago, Hungary—a bunch of places—especially during the second week of January. I don’t know; I guess it could be a hoax, but it’s so weird. You can just feel this weird vibration in your body when you listen to the sound.

Erik: It’s alien. It’s not human. Mom, it sure isn’t land whales!

Erik belly laughs at his little joke.

Me: Erik! We have plenty of those in Texas.

Jamie laughs.

Me: So, what’s their purpose? Are they trying to help us or harm us?

Erik: Mostly they’re trying to align our energy so that we will be ready for them.

Me: Be ready for them?

Erik: Yes, when the contract of protection is over. We’re going to talk about that more when we start the Great Mysteries of the World book.

Me: Okay. I can’t wait. Here’s my last question before we begin the questions for that book. Let’s talk about transplants. Say you have someone who receives a heart transplant. Do they inherit the memories and feelings of the donor?

Jamie: Erik yelled at me! He’s like, “YES!”

Me: Oh, okay. Wow!

Jamie (chuckling): He was a little overboard on that one.

I laugh.

Jamie (to Erik): Can you explain about that one Erik?

Jamie: He really finds that one so fascinating.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: People think and believe that memories are only stored in the brain, but cellular memory is more powerful than brain memory storage, so if you got a person’s heart, this is where their emotional memories lie.

Me: Oh, that’s kind of scary!

Erik: Yeah, you’ll adapt to it and carry it right over. Eventually they’ll fade.

Me: Secondly, does the donor, the deceased, feel incomplete or restless and unable to move on until the recipient also dies, allowing the donor to become whole again?

Erik: Nah, that’s just bullshit. Listen, when you die, you die. It’s not about having your physical body anymore.

Have a great weekend, guys. Love you.


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Elisa Medhus

  • I’ve read via Dolores Cannon’s Convoluted Universe books that the alien contact is going to happen soon, because, as Erik said, the contract between us is over. I’m sorry I’m not able to remember the exact details, but they are going to be allowed to “interfere” directly now. Hopefully Erik can shed more light on this.

    • Jason Shapeofacloud

      I’ve always found these alien discussions to be a wee bit misleading as most people including those who channel this information are viewing this from the view point of the incarnation in physical linear experience. There has always been contact. The thing is, is that in this epoch of Earths expression in this dimension, in this linear expression Earth is place for souls to hold or participate in a range of human dualistic experiences. Largely fear based and unaware of who they are as a spirit. During this phase or epoch, the other races as a collective whole in spirit agreed to a pact of non interference so that a full range of earth evolution and experiences could be expressed. There is a physical reflection of this as well as individual psychosocial expressions of those other planets in this dimension aka alien races in their own ways have been in various contact with our various governments since the beginning of this present human epoch. From Ancient Mesopotamia to present. Not only in a physical sense, but on a soul level. Alien spirits in contact with us as well. What those like Dolores bring to light is that all this will become more known on a wider level because our epoch is in a more evolved stage. Who allows this…. ? The guardians or souls or group consciousness that are in charge of this plane, planet, solar system, and human race ect. It’ s not some nefarious alien plot or some scary invasion. There has always been contact. It’s about awareness for evolution. And such things has happened before aka, atlantis, lemuria, etc. Our perceptions of history are grossly distorted by our egos.

      • Yvonne Chireau

        Have you ever heard of the Hathors? Tom Kenyon has some AWESOME recordings of their language and songs. You can feel the vibrations as you listen. Talk about Land Whales LOL!!

      • Teneriffe

        Interesting that as i’m reading this msg a new email from the Hathors just came into my mailbox. It’s about Entering the Solar Storms. Not up on the website yet so i can’t send link, but it will be soon I’m sure.

        Hello to Elisa, it’s Lidian – i have a new computer and can finally deal with the logon issue that has been plaguing me.

        And hello to everyone here!!

      • YEAH, you’re back!!!

    • LinT

      Thank you Steve.I’ve been wondering if someone might mention this.(Many people think the subject is madness!) Yet who do they assume flies UFO’s faster than human propelled aircraft?…other than military ops.I mean.I have been researching the expected ET intervention/disclosure & it’s truly mind blowing! We have so much detailed evidence out there, corroborated by Astronauts/Astro Physicists & Scientists alike.It will mean that history & education will have to be rewritten.Finally Science will embrace Spirituality.
      What a heavenly prospect! 🙂

    • Tiggy

      I’ve been working my way thru her series, they represent a GOLD MINE of information clarifying, elaborating on and backing up everything Eric has been saying; possibly the most informative of all the literature out there on past lives, missions, ETs, contracts, the transition under way, the Mayans and 2012, etc, etc.

  • Jason Shapeofacloud

    Erik’s explanation meshes with my research as well in regard to the transplants. All life is co-created and share in consciousness, in so far as what is created is shared. But where people are going to get confused is that they think that with their present point of view that they are going to suddenly be aware of the transplant donors memories, which is not necessaraly accurate. Memory is instilled in spirit, energy, conciousness, and so part of that is emeshed with flesh even at the cellular level . It totally varies by the awareness level, openness, and sensitivity of the recipient. And there will be a range of experiences. Think of it like this. In spirit when we merge with another to hug, love, communicate; we can co-experience each others lives, memories, or thoughts or emotions. But when we disengage that co-experience stops on a certain concious level. The transplant is just a physical way of doing that. Another way is sex, or through emotional sharing. Empathy. It’s about the spectrum not the specific case or act.

    • LP

      Jason-Shape of a Cloud……do you teach people or guide people on how to channel? I would love to learn how…..

      • Jason Shapeofacloud

        your welcome to email me. We can see where your at. Grab my address from my site in Elisas links

      • LP

        I will, thank you! xx

      • Anna

        Jason, have you ever come across the book, The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts by Joe Fisher? Joe ended up committing suicide by jumping off a cliff in Canada in the early 80’s. Reading his book, you don’t get the sense that he was some new age guillable spiritual junkie, but a rational journalist who happened to what more information about the afterlife and our connections to that world. In any event he opened up a pandoras box that he even admitted he wasn’t able to close upon ending his research. I don’t want to sound like an old fuddy duddy, but I have some qualms about encouraging people to expand their potentials especially in regards to channeling without at least letting them now about some of the potential risks. This world is full of living variety, some things that have become extinct. Therefore, I would assume that when they cash out of here they all end up somewhere else. I think we can categorize what’s beyond here till the cows come home, but we will never know for sure. We’re not even sure what laws govern those regions beyond this world.

  • Dang….here I was thinking it really WAS land whales!!!! Oh, Erik, you make me laugh. needed it sorely today. love you.

    • Ash

      Land WHALES? What about Land SHARKS? tee hee.

  • Clau_Bueno

    Wow!!! these noises are strong!!! So, the sound comes from the ground or far up?
    It feels that the people that are recording are waiting for a huge mother ship come over their heads…
    I don’t know, i think that my heart would be beating so fast…. :O

    Very interesting!
    Love and tchau for now,

  • Slygirl

    “It’ s not some nefarious alien plot or some scary invasion. ”

    Why do those noises have to be so damn scary!!!!!! LOL

    • Patrick De Haan

      It’s “War of the Worlds” live and coming to a landing zone near you!
      Bring your own popcorn!

  • M and M

    Oh, Great Mysteries of the World, that sounds fascinating. Can’t wait for it. I’m looking forward to loving, helpful non-earthly beings visiting. We could use something to get moving in the right direction, and frankly I have always found life to be boring anyway. There has to be more to life than this.

  • Vickie

    I can’t wait for the Great Mysteries of the World Book!

  • Hgvic3

    Ok, I want to buy all of the books NOW! 😉

  • Maria Laing

    About the organ transplants: Has anyone heard anything about Dick Cheney since his heart transplant? It would interest me to know if he has had a “change of heart” in spiritual matters!

    About the sounds: I find them unsettling. They remind me of the sound effects one mind hear in a movie just before something awful happens……my fear based emotions at work, no doubt…..quite a different feeling than what I got when watching “City of Angels” where the angels gathered at sunrise on the beach! Of course, there were non-threatening visuals attached to those scenes in the movie, so there was no fear induced. I am interested in hearing more about this if there is more in the line up. What kind of involvement can we expect from the “aliens”? Will it be direct, and with whom? with individuals, with researchers, with scholars, with government?? How do we prepare for this? So many questions….Thanks for the posting!!!!

  • PeteJanssen

    Title: Great Mysteries of the World
    Chapter 1: Land Whales

    • Patrick De Haan

      Hey there podnuh, “Texas” Land Whales, the best kind!

    • HAHAHA

  • Angela

    Hi Elisa,
    these posts just get more and more exciting. Everything Erik says just correlates with whatever else I am reading at the time.At present reading “The Hearts Code” By Eric Pearsall talks exactly about Our memories ,emotions being stored in our heart. Thank you again to you, Erik and Jamie for so lovingly sharing all this information. xx

  • Patrick De Haan

    I’ve posted an entry about the “strange” sounds on my website, http://www.theamendment.net
    It’s free and painless; I don’t want to consume the blog here with what many of you could consider irrelevant or unrelated stuff.

  • Patrick De Haan

    “Spirituality” and science are The. Same. Thing. 🙂

  • Amber

    This was an appropriate article following Jesus’ talk about the same thing -the ‘revealing’. I was thinking about how there are different ‘Lightworkers’ across the planet. Many talk of the ‘energy’ that has been sent from ‘out there’: It seems that this ‘allowing’ of information is to help us as to how to utilise, assimilate it. It’s all in the hands of the Divinities and the wisdom of The Source through them I guess. I’ve always felt it a bit of an insult to say we’re not bright enough to understand it at our stage in evolution and we have to wait for the unseen forces to decide when (like, for example, Jesus in his time wasn’t able to discuss openly his belief in the afterlife to the middle-easterners though other cultures believed in it and, in the west we weren’t ready for it till the Fox sisters came along in the 18oo’s). I guess now it’s more like other factors are involved, such as our own whole-planet and self-destruction! It’s now vital for help to come through to this planet at this crucial time. We’ve got to love or crash folks!

  • Jane5

    Those sounds – the aftermath of God eating spicy tacos. 😉

    Seriously, LOVE the aliens thing. Thanks for making yourselves known!

  • Maybe it’s not just me.. But I believe my whole Chakra Aligned!! Whoa!! YES!!!! It’s so BEAUTIFUL!! I feel so much Lighter and Forgiving, Don’t know who to forgive.. but that is the “Feeling”.. My oldest Daughter said “Mommy those sounds seems familiar” I said “I know..right!” We’re taught to put a name to a song.. The energy that is in this Video is so Healing! I feel so GOOOOD! Thank You, I will ask Roland to have a listen. I may have to download this.. lol. Love and Hugggggs, bb~ Barbara

  • YESSS! Without Questions, Answers or Interference.. Roland Listened also and repeated almost to a tee, Of the Energy felt.. Wow! Thanks for Sharing! Brightest Blessings~

    • Amber

      I’m made of lead: Zilch!

  • Sharneshann

    Thanks for the sounds, I have been hearing about them a lot lately, great, beautiful, affirming for me we are being supported. So amazed how information just keeps coming when I put my attention on subject! Yes listening to youtubes of Tolec interviewed by Lisa Harrison, very interesting regarding the whole alien issue. From what i have heard and personally resonate with, we have been so ‘interfered with’ by low vibrational 4 th dimensional beings that make it hard for us to separate ourselves from the illusion. These higher vibrational alien beings are supporting us in moving on by counteracting the effects of the destruction that has been taking place on our beautiful planet! I get it is a complex issue regarding our own avaibility to evolve, Gaia having it’s own evolution and we are all receiving the help we have asked for in our prayers or thoughts on living in a better world! We have asked, and now we are all on some level in a place of receiving and I am sure support will come in many different forms, other beings from the galaxy being one way! Love always to the CE family, Sharne!

  • Could you all interview Elizabeth Bathory? She is very interesting and maybe wrongly accused.

    • Anna

      I can’t speak for Elizabeth personally, but she lived in a time when cannabalistic practices were not that uncommon, especially in the upper echelin of her society. Henry 7th was a regular participant as well as some popes who were bled then reinfused with blood from young male servants who in turn were bled sometimes to the point of death. Everyone had a role to play in the game of life and no one questioned such inhumane practices. Liz there must have offended someone pretty badily in order for it to even have made it into an issue. Chances are her spouse had something to do with her being made into an example.Along with blood letting people (those of the more common upbringing) would regulally collect body parts , blood and such from public executions to be used in slavs and soups for medicinal purposes. Famines wre a big problem for people trying to survive in the mini ice age (1300’s – 1800;s) and children were eaten. That hansel and Gretal tale was closer to reality than more people would like to admit. Most of these practices ended in the mid 1800’s. And now we think of people like Elizabeth as being synonymous with Dracula or Jeffory Dauber (sorry if mispelled – get lazy with word search) or we turned the tales of the brothers grim into disney children’s stories when they probably originated from actual events spread via gossip minus the magic.

      • YUCK!

      • Autumn Fae

        I do not doubt that she probably had been a bit cannibalistic. I personally wound not have wanted to meet her ahahaha. Yes, times were quite different back then and what was quite common back then is seen as horrifying today which is a good thing. However, I feel like part of it was a smear campaign as she was a WIDOWED woman with more land than the king of Hungary at the time and people no doubt..other ruling lords… thought of ways to usurp such power and land from a woman. As for the brother grim stories, I believe that quite a few of them are from actual events PLUS the magick. Magick is real and is part of the lives of many people, even today. Unfortunately, a lot of the abrahamic religions of today have done a great job at making magick (magick is just a way of working in the universe and it will take a while for modern science to actually catch up with it), witches, etc the villain and people either call it evil or dont believe in it… Here is the link for Elizabeth http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_B%C3%A1thory

    • Who is she?

      • Anna

        Elizabeth was a Hungarian countess (1560-1614) often labeled the most prolific female serial killer in history. She was acussed of torturing and murdering something like 650 girls.(the numbers are suspect) She was never tried or convicted (because of pedigree) but was nevertheless imprisoned at castle Csejte– where she remained bricked up until she died 4 years later. Her torture consisted of bleeding her victims and using their blood for cosmetics and batheing purposes. I think her lands were in dispute after her husband’s death and she became notarized for something that other people were also doing in her day. I think the numbers are greatly exaggerated and the deaths may have been accidental as they are with such practices.

  • Ash

    I used to think the idea of aliens was kind of crazy… but when you think about it logically, it would only make sense. I mean, the universe is infinite. How can so many people think that in all the vastness of the universe we are the ONLY intelligent life? Statistics should actually be in FAVOR of there being other planets like ours out there, and why shouldn’t there be more advanced civilizations? The universe has existed forever, there’s certainly got to be civilizations that have been around longer than us (linearly speaking).

    The more I think about it, the more I realize that we truly are still developing as a civilization. I’ll be the first to say… I can’t WAIT for us to finally catch up! lol

    • Amber

      Yep, we’re certainly a low-down planet according to some spirit reports. I reckon even without humans there’s something amiss with animals eating other animals, hunter and prey style. It might look like harmonious balance in nature but what the hec are mosquito parasites and the like doing in a God-designed world. Bob Marley in his Erik interview put it straight “…earth is truly de hell among hells.” I’m with Bob.
      Some theory suggests that things created in our universe are by beings who are learning the ropes. Like how we’re talking now about helpful beings creating energy and stuff for us so’s we survive the shift. The God-stuff Light and Love is still ‘beyond’ the creators and what they have created. So some lab student is taking notes about our evolution. He’s not gonna get good marks in the exam so he’s sending out reinforcements to save the day. Haha!
      We see ourselves as so important. Getting an ‘out-there’ perspective we look like ants. No wonder alien spaceships peer in then zoom away.
      Of course there are more advanced worlds than ours. There are more advanced humans in other worlds. We’ve got an awful lot of evolving to do, fast!

  • George from LA

    There seems to be some strong evidence that the you tube bit as posted may be a hoax. I got curious when I saw Kiev – January 2012 with people walking around in summer dress. I know the Russian folks a hearty bunch but it made me curious to see that and all the greenery AND not a trace snow….There are quite a few other convincing on line pieces that suggest this is a hoax.

    • Patrick De Haan

      Everything without an explanation, in this age of “electronic images”, is subject to hoaxes. Two high flying Ponzi schemes that imploded in recent years – Sanford and Madoff – don’t a hoax of all finance make. Hoaxes do exist and there are “sky sound hoaxes” to be sure. George could be very correct regarding this video, or parts of it.

      Humans don’t have a good track record of humility and this is generally a good thing; we’re not on Earth to know everything, otherwise there would be little reason for our presence.

      It’s entertaining to watch casual and expert analysis, both upon encountering the first symptoms and then after better knowledge. Human reactions to nearly every mechanical, technological and medical advance follow a predictable pattern. These sounds in the sky (not believed unless personally heard), recent climate phenomena (observed however not understood) and the explosion in personal, global wireless communication (completely understood after generally believed to be fantasy but 25 years ago) illustrate three points along the pattern’s usual course of development.

      Zoom out and consider the pattern of the occurrences in addition to the occurrences themselves.

      You might not yet be aware of enough events – more than unexplained sounds in the sky – to see a pattern; that will change shortly.

    • Amy R

      Hi! I’m new to posting here and first, I just want to say that I just LOVE this site!

      In reference to the video above, the Kiev one, was not recorded in January, 2012 as this video says. It was recorded last August, 2011. Yes, there are many hoax videos especially ones that are dubbed with the original Kiev sounds from last August. For example, if you’ll notice the one in the vid above from Conklin, Alberta Canada…that was dubbed with the original Kiev sounds. You can tell it’s the Kiev sounds as you can hear the same children and the same birds in the background. I can always spot the faked dubbed ones right away and sadly, there are many of those on YT. But there are alot genuine ones posted. I just weed them out, what seems and feels genuine and what doesn’t and yes, some are very obviously faked.

    • Wow.. Really!! a Hoax?! hmmm.. Well maybe if you “Not” look at the video, and just “Listen” you may have a change of heart. I can’t personally tell you what was on the video. And Downloaded the Audio only! But then it may not be for you.. Maybe umm “Mozart”? Yeah.. I get nothing from that. Brightest Blessings~

  • Jesus!!!

  • I came back just to see if anyone “felt” the Energy of the Sounds in the video. And of course the typical over analyzed reasons for what ever feeds Ego’s. Look I respect every one and their “Gifts” I can personally say their is Healing in this Video. I haven’t met a psychic “Yet” that can explain “Everything” especially when it comes to what others can do. There may be others who have felt it, and Wow.. what a fudge up and better reason of why they should shut up.. I love opinions but Please don’t even try to sound all Professional “Dudes” cuz you don’t “Get it”.. Got it?? Good!!! Brightest Blessings~

  • nikki6278

    Hi Anna,
    in regards to: I have some qualms about encouraging people to expand their potentials especially in regards to channeling without at least letting them now about some of the potential risks.

    I have been the recipient of lots of advice and guidance from Jason. He has always gone about it in a very professional, protective manner. WE all have angels and guides. They are will us 24/7. Not only that Jason has often suggested protecting yourself with a shield of light and love (not is words exactly).
    His site is full of excellent advice and what I would call protection form potential risks. IMO he is very qualified to be giving advice.

    • I Absolutely agree.. Jason is “Very” Qualified.. Nikki takes me back to the Baptist mentality as a child growing up, Man.. they knew just how to scare the shipp out of you.. So I told no one of my “Gifts”.. And besides there’s much more out here then it was in the 80’s.. So much more has been clarified, More Psychics are stepping up and out to Help. From all walks of Religions and non-Religions. I’m proud of em’ all..And as I always said, So much stuff is made up, that you can’t go by reading a book on someone’s life. They have to throw in things to make the readers stay focus. No different then the Media, I mean there are bodies missing left in some shallow grave everyday, not being reported, just the same there are bodies said to be missing and these people never existed. Your Emotions is what they Need.. Great Plan to control the mind, body and spirit.. And then there is competition, One lady told me in my early 30’s to not expand my psychic potential.. ?? Well I guess it was just fine when I gave her a few hundred dollars for something I felt I needed to know, My Energy Guides sent me to her. And when I asked about children she said “No” why would you want to do that?.. You’re doing so well! Yep, as long as I was paying her. lol. So once I felt the energy of what she’d done, It was a type of “Rare” Healing, nothing was serious was wrong with me, except the normal stress. But just as she was able to tap into my Energy, I was able to do the same. Then I was Done! Few months later. I was pregnant with my first Girl. lol. You see this Lady wasn’t a Fake, oh no. That’s not what I’m implying, I also know that she’d told me to use these candles and such.. blah blah blah.. That was just extra to spend.. cuz she was truly “Gifted” I never followed her instructions and she was able to tap into my Energy and knew exactly what time. The Feeling she sent was “Bliss” i have never met another who can do that, except myself.. lol. Thanks to the “Lady” No instructions needed. Brightest Blessings~

  • Yep, we must take everything with a grain of salt and find the truth buried within.

  • This is coming from a place of fear. We’re eternal beings so believe me, we’re all going to be just fine.

    • Anna

      I never get anything but the most positive of feelings when I read Jason’s commentaries and his introspections and advice are always taken with the intent of seeing things through the light instead of through the darkness. I don’t question his wisdom. However, I do try to get as much information as I can regarding the nature of ourselves and the universe in general. I try to be as open-minded as I can about these topics. I beleive we’ve only uncovered a very small potential of what we are capable of and every person has a right to individually strive for something more. I believe that throughout history many people have been gifted pioneers in this field. People like Bob Monroe, Robert Bruce, Whit Strieber ie. In the large scheme of things you are right –we are all just fine. But in the life we are leading now fear has a very useful purpose. It helped us out to become on top of the food chain. Still if we face every situation through that fear we end up living a very stifled existance. Yet that is not to say that if we approach every situation with courage, purpose, conviction and the best of good intent, that there aren’t going to be negative repurcussions. I’m not convinced protective rituals and the goal of a higher good is enough to keep the negativity at bay. And if you leaf around the authors and the literature with an open enough mind you will come across people who have had some very bad experiences with all kinds of esoteric stuff. Maybe some of them just wanted to write a book about fear to make some money, maybe some of them had strong religious convictions that got in the way of their good intentions for seeeking more. But there are also those that went into the process with an open mind to understand and impart that understanding to others. some of these people had very bad experiences and not necessarily because they didn’t do this or that to protect themselves. some of these people were willing to have a pretty f…d up life to bring this stuff forward. My only point is are the people who want to dabble in mediumship and oBEs and channeling aware enough that they may be impacted negatively ? And of course it is their choice and the price maybe well worth it but to deny that it can’t happen because one has the best of intentions or someone has taken the proper percautions or the guides have said go ahead is a bit naive. And again Elisa, it all turns out fine in the end but how far down the rabbit hole are you prepared to go to find that blissful feeling of fine?

  • Stanley

    Hello all,

    Interesting video. I feel like the sounds, the harmonics, are tailored for each group of people, or those in certain area’s. Most of the had me in tears. Hard to explain. It was kind of like I was hearing emotion, if that makes any sense at all. What I felt was a calm to loving feeling. I had to stop half way through. So I am curious if anyone else had this effect. What I think is that it all has to do with vibration. Erik’s pointed out many times how seeing or doing something is often having to do with our vibration. As I understand it, many alien groups are at a higher vibration. So if there is to be contact, it would make sence to raise the vibration of those you wish you contact. To date I have met 4 alien races through dream visits. So not scary. I have met ones who look like the classic aliens with the almond shape eyes and big head little body. I met a race that has all blue skin. Like light blue maybe. Hard to describe the shade of blue. Anyway, have met one who looks very human, just taller. And I met another race who’s similar to the first one with almond shape eyes and all that. All 4 were very respectful and nice. I was never scared at all. Most recently was a dream visit where I was seated in a room with many others and put on a strange headset I guess that does something for showing their true shape because shortly after wearing it everyone changed form. So then they turn on a screen showing several lights entering earth. Looked to me like 30 or so small ships. But from my vantage point they just looked like points of light. Then they showed some kind of explosion, not related to the ships. Everyone else was reacting to what was on screen. Meanwhile I am sitting there totally calm watching the screen trying to process exactly what it is I am seeing. So finally one of those at the table was upset I wasn’t “playing along”. Whatever that means. So this guy walks up to me and puts some kind of air powered gun with some kind of drug. Before injecting me he says “See ya next time” and pulls the trigger. I closed my eyes listening to everyone’s voice at the table get lighter. Soon the voices stopped and I could hear my fan werling by my bed and I was awake again. The whole time, no fear. Even with the injecting. I knew he wasn’t going to harm me. So I keep waiting for that “next time”. I always have so many questions for them. In the latest one, I think it was more of a test. The head guy seemed more concerned with my not keeping secrets. At first I had thought I failed their test because I don’t keep secrets. But it turns out, they wanted people who would share the information. Right now, the government doesn’t share anything with the people. So I think they are looking for people who can get the truth out there. That’s what I feel these visits are all about. Sorry for the long post. Just had a lot to say this time. 🙂 I personally hope the wait to meet them in the flesh is short.

  • It would be interesting to hear more about those strange sounds. When this contract of protection is over is that a good or bad thing?

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