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The small group conference call channeling yesterday was amazing. Jamie and Erik were in fine form. So, unless anyone comes forward and objects to posting the audio file (which is perfectly fine) I plan on doing so Saturday.

Now, here’s a mix of questions from the tail end of a session in February.

Me: Okay, is an entity who has reincarnated unavailable to be channeled. I’ve heard this answered both yes and no.

Jamie: Erik coughs and says bullshit at the same time!

Me: Oh no! So, yeah, that makes sense all of our lives are happening simultaneously!

Erik: Exactly! They can be channeled any time as long as they’re willing.

Me: Okay, recently people have heard these strange sounds all over the world. They sound like a bunch of whales or something. They’re really weird. Is that coming from the Earth like the magnetic poles shifting or something? Some of them sound like an angelic chorus, especially the ones coming from deep in some forest in Canada. Others are from Czechoslovakia, Russia, Chicago, Hungary—a bunch of places—especially during the second week of January. I don’t know; I guess it could be a hoax, but it’s so weird. You can just feel this weird vibration in your body when you listen to the sound.

Erik: It’s alien. It’s not human. Mom, it sure isn’t land whales!

Erik belly laughs at his little joke.

Me: Erik! We have plenty of those in Texas.

Jamie laughs.

Me: So, what’s their purpose? Are they trying to help us or harm us?

Erik: Mostly they’re trying to align our energy so that we will be ready for them.

Me: Be ready for them?

Erik: Yes, when the contract of protection is over. We’re going to talk about that more when we start the Great Mysteries of the World book.

Me: Okay. I can’t wait. Here’s my last question before we begin the questions for that book. Let’s talk about transplants. Say you have someone who receives a heart transplant. Do they inherit the memories and feelings of the donor?

Jamie: Erik yelled at me! He’s like, “YES!”

Me: Oh, okay. Wow!

Jamie (chuckling): He was a little overboard on that one.

I laugh.

Jamie (to Erik): Can you explain about that one Erik?

Jamie: He really finds that one so fascinating.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: People think and believe that memories are only stored in the brain, but cellular memory is more powerful than brain memory storage, so if you got a person’s heart, this is where their emotional memories lie.

Me: Oh, that’s kind of scary!

Erik: Yeah, you’ll adapt to it and carry it right over. Eventually they’ll fade.

Me: Secondly, does the donor, the deceased, feel incomplete or restless and unable to move on until the recipient also dies, allowing the donor to become whole again?

Erik: Nah, that’s just bullshit. Listen, when you die, you die. It’s not about having your physical body anymore.

Have a great weekend, guys. Love you.


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