Erik on Animals and Animal Abuse, Part One

My poor son-in-law had another prank from Erik. While he was in the shower, Erik made his iPhone slowly slide off the bathroom counter and fall into the toilet. Butt naked, cold and wet, Nick had to jump out of the warm shower to fish it out. Fortunately, his phone is an iPhone 7 so it’s waterproof. Otherwise, I don’t think Erik would have done that…or would he have? Bahahahahaha. 

I came across something very interesting that I’ve actually never heard of before. What do I mean, “actually?” Of course there are millions of things I’m clueless about, but Therapeutic Tarot? It piques my interest. Blog member an tarot therapist, Rachel Teear, educated me. Read on:

Hi everybody. My name is Rachel Teear and I am a therapeutic tarot reader. I’m very grateful to Elisa for the idea of introducing this to you!

So what do I actually do?

With the help of our higher spiritual guidance (yours and mine) we use the tarot to reveal aspects of yourself which need your attention and to trigger healing for them. I provide a loving space for deep connection, healing and transformation to happen – most importantly for yourself and, as a result, for your current life situations.

With the cards, I help you to connect with the parts of yourself that need your light and your love – parts you may be ignoring or be completely unaware of which may be preventing you from becoming more and more of who you truly are.

Why do I use the tarot therapeutically rather than to predict the future?

In my own readings and in readings for my clients, I have found that the more our focus is on the cards as representing different aspects of ourselves, the more meaningful the readings are and the deeper our inner transformation is. When you embrace unloved or previously unseen aspects of yourself – especially the uncomfortable bits! – the result is love and healing.

I used to use the cards to try and predict the outcome, but it was more of a hoping for a “good” outcome card for a quick fix so I’d feel good at that moment, and I didn’t experience any transformation at all. Instead of empowering me, I felt the opposite was the case.

The tarot cards have now become a tool for me to get closer to myself and understand myself better, and my love for myself is growing accordingly.

What do you need to do when you book a session with me?

On the practical side:

First of all, send me an e-mail so we can schedule a session and arrange payment. Sessions take place via Zoom. You’ll get information about that by e-mail.

For the session itself: It helps if you have a core issue to work on (e.g. relationships, work, money, health, spiritual growth or anything that you feel like you need help with), although it works if you just need general messages as well. Before I lay the cards, it’s helpful for us to talk briefly about what the subject of the reading should be and what you’d like to get from it. Then I lay the cards and we see what messages are sent for you! It’s good to plan up to an hour’s time for the first session.

On the emotional side: Just be open to receiving. Be prepared to see that love, peace and happiness start and end with you, and be open to taking responsibility for yourself and your own life and path.

If this resonates with you and you’d like more information or you want to book a session with me, just send me an e-mail to

I’ll be donating something to Channeling Erik for every session that takes place if you heard about me through this website! Just mention Erik in your e-mail.

Elisa here. As grateful as I am to Rachel for the offer, she doesn’t have to unless she wants to collect enough to give someone in need without financial means to have a free session with her! 

Thank you for being on this planet!

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Enjoy Part One of our series on animals thanks for the gracious efforts of volunteer transcriptionist, Kerry K. Thank you, Kerry! I love you! The video format follows, as always. 

Veronica: Hi (waving)

Me: Hi Veronica and Erik! So, guys I am a little late for this session, sorry. I cannot stand being late. It just never happens, but I had to…I’m having trouble with I movie. It just quits when I open it. So, Apple told me to just install High Sierra. Ok, so that will take 40 minutes. That did not take no 40 minutes, I’ll tell you that! Alright, listen, before we start people, I want you all to know that I really don’t read utube comments because, although most of them are wonderful, some of them are just so …hurtful and my little broken heart cannot take it so, if I don’t answer your utubes comments that why. I apologize for that but, it’s just that I have to protect myself first and foremost and Veronica knows how that is too. So…there are a lot of trolls out there, that are, just…you know…hideous in their comments…

Me: Alright, so, today we are going to talk…actually we are going to have three different sessions. One is dysfunctional families, and the other is that we are going to talk to your girlfriend over there Erik, Julian, and also another thing we are going to do is all about animals and animal abuse. So, what do you want to start with Erik, who I love by the way, in case you…don’t remember.

Erik: I love you too and chill out, Mom…Breath! Breath!

Me: I know, I was thinking about poor Veronica. I hate being late and it’s such a imposition to be in…

Veronica: Listen, I got my cup, it’s all good, were blessed as Erik reminds us.

Me: …and there is no time, so there we go.

Veronica: totally! (raising her hand).

Erik: Let’s start with animals.

Me: Ok…well like you know…most, or probably all of my blog members, really find the animal abuse horrible the way we test…uh…personal products on them and…and…just how we kill them sometimes, like for meat…I think they put an electrode in their mouth and their anus and shock them to death. Some of them are skinned alive, like baby seals, like…the’re skining them alive. And people have shown me different utubes and I just don’t…I can’t (shaking head back and forth with eyes closed) watch them. So, …so …why? Animals are so wonderful! And we say ‘quite acting like an animal’…well…we should act more like animals.

Veronica & Me: (big sighs)

Erik: The first thing to understand is that animals, like children, are in their “vigoring?” natural state and what they do…there is no selfishness in an animal. There is COMPLETE freedom and trust and there is no manipulation when they kill. It’s because they need to survive.

Me: Except for…except for chimpanzees, I don’t know about gorillas, but chimpanzees, very close to us, are the only other animal that kills for fun, and maybe they manipulate and things like that. So, I guess that’s a different breed, but we have abused them too you know.

Veronica: (looking like she has a headache) Yeah, it’s interesting.

Erik: It’s sad how humanity will use anything for its advancement. And the reality is what we put out there, energetically, it doesn’t matter…it doesn’t distinguish between a human or an animal. Energetically, you’re still taking a life. And so, in the name of greed and selfishness, it’s still a life that’s taken. And…

Veronica: This is really riling him…

Erik: What do you need so badly that you’re willing to sacrifice a life for it? Like…what could we need to know that badly?

Me: Well, of course we need to eat, and the life of a plant is just as valuable, according to Erik.

Veronica: Um…hm

Me: …instead of an animal, he said many times that no matter what you kill, it should be raised and either harvested, or slaughtered, in a very humane way.

Erik: yes

Me: And we need to express gratitude for what they give us, our source of energy. So, you know, in that way, I guess killing is ok, because we do have to survive until we are ‘breathareans’ and survive only on the ambient energy.

Erik: Survival is one thing, and the animals that kill to survive, that’s one thing. But, when we are ‘testing’…

Me: Oh, no.

Erik: When we taking these innocent creatures and souls, and we are testing to see if this is going to do ‘this’ to the human, or ‘that’ to the human…you know, that’s where we have to draw the line. There has to be something friendlier to put forward. And, the answer, is not simple because it’s wrapped around…again…money. It’s wrapped up around money. You know, and it’s the greed, and a soul is a soul is a soul.

Veronica: He wants people to understand.

Erik: Animals are very spiritual beings. Animals bring us messages, constantly, just by what they are, and seeing them. But also, the energy.

Veronica: And I just want to share a really quick story. I don’t know if you can notice today. My eyes are horrible.

Me: You look fine.

Veronica: I have ties, and I speak, I am allergic to cats.

Me: Oh…

Veronica: But, my son is away, my grandcat, I went over…I can’t not love on red fem cat. I have such compassion, and when I touch that cat, I am reminded of his generations, the feminist of them.

Erik: Look sacredly at the animal, and learn, and again this is about soul evolvement. What can we learn from the animal?

Veronica: Powerful stuff, that would be a great show he’s saying.

Me: Yeah, but is it a contract that we have with them, the fact that we kill them so inhumanely sometimes, or test products on them?

Erik: Every soul, and an animal has a soul, EVERY soul has a contract. So, yes, in some regard it absolutely is. Whether the contract says you’re going to be a squirrel and come in, and god forbid, get hit by a car, or you’re going to be a cow and come in and get, you know, slaughtered because you’re going to be filet or whatever you are…behind EVERY living thing there is a contract.

Me: ok, alright, so what about hunters? What do you feel about that?


Erik: Equalization of the population. So, it’s keeping the population equal. You can look at it in that regard. What if…what if we weren’t thinning out the population…

Me: yeah

Erik: …in some areas. Because it would become ramped and, you know…

Veronica: He’s like this (showing hands as a balance, with tips of fingers pointing towards each other, moving up and down).

Erik: There’s a fine line.

Veronica: He’s on the fence, you know what I mean? His heart is so pure and so loving and sensitive, I can feel that from him and he’s kind of like going back and forth. But, then he goes…

Erik: Understanding the population control.

Me: Yeah, well they did have these different hunting seasons for a reason to weed out the population so that they all have enough resources to survive. And So, they don’t spread disease to each other and stuff, but isn’t there people who will spend big bucks to go…

Veronica: Right

Me: …to these exotic hunting whatever. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s like they just ‘boom’, ‘boom’, ‘boom’, ‘boom’….to have a trophy on their wall.

Erik: That’s upsetting because in the sense that it’s really about ego. It’s not about…

Me: Yes

Erik: …keeping the population stable. It’s complete ego and it’s really shameful.

Me: yeah

***************************** – few lines lost

Veronica: that got shot, the dentist is the one that got shot…

Erik: But, it is really important that we find other ways to have people fulfill their egos.

Veronica: That’s what he’s saying, it’s all ego.

Me: That’s why, you know, hunters go after the exotics to have on their walls because it’s fulfilling their need for ego. It’s like ‘see my penis is bigger than yours’, it’s just kind of like that.

Erik: Look what I did, look what I have, look what I accomplished AND AGAIN it goes back to the money.

Me: yeah, yeah

Erik: Can you pay money to go puff your chest. They are essentially puffing their chest and flapping their wings and they are paying money to do that. Right now, what we are hearing that there is such an inequity, you know, the half’s and the half nots, and all of this. And then there is this whole other group where, because they are bored, they go shoot animals. You know, so something is really esque, but…

Veronica: He assures us…

Erik: …we are getting to the point that we are leveling all of that inequity out.

Me: ok

Erik: We are coming up on that. And the animals, this is great because the place to start is looking how we treat the animal population. Because, their…their human, a soul is a soul.

Me: Yeah!

Erik: And so when we start to regulate things in a different way for animals, we can begin to treat them with respect and we can begin the process of elevating all of that the way, all the way up the chain. So, it’s important!

Me: yeah, of course you get poachers and people who defy the game, the fish and game laws. I remember that my husband was delivering a boat. He was in South Pass, Louisiana, and the people over there were telling him about a story, something that happened that day, a game warden was found slit open with a bunch of ducks stuffed in his abdomen. I guess he must of given them a ticket or something. It’s terrible.

Erik: Again, that’s humanity, that’s contract work, that’s karma playing out. There’s a whole litany of reasons why…

Me: sure…

Erik: But the bottom line is that people can be assholes.

Me: Yeah, and to each other too!

Veronica: Yeah, I know.

Me: Yeah, we know, we know his words. So, what can you tell somebody if they like to go out and do this inhumane hunting, not just to eat but to have trophies on their walls? What can be done to replace that urge, for example, or anything you want to tell me is fine.

Erik: Find out where the urge comes from. What is the urge? His whole premise here is to enlighten us and wake us up. Find the urge, find out what`s fueling it. What are you missing? What`s going on? Because here`s the thing, you know…

Veronica: I love this, I love this…

Erik: People will do anything, at some points in their lives, to avoid looking at what`s really going on.

Me: hm-hm

Erik: If it`s grief, if it`s anger, if it`s disconnect…whatever it is…they will do anything.

Me: Yeah, we don`t want to be uncomfortable!

Erik: No, and but I get it. What about the animal? You don`t take it out on the animal. It`s like you don`t, you don`t do it.

Me: yeah

Erik: And, you know, we have regulations, yes, we get licences, you have to have a licence to shoot, you know. That`s regulated there, but then this loops all the way back around because everything in the human realm…

Veronica: And this is brilliant…

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  • Léon Vrins

    There are many animal communicators, who can tell a lot about what animals think, like, don’t appreciate etc.etc. A few names: Mary Getten, Penelope Smith, Karen Craft, Dawn Baumann Brunke, Joan Ocean, Madeleine Walker. Read their books and you will learn so much. Everybody can learn to communicate with animals, but as in everything, some have more talent than others.
    A very nice book to start with is “Kinship with all life” written by J.Allen Boone. It’s about how Strongheart, a famous dog that acted in many movies, teached him how to communicate with him by telepathy. Finally he even could communicate with a fly…!
    And Veronica, if you want to get rid of your allergy for cats, try the NAET-therapy. Scientists don’t understand how it works, but the results are amazing.

    • Kathy

      I have also used NAET for all kinds of allergies and it worded great. It is a type of acupuncture by the way.

  • Rede

    In my opinion, only one species on this planet urgently needs population control, us humans. A large part of the problems has to do with the immense overpopulation on earth, of currently 8 billion people, and the tendency is rising. 400 years ago there were just 500 million people, which was already a lot.

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