Erik on Animals and Animal Abuse, Part Two

Yesterday’s show was awesome as usual. We spent the entire hour having Erik answer questions from listeners as channeled by Robert Burke. Veronica has a cold and lost her voice, so she wasn’t able to join us. Be sure to send her lots of healing energy, guys! If you missed the show, no worries. Just listen to it below!

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Enjoy Part Two of our series on animals, transcribed by Kerry K. 

Erik: Everything in the human realm is connected. It goes right back to the issue of what we talked about. Gun control.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: …and then we get guns to shoot, and it`s like all interconnected. And the bottom line is…

Veronica: Yes, I agree. He is jumping up and down, and saying…

Erik: The bottom line is we need more love.

Me: Yeah, yes. Bella! (dog shows up in front of screen) She just got a haircut! She looks huge here but she`s only three pounds. Just like the camera puts 10 pounds on her. Ok, so, what are some examples of why somebody would want to hunt exotics to have trophies on their walls? And what, is it that they have been told by their parents, their siblings, or society that they are not enough, they are not good enough. What are some…

Erik: Deprivation. People were deprived, or so they thought, in their life. I didn`t have ‘this’ growing up or we lack ‘this’. Comparison is another reason. Comparing to…get your dick out and see whose is bigger.

Veronica: Sorry, that`s Erik.

Me: That`s Erik, right!

Erik: It`s kind of like, you know, the two professionals that go to the end of the urinal. They say they are not looking, but you know what! They’re looking.

Me: Oh my God.

Erik: If I can go out, and I can do something and I can one up you or at least in my head I think I can go out and one up you, then I feel I`ve won. And so deprivation, comparison, would be reasons. You know, what didn`t you get as a child? “Well, Johnny had these kind of shoes and I have to wear bo-bos.” And so now, I`m a big man now and I`m going to go out and pay money to show the world. But, we saw that that can turn very quickly because, you know, people, humanity has a heart. A collective heart. And with that incident with that animal that was shot…

Veronica: And God forgive me, I can`t remember the name and Erik is not coming through with it.

Erik: Where the dentist shot the animal.

Me: Was it a gorilla?

Veronica: I don`t know what it was.

Me: He channeled that—Harambe.

Veronica: Yeah, Erik help me.

Me: Oh, it`s ok. It doesn`t make any difference.

It was a beloved lion. Now I remember.

Erik: When the dentist did that, he paid all that money to go out and do it. But, look at the backlash. That`s…

Me: Oh, that one`s different, sorry about that. I don`t…yeah.

Erik: That`s the reality of what people really think. Why are we allowing it to happen? But, that didn`t happen in our country. But that`s irrelevant, because the man from our country…went.

Me: Yeah, exactly.

Erik: So…

Me: Shameful. I`ll tell you what, that`s one reason I will never want to be a guy because I would not want to stand at the urinal and have people looking at my stuff! Plus, I don`t want to get it caught in a zipper.

Veronica: (laughing and putting her hand up to the camera)

Me: Those are two strikes against me not wanting to be a guy.

Veronica: (holding her face laughing) Listen, is he going to shake his pelvis at me one more time?

Me: Probably, he will moon you, and he flaunts his junk to a lot of mediums. So, sorry in advance.

Veronica: (disappearing off the screen laughing)

Me: I will tell you that right in advance!

Veronica: I’m your mom for God’s sake! I’m 55, don’t be shaken your pelvis at me.

Me: Erik, Erik, Erik, Erik…what about poachers?

Veronica: (sighs – recovering)

Erik: What about them?

Me: What’s the contract there, if anything, I don’t know, you tell me? How can we stop that?

Erik: Survival. The root of everything in people’s minds is survival. So, the poacher, on some level is…survival. He’s thinking about surviving. So, again, it loops back to that whole greed, you know…is it…go back to meeting the basic needs of a human being. You know the pyramid, what are the basic needs that we all need. And then once we get beyond that we have to have more, and more, and more and then it gets greedy. If people would just chill the hell out and be happy with what they have, instead of trying to figure out that they need more.

Me: Well, I think the real answer to stopping all this abuse is to start as early…you know…children, the children in the world. We need to raise them to love and to respect and honour animals. But, until then what do we do about the labs are doing inhumane testing, the poachers, the hunters that are doing this for ego. What do we do about all that? Or, the people that are slaughtering inhumanely and raising them inhumanely? That’s also horrible!

Erik: An eye for an eye.

Veronica: He’s chuckling…but I think he means it.

Me: Oh, oh. Ok, somebody stick some electrodes in their mouth and asshole.

Veronica: There you go (laughing).

Erik: An eye for an eye. Regulations. We will regulate everything to the nth degree. Don’t even get me started on Big Pharma. Everything is for the almighty buck. The minute that we put our hands in it and start regulating it, it becomes a gamble, it becomes a fiasco, it becomes all about the money…

Me: yes

Erik: …you know, we all know that there are loop-holes to everything, and there are ways to get around it.

Veronica: He is not resigned by any means. I don’t want to give the impression that Erik’s resigned, cause he’s not.

Erik: We need to dissect these big things, and put them in little pieces, and look at the little pieces. So, we start with, what are the regulations? Who’s regulating? What’s the source of the regulation? Why are we even doing this? It’s like, we regulate deer because we don’t want the population to go crazy with deer’s, so whatever. We regulate there, but still, people don’t follow the rules.

Me: No, and sometimes they are not enforced well enough, so that’s a problem. And then you have lobbyists, from Big Pharma, whoever, that grease the palms of politicians so that they don’t necessarily enact the regulations, or create regulations that will protect the animal population.

Erik: You know what, people will find a way to justify anything. In each of our own minds, we believe what we believe and we can evidence to support that belief. And so, that’s how a lot of people…

Veronica: Right (looking up to the right)…

Erik: …lay their head down at night and sleep so soundly because of false or perceived…

Veronica: I’m sorry. (looking up to the right)

Erik: …perceived justification.

Me: Well, deep inside on a conscious level, they must know. But, you know, I guess we will just have to wait until humanity evolves, all and all. And again, I think that partly takes raising our children in a different way, you know.

Erik: Absolutely. Why is it ok that we will have our pets with us and our kids will love the pet, but, you know, we don’t teach them about the hunting and the appropriateness of it. Why we do eat meat?

Veronica: I don’t know what you believe, but my personal belief is, I eat meat. I do.

Me: Yeah, I tend to love it.

Veronica: yeah

Me: Effectively raise it.

Veronica: yeah, exactly (raising her hand, lowering her head)

Me: yeah. Erik says an asparagus soul is just as valuable as a lamb or a cow, whatever.

Erik: Totally, there’s no differentiating. Yes, absolutely.

Me: My husband stopped eating beef because he saw this whole thing on 20-20 about slaughtering about decades ago. And, he says he won’t eat anything with a face. I said you eat chicken, that’s got a face. Well, not really, not a real face. Whaaaaaaaaattt?

Veronica: That’s bad (laughing).

Me: So, it’s so hard to cook in our family because everybody has their different needs.

Erik: Let’s create an equality, let’s create standards, let’s create regulations.

Veronica: He really doesn’t have the answer for that, or the desire to go into that right now.

Me: That’s fine. You know, we’ll get there. But raising our children without ego, without fear, and the anger and such that comes with it. I think, you know, I think teaching our kids humility, that will go a long way, but that’s going to take a generation, or two or three. Alright, well thank you Erik.

Erik: Respect! Respect, teach respect for every living thing.

Me: Right, absolutely!

Erik: Equal respect.

Me: Even in inanimate objects too!

Erik: Of course

Veronica: Yeah (laughing – looking up to the right), you don’t want to know what he’s saying (laughing).

Me: Alright, so, you guys can visit Veronica at Anything else you want to share?


Veronica: Ah, no, thank you, that’s perfect. Angel readings are what you are looking for when you visit me.

Me: All right, that’s awesome. And sometimes she has deals when you book a session with her she will give you an angel reading, right?

Veronica: Yeah, well, you get a numerology. I do numerology.

Me: Oh, there we go, that’s it.

Veronica: My heart and soul is in this, but you have to remind me, gently remind me, gently remind me, because…

Me: All right.

Veronica: It’s been a whirlwind, and I want to give you, but you need to gently remind me.

Me: About the numerology?

Veronica: yes

Me: Ok, y’all visit the blog at Erik spelled with a ‘k’ and also go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and find our two books. “My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations with the Other Side” and…

Veronica: (putting two thumbs up)

Me: …Erik’s book, “My Life after Death a Memoir from Heaven.” All right, see you guys!

Veronica: Bye. (waving, smiling)

Me: Bye, bye. (smiling)


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