Erik on Antarctica, Part Two

I have a pet peeve. Well, many. Here’s one I encountered today. We have several sheet sets for the beds in our house and for some reason, even though we bought some recently, no set is complete. It’s mostly the pillowcases that are missing! I’m the only one who does the wash and I alone put up the laundry so I’m flummoxed. Argh! I bet it’s in some other dimension where all the missing sock mates are. 

Enjoy the last post on Antarctica!

Me: What do they use it for or what can the vortex be used for? Is it a portal used to travel between dimensions? Just give me all of its uses, if there are any! Can you go in it to make yourself feel good or…?

Kim: He’s going to talk from our side first, like for human use.

Me: Okay.

Kim listens, then laughs.

Kim: He’s such a dude! He keeps going, “Easy access! Easy access!”

I chuckle.

Erik: It is an easy access to other dimensions. Because of the naturally high vibrations, for humans, if they travel to this area, it can be very over-stimulating, energetically. That’s because it raises our vibration naturally. So when you’re in that place and in that state, it’s very easy to communicate beyond the physical realm. Humans can reach out beyond the veil much easier when we’re in these types of electromagnetic fields.

Me: So you’re talking about communication with you? You’re talking about communication with spirits in Heaven?

Erik: Yeah. Communication beyond all physical. And interdimensional beings can travel through there. From my side, though, this is a place where it’s easy for us to communicate and for us to get through. It naturally fosters the process.

Kim: What he’s showing is, um, gosh, it’s so hard to put into words! It’s like trying to—I don’t know if he can even give an example!

Erik: It’s the frequency. It’s the vibration that makes it so easy to exist within. It’s like going to a place with a much lower, denser vibration. It’s nearly impossible for us to get through. That’s why you have people all over the world who have crazy experiences and other people who say they never hear from their loved ones. That’s because it not only has to do with the frequencies at your personal level like where your consciousness, is, but also with the location you’re in, too.

Me: The geography?

Erik nods his head.

Me: Wow.

Erik: Antarctica is a place where it’s known to us. This is a known place, a hot spot where we can travel to, so if people did travel there, I wouldn’t be surprised, if they had the right equipment, if it were so easy to pick up EVPs.

Me: Oh, I bet.

Kim: He’s showing the veils being very, very thin and easy to cross through there.

Erik: Take Jamie. If she were to go there, she’s very gifted anyway, but if she were to go there and try to trance channel, it’d be easier.

Me: Yeah, tons easier. There we go. Another Channeling Erik event. Antarctica 2018!

Kim laughs.

Kim: Lord, save my soul!

Me: So if we went there, we could pick up spirits and EVPs and all that much better, but we couldn’t actually travel to another dimension through that portal, right?

Erik: No, because humans are still too attached to their own thought processes and those keep them grounded.

Me: Okay.

I swear, is that my favorite word or what?

Erik: It keeps them on the earthly plane in this experience.

Me: Oh yeah, sure.

Erik: You may have a few that have legit out of body experiences, but for a human to actually vanish and travel to another dimension, we’re too attached for that still.

Me: Okay.

There it is again.

Me: Is there anything under the ice at all? It’s probably just a little postage stamp sized piece of land! Nah, I’m teasing.


Me: Like isn’t there a lake under there or something?

Kim: He’s not giving me anything.

Me: Oh, okay. One last question: What is sacred geometry and what does it have to do with this? Maybe we need a whole session on sacred geometry! I don’t know.

Kim: Yeah, I’ve heard about it; I’ve seen it; I just don’t know anything about it. Let’s see.

(Long pause as Kim listens.)

Kim: So this is where the [bad] language comes in because when he gets fired up about something, his language does, too. His language gets all colorful.

She giggles.

Me: Uh oh!

Erik (with eyes widened): Sacred geometry will freak you the fuck out! It is everything. It’s in everything. It’s a part of everything, and everything exists within it. It will overwhelmingly show you—for you, Mom, I think you’ll like this because of your scientific nature—it shows how everything is connected and how everything affects everything else. It’s this infinite web that connects everything.

Kim: Well, how come you showed me that triangle with all the lines through it and then it like turned into an octagon?


Kim: He’s showing different shapes.

Erik: The different shapes and the different lines in them are the way that it’s divided up. No matter what we’re talking about, a blade of grass or a tree or a body, everything, Mom, has a rhythm to it, and that rhythm puts off a frequency that’s measured through geometry.

Me: Okay. You think we should do a separate thing on sacred geometry?

Kim: Yeah, because he has a LOT to say about this. He’s kind of going in and showing the universal concept and the universal effect and, I mean, how everything is connected through this. He’s talking about rhythms and how one affects the other and the scale—what is it? Newton’s Law. He keep saying that.

Me: Well, we’ll have a different session, maybe right after this one; I don’t know. One last question on Antarctica: You say there’s a really high frequency there. Do you know what that frequency is and, if so, can’t we duplicate that in a lab somewhere and achieve the same result of being able to communicate to the other side so easily?

Not to mention teleporting to other dimensions!

Kim: He’s answering your second question first.

Erik: You can duplicate it. It can be done, but there’s a big difference between it naturally occurring and being manmade. Sure, it might still have the same “number,” “recording” or whatever you want to call it, but if it were to occur naturally, it would have a more profound effect on you. If it were to be manmade, you might pick up on it or feel something especially if you’re a person that practices communicating beyond the veil, but humans would be more impacted by the one that occurs naturally.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Especially through clairvoyance.

Kim: He keeps pointing to the third eye, and when you talk about a number, I guess we’re going to use Hertz because I see H-Z.

Me: Okay.

Kim: He’s going up above 800 Hz.

Me: Wow, okay.

My vocabulary just keeps getting better and better.

Kim: He keeps going up; he keeps raising it. He goes, “Eight hundred” but then he keeps going up.

Erik: Even if it is manmade, it’s not the same.

Kim: Okay, he’s showing me over here (She refers to her left) it’s manmade, and over here (She refers to her right) it’s natural.

Erik: The manmade vibration is still has more density to it whereas in the naturally occurring one, it seems easier for me to come through and communicate.

Kim: He’s using color, too, to describe it. So, over here (to her left) where it’s more dense, he’s showing more red while over here (to her right) where it’s naturally occurring, he’s showing me an iridescent white/silvery color. It’s really interesting.

Me: Well why? What’s the difference?

Kim: Yeah, why would it be different?

Me: Maybe there’s no sacred geometry involved?

Kim (widening her eyes and flinging her hands to the sides of her head): Yes, I can’t believe you just said that! I cannot believe you just said that!

Me: Oh, wow. I just popped into my head. I must have channeled him. Cool!

Kim: See? You do! He started to go back and talk about sacred geometry.

Erik: See, Kim? See? You need to learn about sacred geometry because it shows how everything is affected by everything else. Nothing exists independently. Everything is linked through sacred geometry. Now with the manmade frequencies, it’s connected, right? It’s affected by the people making it and the equipment making it, too, so it’s going to be impacted by these whereas with the naturally occurring one, it’s less affected by you to exist.

Me: Maybe if we create some geodesic dome with sacred geometry type links, triangles and all that and then raise the vibration under it, would that help? Can we create the sacred geometry that would be necessary? And then that’s it. We have to close!

Erik: You can. It would be very intense. It would take deep focus, but you can.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik (laughing): You guys should see the shit you create with your thoughts and emotions! You should see the stuff you create!

Me: Oh my god, it must be scary!

Erik: If you could see the direct feedback of what your thoughts do, you’d think less and feel more.

Me: My thoughts go everywhere. Mine are ker-ay-zee! All right, I love you, Erik, and I’ll talk to you in a few. Kim, I will talk to you in a few, too! I like that. “I will talk to you in an few, too.”

Say that several times really fast. I dare you.

Erik: I love you, Mom.

Me: Bye, I love you.

Beautiful Antarctica

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