Erik Barges in Again!

A blog member came across another YouTube video where, toward the end, Erik goes into the body of trance channeler, JC Ariel Ybarra. I produced a clip only of that segment because the original YouTube is over 3 hours long! In viewing it, I can attest to the fact that these are Erik’s mannerisms, his voice inflections, his sentence structuring, etc. Pretty amazing! I was really surprised by the part where he talks about me. Love my baby boy!

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Elisa Medhus

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  • Dustin Ebaugh

    Cool! It’s neat to see Erik in a male body. I’ve only seen him in Jamie before. Thanks for sharing Dr. Medhus!

  • It does look like there’s someone in his body and he’s certainly got a way of Erik communication from my working experience with Erik – he looks very comfortable in that body that’s for sure

  • Ash. T

    Oooh I was so excited to listen to Erik talk make me realise how much I love him. The ear chakras open in anticipation, and the antennae come out. 🙂 I loved “when stars align to make special star beings amazing shit happens. I paused and wrote it in notes. I was thinking about how Erik was so overwhelmed with his feelings for Elisa, and I asked myself was it Amy who asked the question. I then loved “you get your own confirmations and validations from the universe, you just have to be aware of them” I paused and wrote that down in notes. When I returned the clip was back at the start again. I didn’t have time to listen to it all again from the beginning so I went to the end of the black line ( as much as had been downloaded) and it was the overwhelming silence and Amy saying “this is Amy” so I feel Erik took me back to this part again because I was feeling strongly on it. And also answered my question was her name Amy? . I then pushed to the end of the black downloading line and it was back at where I’d paused “you get your own confirmation…… Like Erik was saying ok you have your answer now you listened to my silence once more now you can continue on from where you left. 🙂 hope this comes out ok as I’m not so good at expressing verbally but feel compelled to share. I feel Erik wanted me to feel how much he loved his mom.

  • Justin Ybarra

    this was such an amazing experience!!! the feelings of such intensity flowed through every cell of my being!!!! the love i felt in that moment for Sister Goddess Elisa was simply gorgeous blissful… i felt like i wanted to teleport and give her the biggest hug and kiss while crying the most happiest tears of joy and laughter!!!! god brother Erik has come through me 1 time out of nowhere like this during a healing session with a friend that lives in Texas as well!!! my intention is to express my truest heart felt appreciation gratitude for his friendship, tutelage, as well as sister goddess dr elisa, thank you and sister goddess jaime for blessing me with a gift that keeps giving…AND PRANKING THA SHIT OUTTA ME!!! my infinite unconditional love gratitude appreciation acceptance understanding God/Source Bless, namaste, JC Ariel Ybarra

    • Justin, I put the name in wrong and will change it to JC Ariel Ybarra. Is that okay?

    • Okay, I changed the name. Thank you so much for using your gift to give my boy a voice. And he sure has one, doesn’t he?

  • Wallace Brown

    Question: How can one be 100% sure that it is indeed Erik being channelled and not just a case of one having watched the videos of Jamie etc and has resorted to mimicking him? (Yep, this is me being awfully discerning :-))

    • Ash. T

      Ooh I just have to read Justin Ybarra comments and I can feel how beautiful and authentic he is. Good to be discerning. I’ve always been too trusting. I trust that Elisa would know.

    • It’s always possible. Still, that would make him a genius at mimicking Erik’s gestures.

      • Raylene nuanes

        I confermed it with Erik even though I had no doubts.

  • Amanda Grieme

    LOVEEEEEEE it!!!!

  • Raylene nuanes

    This is so awsome Erik is so amazing ! He has been bothering me to get nachos for months now,well nachos from 7/11 he said he loves them I just never believed him lol so for him to guide me to this and here him say get some nachos made my day !I also received so many messages through this trance channel .I don’t know if anyone noticed Erik’s hands but he kept making circles and triangles ,and diamonds out if them ,well he has been doing that with my hands for months now .lately when I have been doing automatic drawing and wtitting with Erik my guides have been giving us lots of symbols and I finnaly got my answers out of all this. Thanks Elisa and Justin ybarra

    • Justin Ybarra

      love this confirmations and validations!!! thank you infinitely!!

      • Raylene nuanes

        Thank you

      • Raylene nuanes

        Thank u justin

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