Erik Being Erik

Story #1

I have an Erik story-I assume it was him because it seems like something he would do, lol…

My mom and I have been staying in a hotel since December 29th, 2015. We had an interior, electrical fire. We made it out unscathed, thank god. But, between insurance hold ups and slow construction workers we still reside in ‘ol room number 33.

Anyway, getting to the point, I saw everyone’s orb videos and wanted to see some myself. So mom and I lay in dark calling upon anyone in our spirit family, guides, angels, etc. to manifest themselves in the form of ball of light or an orb or what have you. We weren’t having any luck so I called upon Erik to do something. Still nothing. So, I told mom, ‘It may take some time so let’s just go to sleep.’

We did and when we woke up, the Do Not Disturb sign was hanging on the inside of the back entrance to our room. The thing is we never have it on the back door. It’s always hanging on the front door going out to the hallway.

Until this morning.

Someone moved it while we were sleeping and my first thought was ERIK.

Story #2


I wanted to say thank you for creating this blog/website. I was a bit skeptical about all this stuff here, but I’m learning it is real. Yesterday, I was visiting the blog, viewing some of the videos of Erik before he died, in particular, the one video where Erik was a new uncle holding Arlene. When you were filming him asking all of the questions, I noticed that he seemed to be kind of quiet. Was he one of those quieter kids in school? Anyways after watching that video I kind of “connected” to him. I was one of those quieter kids in school, just kind of stayed away, kept to myself.

Okay, back to my point. I had a dream that Erik brought me my deceased kitty. I’m missing him so much, and Erik brought him to me in my dream. I didn’t see Erik per se, but I could strongly feel his energy, his presence. I think he stayed just out of picture because he wanted to let me have time with my kitty, Tommy. Yet, he stayed just close enough so I could feel his presence and know that it was him.

I got to bond with Tommy and spend quality time with him. Also, he could talk. It’s hard to explain his voice, but my Tommy was talking to me. When my time visiting with Tommy was up, I actually woke up and could still feel Erik’s presence, I believe this was his way of letting me know that my visit with Tommy was real. I felt so happy.

Erik was so nice and caring. He didn’t play any of his pranks on me. He was just so kind. I guess he knew I was mourning, and he just wanted to give me this gift of time with Tommy and that’s it, not play any pranks or anything else but just emit a loving energy. He knew I wasn’t ready for anything else yet. Thank you Erik for your wonderful gift. Thank you Elisa for sharing your son with us. Best wishes to you and your family.

Lovely stories. They really warm my heart. I’m so proud of my son. 

Many of you requested an interview of Dolores Cannon. It took me a while to get to her because frankly, I didn’t really know much about her. I hope you enjoy!

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  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    That’s a lovely story of Erik bringing her kitten to her. Thank you. Elisa, I would like to make a suggestion for a question to Erik: what’s happening with the Podesta brothers, Comet Pizza, Besta Pizza and James Elafantis. They’ve been in the news lately after WikiLeaks released some emails in which there are FBI-confirmed pedophile code words. It’s all pretty sick and twisted. If Erik doesn’t want to go there, I understand.

    • Okay, I’ll put it on my list or you can call in during the radio show!

      • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

        I would LOVE to call in during the radio show, but I’m in Australia. I’ve tried working out the time difference, but I’ve been unsuccessful.

      • I think there are time zone converters on the web if you google it.

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