Erik on Chakras, Part Two

Check out this very poignant video, courtesy of our new guest medium, Veronica Drake, about our boy Erik. She’s received an enormous amount of praise for her channeling here, and is planning to offer the same question and answer sessions as Raylene and Emma soon. She’s AWESOME! If you want to contact her, click HERE before she books up for months!

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Here’s the last part of the Chakra series followed by the video version for those who prefer that. If you haven’t already done so, please subscribe to the YouTube channel. I’m almost at 30,000 subscribers. Help me get there!

Me: Okay, what about the solar plexus?

Erik: That’s the one everyone can relate to. Everyone’s had experiences with this one.

Me: Butterflies in the stomach?

Erik: Yeah. Everyone can relate to having that gut feeling. It’s who you are and why you do what you do. This is where a lot of your internal drive comes from, your motivation. This is your intuitive, expanded self-awareness. Think supernatural. This is where some of these experiences begin to happen like ESP, seeing something before it happens.

Me: Oh yeah.

Erik: You pull that in energetically here. Even feeling the emotions of an event before it happens. Like a spouse might feel a loss before or when it happens, before they actually get the news. This is huge, Mom. This is a big energy center in the body.

Kim: He’s showing it taking up a lot of “space.” He shows it feeding from the lower chest all the way down to the belly button. So, look at the gall bladder, the stomach, the pancres—

Me: The liver, probably.

Erik: –the kidneys, the healthy function of everything in this area. If you have issues anywhere at this level, you have a lack of awareness or presence in this chakra. So, it can manifest in a million different ways. Think of injuries like broken ribs and things like that, too.

Me: Oh yeah.

Erik: It doesn’t have to be a disease or illness. It can be an injury manifested energetically for a reason. Pay attention. A lot of people will get the feeling but don’t honor it. They don’t listen to that gut feeling. I wish people would pay more attention to what they feel in their gut.

Me: Yeah!

Erik: If you get butterflies when you’re going to meet someone or when you’re going to do something, it’s generally because you’re expanding or evolving outside of your comfort zone. The butterflies are the awareness; the soul body is having an awareness of expansion and growth.

Me: Okay.

Erik: The trick is to be present instead of reacting.

Me: Okay, so basically, drink lemonade, eat lemons, eat summer squash, anything yellow, clothes and sheet, yellow. What about aromatherapy?

Kim (smiling): Yeah, it’s so funny because you and him are just on it. Right before you said, “summer squash,” he showed an image of it.

Me: Oh my god! That’s awesome.

Kim: It’s cool how in sync you guys are.

Erik: For aromatherapy, think citrus, think lighter smells. That’s because citrus scents, in general, raise your vibration. When you smell it, there’s a chemical reaction in the brain.

Kim: I don’t know that whole process.

Erik: But these are all suggestions, hands on things to do.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: Just remember that your intentions play a huge role. So if you’re going to eat squash or you’re going to eat strawberries, put your intentions to it, too. “I’m present and grounding through my root (or whatever) chakra as I eat these strawberries or lemons.”

Me: Okay. What about the heart chakra? To me, that seems like a biggie.

Erik: Well, yeah, that’s who you are. That’s where you’re born, that’s where you’re made, that’s the essence of who you are.

Me: Are you talking about everybody? You’re talking about everybody, not just me, right?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: People in general, yeah.

Erik: If you have someone with a rotten heart, it’s just a lack of presence [with the heart chakra.] I’m talking about mean people.

Me: Ugh.

Erik: It’s green with a really pale pink in the middle and, again, it’s just a flow. It’s like an emerald green. When it gets ill or deprived, those colors look murky or cloudy.

Kim: After we go through all of the chakras, he wants to give a visualization technique.

Me: Oh my god! I just wrote that down at the end as my last question! Dang!

Kim (chuckling): You’re channeling him. It’s awesome! Super cool.

Erik: So, the heart chakra is where we’re born, where we’re made and where we take in and feel and experience a lot but also where we judge.

Kim: I don’t know if that’s the right word.

Erik: It’s kind of like how we determine our being in correlation to things around us. The expanded heart chakra, a good healthy one, is going to show someone who’s easily compassionate, who’s easily vulnerable with other people, but too much energy in that area, I hate to say it, are the pushovers.

Me: Mm. The doormats.

Erik: Yeah, they have the disease to please. They want to please everybody, and they want to share their compassion, but in turn, they neglect themselves. They neglect loving themselves. They find their identity in doing for others and get lost in the mix.

(Kim listens)

Kim: Oh wow. This is going to be a whole other session!

Erik: That also then creates an energy cord to the root chakra, and then they begin to feed each other. So this is like—and don’t take this the wrong way. Just try to follow me here, people—this is almost like an inappropriate relationship with people. It’s a malalignment at the heart and the root where you’re trying to do much to please people.

Me: Okay, right.

Erik: Then you’re taking from your own self. That’s maybe a whole other session we can do.

Me: So they can drink green tea, eat green food, wear green clothes. I don’t want to run out of time.

Erik: Yeah, I’m big on teas, so get your green tea, get your green herbs, your greens. There’s a wide variety of greens that you can take in. A lack of presence or energy flow in the heart chakra can of course cause heart problems, breathing issues like lungs, the respiratory system.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: All of those things start to become affected.

Kim: He’s showing congestive heart failure if you have stagnant energy there. He’s showing stagnant circulation and fluid buildup, all sorts of different things.

Me: What kind of aromatherapy would help?

Kim: He’s using the word, “botanicals” so sweet smells.

Erik: Patchouli—

Me: Like floral smells?

Erik: Yeah like flowers. Really sweet smells raises your vibration.

Kim: We could do a whole session on the heart. He’s saying so much about it!

Erik: When the emotions begin affecting us, we carry that on the heart and we don’t need to. We’ll get into that maybe a different time.

Me: Okay. Well, let’s move on to the throat chakra. That’s blue. Self-expression and communication, right?

Erik: Yeah, Mom, and it’s comfort with that, too like contentment with expressing who you are and being able to speak your truth, to be truthful about who you are—

Me: To yourself and others so it’s not only to communicate honestly with others but to communicate honestly with yourself as well, right?

Erik: Yeah, and this chakra is probably the most mysterious to most people because we live in a world where we try to create a certain image of who we are. We often aren’t expressing who we are. We’re expressing who we think we are and who we’ve made ourselves to be in the world around us. With a lack of energy flow in this area, you’re going to see people with recurrent laryngitis, vocal cord issues, breathing issues, acid reflux—

Kim: I used to have such bad acid reflux that my esophagus would narrow and I’d have to get it dilated many different times. It was miserable.

Me: Oh!

Kim: Because I’d choke on food. It’s funny. After I came out of the closet as a medium, all that stuff stop happening!

Me: You were allowed to express yourself as a medium, yeah! So what kind of aromatherapy would you use for the throat chakra?

Erik: Fresh, clean and salty scents.

Kim: Salty? That’s weird. I don’t know how you can get salty to be a smell.

Erik: What about a salty ocean breeze?

Me: Ah, yeah.

Erik: This is one of the ones that people need the most help with, expressing who they are. Some people know who they are but they don’t know how to express it.

Kim: He’s showing me lighter scents, but he’s not showing me specific kinds. It’s almost like a bitter/sweet smell.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Of course for all of the chakras, drink water. That keeps energy moving.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Since the throat chakra is blue, eat blueberries.

Me: So eat anything blue.

That’s a short list.

Erik: I don’t care; sit and gaze at the sky!

Me: Oh, yeah!

Erik: What you’re doing with these colors is you’re creating an identity with them and bringing them back into who you are.

Me: Okay, what’s the next chakra? Is it the crown chakra?

I totally have a mental block.

Me: Or is it the third eye? Or is that the same as the crown chakra? I can’t remember!

Kim: No, there’s the third eye, and then there’s the crown.

Me: Okay, really briefly, when the third eye chakra is messed up, what happens?

Erik: That’s the fun one. When it’s messed up, you’re going to see headaches, sinus issues, eye issues, hearing issues, all sorts of things in that area.

Me: What color is it? It’s purple, right?

Erik: It’s a purple/violet. You can also have dizziness, and cognitive issues. It sort of feeds into cognitive function, but that’s kind of getting into the crown chakra, too.

Me: What’s the purpose of the third eye chakra?

Erik: To bring in information beyond what you think you see.

He laughs.

Erik: Of course all the material things in front of you—you look beyond that, see beyond that. It allows you to see the truth in everything in many different ways and to create, to imagine. By creating and imagining and visualizing, we create our reality. It’s our internal computer. You know how in cartoons, you see this little tiny person operating this great big—like Ironman. Think about Ironman. There’s a computer behind it, operating it, making it function.

Me: Okay.

Erik: We use the third eye to operate by creating, imagining, envisioning reality for ourselves. We create our life through that.

Kim: He keep referring to it as a mini-computer.

Me: Cool! So of course eat purple things like plums, wear purple, etc. What aromatherapy scents will help the third eye chakra?

Erik: Blackberries, too!

Me: Oh, yeah.

Kim: He keeps referring to all of these floral scents like roses, sweet scents.

Me: Okay.

Erik (to Kim): Have you ever heard of nod champa? It’s like a scent.

Kim: I’ve heard of it, but I don’t know if I’m saying it right.

Erik: It’s a good stimulant for the third eye chakra. You can use crystals, too.

Me: Oh yeah! Crystals can be used for all of these chakras; you’re right! What ever the color of the chakra is, yeah, put them under your pillow, carrying them in your pocket, whatever.

Kim: He just lied down and place a crystal on his forehead. That’s where the third eye chakra is, so…

Me: What about the crown chakra?

Kim: He’s showing me it being indigo, white and gold.

Me: Okay.

Erik: This is where you download intuitive information and is where all psychic connections happen like mediumship and telepathy. All of those different things are highly connected to this field of energy. It’s a very high frequency.

Me: Do you connect to Source through this—and All That Is?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Okay. What does it affect?

Erik: The head like headaches, clarity of thought, memory, all of those different things. When you feel like you can’t think straight or you have a headache—

Kim: But he’s saying there are different kinds of headaches, too. He’s pulling up so much information!

Erik: So if you have “ailments” like these, try to be present. You can do that through meditation because that’s presence. You can sit and set your intention to see or visualize, and then you’re present in the moment. That’s the key to opening and stimulating the chakras, especially the top two. But meditation is different from one person to the next. I want to get to the visualization technique to clear them all—

Me: Wait, wait. Before you do that, what’s the aromatherapy for the crown chakra?

Erik: Same as for the third eye chakra, the nog champa.

Me: Okay, go on with the visualization exercise.

Erik: Yeah, and the floral scents for the top chakras.

Kim: There are two visualization exercises that he wants to show us. The first is the one that he calls “The Bubble Visualization.”

Erik: If it’s the root chakra that you’re trying to replenish, put yourself inside a red bubble so that no matter where you look, it seems like you’re looking through a red filter. You’re creating a presence in that light field. You can do that with any of the chakras like you can put yourself in a violet bubble and see everything with that filter over it. Visualization is powerful, so when you bring that in and perceive everything through that color, you’re bringing in that light, that energy field, back in.

Me: Okay.

Erik: The other one that I like a little bit better is one you can do in the shower, but you don’t have to. See all the colors if you can, and if you see or feel like any of them are lacking or if you’re noticing certain patterns that correlate with a certain chakra, then you can begin to give it life, give it energy. Basically, you just have to be aware of it. Just put your awareness there and pay attention to it. If it feels like nothing is happening or it feels slow, give it faster energy, and as it begins to spin or flow, it’ll begin to flow fast enough so that any discoloration or murkiness spins off. Same thing in the shower. You can imagine any of that murkiness washing off and falling away. The key is your intentions and your ability to let go of the identity you’ve created with it. I mean all these dark spots on your chakras, listen to what they are and the identity you’ve created with it and let go of that identity. Don’t let it define you.

Me: Okay.

Erik: That lack of light or dark spot will then dissolve.

Me: Okay, anything else before we close?

Erik: I love you!

He blows kisses.

Me: I love you, too!

We close in the usual way.

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