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We’re packing up and getting ready to return from our camping trip. Not much going on here in Onalaska, TX. Just a camping KOA by the lake. I miss my kids and grand babies, so the one hour drive will be long!

Don’t forget tomorrow at 7 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. Guest, Charles Osburn, will discuss the art of surrender. Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik.

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Praise #1

Dear Elisa,

A friend of mine who is a Hindu monk and fellow Vedic astrologer sent me the link to your website. He did not know that I myself had had multiple attempts at suicide throughout adolescence and young adulthood. I am now 30 years old, and, in some sense, a suicide survivor.

When I was younger, I suffered greatly from the effects of bullying, my father leaving my family and perfectionism. I was in therapy for over 10 years, CBT, DBT, and on psychotropic medications. None of it worked, and I sank deeper. I began self-harming, tried to overdose on pills and drank alcohol to numb the pain. In my darkest moments, I knew that I was somehow held by an invisible divine force working for me in my life. My blind faith in that force, as well as my mother’s unconditional love for me, were the only things that got me through.

Your website is incredibly important for the healing of young troubled souls. It is not their fault (it is no one’s fault) that they are troubled. The world sadly often does not understand that their pain is also their greatest strength. The pain cuts to the core of what it means to be human and can bring us to the highest unconditional compassion if we let it.

I currently run my own business teaching yoga, meditation and holistic health. I work with children who also suffer with anxiety. I work with women who have undergone sexual abuse like me, and who are afraid of standing up for themselves in co-dependent relationships. These were the only things that have worked in dealing with my periods of darkness and dryness when they arise. Over the years, though, I have learned how to accept them and love them for how much they open me up to my heart and compassion. I truly believe the darkness is a gift from God in this way. And, no matter what happens, it will never overtake us.

As I discern a monastic calling, spending much time (consciously now) in the darkness and silence, I am realizing how my life and my continual healing is more than just about me. I no longer want to enclose myself. The world needs to hear these voices that cry out from the darkness, praising God’s name and the tragic beauty of what it means to be a human being.

I will keep you, your family, and Erik in my prayers.

Praise #2

At a session with a medium, Erik helped me through multiple questions I had, including my Mom, then me and Dad’s rashes from poisoning diet, to relationships with parents. The generation gap between me and parents can be strengthened by their lack of modern views on parenting- growing up in strict China, having the “parent authority (ego)”. Erik helped me get over the negative energy, as one morning, out of nowhere, i just felt like kissing my Dad and that broke our ice. My Dad later said it’s a magical day in his view! What’s really funny was when my grandpa showed up by the later half of the session, they looked at each other, and Erik made my grandpa do a same-level high-5 with him with grandpa’s hand going backward to his back. Like you see those basketball players do! So cool. My grandpa was a 80 year old strict-faced, meticulous, introvert Chinese engineer who never allowed “no” from his kids. It’s amusing to imagine that image when the medium laughed and told me Erik has a way with people to do things outside their character.


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  • KG

    Hi all. I wondered whether you could do an interview on the people / children in the Moors Murders in the uk. There’s still one child that was never found

  • Linda

    How about Margot and Anne Frank.

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