Erik on Cuba, Part Two

So, looking at the poll, it seems like a majority of you would like to see more “regular” people interviewed, so I think we’ll start out with channeling Emma’s Higher Self. That spurred another idea in my tiny little brain. What about having a contest where the winner’s Higher Self is channeled? Do you think that’s a good idea? I might post one Friday. I have to think of a good question. Any suggestions?

My little Yorkie, Bella, has been acting strange lately. She’s been looking excitedly up at the branches of our lemon tree as if there’s a squirrel up there but there is none! Personally, I think she’s seeing the spirit of our squirrel, Suki. Let me back up. We had a tree guy remove a lot of the dead branches on an old oak tree, and unfortunately, he knocked two baby squirrels out of their nest and killed the mama. So my daughter, Annika, and I took them into the house and fed them kitten milk every two hours for weeks. When they were old enough, I made a squirrel house with two exit ports (to protect them from predators, and fed them things in the backyard that they would ordinarily eat like pecans and acorns. I fed them in a way that they wouldn’t see my face so they wouldn’t associate the food with humans. That way, they’d have a better chance of adapting to the wild. Eventually, my husband anchored their little house high up in the oak tree. One squirrel adapted perfectly, but her sister, Suki, still wanted our attention. Every morning, she’s knock at our door incessantly until we gave her some walnuts. Whenever she saw us, she’s sit in our lap expectantly. The scariest part was whenever we drove into the garage. She’s chase us into the house expecting walnuts, but if she caught up with us, she’d crawl up our legs and those little claws are like razors. They cut you to shreds. Many times, I’d be stuck in the car with her at my car door waiting, so I’d have to frantically text or call one of the kids to say, “Quick, throw out some walnuts!” She lived for several years, partly adapted to the wild, and had several babies. Eventually, she died from an abscess on her leg, probably as a result of a predator’s attack or a fight with another squirrel. I feel her spirit in that lemon tree, and I know that Bella sees her, too. 

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Me: Well, Erik, what good is it going to do when you just told us it’ll be an eternity of an oppressive existence?

Kim: He has a big old “but” at the end of his message.

Erik: But, I do feel like—

Kim: First of all, for whatever reason, it’s important for Erik to acknowledge that Cuba is not a strong threat to us.

Erik: As all of this begins to take place and unfold, they won’t be a threat to us. Trump will be able to weasel his way in more and more and more with each step he takes. With his leadership, Trump will be able to heavily influence what happens there, but he won’t take over.

Of course not!

Erik: He won’t take over the way it’s run, the way the country is run. It’s already determined. It’s already slotted out.

Kim: I don’t know if it’s their system and how their system already determines who’s next, but it’s going to be hard to break that system that’s already in place.

Me: Yeah. Russia is talking about reopening bases and stuff. Is that going to be a threat? A Bay of Pigs threat?

Erik shakes his head.

Me: Okay, good. Well maybe you can ask, I want to ask Fidel—you can just ask him remotely or bring him in—what he thinks about his country and the way he governed it. I don’t need a full-fledged interview with him. He can stand in line behind everyone else!

Kim: He’s connecting remotely with him, and again, I don’t know anything about this person. Erik makes me feel like he stands behind his purpose and the movement he brought about. He governed through fear. He used fear tactics to govern the people.

Me: Is he saying it sure was a mistake to be a brutal dictator? He can talk about whether it was a contract or not. I want to hear words.

Kim: Erik is cupping his hand around his ear and acting like a channel. This is what I hear.

Fidel: I stand behind my purpose and what I do.

Kim: “What I do,” not “What I did.” Now, energetically, he’s showing that his purpose—he’s showing a lot of damage, but control through fear.

Fidel: And I know that. I know I had control through fear, but I have no remorse.

Me: Well, was it his contract?

Fidel: Yes, exactly. One way or another, I’d do whatever it took to have control. Control through fear was the easiest way for me. I think that part is going to diminish, the control through fear, but it’ll still be extremely abrasive as far as consequences go when people don’t abide by regulations and laws.

Erik (with a serious tone): But you can’t expect change over one turnover.

Me: Oh, that’s true.

Kim: I just feel like it’s because of the country itself and its traditions.

Erik: You can’t expect change to be like night and day with just one new leader.

Me: No, of course not.

Erik: The traditions are so deeply instilled, that it’ll take multiple leaders to create changes. The lingering collateral effects will continue to perpetuate the changes needed. Eventually, Mom, a long time down the line, it will become a place of peace and freedom.

Me: Oh, good. How long? Generations? Decades? Seven years? What’s it looking like? I know free will can change everything.

Erik: It’ll be past 25 years.

Me: Okay, but hopefully, it’ll incrementally get better.

Erik: Yeah, and it’s not like it’s going to take until then to see changes, but what I’m talking about now, the peace and freedom, it will begin, but it’ll be at a snail’s pace.

Me: It’s been so long since they had freedom. I don’t know if they know what that looks like. So Fidel, you think the way you governed—you killed and imprisoned so many and you have so many restrictions on freedom—do you think that was right?

Fidel: There is no right or wrong. The need to react to it that way is the human mind, the human emotions, the human self.

Me: That’s what Erik says.

Kim: He has a very heavy tone, very heavy vibration.

Fidel: I stand behind the purpose in what my being caused. (in a matter-of-fact tone) The ripple effect, the collective experience—my purpose was this: To create change in a drastic way—

Kim: He said, “harmful” at first, and then he changed it.

Fidel: –because the ultimate effect is going to be the individual becoming internally directed or guided instead of externally guided. The bigger picture of all of this is to create a people, a collective, that will eventually turn to themselves for direction, peace, harmony—

Me: Because that’s all they have control over. They don’t have any control over the external influences, so that makes sense. You’re so externally controlled that all you have control over is your self-direction. Is that what it is?

Fidel: That is what it’s about. And even with the most drastic and derogatory events and circumstances, one can maintain hope through their own inner self and their own inner emotions.

Kim: He’s very—it’s not like he’s hard to understand. He’s just very careless, maybe? When Erik’s here, he’s very focused and very like, “HERE’S the information!” Fidel is all over the place.

Me: Okay.

Kim (to Fidel): Can you focus? He’s kind of pacing and wandering around, throwing his hands around. He just seems very careless. I’m not sure how to describe him.

Fidel: Pushing individuals through circumstances to force them to look internally to restore their own hope for themselves and by themselves is the bigger picture of the cause of my being, my incarnation.

Me: Interesting. Instead of looking for hope through others, teach them how to find hope for themselves.

Kim: Yeah, because he makes me feel like whatever he did in his physical life, if they were to have relied on external anything, hopelessness would have been right in front of them.

Me: Yeah.

Kim: It’s like whatever he put these people through, they had to look inside to find any sense of hope. He’s so interesting, this character. He has a cigar. He’s walking around with a cigar. I don’t know if this is a word, but he’s in a very contemplative phase like contemplating his beingness.

Fidel: I had a huge effect on people, knowing it was brutal, but the purpose was to get people to look inside themselves and find hope there, know that there is hope there. It was about the difference between hope and hopelessness.

Me: Okay. Well, one last question. I think you were an atheist, so after you crossed over, what did you think? Did you change your mind?

Kim: When you said, “I think you were an atheist,” his energy got strong, so you grounded his energy so I think that’s a yes. Very much so. His energy gets very strong on that. (to Fidel) What are your thoughts now?

Fidel: It isn’t as I expected.

Kim: He’s looking at it more on a scientific level like consciousness survival after physical death.

Fidel: As far as Heaven and amazing colors and everything being euphoric, I have a sense of knowing that it’s here, but it’s also about allowing.

Kim: He must be newly transitioned or something because it seems like he’s still clinging to his human thoughts of “I need to allow happiness and peace and joy without circumstances.”

Me: Yeah.

Kim: He’s still in a contemplative phase. I think I’m making up words now.

She laughs.

Me: Well, it should be a word if it isn’t! It’s a great one.

And yes, it is a word, Kim.

Me: All right, well thank you. I think we better move on because if people have my attention span, they’re not going to be able to last through this because I went over a little bit. Thank you, Kim. Thank you, Fidel. Good luck with your transition, the rest of it, and good luck with your life review!

I laugh.

Kim: I will say, he feels very wise, and he offers gratitude to you. He feels like a very, very wise soul.

Fidel: Thank you.

Me: Well, he had a lot of interesting things to say. Thank you, Erik. I’ll talk to you in a bit.

Fidel Castro

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  • Amanda

    Yass! I’d love to have a contest to have our higher selves channeled! How fun!! 🙂

    • T Diaz

      I second that 🙂

  • Widdershins3

    It’s strange that Castro said nothing about his accomplishments at all. He was a dictator–never a good thing–and had ignorant and bigoted opinions on gays, but he also turned an island of barely educated people into a place where the literacy rate is amazing and there’s actually a museum dedicated to teachers. And he got healthcare going for everyone and educates so many highly qualified doctors that they’re practically an export, going all over Latin America to practice. Why did he sound so muddled and fail to talk about the accomplishments he was justly proud of?

    [to clarify–I’ve read both parts]

  • Cole Balthazar

    Kim absolutely needs tutoring with world politics. Cuba is not really far away from the US as you should at least know a little.

    In total I find Fidel also in the hereafter little sympathetic. Although it may be a human perspective, I can not understand the meaningfulness of these earthly negative plan games with oppressive fear and dictator on Earth, and I doubt that these experiences that are made in such negative constructions are really valuable.

    It merely shows that mankind desperately needs a higher consciousness because it is obviously too low.

    • Kathryn

      I’m sorry Cole, but in my opinion, I believe, Kim needs to be free of politics as well as all of the other disconcerting problems in the world, to be able to channel without prejudice and/or any preconceived ideas about a spirit. It’s possible, that the spirits open up to her freely, because of her willingness to translate, without judgement! Anyway, it’s, “Elisa,” who is the one asking the questions…not Kim! KM

      • Cole Balthazar

        Thank you for pointing out, from this side I had not seen it yet.

    • Widdershins3

      No one is all one thing–good or bad. Castro was a mix and I’m sure he’s having to answer for the bad things he did. But he would also feel joy at seeing how he changed the literacy of his people and pride at all those young doctors helping people in many countries. It’s simplistic to dismiss a life based on one facet of it.

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