Erik Describe His Own Death

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Elisa Medhus

  • val

    I’m confused …. he says something like death is how you want it to be and it depends on your beliefs, if you believe in nothing, there is nothing.

    Does that mean that atheists and people who don’t believe in afterlife won’t experience anything after they finish this life? no afterlife for the ones who don’t believe? 🙁

    I believe in an afterlife, but I know people who doesn’t so does that mean I won’t see the people who don’t believe in an afterlife when I “die”? 🙁

    Much love and peace to everyone

    • Even atheists eventually come out of darkness. They can’ help but have thoughts. “Where am I?” “I wonder if I fed the dog?” “Why am I hearing my thoughts?” Eventually, they ask for help and help comes. Search the blog for “atheist” and you’ll probably find more!

    • TalkinToMyAngel

      Hi Elisa! Hi Val!
      Elisa is very right Val. I have known Erik to mention belief systems and the afterlife before. He said there is no way anyone can ever completely understand or comprehend the beauty of our true Heaven until they pass into it. There are many who will go straight into Heaven upon their passing with no problems or preconceived expectations at all. Perhaps they are cavalier in their beliefs. They don’t frequent Church often, yet they believe in God, and they believe there is life after death. These people find it is easy to go about their lives with the idea that when they die, they will go to Heaven or Hell, and praying it isn’t the latter. When these people do pass and go to Heaven, they are very accepting of everything. There are also many different religions here on Earth, with each having their own preconception of Heaven, from how it looks, to how eternity will be, and there are many different “images” of Heaven as well. For example, the devout Christian is adamant that Heaven is pearly gates and golden streets. So holding firm to that belief, when this Christian passes, he/she will see the pearly gates and golden streets. Perhaps they will meet St. Peter as well. This experience will be short lived, possibly only a few days at best. Then these Souls, with the help of their Soul family and Angels, will begin a gradual transition into our true Heaven as it really is with all of its beauty and love. The same holds true for the Atheist. They have their own preconceived beliefs about God, Heaven, and the afterlife. There is none. There is no God, no Heaven, and when you die, that’s it. So with their strong beliefs, the Atheist will be in darkness upon death, or more or less “asleep” for three or four days, yet drifting in and out of consciousness the whole time. They know they have passed, yet they are bewildered as to how they can still think and why do they feel as if they were still alive. How can this be? It’s around this point that they began accepting the inevitable; there really is life after death. This is when their Soul family and Angels show up to help them with their transition into Heaven. You see, when we die, regardless of our beliefs, we all go to Heaven. The same Heaven. Our belief system will determine how we first SEE Heaven when we die and cross over. So with the help of their Soul family and Angels, their image of Heaven- or no Heaven, begins to crumble and fade away while the true Heaven is emerging in its place. I am sure for some, fear sets in to a degree, as the Atheist refused religion here on Earth when s/he had the chance to accept it, and the Christian spent his whole life spreading the Gospel and describing Heaven, only to know now that Heaven is ten thousand times better than he ever described it on Earth, and the Bible was actually more like a guideline. Perhaps he feels like he mislead and betrayed people and he feels horrible for doing that. Now both the Atheist and the Christian have become equal in the truth. Does this affect the Soul emotionally? For some it does. There are actually what you could refer to as hospitals of sorts for those who have entered Heaven with such firm beliefs, or those who have fallen victim to abuse or self infliction, and they are having a hard time accepting either what they did, what they went through in this physical world, or the reality that what they believed religiously to be the absolute truth was in fact, very different. These Souls may be confused, or even traumatized. So these “hospitals” are in Heaven to heal the Soul and to bring their transitions to full circle. There is no medicine or actual doctors. It’s more of a place for rest and acceptance. Believe me, these Souls do not take long to heal, for now they are with their family in the most loving and beautiful place in the universe. Heaven. So yes Val, you WILL see your friends again. You will see everyone 🙂

      Much Love to All,


  • new_big_whale

    Thoughts create reality.
    Lightness is information
    Darkness is the lack of information
    Just tell your brain to have a thought, something will appear.

  • This is fantastic- very detailed and informative.

  • MikeHulse

    I only have a simple request when I go over and that’s to meet the boy wonder himself first.

    PS, Mrs Medhus I thought you said you didn’t want a side bar widget for the Erik Encounter? lol lol 🙂

  • shari&thefurryangels

    Elisa…. thank you, Jamie & Erik for doing this video. It is what we need to hear. I recently, a few days ago. Lost a very dear, young friend. He was only 24yrs old. He lived net door to me & we became such close friends. I loved him like a son. He had such conflicts with his father…. never could do the right thing. He was absolutly beautiful… inside & out. Elisa, I know you loved Erik & love all your children…. how blessed your family is to have such a amazing mom. My friend loved Southern California & wanted to go back there. We live in the texas panhandle… enough said. No place for young people or even me. It is depressing beyond words. I encouraged my young friend to go back, regard-less of the fathers approval. His father told people his son was sorry & no good. All bc my friend didn’t want to be a carpet cleaner. He had dreams & passions…. and no support for that. Please tell me ? How in God’s name does a parent decide that a child is sorry & worthless bc they do not follow the PARENTS dream for them !!!
    My friend was a beautiful, elegant young man. He could have done anything he wanted. He died from carbon monoxide poisoning….. father said it was all a accident ! BS !!! Sorry…. for venting, I miss my boy & wish I had taken the both of us out of here & back to Southern California. Thank You for listening. My friend is free now….. and baby you can go anywhere you want now…. 😉

    • So sad. He sounds like a special guy. His father all but murdered him. Maybe you should talk to him on one of the small group conference calls. It might bring you some peace and might make him so happy. I’m sure he still has dreams and passions there. I know he’s free and happy.

      • shari&thefurryangels

        I do want to talk to him. I would love to be on a small conference call to talk to him. I feel him around me & even felt his hand on my head trying to comfort me. It was such a unique relationship we had. I was a parent to him & he was my son. He belonged in California, where he loved it so much. He truly was elegant, something you don’t find in the texas panhandle. Thank you for being blunt Elisa…. bc his father did ALL but murder him. How do parents TURN on their own children ????? HOW ! Sorry…. I am just going on & on….. yes, baby your free & so happy, go hang with Erik. Thank you again Elisa…. I think you deserve the purple heart award. I wish my friend would have had you for a mom, he would have loved you & you would have supported his dreams.

      • You’re a Sweetie and he’s lucky to have had/have you. I can’t wait to hear how he is. I bet Erik and he are causing all sorts of trouble over there! heehee. Be sure you listen to one of the calls to see if it’s a good fit for you.

      • shari&thefurryangels

        Thank you again Elisa…. I will listen to one of the calls. I know i will love it. Yes…. my young friend & Erik will love each other… 🙂

  • I didn’t! I must have forgotten to deactivate the other plug in!

  • Hmm. I don’t see anything in the sidebar that would cause this and I deleted the user submitted posts. Looking at the FV Community News, I don’t see any setting that would do that. I deleted the cache too. What do you think is causing that?I sent you my log in info again. Maybe it’s Erik up to his old tricks?

    • MikeHulse

      All done X

  • Trev

    Bless you. This powerfully and emotionally reconnects with the heart of what Channelling Erik is about: to heal, enlighten, and expand our awareness and spirit. Thank you for sharing.

    • 🙂

      • First of all, I love, love, love your username! Okay, let’s address your questions. First of all, just starting a conversation with them and practicing having faith that what you hear in you mind is truly them is a good starting point. Second, Erik says the 12-15 Hz range is where you want to be. I use Beta Binaural Beats which I got off of iTunes to help me get there and it works! On that topic, it’s amazing how, just like radio waves, we can’t hear spirits, but when we tune that dial to just the right spot, we can! People who are skeptics should use that as an analogy. Just because we can’t see radio waves doesn’t mean they don’t exist!

        Yes, spirits can lower their frequency for us to see them, but they have to reach the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. This takes focusing their energy which can be hard. For those who are depressed or grieving, it’s even harder for them to reach our frequency, so it’s important to try to raise that frequency by thinking good thoughts, remembering fond memories, etc. No wonder we use the term “low” and “depressed” when we are sad and “I really feel up” when we’re happy.

        I don’t know if they could lower their vibratoinal frequency enough to become solid. That’s a question for the list! When Jamie trance channels Erik and he comes to hug me, Jamie’s body feels harder–like a guy–compared to when I hug her otherwise.

      • Clay

        Elisa, could you please tell us how you use the Beta Binaural Beats? Do you follow a process? Funny how serendipity works – just yesterday I was wondering how to better connect with the other side and how to do it… then an answer appears.Thanks so much!

      • Clay

        Elisa, about 20 years ago my grandmother died. Shortly after she passed, she did come back in a solid form, long enough for my mother to give her a hug. My mom, who was actually quite matter of fact about the whole thing, said she felt as real as before she died, then she simply faded away after a few moments. I questioned my mom extensively, thinking she may have experienced some delusional thinking, but not so.

        Unlike many of my conservative family members, my grandmother knew that I was also open to the spiritual. I was grateful when she materialized my grandfather’s long-lost knife and placed it next to me while I was sitting in a chair. When I showed it to him, he was so shocked that looked like he had seen a ghost, literally. You see, it was she who lost the knife, many years back while it was in her possession. The old knife remains one of most treasured items.

  • I read once where Edgar Cayce had said basically that the less rigid you are in your beliefs (spiritually, religiously speaking) the more easily you’ll be able to see the “afterlife” for what it really is – the easier you’ll be able to adjust, etc. He said (just like Jamie said here) that the afterlife initially customizes itself to fit each individual’s belief systems, until you are in a place emotionally where you can begin to let go of your earth life, little by little, and adjust to how things are in the afterlife, recovering who you really are as a soul and not only just thinking of yourself as the person you were on Earth. The more open minded you are, the easier it will be to see and accept things for what they really are when you cross over. So, I suppose that those of us who are the most rigid in their belief systems would have more adjusting to do. My Grandfather was one of those people, and from what I’ve heard about him since he passed, he was in a bit of state of shock at first, like “It’s all really real!” He had to kind of decompress from the long (98 years) Earth life he had just left and he did that bit by bit, but he was also elated to be Home and felt very energetic and ecstatic. From what I’ve heard though, that “adjustment” period is not unpleasant at all because on the Other Side everything is LOVE and you are surrounded by that – you are that – pure and simple – no judgment. I’m happy to be here now, but I’m looking forward to going Home too.

  • I just downloaded it from iTunes. There are lots of them. Erik says try frequencies in the range of 12-15. I seem to do best in the middle.

  • Oh my god. What a beautiful story. Made my eyes well up. I wish Erik would come like that for a hug.

  • Linda Nybo

    I am having trouble navigating this site. I am not computer wise. My daughter was murdered over 12 years ago, and I rarely hear from her. You said something on Coast to Coast about listening to binaural music?

    • Simon

      I’m sorry for your loss

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