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My heart is broken for the 50 lives that were snuffed out this morning in Orlando. It’s broken for the wounded, some of whom may also lose their lives. It’s broken for their friends and families, and it’s broken for my country because of the intolerance for the way others live their lives and for the lack of respect for life itself. I’m also heartbroken for Christina Grimmie and her family and friends. Another young soul gunned down senselessly in Orlando yesterday. What can we do to stop this madness? Please send healing energy and prayers to all in need. 

Story #1

I just finished your book, “My Son and the Afterlife,” and since I began reading the book I have had a number of fun pranks. Mostly objects are picked up and moved by 2 feet away. The first one and most fun was: I have a three-sided curio cabinet about 6 feet tall. On top is an old delicate crochet doilie of which hangs over two edges. On top of the doilie is a large indian basket filled with special crystals that I have from a special spiritual organization that I have attended for the past 35 years. They each have special programming done to them from each workshop. Anyway, I walked into my bedroom and the doilie was on the ground with the basket still in its exact spot. (It is only my husband and my two dogs in our house, and my husband said he did not do it.)

This is a doilie that if pulled gets snagged on the corner. And if it would not have snagged, the basket would have been pulled along with the doilie and would have landed on the ground. I even tried it myself and no way could it had been pulled off. It got snagged as I suspected. The basket had to be picked up, the doilie lifted off, and the basket set back down to create this manuever. Or, simply manifested off the cabinet and remanifested on the ground.

I now walk into my bedroom, bedroom closet, and my personal bathroom, that my husband does not enter, and wonder what prank I might find next. It has been fun.



Story #2

I moved across the country earlier this year and since living in my new home I have been receiving what I thought were mosquito bites while I slept. Every morning my sister and I would wake up to tons of bites on various parts of our body. We would both get so frustrated and try hunting for the culprit, but we never could find anything. Well it started to get cooler and I couldn’t understand how we were still getting these bites. I finally brought it up in a reading I had and Erik was silent. We both knew it was him doing this, but he prefers that we call them ‘spirit bites’! Since acknowledging that I can communicate with him myself I’ve stopped receiving them. Unfortunately, my sister is skeptical and still gets bitten frequently. I just laugh and secretly thank Erik.

Story #3

Hello, I discovered your blog about 2 months ago, and I have to say that I really appreciate the work you are doing:) it is helping so many and raising the vibration of our world very quickly. Erik has been helping me a lot; he’s very cheeky;) I’ve had a lot of experiences with him. I do energy healing myself and have been tapping into my own ability as a medium. He’s been helping me with this. I have one experience in particular that stands out, I was a little wary of asking him to prank me because I didn’t want him to do anything gross lol so I asked him to prank me in a way that I could handle and appreciate; he was kind enough to oblige:) I went to the bookstore to buy your book last week. The computer said there was one….only one. This trick wouldn’t have worked if there were two. I went to the section and I looked for about 30 minutes! I scoured those shelves! I went through book by book by book. Nobody could’ve searched those shelves as thoroughly as I did. I started to get annoyed, I’m sure he was giggling- ‘Erik! Where’s you’re f’n book!’ Yes I said it out loud:) finally I gave in and asked a guy to help me. He found it in 2 minutes on a shelf I stared at for 10. Very funny. Then I read in the book how he likes to hide things. He’s a delight! Thank you again for this wonderful place of connection and sharing!

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  • rroberts23

    Seems Texas Lt. Gov @DanPatrick isn’t so broken up about it when he tweets out the morning after “Don’t be deceived. God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows”. And then we wonder why zealots, no matter what their religion, feel justified in there horrific actions. And what does that say about an electorate which continually supports and tolerates such incendiary bigotry from public officials?

    • Paulette Roberts

      Yes some some Christians r just as radical

    • dansez

      it was claimed that this was posted in advance and that this wasn’t in response to the shooting and that his page is managed, and that he was away. looking at the actual verse, it can be taken any number of ways. sure, some are gonna cynically diss that, whatever. its still plausible. but i’m not looking to get into an flame war about this, just pointing it out. that said, looking at dans page, he still seems to be a bit of an idiot.

      • rroberts23

        That excuse was pretty much discredited after he double-downed and posted another similar soon after, then deleted them both when he started taking heat. If he wasn’t someone who already had an established history of fanning intolerance and hate I might have given him the benefit of the doubt. But I hold to the axiom that when people show you who they are, believe them…the first time.

    • Terrible.

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    My heart goes out to all those who’ve died in the massacre–and their families and friends. In Australia we have tight gun laws, which were introduced after a mass shooting in Tasmania. We’ve not had any mass shootings since that legislation was introduced. It’s a pity that America doesn’t introduce something similar.

  • connectionup

    Yipes, first I learnt on this site that I’m an empath and that’s ok coz I’ve more or less disconnected myself from the world. Now, after listening to the Hour of Enlightenment, I find that I’m actually bipolar too! Wished I had been in Orlando and be done with this life. Sigh!

    • I think he meant that a lot of people who are labeled as bipolar are just highly spiritual empaths.

      • connectionup

        Thanks for the clarification, Elisa. I guess people with short attention spans should not multi-task because of the danger of hearing the wrong things.

        Still, my life-path is a very, very difficult one and when I found out that Erik could communicate with our higher selves, I told him if he ever comes across mine to smash a guitar over its head and tell it never to plan such ambitious, painful lives. While its sitting pretty up in heaven, I am here alternating between drowning and jumping from fire to fire. Ok, end of grumbling session. Have a nice day!

      • LOL! You’re funny! Great comic relief!

      • Maya

        “I guess people with short attention spans should not multi-task because of the danger of hearing the wrong things.”

        Very true. Because this lady I rent a room with (which I got away from her place 2 days ago) is also like this. She tried to take too much on her plate, now she realized she couldn’t handle it, she put it on other people. She made my life unsafe.

        “never to plan such ambitious, painful lives.”
        This is very true. Many people who become extremists has too high ambition they cannot handle. They are ambitious because they feel unworthy. They think if they become rich, famous, etc., then they can fill the void and feel worthy. But that is not true. They shouldn’t compare themselves with others.

    • Maya

      Bipolar simply means things don’t go the way (they think) it suppose to be. So the mind split into 2 polarities between what it should be vs. what it is. The cause of bipolarities may vary person to person. Bipolar is not a disease, but it is an issue.

      Bipolar has nothing to do with being empath. Being empath is simply pick up other people’s vibration easily.

      Being empath has nothing to do with being compassionate. Being compassionate means, what you choose to do with your issues (empath/bipolar). Should you kill, or admit you have a problem, then go to psychiatrist.

      These murderers are neither compassionate or empath. They are dogs that insist on living.

      • connectionup

        I live in a developing country and the only time we see a psychiatrist is when we get committed to a mental institution. I guess I don’t know much about Bipolar but I know that I am an empath and I think Erik did mention before that it is our own problem because I used to listen to people’s tales of woe and then go and help them out. But repeatedly they would dump all their life and financial responsibilities on me and yell at me and demand that I take action to serve to relieve their problems. In the books Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsh, God mentioned that he will keep on sending the same types of people/situations to us until we understand and overcome it. So I do not blame these people because they came to show me that empath is not the right road and unless they are crippled, etc, people should be left to handle their own life problems themselves. It took me a lifetime of pain before it finally penetrated my thick skull.

        After reading the interviews with the Columbine shooters and Marie Antoinette, I tend not to condemn the Orlando perpetrator and such people but rather see them as souls with a mission to highlight some problem in society which may not be clear to us. But honestly, there is just too much of these incidents in America. Maybe Erik can enlighten us on what to do or maybe he has already dealt with the subject.

      • Maya

        “I used to listen to people’s tales of woe and then go and help them out.”

        I know exactly what you are talking about, because I am sort of like that too. I think you need to develop a “healthy boundaries” and an assertiveness to detach & distance yourself from these people.

        They have problems, but once you “help” them, then their problems become yours. So, when you are “helping” you are actually not really helping, because you don’t respect their abilities to help themselves.

        Being empath is neither good or bad. It simply means being sensitive.
        But being empath with assertiveness & “proper boundaries” will make you a compassionate person.
        Now, compassionate person is good, because it means you are helping “by choice”, not because “you have to”. That means the help is coming from more empowered state, rather than weakness.

        People respect you more if you help from empowered state. It gives them inspiration to help themselves too.
        I hope you can connect more to your empowered state.

        If people are not appreciative nor give you a proper respect, then do not help.

        My perspective toward murderers, is stay at “condemning” perspective. Because I don’t want to give murderers “hero” statuses. Besides, I respect the victims more than I respect the murderers.
        The murderers know that killing is wrong, yet they choose to go that way. That means they are responsible of what they did/do. There is no excuse.

      • connectionup

        You’re right about using boundaries by empaths. Thanks.

        As for the Orlando incident, it is not about being empathetic to the murderers. Tina Spalding channels Jesus where he repeatedly invites us to switch off the TV. With my short attention span, I cannot safely quote the reason he gave but I believe that the TV news focuses a lot on negative news and that causes the viewers to throw out a lot of fear and anger energies. And guess what, the Universe, through the Law of Attraction, returns us more fear and anger situations to the delight of the killers.

        Teal Swan recently came out with a video titled ‘F the Law of Attraction’ in which she gave the example of a young girl getting sexually abused and growing up depressed and the Law of Attraction will then send her more abusive situations preventing her from getting out of the negative cycle. Oh Erik, can you tell the Big Man up there that this L of A is a very poor model. It leads to the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Makes communism look sweet beside it.

        Anyway, my sympathies are always with the victims. Only, I don’t want the Universe to send us more victims to throw our sympathies on. Well, I need to go and get some laughter medicine from Alison and Kari so that I can send out joy energies to the world. Hope your day is filled with chocolates and all things nice.

      • Maya

        Don’t listen to Teal Swan. I am deadly serious. I found her 3 years ago about the same time I found Channeling Erik. I used to like her very much. I was very active in her forum. But over the years her teaching become more and more toxic. She is mentally ill and also a narcissist. It has been over 1.5 years I’ve never listened to her anymore. She is sick and will never be healed.

        If you want to be healed. Do not listen to Teal Swan. Her video about suicide will make you want more to suicide. I feel you have a bit problem in your taste in video you listened to. Listen to Erik, of course. Erik has healthy vibration. But don’t listen to Teal.

      • Interesting concept.

  • shughesd

    yet you support a hater like Trump?

    • Maria


  • John Storm

    Thank you Elisa for your kind words regarding the Orlando tragedy and my community. I follow your blog and YouTube videos, and I want to thank you, Erik, and the very gifted mediums for all the work you do to help others.

    I was watching the Pride parade in Milwaukee on Sunday (the day after the shooting) and out of nowhere a huge flock of birds rose above us, soaring and diving in a beautiful dance above the crowd. I don’t know how many birds, but it could easily have been 50. After a short while, the birds all flew off in different directions. I immediately thought of Erik and those 50 souls who lost their lives in Orlando, and it gave me some comfort. Thank you again.

    John Storm

    • That must have sent chills.

      • John Storm

        It did send chills, but was also comforting in its beauty and elegance. ❤️

  • conjure

    Wouldn’t Erik say that all of these brave souls signed up to do this so as to bring a shift, or an attention to something that needs to be changed? It is a great service that humans do for each other so that we learn. What do you think the lesson is? Surely not anger and more fear

    • I don’t know what the lesson is. That’s a great question to ask during the next session!

  • Maya

    Yeah, these murderers cannot tolerate the world/consciousness is expanding, and they prefer to kill in order to keep things under their control.
    Their mind is so narrow. They don’t understand what’s going on. But they’d prefer to kill and use fear & threats, rather than give up insisting things to go on their way! So disgusting.

    When they die, they’ll find out that a consciousness of dog (they), should not insist to reincarnate as humans at the first place.

  • Michael Hulse

    There are stories going around that there was x3 shooters in the club.

  • Nancy Antia

    I’m very sorry for what happened in Orlando. We all are here in Argentina. Sending light and love to the victims and their families.

  • Rene Waal

    Please have Erik channel Christina Grimme. That little girl’s death is really tearing me up.

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