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My heart is broken for the 50 lives that were snuffed out this morning in Orlando. It’s broken for the wounded, some of whom may also lose their lives. It’s broken for their friends and families, and it’s broken for my country because of the intolerance for the way others live their lives and for the lack of respect for life itself. I’m also heartbroken for Christina Grimmie and her family and friends. Another young soul gunned down senselessly in Orlando yesterday. What can we do to stop this madness? Please send healing energy and prayers to all in need. 

Story #1

I just finished your book, “My Son and the Afterlife,” and since I began reading the book I have had a number of fun pranks. Mostly objects are picked up and moved by 2 feet away. The first one and most fun was: I have a three-sided curio cabinet about 6 feet tall. On top is an old delicate crochet doilie of which hangs over two edges. On top of the doilie is a large indian basket filled with special crystals that I have from a special spiritual organization that I have attended for the past 35 years. They each have special programming done to them from each workshop. Anyway, I walked into my bedroom and the doilie was on the ground with the basket still in its exact spot. (It is only my husband and my two dogs in our house, and my husband said he did not do it.)

This is a doilie that if pulled gets snagged on the corner. And if it would not have snagged, the basket would have been pulled along with the doilie and would have landed on the ground. I even tried it myself and no way could it had been pulled off. It got snagged as I suspected. The basket had to be picked up, the doilie lifted off, and the basket set back down to create this manuever. Or, simply manifested off the cabinet and remanifested on the ground.

I now walk into my bedroom, bedroom closet, and my personal bathroom, that my husband does not enter, and wonder what prank I might find next. It has been fun.



Story #2

I moved across the country earlier this year and since living in my new home I have been receiving what I thought were mosquito bites while I slept. Every morning my sister and I would wake up to tons of bites on various parts of our body. We would both get so frustrated and try hunting for the culprit, but we never could find anything. Well it started to get cooler and I couldn’t understand how we were still getting these bites. I finally brought it up in a reading I had and Erik was silent. We both knew it was him doing this, but he prefers that we call them ‘spirit bites’! Since acknowledging that I can communicate with him myself I’ve stopped receiving them. Unfortunately, my sister is skeptical and still gets bitten frequently. I just laugh and secretly thank Erik.

Story #3

Hello, I discovered your blog about 2 months ago, and I have to say that I really appreciate the work you are doing:) it is helping so many and raising the vibration of our world very quickly. Erik has been helping me a lot; he’s very cheeky;) I’ve had a lot of experiences with him. I do energy healing myself and have been tapping into my own ability as a medium. He’s been helping me with this. I have one experience in particular that stands out, I was a little wary of asking him to prank me because I didn’t want him to do anything gross lol so I asked him to prank me in a way that I could handle and appreciate; he was kind enough to oblige:) I went to the bookstore to buy your book last week. The computer said there was one….only one. This trick wouldn’t have worked if there were two. I went to the section and I looked for about 30 minutes! I scoured those shelves! I went through book by book by book. Nobody could’ve searched those shelves as thoroughly as I did. I started to get annoyed, I’m sure he was giggling- ‘Erik! Where’s you’re f’n book!’ Yes I said it out loud:) finally I gave in and asked a guy to help me. He found it in 2 minutes on a shelf I stared at for 10. Very funny. Then I read in the book how he likes to hide things. He’s a delight! Thank you again for this wonderful place of connection and sharing!

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