Erik Gave me Relief

My sister committed suicide in Nov 2013, a week after my birthday. My mother started researching life after death, & came across Erik’s page. She shared it with me & together we’ve been following it ever since. I watch the YouTube videos as much as I can, and I’ve watched just about all of them. Erik has helped me realize my sister is alive. He gave me hope. Relief. And I trust him. I have not been able to talk with him personally, but I’m about to get my first reading from Heather this week. 🙂 and I will be speaking with him There. I can’t thank him enough for opening our eyes to see the beautiful world that awaits us after this one.

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  • J.j. McGuigan

    I kind of have followed along those same lines. In September of 2011 my father was killed. Ever since then I have been researching life after death and the sort, it wasn’t until recently I came across this blog and videos and they as well have helped me tremendously 🙂

  • nancy martin

    My heart goes out to you and your mother. You must have experienced so much pain. I will pray that you can finally heal. I went to a wonderful medium several months after my father passed away and even though I lcried through the whole session, there were moments when I laughed also because the medium was so upbeat. The amazing thing was after the session my heart stopped aching! It was a physical ache before that and I finally felt at peace, so I wish the same for you. May God bless you and hold you and your mother until you are strong again.

  • Nina Claudino

    I am a big fan of paul walker, actor Fast and Furious franchise, I wanted an interview with him, you can make contact with him?

    • I closed my list, but since so many people have asked me to interview him, I might have to add him. I don’t know much about him other than he was a hunk of man candy. What questions should I ask beside the usual?

      • Kristy Charlton

        Can you ask him what he was going to disclose and is that why he was murdered? Also, was he killed by a drone? Thanks Elisa, Jamie and of course the lovely Erik…. not sure if Eriks visited me, can you find out…..xxxxxxx

      • Okay, I’ll put those on the list.

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