Erik Gets Cornered!

I haven’t seen Erik squirm this much in a long, long time! You’re all going to love this one, and your girls are all going to be left scratching your heads and wondering!

Me: Can spirits develop an attraction for someone who is living and vice versa?

Erik: You mean like an intimate attraction?

Me: Yes.

Erik: Intimate attractions happens anywhere and everywhere.

Me: Can deceased and non-deceased have relationships?

Erik: We do have relationships. Are you asking about intimate relationships?

Me: Intimate, yeah.

Erik: We definitely have love relationships. You talking about getting it on sexually and all that jazz?

Me: I don’t know. I don’t know what she’s asking.

Erik: Well, that shit happens. It’s not so healthy for the human. It robs the human of the opportunity to be human.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: And that crosses a lot of ethics on our side.

Me: Oh yeah. I can imagine. Well, how can they have sex, a spirit and a human?

Erik: Mom, well think about possession. You know, evil possession when people get pushed up against a wall or slammed down the stairs or wake up with black eyes or marks on their bodies. All that fucking shit is real. Why can’t it be switched to a more pleasurable thing? Cuz it can.

Me: So, we’re talking penis into the vagina sex? They can so that?

Erik: Well, we’re definitely not talking about impregnation, but it’s pleasure in different ways. It’s not so much a physical route or task.

Me: Okay. Now, have you ever had an attraction to someone who is not in the spirit world, who is human, that is?


Me: Or has somebody—a human—had an attraction for you?

Erik: I think I can say yes on both parts, but it’s not crossing the boundaries.

Me: Of course not. Have any of the blog members had crushes on you?

Erik (softly): Yes.

Jamie giggles.

Me: Aw. I bet. You’re so adorable.

Erik (grinning): Shut up, Mom.

Jamie and I both chuckle.

Me: Is he blushing, Jamie?

Jamie: He’s definitely not looking at me!

Me: Aw! Have you had any crushes on blog members?

(Long pause)

Jamie (to Erik, gently pleading): Answer it, Erik. C’mon.

(Long pause)

Jamie: He said yeah.

Me: Aw, how cute!

Jamie: He’s not saying who though.

Me: Oh don’t! You better not! You might disappoint a lot of other girls.


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Elisa Medhus

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  • wow…that was a great session…lol…so does it mean that people who are possessed are actually having sex with spirits???

    • Ash

      No, it just works the same way, energetically speaking.

  • Brenda

    Awww…..How sweet! I think all of us have a crush on Erik, he’s so adorable.

    • Clau_Bueno

      Brenda, I agree! I think he is just being humble! 😉

    • shari&thefurryangels

      Sweet…… yes we all have a crush on him… 😉

  • Clau_Bueno

    OMG! That is so cute!!!! Definitely made me smile at my desk at work! 😛

  • love it – I have a crush on Erik big time

    • Lorraine (LP)

      I admit it as well….I have a crush on him too. : )

  • Lorraine (LP)

    I was giggling through this entire post, lol.
    No worries, I know Erik would not have a crush on this old woman, bwwaahhhh!
    It’s ok sweetie, I still love you!

    • Denise

      Us old broads can pretend he might have a crush on us!

    • What we sometimes forget is that being “old” is something we have chosen as part of this linear experience. In the astral, we are as we were at our prime. Inside I feel 23 and that is the image I choose in the astral when I am off in dream land. What is time anyway but an illusion. The physical Erik might have only been on the planet 20 years, but don’t think for a minute that the spiritual Erik is only 20. He has lived many lifetimes, as we all have. Our spiritual beings are ageless.

  • liz

    Haha, this is adorable. Let’s tease him more in 2 weeks when it’s Valentine’s Day 🙂

  • Mary Beth

    Funny!! Since I’m old enough to be Erik’s mom, I think of him as one of my boys. 🙂

  • mn wild hockey

    this is pretty interesting stuff, we are all fortunate to have this

  • MikeHulse

    Oooh listen to him squirm. lol lol Erik and X up a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G lol lol

  • Jan Drake Bakke

    Yes, I have a crush on Erik!!! He is darling and though a friend and teacher. Not my boyfriend!!xx

  • Jen

    That’s adorable. I’ll admit to crushing on Erik a little, and we’re the same age. We also had the same Earthly problems too in the same years, so I relate to him a lot. And he’s so handsome! Can’t go through his gallery without blushing.

  • Is this the same as an incubus and succubus?

    • Huh??

    • Ash

      Yeah you could probably think of it that way. Though I think a lot of alleged incubus and succubus cases could just be chalked up to sex dreams lol

  • Elisa, I have two questions to add to your list, totally unrelated, just things that have popped up in my mind:

    Do spirits have a reflection? For example, if I am clairvoyant (which I’m not, ha), and can see a spirit standing in front of a mirror in my room, will I also see the reflection of the spirit in the mirror?

    I have heard Erik and other spirits say that “accidents” can happen where someone can die at an unplanned time, so not a planned exit point. Can someone also contract a disease, such as cancer, that was not in one’s life blueprint? Like what if you were designing a life without too many planned details and you planned to live to 100. But when you got in you found that you loved sea food and ate it every day and had a high mercury exposure not anticipated in your plan, could you get cancer at an earlier age and die from that?

    Thanks so much, and love to all!

    • Ash

      Do spirits have reflections? They can, but not always. If they are physically manifesting (as in an apparition that everyone in the room can see) then yes, they can have a reflection. But if you are simply clairevoyant and are viewing them with your minds eye and no one else in the room can see them, then no. They most likley wouldn’t have a reflection.

      Personally, I believe your life plan anticipates every possibility. I don’t think you can catch the soul off guard – however, those possibilities have certain likelihoods. They soul may be working toward a certain outcome that has a high probability, but there’s always the possibility (because you have free will) that you may choose another path, however low the probability may be. So while Erik says people can die “accidentally”… I don’t think he truly means accidentally (I think he’s just explaining it in the simplest terms possible), he just means that the outcome was not the ideal thing the soul had planned, but the possibility still existed within the plan.

  • PollyMax2010

    Ohh.. LOL… cute one today…. I need to catch up with all of the posts, been away on Holiday. Of course we ALLl have a crush on “Erik” (heee hee) 🙂 😉 Love Love Kiwi Girl xox

  • Sweet.

  • Alex

    Awwwww So precious.. I had the honor of having a spiritual chat with Erik on my very first day of reading his blog.. and he was just as Amazing as him mom tells us he is.. He is surely a blessing and showed me how much he cares about all of us.. Cute or Handsome is an understatement.. <3

  • Tera

    Haha!! Tell Erik im claiming him as my valentine 🙂

  • Guilty.

  • Dusty

    Wow. This is really cute! Gotta wonder how romantic love works in heaven. Do they date? Ahahaha. Erik’s got it going on!!

  • shari&thefurryangels

    One other thing, Elisa you have to be the coolest mom on the whole planet. I love getting to see the relationship between you & Erik. It is one of the most pure, honest, beautiful relationships i have ever witnessed between a mother & son. I wish for every parent on the planet a relationship with their child even half of what yours is with Erik. The pain you & your family have endured to bring Erik to us ALL & share that beautiful relationship with us. You treat everyone here with such love & compassion, make everyone feel like family. I can’t thank you enough for the courage you have shown in doing this.

    • My kids would probably be the last to call me cool! (but thanks anyway. You just made my whole day) I’ll have to show them you’re comment. lol.

      • shari&thefurryanimalangels

        Elisa… kids are always the last to see how cool a parent is. But you truly are awesome. I love the way you & Erik can talk about anything. And when Erik took his life…. you didn’t just hide away from the world & grieve yourself to pieces. Yes…. you & your family have endured deep pain bc of this suicide. But you went after your son like a mama wolf would have…. and you brought him back to share his unique wisdom, love, humor with the world. It takes great courage to keep going everyday & do what you do. Helping us all understand death & the afterlife is a huge gift you bless us with everyday. You & Erik make our days much brighter also…. 🙂

    • Lorraine (LP)

      I so agree!

  • Nehaa


  • Nehaa

    something light and funny. ..:)))

  • Delving Eye

    I just crossed my legs! ;>P

  • dollparts

    Lol, the last thing i expected to read on here. Look at all these people who have a crush on erik…popular…XD
    this makes me wonder what Erik meant when he said he likes the way I smell (according to jamie) haha. that is a weird one

  • What about spirit spouses? Some shamans commonly marry spirits as do voodoo devotees.

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  • Tracy Lamont

    Aw, bless him…..I’ve got a crush on you, Erik! I can hear Adam now, cringing with embarrassment 😉

    • Poor Adam! He’s probably beating up Erik right now!

      • John

        Seems like so many are stuck on the form Erik.But (Maybe)Erik has given us an opportunity here to really understand that we are not these physical forms,that we exist as love itself,that we are not 2 or 3 but only one,one eternal being,.As Erik says all is happening Now and that Now has no separation,but only in the eyes of individual egos that cannot conceive of oneness,as in that oneness, ego as separate cannot exist.And as someone mentioned Erik (named in this incarnation),has been many ages and both genders.Does he not remind us in this love that we feel that all his beautiful qualities are our own.To love to that depth that which resides as us.We forget and say its the other.And project a desire to connect with him,forgetting that he is just a reflection of us.That we can bathe in the love that is beyond understanding in our own Being and share it moment to moment with all life.Our own Self.
        Erik anyhing to add or change?.

      • Beautiful and spot on!

  • Interesting blog…have often wondered about this,as sometimes my dreams are quite mystical…or wishful…

  • Luke Dawson

    I know exactly what you all are talking about. I have a journal full of love letters that I’ve wrote to my soulmate Eric. (He’s not the Erik in this session.) Our relationship already existed when I chose to leave heaven and come back here. Eric and I are still madly in love with each other. When God created me I was given the name Luke. Eric and my relationship brings up another Channeling Erik session. Which I wish the human race would wake up and see the truth. But that will happen in time. I also do automatic writing with Eric. I’m so glad I found this blog.

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