Erik on God, Part Four

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Erik: Will God ever die? No. It’s infinite. Life in the physical form will transition. The energy behind it won’t die.

Kim: He’s showing for every action, there’s a reaction, so it’s a continuum.

Erik: It’s infinite possibilities.

Kim: I like that he said it that way.

Me: I like that. Infinite possibilities. So did God create humanity and all life for that matter?

Erik: Yes, God is experiencing Self in this way.

Me: So, that’s Its purpose? It wants to experience Itself?

Erik: Mm hm. As man, as woman, as cat, as dog, as butterfly. God is experiencing Self in all of these forms. Why do you think there’s such a massive number of species that only live in the ocean, a massive number of insect species that live in the forest? That because God is experiencing Itself at all these different levels.

Me: So God, by Itself, is just pure love. That’s like only having cold. You need hot to really understand what cold is. So in order to understand Itself as love, It must have that polarity. It even has to have evil and all the other colors in that spectrum, all the shades of life. Is that what God’s purpose is?

Erik: Yes, and in the varying levels of consciousness because a cow doesn’t think the same way a human things. Even humans operate at very different levels of consciousness. So if we could—

Kim: Oh, that’s interesting. He just showed me this image.

Erik: If we could operate with our brains—you know how we only use like 10%?

Me: Five percent in my case.

Kim chuckles.

Erik: If you could have that full self-awareness, then –

Kim: He literally shows us vanishing into spirit form like going back into that whole, pure state of awareness.

Me: Okay.

Erik: But we come here with a limited amount of consciousness.

Me: Okay. Now, I have a couple of yes or no questions, and I think we already touched on them. Basically, God, the big Kahuna, not the little tendrils that are us and different life forms, does not influence our actions. It’s not like it’s “God’s will.” That doesn’t happen, right? It’s not an external force that that affects these little tendrils that are us and other life forms.

(Long pause)

Kim: This is really interesting. This is how he answers your question. He looks at you with a really serious look on his face and goes:

Erik: Maybe we should discuss God’s will and free will and what that actually means.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Because we are God and we are Creator—

Kim: He’s almost making me feel like, and showing me that free will and God’s will are the same thing.

Erik: Because God is experiencing Itself as Kim, there is free will, there’s choice in how Kim decides to live her life. So when we look at, “Well, it’s God’s will,” it IS God’s will, but in the form of Kim or Kim’s free will. Do you see what I mean?

Me: Yeah, I get it.

Erik: With illness, people often go, “Well, it’s God’s will. God’s will be done.” It IS God’s will for them to go through that illness, but—

Kim: He’s personifying it to each person and what they’re going through.

Me: I get it.


Kim: So, he’s showing me a very interesting link between free will and God’s will.

Me: Okay, Erik can you tell me really briefly about your first meeting with God?

Erik (Taking a deep breath and letting it out quickly): Whoa. Mom, it’s like a complete, um, you don’t even have a choice to let go of what “ails” you. It’s just gone. It’s just washed away. When you come into that energy, that love, that awareness, it’s just a pure—

Kim (putting her forearm up to the camera): Oh, man, can you see this? Chills!

Me: Dang!

Erik: It’s such a pure, high energy. Imagine yourself stepping into a room where you feel so good like the sun is kissing you in a perfect way, but there’s no heat or cold. You just feel this embrace. You’re reminded of your own greatness, and you don’t need to worry. To feel that euphoria—

Kim: He’s showing what it is to come into that euphoria of not having worry.

Erik: It’s naturally washed from you. It’s not like, “Okay, I’m going to let go of this.” Most of the time we don’t have the capacity to do that.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: It’s a constant battle, and the more we try—

Me: The worse it gets.

Erik: Yeah. You step into that room, and you come into that all-knowing awareness, and you have the understanding that you are omnipresent. In the euphoria of the realization of who you are, what you are, at prevails above and beyond everything.

Me: Wow, that’s pretty amazing.

Kim: He’s showing an image of himself literally into this light and all of these layers are washed away, falling behind him.

Me: Can we experience that in our bodies or do we have to wait until we transition?

Erik: You can, but not completely.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: That’s why you see some people purge when they go into a deep meditation and set their intentions to experience this. They’ll purge the lack of light and whatever is ailing them because of the lack of light.

Me: So it’s pretty much through meditation that you have to get there? Is that the most common way, anyway?

Erik: Yeah. You have to move beyond the thought process, but that’s hard for some people to do.

Me: All right. Here’s another yes or no question. A lot of people have this idea of a wrathful God that will SMITE YOU! That’s not true, right?

Erik: God doesn’t punish you! God doesn’t hold things against you because God is Now. If we are coming into the realization that God is love, why would God blackmail us?

Me: Yeah, I think that whole idea was created so that the people in power could oppress and control the masses. Is there such thing as Hell or the devil?

Erik: Yeah, but not like it’s been told. Hell and the devil is your own ego.

Me: Oh, yeah. I see. Of course.

Erik: When you live in that—

Kim: His tone is so blunt when he talks about this.

Erik: When you live in ego, you’re living in Hell because you’ve employed that energy, It’s an energy that has a lack of light. That’s what the darkness is. You’re disillusioned from your true self so you begin to believe the lies and you react to them and get further disillusioned.

Me: What about the devil? Does he exist? Or she? The She Devil?

Erik: Yeah, but not like you know it. It’s an energy that’s a lower vibrational field. We can choose, and most of the time we’re not aware that we’re choosing, to employ that consciousness. So, we get depressed and have negative thoughts that linger in that energy field. Then we believe them and get further depressed until we become, “demonic.” You can call it that if you want.

Me: Or demonic energies can attach to us. They feed off of our negative energy, right?

Erik: It’s more like we employ them because if we sit there with them, energetically, it like an energy sync.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So, we can employ and be that energy. We can be “the devil.”

Kim: That’s really shocking.

Erik: But it’s a choice.

Me: Can God be channeled?

Erik (very matter of fact): Yep.

Kim (chuckling): He’s such a turd!

Me: Well, Kim, can you try to channel a message from God? Or you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Kim: Sure, sure.

Erik (moving his hands like a mime pushing himself away on a glass window): Erik Medhus needs to move aside!

Kim (chuckling): He’s backing up.

I chuckle.

Me: I’d like to know what God thinks about what’s happening in the world and does God have a message for humanity.

(Long pause)

Kim: The energy that I feel, I actually feel really heavy. My body feels really heavy, but it’s a good, calm heavy.

Me: Okay.

Kim: If I could just draw pictures. This is what I see. (Making wavelike motions across the screen) Just waves that keep moving. When I see Erik, I see him as blue. Sometimes I see him with his hair and physical features.

Me: Oh, okay.

Kim: But this is like an energy wave that I can’t see through. It’s solid, the light.

Me: Interesting. Is it many colors?

Kim: Yes, it’s somehow white, but it’s rainbow at the same time.

Me: Cool!

Kim: I feel like I shouldn’t move, like I can’t move because it’s such a still feeling. In regards to—I’m sorry. What did you even ask?

I repeat my questions.

Kim: The feeling that I get is there’s no judgment.

Me: Okay, so It doesn’t judge, yeah.

Kim: I don’t want to say no comment. There’s just no judgment. There’s just acceptance and understanding because remember, It’s Self, acceptance of self at all levels. That’s what we’re here to achieve. That’s what I’m hearing. We’re to achieve acceptance of self at all levels completely. Then you know God in you.

Me: Okay. Do you have a message for humanity, God?

God: Be one with self. It’s not be one with Me. Be one with self. That wholeness, the less you argue with yourself, the more still you are with yourself and the more you come into that, you shed all of these layers that create struggle and misery and you become Heaven on Earth in here. (Kim points to her heart.)

Me: Ah, that makes sense. The last thing I’d like is if you can give a message for Erik, Kim and me, separately.

Kim: Oh, cool! So this is what I feel for you. The energy is so smooth. I don’t know how to explain it. I just feel like I want to go like this all day. (She dances her arms around slowly and laughs.)

Me: Ah, it must be nice!

Kim: This is what I hear for you. “Mindfulness occurs when one knows self and does not absorb self through others.”

Me: Okay.

Kim: So I guess the way I would translate this is, “Others might say things about you or do things to you, but don’t let that become self in the way you see or believe yourself.”

Me: I don’t. I’m not externally directed at all. So that’s good. I’ll keep being like that.

Kim: Wow, this energy is so intense.

Me: You’re so lucky! What about a message for Kim?

Kim: I’m going to Erik next. I’ll go last.

Me: Okay.

Kim: It’s funny because now I see that Erik has stepped back in and he’s wearing a dark blue t-shirt. Just plain, solid blue.

Me: Okay.

Kim: He must have liked blue.

Me: He did!

Kim: This is interesting. The word that’s linking, oh wow, there’s a word that’s descriptive of the energy going back and forth between—Back and forth is not to denote separateness, though, so understand that.

Me: Okay.

Kim: This is what I see. The word that’s between the energy of God and Erik, with God, is “freedom.”

God: Erik is to continue to employ complete freedom to be who he is and evolve and grow.

Erik: I’m just getting started in the ways I help people evolve and grow.

Kim: The energy that Erik is employing through God and with God is the freedom to do that, to be that for people.

Me: Interesting.

Kim: It’s funny because I never channel for myself so to do it feels really weird.

Kim laughs nervously.

Me: You don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Kim: Nah, it’s okay. I’m good. Okay, so the energy is very direct. It’s very blunt. I guess Erik gets his honesty from the Creator. It’s interesting to experience it like that. Wow. What I hear is, “Move from the head to the heart.” That makes sense because, as you know, the last couple of months have been rough, and I’ve been in my head a lot.

Me: Most of us are.

Kim: I try to live in the heart and meditate as much as I can to maintain that awareness, but here lately, it’s been really challenging.

Me: Yeah, it’s hard, very hard.

Kim: Part of it, for me, is about patience. There are some projects I’ve been working on that it’s hard to be patient with. I gotta just keep the faith, I guess.

She laughs.

Me: That’s a very powerful message.

We close off with Kim giving us an update on her events and her website as well as our usually goodbyes.

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