Erik on Gossip, Part One

Emma McIntosh is coming into town today and my local CE girlfriends and I are so excited! We plan to take a girls’ trip to New Braunfels this weekend, and I’m sure a lot of other festivities will be included! 

Funny story: My daughter, Michelle, was quizzing her daughter, Arleen, on U.S. geography the other day and asked her, “What’s below the very bottom tip of Texas?” Her answer: A “Welcome to Texas” sign. Haha. Emma, welcome to Texas. 

Yesterday, we had a bit of bunny drama. One of Arleen’s bunnies went missing, and we found it in our neighbor’s yard running from one bush to the next. Apparently, it dug itself out from the bottom of the hutch. We rang the neighbor’s doorbell, but there was no answer, so we had to get a ladder and scaled their fence. I felt so guilty, but hawks had been circling earlier, so we felt it was important to break some rules. We had to shake all sorts of plants until we could roust him out into the open, but the little bugger was so fast that we had a really hard time. I hope they don’t review their security camera footage, because they’ll see a crazed old lady rummaging through their landscaping and a young woman scurrying around with a net. Finally, we got it corners and safely recovered it. Unfortunately, I stepped on a big red wasp during our hunt and man do those things hurt. The pain isn’t so bad at first, but it builds in intensity something fierce! Now, the hutch is secured by covering the base with chicken wire so Camo, the rabbit eating dog can’t dig in and the rabbits can’t dig out. The day after they bought the two bunnies, Camo dug a hole into the hutch and Pepper, the bunny, ran out into his jaws. He didn’t survive. But we dug a very deep hole to bury him in, played “Closer to thee my lord” from the movie, Titanic, placed a beautiful hibiscus  flower on his little body, said some words of love and covered him up with the dirt. Arleen was so, so sad and very angry at Camo. Dogs will be dog, though. Her first lesson on death. It’s always a hard one. 

By the way, Raylene and I had our channeling session for the July Q&A and it was amazing. I”ll be posting that as a YouTube and on tomorrow’s post. Also, we’ve been delayed by an entire month on last month’s Ask Erik column because after Kim did the channeling, her registration for Microsoft Office expired so she lost it all. I’ll post the questions and answers as soon as I have them!

Now for Part One of our series on Gossip. Don’t tell anyone!

Me: Hey there.

Kim: Hello.

Me: Let’s hope we don’t have glitches on the computer because a lot of stuttering has been happening. I still understand you, and hopefully you still understand me.

Kim: Yes.

Me: We have just one little short topic to discuss. This is one that you brought up, Erik. Hello again, by the way! It’s how to be transparent and deal with gossip. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be two separate topics or not. Since it’s your suggestion, I’ll leave that up to you!

Kim (laughing): He’s being so goofy right now, I can’t even focus.

Me: Uh oh. What is he doing?

Kim laughs and tries to make fart sounds with her armpit.

Kim: You know how people make fart noises?

Me: Oh, yeah. Right! Oh, Erik.

Kim: He’s running around and almost sweating because he’s using so much energy to make noises with his arms.

Me: And it’s not working? He used to be pretty good at it.

Kim: Yeah, he’s in my face trying to make me, I don’t know, laugh or get off track. He always tries to distract me!

Me: You’re evil, Erik!

Kim: He’s hilarious! And he’s still in his boxers.

Kim laughs.

Kim: I gotta get him to settle down. All right, I’m going to get him to talk about transparency and gossip. Erik, can you settle down? Can you focus on this topic?

Erik: Oh, you want to talk about gossip? Yeah, fuck that, and that’s what you should say, too.

Kim: Okay, why?

Erik: Think about it. If you can remain transparent to something meaning not talk about it, not be it, not plug into it and make it a part of your world, you’re not going to be affected by it. But if you gossip, you’re not transparent. If you gossip, whatever it is you’re gossiping about –

Kim: He’s showing me an aura that was like a nice violet kind of color or more like lavender. Then all of a sudden this person gossips and they plug into this vibration of something and gossip about it, and it’s actually making the aura a little murky.

Erik: It’s not really about gossiping about other people or events or things happening—

Kim: Yeah, because I asked what if it’s just an event like, “Oh my gosh. Did you hear that two days ago my friend’s son—“ This is insane. My friend’s son was hit by a truck out here. He was playing in the road and actually got hit by a truck.

Me: Is this a true story?

Kim: Yeah. A 12 year-old boy.

Me: Oh, jeez. Is he okay?

Kim: He’s okay. He’s still recovering. So I asked, ‘What about gossiping about that? I’m talking to my mother-in-law; I’m talking to the guidance counselor at school. “Is Adam okay? Will he be all right?”

Erik: Well, it’s not necessarily that gossiping about people is bad and creates a toxin. It’s more so about the bigger picture. Gossip is a dense vibration that’s “of the world.” And that’s it!

Me: It seems like the gossip you’re talking about is the gossip we engage in to empower ourselves. That’s the one that seems like the dense energy. “I have this information that I will now bestow upon you because I’m ever powerful!” I’m thinking you’re talking about that.

Kim: Yeah, he wants to talk about a lot of dynamics about this, actually.

Erik: There are a lot of ways I want you to look at gossip and see how it affects you and why transparency is so important. You can be a conduit and share something without becoming it and being affected by it. That’s transparency. It’s being “in the world,” not “of the world.” When you gossip, you bring yourself into that dense vibration that’s “of the world.” So you’re affected by it. It depends on your ability to maintain that transparency as far as how well you can be a conduit for something and let it flow through you but not become you or become a part of you. So, anything that you decide to plug into, just like Kim plugs into me, you’re affected by it. It changes your vibration. When you plug into a vibration, it changes yours.

Me: Sure.

Erik: If you create an identity with it like when you were saying, “Oh, I have this information that I’m going to bestow upon you,” and you plug into it, vibrationally and emotionally—

The screen freezes so we have to restart.

Me: Okay, problems with Skype. We might have to switch to FaceTime or something. I don’t know if you have that.

Kim: I don’t. I don’t have an iPhone.

Me: Okay. Oh, that’s only for Macs maybe. All right. We’ll just keep it really short, then.

I took a lot of time to fix the situation, and I don’t want to go over the time she allotted for me.

Me: We might have to do a Part Two, but go for it.

Kim: I’m not pressed for time. Erik wants people to look at gossip in a few different ways. He’s having a hard time because he doesn’t want to say that it’s “bad,” because everything has purpose.

Erik: Whenever you decide to pick up something and carry it or be a conduit for it, gossip about it or whatever, just know what you’re doing. You’re plugging into that vibration and connecting to it with awareness.

Me: Okay.

Erik: No matter what, you can’t help but be affected by it. Just look at it as a vibration. You can plug into it and share it and it lifts the spirits of others emotionally, or if you’re saying bad things about other people, not only are you lowering your own vibration, you’re facilitating that with others by carrying that vibration.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Because you know you create your own reality—

Kim: He’s kind of talking about karma, but he doesn’t like to use the word.

Erik: People misunderstand what it means.

Me: True.

Erik: When you create your own reality through gossip, just be aware that if you’re going to carry that shit around, you’re creating that reality for yourself. You’re becoming a part of that.

Kim: Well, talk a little bit more about transparency.

Erik: I want to look at it as two different things so that people understand the concept. Then I’ll blend them.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Like I was saying, transparency is being able to be “in the world” without being “of the world,” not affected by it. The same thing with situational events. You can be “in” something, but you become “of” it when you gossip. You plug into it, you create it, you create a collateral effect. I don’t want to use the word, “damage.” It’s just an effect.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: Be careful what you share because it might just come back and bite you in the ass.

Kim (laughing): He shows this funny image of that.

Erik: Transparency is being able to go through life from one circumstance to the next to the next without identifying with it.

Me: Ah!

Erik: And not associate your identity with something. Because when you do, then you become it. A happier life is to know that the identity, the soul, is inside—but the identity is really nothing. This might be a little hard for some to understand. Your self, your identity is nothing. Don’t put labels on it. You just are. You’re naturally transparent, but as soon as you start to tack on those labels, you’re adding that dense vibration that comes along with those labels.

Me: Like the label of, “I’m the person who has this special information.”

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Okay.

Erik (circling the word, “special”): That’s the key word, Mom. If someone thinks they’re special, I’ve go news for them. There’s no such thing.

Me: Yeah, we’re all special.

Erik: We’re all the same. We are all the same. Ego creates different ideas, but we’re all the same. As soon as someone has to declare that they’re special, they’ve fallen asleep again from their true self and from truly coexisting with All That Is.

Me: Mm.

Erik: I wanna talk about gossip in general, talking about other people, places, events, things in like a negative way.

Me: Okay.

Erik: When you feel the need to talk about someone or something in a negative way or share something negative, you’re really only—

Kim: He’s using the word, “disposing” but I think he really means, “sharing.”

Erik: –Disposing of your own—

Kim: Or “dispelling.” Sorry!

Erik: You’re dispelling your own insecurities, those places where you don’t know yourself yet.

Me: Ah.

Kim: If someone was like totally nasty and then someone else talks about them, “Can you believe he behaved like that? Oh my god!” –

Erik: Then you’re only allowing yourself to become a part of that by gossiping about it because when you gossip about it, you’re allowing yourself to be affected by it. You become it. If you don’t pass it on, you transmute it so it doesn’t get transmitted. Gossip is like a disease like an STD.

Me: Oh, it can spread! That’s so true. I guess people like to talk about the nastiness of others to make themselves feel like they’re “better than.”

Stay tuned for Part Two tomorrow!


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  • T Diaz

    Elisa, I love what you all did for Arleen in giving what sounds like a beautiful funeral after she lost her bunny. And you painted such a vivid picture of the bunny rescue escapade that I felt like I was there, right up to wincing when reading about the wasp sting! Arleen’s witty “Welcome to Texas” quip was hilarious ;-D

  • JaniceT

    Oooh Emma in Texas with CE friends!!! Now THAT is going to sooo muuuuch FUUUN! Have a great time, girls!

  • Alphonso de Barbo

    OMG! Can’t we have even a good old gossip now!

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