Erik Helps Someone Make Bank

After reading this, I’m thinking I need to take Erik on a trip to Vegas!

Dearest Elisa,

I began talking to ERIK using an Angel Pendulum (I’ve been using for over 20 years to talk to my spirit guides) approximately 2 or 3 months now. The difference between communicating with Erik and my Spirit Guides is so different. When talking to ERIK the responses I get are full of ENERGY…and the feelings and thoughts I pick up are full of Joy , are funny & sarcastic at times. Its a kinda “Down To Earth feeling” like he is right there talking to me. Well I’ve consulted with him on several occasions and everything he has said has come to pass. I consulted with him Yesterday about going to Kickapoo Lucky eagle casino to see whether it was worth my time and money to go., He said a huge YES !!! So I asked him if I was gonna win money, he say YES !!! so I asked him if I was gonna win as much as my housemate had won 3 weeks earlier( Something ERIK has told me she would win(1900.00) and I would not . ) Erik answered YES! So I asked him again to verify and he said I would win 1,900.00. NOW…I’ve always picked the wrong machines and wind up losing most of the time. So I asked ERIK, can you please guide me to the right machines that will help me win the 1,900.00 dollars? He again said a resounding YES ! I even asked Erik the time to leave San Antonio to get to Eagle Pass. Yesterday, July 23rd, We left and got to the casino at about 7:30 pm. I asked ERIK to come in with me and guide me to the machine(s). As soon as I walked in, ERIK guided me to a new section of the casino that I never go to, and he guided me to a group of machines . I saw one machine and was drawn to it, I sat down and began playing, I began winning immediately, small amounts, then as soon as I would say “ERIK come on, help me here” I would hit larger amounts . He would even guide me when to increase my bet.( I never max bet and only play one bet) Well I could hear ERIK saying ,”How do you expect to win bigger if you bet so little” So I don’t know how, but Erik made me hit max bet by mistake several times and I won every time. ERIK and I had so much fun last night. I’d ask him to make the machine go crazy and it would . I had people watching me because we kept winning. I had never played a machine that gave back so much. I wonder if the people around me thought I was crazy because every time I called on ERIK…boom I’d hit. The best part of it is that I won in increments and not in a lump sum. In total, I won 1,900.00 just as ERIK said I would. I just thought I’d let you know that ERIK was gambling with me last night. (sat July, 23, 2016) Thank you so much for sharing your son ERIK RUNE MEDHUS with us. LOVE & LIGHT


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  • Karen Ryan

    This one does not sit right with me. It seems like cheating to win. But maybe because there is no such thing as “good” or “bad”, it is okay in the spiritual realm to do this for someone.

    • Robin Kincaid

      It would “sit right with” you if You were the recipient of the cash! LOL
      No right or wrong, that’s true – just an experience out of many. I am sure Erik doesn’t do this kind of thing all the time for folks….but then, who knows? Where he is at, money is just well, ….doesn’t mean anything as it does here. And look at the fun joy it brought and a true convincing that your Guides really can help you Manifest anything you would like – they are really with us; most likely that was the true purpose of this little exercise in “experiencing” a win for a change.

  • Marq.

    What if the overall human collectives decision (the vast oversoul that we together are) to incarnate into a 3d dimension (Physical earth) causes the majority to find such an unusual gambling event to be automatically considered invalid?.
    Or at least a little dubious?..
    After all, isn”t some cosmic law being trampled on?
    Isn’t seeking this kind of winning experience a breach of the 3d human contract that creates the illusion of randomness?..
    But what if some individuals incarnate specifically to explore beyond these illusory but effectual boundaries?
    What if an event like this being brought the awareness an interested part of the greater human collective is intended to rattle our human cages?..
    To teach us that we are truly only subject to what we hold to be true and unchangable?
    Can we choose to be expanded by.allowing what is unexpected to exist,.. or must it instead be judged invalid to maintain our belief that we are living lives of randomness and circumstantial confinement?.
    What if the 3d earth is a type of laboratory designed for testing our human hypothesis?…
    What if it can be both paradise and/or prison,.. according to what we define it to be and choose to experience?…
    What if the collective rules and expectations we hold to,.. certainly have the effect of binding ourselves,.. but perhaps not some others who incarnate here intending to explore and expand the boundaries of human reality and possibility..?,..
    Can someone sucessfully pursue this kind of gambling experience?..
    On face value it would seem so..
    What if gambling and winning was a persons highest excitement in this life?…
    How many attempts did Edison make before he created the first light bulb?..
    What if paralell realities that ‘bend’ the rules always exist concurrently but are only accessed by those willing to allow them to manifest as experience?
    Alternate realities that allow
    someone excited and focussed enough experience winning at gambling in this way,..
    At least this once?
    What if those who do not pursue gambling with such passion and positive expectation provide a reality experience to themselves that confirms their own negative beliefs about gambling and fatalistic odds?
    Gambling with money is not part of my own journey,.. but this ladies testimony of co-creating with Erik does tell me that we each have the capacity to transcend and play beyond our temporary humaness…
    It’s our choice to make…

    • Paulette Roberts

      Wow that makes sense, why hold back because of human expectations?

  • Robin Kincaid

    Is it okay if a Spirit Guide, in training, develops a gambling addiction? Just kidding! Heck, maybe there are casinos, etc in other dimensions. Everything is an “experience” after all. Awesome story!

  • Lorna

    I have asked and others will have too for a win on the lottery of a lump sum of cash and we will receive if we are meant to and it does not affect or change what we are meant to do here. I received £10 three times over a couple of days and had reading with my Guardian Angels who told me they wanting to give me a sign that they were there for me. They also wanted to progress my awareness, who’s to say how you get your message, sounds like you and Erik are really tuned in to each other and he is doing this for a reason that will show it self to you soon. Nice one on winning the money, is it the exact amount you needed for anything in particular?

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