Erik Helps Those in Needs

Enjoy these great stories. They prove that Erik is more than willing to help. All you have to do is ask.

Story #1

Last night I get a late night message from My daughter Emma … She is panicking and so scared. She is at a friend’s house and some teenage boys and my older daughter Zoe decided to play a ouija board. Emma says to me mom mom i’m freaking out the spirit said we were all gonna die and be prepared!!!

Now my Daughter Emma has a lot of fear around these things and I have been trying to help her get over them, but I knew my words were not going to help very much right now and as soon as this enters my mind she writes.

Can you talk to your friends and ask the if I’m going to be ok … Can you talk to Heather and Erik … hahah I was like aweee how cute is this man … she knows I talk to spirit I share it openly with my kids I am trying to teach them to be open and not scared to feel it .. I know they all do !

So with The help of Heather .. we get her on messenger and Heather, Erik and I talk Emma down out of her fear … She is dating a boy who is native so Emma dove right into the smudging and was smudging herself hahahah … Heather said Erik was gonna kick some boy’s asses for scaring her.

Emma says Erik go over there and scare them back … hahaha well she told me after that the boys and Zoe saw something fly off the table! Emma told them Erik said enough and to put that shit away hahaha. After Heather talked Emma through so things I was able to take what advice Alison gave me and help her to relax !

Emma started talking about how she was afraid to go to sleep … and Erik said tell her I will meet her in her dreams and I’ll show her something really cool … All she has to do is believe!!

So she messages me this morning and says Hey momma does Erik have red blondish brownish curly hair ? I laughed and said yes why ? She said HE CAME TO ME IN MY DREAM AND WE WERE FLYING !!!!! I showed her a picture of Erik and she said YEP that was HIM HOW AWESOME MOM !!! And I heard Erik say Good job Emma you did it!!! So I told her this and she was so happy!

Erik IS watching over my babies and he is teaching them to believe and anything is possible! He helped my baby girl to feel loved and safe and to get rid of her fear

Thank you Heather .. Thank You Alison and thank you ERIK !!!!!

Story #2


Just firstly l would very much love too my sweetheart Claire, who at 42 suddenly left this world 3 and a bit years now, love you Bubs.

Also, many, many thank you’s ELISA and too all the team that goes into the Channeling Erik support network. Yeah! And of course Erik!

Hi, l am Marts from Australia, Gday!

Three years back I was held in place by grief numbness, the shock from losing Claire, around this time l was given a book on grief, l didn’t know what grief actually was? I soon realised there are some books about grief that really only talked through what emotions you are expected to go through, as l sat reading this book it was more about state the obvious! I then drifted towards another direction, yep! Mediumship, l felt already naked, exposed by my grief as l stood on the edge of the planet gazing into the darkness of the universe, the white noise of daily life behind me, everything was a blur, so l grasped with the idea to try and have an open mind, there was nothing to loose as l just lost everything.

I made a connection through mediumship, this was the antidote to crack the hard shell of grief for me, colour was being brought into my life, l have now opened my mind to the observation of the spirit world, to who l truly are and where l come from, this was the game changer that gave back to me peace love and joy.

I have read about a dozen books, twice over about the afterlife since, but something was apparent for me, was for my lack of grasping or reading between the lines, sometimes l struggled to convert information, l then spoke this out loud, “is there a book out their, a spiritual book for the dummies?” I soon was lead to Channeling Erik, l have with me Erik’s copy, and his books just nails it perfectly, now light years are weaving into my brain waves, thanks mate!

So about six months or so ago, this all took place, my thoughts were answered, and l found me a new mate Erik, we actually share the same birth date, ???? I maybe a little older in body, but my mind sure isn’t.

When l like to centre myself, is whilst sitting in my hammock, l have always been fond of the great out doors, so l head for a beautiful location in a nature reserve on a cliff top maybe, it just is a great way to chill and kinda meditate, and it’s here l talk to my spiritual friends. Just recently, l talked to Erik about how l can help my friends, looking at alternatives outside the system and sciences that is “so normal” a lot people l know, science is kinda their religion for guidance in life.

l have a good mate who is fairly dependent on alcohol, he is a great guy, his heart means well, so l went too see him in his place of solace, a council maintained shed, where he is left alone, he also knew Claire very well, and therefore has seen me in my grief. l had opened up too him how l was finding help in a spiritual way, with help from mediums, anyway, we got talking the other night over a few beers, the shed lights were broken and just the outside light was on, he has heard me mention about Erik, as we were talking in the dark a ball of light or an orb swooshed between him and myself, we locked up motionless for a few seconds, and we both pointed in the direction in which the orb went, l said, “man” that would be Erik mate, and l felt charged up in energy, we both goosed up, it was a truly remarkable moment as l soon after was typing in Channeling Eric into my mates phone.

A seed was planted, to give hope, thank you Erik, that was Awesomeness! when l got home, turned on my light and the lightbulb explodes, haha! Pranked!!


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