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During the Denver CE event, several of the attendees were so enthralled that they want to help Erik spread his love and wisdom all over the world by donating to the tour. Our aim is to set the ticket prices only to cover expenses and NOT make a profit, so I’ve agreed to do as Kim suggest and put  donate button on the righthand side bar until the tour is over. It has been challenging to meet expenses and still keep ticket prices low. In fact, I think Kim lost money on the first city, so these donations would be a big help to her. For myself, I have no financial interest in the tour whatsoever. You guys know by now how I feel about profiting from my son’s death. 

For now, you can go HERE to donate. Any amount would be appreciated. I’m going to have to get my web guy to put the sidebar button up, and that’s probably not going to happen until Monday. 

Here are some very cool Erik Encounters, even one where Erik shows up in person. Please be sure to share your own words about Erik by clicking on the “Share Your Story” or “Share Your Praise” buttons. 

Story #1

Dear Elisa,

Hello, my name is Soe Hemmi from Japan. I am your blog member since fall of 2015.

I want to thank you and your son, Erik for everything that you guys do. I can’t describe in any words that how I am grateful to be able to lough and smile now.

I want to share a little bit of my life here.
My 45 year-old husband has been suffered from stage 4 NSC since 2013, right after layoff from my work. Since his diagnoses, I have been deeply depressed and I did not want to live any longer.

My depression did not go away, but instead, it was getting stronger each days passes. Because my husband does not (still now) want to share his illness to anyone so, we have only a few friends to talk to and invite to our home. I also was raised by very abusive parents, so I have literally no ones to talk to about our situations…

Anyway, our life seemed going dead end. But one day, I started realize that I might be the one who close door to lead us somewhere. And so I started looking for an answer…that same day, I found your website.

Since that date, I started to think that “living” should be wonderful thing. Your unconditional love toward to Erik was the most powerful medicine that I ever got, Elisa! Now I am remember my old loving memories with my mother which I did’t know I have ones. Also, when I was watching some of your videos, Erik said to audiences that “call your Mom, right now!”. Well, I did. It took me a while to forgive my parents, but I asked some professional to help me to do so.

Here I am now mentally, emotionally healthier ever accomplished in my entire life. My husband is still battling cancer, but we are emotionally much much better place than a year ago. Thank you, thank you!

Now I am thinking to return a favor, or thinking to spread the goodness about what you guys do. Since I am a writer for Japanese spiritual magazine, I would like to take some actions for Japan where is the NO1 suicide rate. I am thinking to do the same fashion as you and Erik do. Call Japanese historical figure and asks some questions. I have already asked Kim Babcock and Erik about this idea. I hope I do’t intersect what you do. But I just want to let you know that this is something I am super excited about!

How come I did not realize that life should be wonderful…for long long time. You and your son, Erik taught us the true core of our being.

Thank you.

Soe Hemmi

Here are a few Erik encounters:

* Erik sent me a song, “don’t cry no more” while I was crying and upset about his conditions. Kim confirmed me that it was his message to restore my happiness.

* I saw words spelled “erik” in water spot in kitchen counter (you know when you wash the dishes). I immediately took some pictures (which ware not clear at all), then radio played “only now ” by Enya.

Story #2

I just had my second reading with Jamie yesterday, Jan 6, 2016. My first with her was on Oct 21, 2015. During both readings I was hoping to connect with my 22-yr-old son, Ian, who died suddenly on March 4, 2015. Jamie succeeded brilliantly in helping me carry on a wonderful, moving, healing conversation with my son both times. She is VERY sensitive, intuitive, and expressive with her voice. Many times she spoke just like my son would, with many of the same expressions and choices of words. Even though, as of a week ago, Jamie is no longer “officially” channeling Erik anymore for his blog, Erik showed up when we needed him to help with something and he said to me “Hi Momma!!!” just like he did the first time I worked with Jamie last October. He called me that because I’m still a mom when I get to talk to my son (who was my only child) and he wants to honor and celebrate that by saying that to me in his high-energy voice. Thank you, Erik, and you, Jamie, for making yesterday such a comforting, and enlightening experience!! You both helped me so much!! Till next time, my love to you both….

Story #3

Shopping for gifts in Dec. 2015 at our local Chapters book store in Lethbridge , AB , Canada I went in search of a book I had spotted some time ago. The title of the book was My Life After Death. I searched for the book in the section it was supposed to be but couldn’t find it on the shelf. My son Dusty tried helping me look for the book as well. During my search a young man with a strange hat kept passing by us in the same section where the book should of been. He even stood right next to me searching for a book on the same shelf I was searching from , our hands almost touched as we fumbled through the books. I even wondered if the man was looking for the same book I was, because he seemed to be looking for a book in the same spot we were looking. I found it odd that he would be searching in the same area where I just finished searching. My son said mom I’m going to search for the whereabouts of this book on the computer. He came back telling me that there were only two books left in the book store, but they were not to be found in the location where the computer indicated. Feeling exasperated I told my son never mind if we cant find it we can always look for it another time. The strange young man came left the book aile and as we stood there still searching he came back with a book assistant ,who began searching for his book searches across from where the shelf was that the book should of been found. My son and I continued to search for the book. The store assistant asked the young man > what was the title of the book he was looking for and the man said > Life After Death. As I heard this title I got goose bumps all over me and I turned to stare at the two when I heard the title of the book and I said out loud to both of the >Hey that’s the same book Ive been looking for.The women found the book right across from where we all had been searching and told the young man here’s the book you wanted and the young man turned to me and said> No I’ll let this lady have it, and I’ll get it another time. I said Oh no you were looking for it too, so you can have it , I’ll get it another time. The young man said to me its okay I can wait for another book , I already have other books Im searching for. Just then the store attendant found another copy of the book on the same shelf and said to both of us >look I found another book and you both can have the book. The young man handed me the book and said to me enjoy your book and I said thanks you two and wished him a Merry Christmas. As I proceeded to walk away to go pay for my books I looked back at this young man , who gave me a strange smile as if he almost knew me. I felt I too knew him from some where, but we only just met in that book store aisle. Later my son said Mom wasn’t it odd that you two were in the same aisle , standing right close to each other ,searching for the same book ,and actually found the only 2 copies of the book left in the book store. My son gifted me with the book for Christmas and as I proceeded to read it I noticed that the picture on the back of the book looked very similar to the young man searching for the same book in the Chapters book store. I got goose bumps on my arms thinking OMG! Maybe I had met with a spirit, but brushed it off as my imagination thinking I was just seeing things. But in all honesty I do swear that the young man who was searching for the same book as my son and I looked like the spitting image of Erik Medhus. I now feel he wanted us to find his book and to think I was going to pass up the book, but this young man came by me several times in that book aisle and helped us find a copy of his book . I believe Erik directed me to find his book because my 3 sons need his help and guidance, especially my eldest son Jay, who I believe suffers from bipolar. If Erik reads my story I would really appreciate his help for my sons. Please and thank you Erik. P.S Erik you and my eldest son Jay wear the same kind of beige hat-( toque )with a brim on the front. When I checked out your channeling Erik pics I spotted you wearing the hat and felt you sent me another msg by showing me a picture of him Erik wearing an identical hat like the one our son owns, and letting me know that he got my msg requesting help. I am in awe at how Erik got us to find his book. Thank you Erik , Im just finishing your book and feeling helpful that their are good spirit guides out there that can give guidance and support to humans in need.

Have a wonderful weekend, and keep your eye out for Erik and his mischief!

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    Anyone want to share a room at the Diablo Resort in Sedona?

  • Audrey Rowland

    How do I share an Erik encounter? Here or by emailing Elisa?

    • On the righthand sidebar, there is a “Share your story” button. You have to scroll down a it. They’re purple and rectangular.

  • Cherie

    I took a chance and emailed the reader from Japan, since I live here. Exciting to know there is at least one actual Japanese person who is in a position to publicize his/your work who knows about Erik. Yippee!

    • That’s great!

      • Cherie

        And she wrote back. She’s working on finding a Japanese Kim basically and plans to interview famous Japanese “dead” people. She puts it much more beautifully in super polite Japanese but that’s the gist of it. I’m setting an intention for the right person to show up!

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Hi Elisa, I was wondering whether Patrick was taking appointments. I know he was reluctant to but was thinking about it. I hope he develops more confidence in himself.

    • I’m not sure. Patrick or Robert?

      • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

        Oh dear, my brain fails me again. Robert.

      • I thought so! He’s taking appointments but I don’t think he’s comfortable charging yet. Try sending him a Facebook private message (Robert F. Burke.)

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