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Words like this brighten my day–and my life!

I want to thank Erik and Elisa for all the information they have published in the book, “My Son And The Afterlife.” I have dealt with depression nearly all my life. There have been more than a few despondent moments. I tried to follow through 3 times. One day I was feeling very low and very sorry for myself. As I searched for afterlife info on the Internet, I came across Elisa’s book. I didn’t check it out at first, but then I felt a “nudging” to read some of it. I was fascinated right from the beginning. Here was someone who had committed suicide and “lived” to talk about it. I felt Erik’s encouragement to keep reading. Over several weeks, Erik would draw my attention to topics that I needed to read. I started coming out of my depression and began working with Light Energy again. During the lowest periods in my life, I had no interest in the Light. I am a Reiki Practitioner who had lost interest in that healing energy. I am feeling refreshed and energized. I am so very thankful for Erik and also for Elisa for sharing her heart breaking story, and for inviting us to join in discussion. I’m sending you lasers Erik!

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