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Well, we’re on our last leg home from Weatherford to Houston. It’s been an amazing adventure. Even the kids and Arleen loved it, including the total of 2,200 miles of driving! (Going to truck stops and getting beer and candy helped, of course.) I want to take my grandkids on a summer trip every year, if possible. Eventually, my own kids will be too busy to join us. Next year I was thinking of trekking to North Carolina to visit my daughter, Kristina, and her husband, Houston. They live in Cary now, but we could all go to Asheville and camp. I’d probably stop somewhere in Florida like New Orleans or Destin, then head for Savannah and stay a few days before driving to NC. Or we could make our way to Vega and stop in Sedona, Lake Powell, the Grand Canyon or other places. We’ll treasure this trip in our memory forever, but it’ll be nice to see the rest of the family and get back into a comfortable routine. 

Enjoy these Erik stories:

Story #1

I am writing this today, 10 January 2016, six days after my beautiful frail Monica died in our Hoi An, Vietnam Hospital. Monica suffered from colon cancer for more than 2 years; the pain had to be almost unbearable.

Three days after Monica’s worldly death, I read your book (Kindle). It was a fast read, and I enjoyed each chapter immensely. Now to the Erik visit.

While doing a one hour reading with Raylene (great medium, by the way), Erik popped in, bringing my Monica with him. Monica told me that before her life review, she was floating around the globe in a huge warm bubble. After the life review, she is now in the “celebration” phase, where everything is new and shockingly beautiful. Monica did take time to chat with me, answering most of my questions, but said that soon the whirly merry-go-round will slow, and we can communicate freely.

At that time, I asked Erik if he could bring in my parents. He did, described them, and my mother said she loves me. Both apologized to me for drinking too much and not being there for me. Then Erik brought my sister over, and we had some nice exchanges.

I thanked Erik for all this, and said that he was a good looking young man; he returned the compliment. I can’t believe all this is happening, but I love it. My thanks to you Elisa for all that you do; and thank you Erik for being Erik. I feel this is only the beginning of the “Channelling Erik” journey, John

Story #2

A few years back I had some hardships. My heart yearned for something more from a spiritual perspective. I read everything I could and learned to meditate. This kid kept popping up. He was persistent. He directed me towards the site and I read everything voraciously while comparing resources. Being from the medical field, I was amazed that his mother was so open and such a beautiful soul. For those that do not know, they have done so much for so many. As I type this on my phone while sitting as a passenger in traffic on a southern California freeway, I have nothing but love for Erik, his mother and all the CE family.

Story #3

So…I kind of just recently have been watching your videos on Youtube. They are great and inspirational by the way. On a recent video ( I was listening while I was at work) Elisa sort of joked that if you ask Erik to prank ya, he will. So in my head I sort of scoffed “Pfft…Ok, Erik..Prank me, I dare ya HAHA” So as I was leaving work, I had my cell in my hands, and my ear buds sort of dangling in my grip. I was rushing a little. I walked out of the door and felt my earbuds kind of snag ( I thought they must have caught my jacket or something) and they fell out of my hands. I looked down immediately and didn’t see them on the ground. They were not somehow dangling on my jacket or something…I even went back inside to see if the door caught them. Nowhere. Dang. The next day, I go into work and asked my boss if she had seen them anywhere out front or near the door.

These were like crappy $5.99 earbuds, but I used them ALLLL the time. So it was a bummer. I was hoping she found them and I could listen to more CE at work that day.”Earbuds?” She said. “No, I didn’t see any, BUT I have these cool light up ones that I gave to my brother for Christmas, and they were not really his thing. I forgot I was gonna give them to ya”

Well hell! I have some sweet ear buds now that lErik Makes His ight up, and are probably like $30!

Is that the kind of stuff I can expect from Erik? Maybe you can tell Jamie Butler or Robert to telepathically Fist Bump him for me :)..a TFB baby!

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