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Apparently the Denver Channeling Erik Weekend is going very well. I had to stay in town for my daughter’s going away party, which was suddenly rescheduled for next weekend because her husband had to go out of town! So I could have gone all along! I really miss being a part of the audience. I hear that several of the attendees are going to the Sedona event, too, and my husband and I are definitely not going to miss that one! 

Congratulations to Joanna for winning the contest. When Erik was in preschool, he had a mad crush on his teacher, Ms. Kane. She was beautiful. Brown eyes. Silky, long brown hair. A sweet smile and always exuding love. He asked her to marry him, but sadly, she was already engaged. Shot down at the tender age of 4. He crawled up into her lap and said, “Please Ms. Kane. Don’t marry that boy.” Maybe in another lifetime. Joanna, a signed copy of Romeo’s book is on its way to you.

Here is this past week’s radio show. Be sure to listen for Erik. His voice came through at several points on the last two shows. 

Enjoy these Erik encounters. It’s so nice to have such confirmation.

Story #1


I just finished reading My Life After Death and was posting my review of it on Amazon. After writing my review I pushed the post button and immediately my cell phone suddenly popped up Amazon Prime music and said recommended. I have never even used this app so I know it was Erik’s way of letting me know he was there with me as I posted the review of his book. Thanks Erik! I will treasure your book because it is truly an amazing memoir. I hope you will write another later on to keep us “updated” on how things are going for you in your new life and share more of the things you are learning.

With all my Love to you, Elisa and Jamie

Story #2

Hi Folks,

My story starts with the passing of my Uncle Warren just over a year ago. My aunt Kyleen has been in a very deep depression (they were married for 52 years). In the last few weeks Kyleen has reported that very strange things are happening in her home. Most notably, her TV is repeatedly turning on and off by itself. She told my Mom (who thinks she has now gone over the ledge) that she thinks Warren may be visiting her. I on the other hand, believe that Warren is indeed visiting her.

Being the researcher that I am, I started reading about the afterlife, spirits, angels and guides, etc. I am conditioned like most people to create an explanation for something that happens other than a message from spirit. Like many of you, I happened to land on the Channeling Erik Blog where I have lived ever since. I have been fascinated and unable to even get any of my work done.

A few days ago, I suddenly found myself saying..Okay…Erik with a “K”, if you are for real…I want you to play a song on my computer at 11:30 a.m. letting me know it’s you. It was 11:15 at that moment. Right at 11:30 this loud song came on. I am at that age where the song sounded like a bad assault on my ears. I clicked over to Pandora to see what the name of the song was? It was: I’m Real by J Lo. I burst out laughing. I have never heard that song in my life, but I just found myself saying, ‘Really, could this be for real?’

I want it to be real and have often felt the presence of friends and family who have passed around me. The conversations that always happen in my head and have forever, I have just thought & chalked them up to being crazy me having a dialogue with myself in my head. I feel like I have just walked through a door to a whole new world.

I want desperately to be able to channel others and love helping people. I ordered the first book that Elisa wrote and have been all over the internet reading. I feel a bit overwhelmed and excited all at the same time. I am not sure if there is a logical approach to follow in learning how to channel or just go with it wherever it takes me. That is what I am doing at the moment. I have only had one incredibly vivid dream that I knew was an answer to a serious problem I had. It was so strange. I did not recognize (at the time) what the dream was. I just thought it was a crazy, vivid dream. The following day we went to Church & the Minister preached about how God speaks to us in dreams. It was as if a brick hit me in that moment. I never doubted the truth of that dream or where it came from. I have gone to a medium in my area that told me things that no one could have known.

I supposed I better get more efficient at reading if I am ever to be productive at work again. I cannot tear myself away from this blog. I did reach out to Elisa who suggested that I should submit this story.

Thanks to all who endeavor to reach out and help others with this site.

Story #3

Dear Elisa,

First, off, I want to say thank you from the depth of my entire being for sharing your story, being an amazing woman and for helping to mold Erik into the incredible person he is. I often wish my own mother was as loving and open minded as you have become. I have read Erik’s book and loved it. Like the blog and videos, when I read it, I received a sense of peace and settled inner knowing of truth. I have always been a believer in life after death, however, being raised in a strict religious culture, my belief has been very much fear based. I have broken free of those beliefs when I began to feel smothered and almost claustrophobic with who I was and what I wanted or knew I could be. Erik truly has helped me in discovering that and releasing those old negative belief systems for me. Truly and literally a life saver for me. THANK YOU!

Ok, now the story. Erik pranks me all the time. However, there was one specific time when I was chatting with my husband about day-to-day scheduling and planning and both our phones started beeping as if someone else was dialing (remember the old days when you were talking on the phone and someone else picks up the other line and dials before they realize you are already on it?) I say to my husband, “Are you dialing something?” He laughed and asked me the same question. Each time he or I went to say something we would be beeped to silence. We both just started laughing. I then asked out loud, ‘Erik, are you messing with us?’ and to finish it off he did one continuos beep that lasted about 10 full seconds. Thanks, man. You really are there for us, loving, caring, and making the world a happier place.

I’m so proud of my boy. When you get pranked by Erik, please share with the rest of the class. All you have to do is click on the “Share Your Story” button and type away. Do the same through the “Share Your Praise” button if you have something positive to say about Erik and his blog. Both buttons are on the righthand sidebar of the homepage. You might have to scroll down a bit to get to them.

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