Erik Makes His Rounds

Enjoy these great Erik encounters as well as this last week’s radio show!

Story #1


I have been experiencing Erik pricking whenever am watching Erik, Jamie and Elisa conversations, of late I try to involve myself by asking k Erick questions, its like he is responding by directing me to get some answer to some of my questions through other channeler like Ivan Teller.

It happened like this, there are times I feel some energies around me, sometimes its like am seeing a space craft and a being painted/brushed my hand whatever that mean? when that happened it looks so real and I become so relaxed and deep asleep. I wanted to get answer for that action so I started questioning Erik till one day I heard this word Zeta, I didn’t know what Zeta is till I listed to Ivan channelling sessionsr . am so grateful Erick and the crew. .
Your life and your new state of being is a gift and joy to me, thanks for being arround, teach me more and more of what I should know and do.

Wonder if he can let me hear from my mom Emilia Herbet Mirandu she always come but can not hear , she passed over 7 years ago by multiple strokes.
Light and love

Story #2

Hi Elisa,

A couple of photos I took on November 9th showed what I’m going to call an Angel Dot/ Erik. On both pictures there is the sun and an Angel Dot with an aura around them. So I then said in my mind, “OK Erik if that’s you, then do something profound enough that there is no error in concluding this is you.” A night or so later I was asleep and at the Theta brainwave level and saw my face from the perspective of the sun/ Angel Dot viewing me.

There have been two other encounters which Erik can tell you about if he wants to share with you, additionally after Thanksgiving (I didn’t write down the date, sorry) I was in deep sleep and felt the need to open my eyes. To which I have to apologize to Erik, *if he was the small grey* near my bedside, my intent was not to choke Erik. But waking up to a (half-pint) grey stranger in the dark of night standing inside my house in my bedroom was enough for me to jump out of bed and protect my family. Sorry about that Erik, no ill will intended and your neck should be healed by now. I do appreciate Erik not showing up in human form and yes, that visit was enough of a profound outlier that I have no problem confirming Erik visited.

Story #3

I was on youtube yesterday, and I stumbled across your video with Jamie about love, fear and intuition, and I wanted to see the red orb jumping across Jamie and behind her but couldn’t see it and I replayed several times. I asked my intuition to see it but nothing, so cleared by mind and the red orb was right at the bottom right corner of the video where i was looking, and it was quite big couldn’t have missed it. No matter how many times i replayed it never showed in that area! It was there for me to see. I was so happy and thrilled and i was clapping at the computer, being so happy i saw Erik!

Story #4

Dear Erik.

Please visit all you want – during the day. My dog is unappreciative of your presence in my bedroom at night time. She keeps waking both of us up out of a dead sleep growling viciously at the wall. This has been going off and on for the past few days. It is getting old now. I know it’s you. Again, please visit (during the daytime). Thanks. Sleepless in FL.

After posting this in the Channeling Erik group, the dog stopped barking, so I guess you are happy your visit was acknowledged. Thought it was cool that this morning you posted the video about animals with Jamie.

Renee (and my JRT Elphie)

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  • Andy

    About a month ago, I awoke in the middle of the night naturally from a deep sleep. It was real quiet as usual, then I could hear INSIDE my apt the sound of a person taking a deep hit from a bong. (I do not smoke marijuana myself.) Erik came immediately to mind. It may or may not have been Erik. But it would be ironic if it were him, as I had been complaining to my apt manager of my neighbor’s cigarette smoking wafting into my apartment. It may be Erik’s way of telling me to chill on that, ie to live and let live.

  • Pierluigi Di Pietro

    uhmm… Cannot say to be visited by Erik (I prefer He uses his energy for people more in need) but strangely I’ve had a second lucid dream a couple of days ago ( that is, a total of two in the last month, a huge number for me, considering that I had only one semi-lucid dream in the 10 years before…)

    This time my dream became lucid after seiing a friend of mine, who passed out years ago. I very rarely see (or remember seeing) dead people in my dreams, and never before it has resulted in me becoming lucid. The dream went on for an incredible amount of (relative?) time. I had the time to argue with a incarnation of my wife that this was NOT a lucid dream, and that my friend was still alive (sorta of arguing that black is white). For sure my rational mind had a hard time to dismiss my lucid dream! 😀

    I had time to pratice some different reality check and discovered that some are useless for me, apparently my mind is able to simulate the touch feeling, the stop effect and the pain it gives triing hard to press a finger in the other palm… really weird.

    But weirdest thing of all is that I’m experiencing those dreams just after the encounter with this blog.

    Mybe some work is under progress in my subconcscious 😀
    See you maybe in the next dream, Erik 🙂

    • Maybe he nudged you to the blog for a reason and is trying to get a message to you.

      • Pierluigi Di Pietro

        Let’s see if I’m smart enough to understand it 😀

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