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Enjoy these great Erik encounters!

Story #1

I had an Erik visitation dream just before Valentine’s Day last year (2015). In the dream I was at a party for Erik at Elisa’s house. How I knew that, I do not know. I just did. The party was really small, it seemed to be almost all immediate family. I was sitting at a table having fun talking with one of Erik’s sisters. We started talking about the party favors which were little computer chips that fit on your key chain. (I must say that in real life I have never met anyone in the Medhus family nor written to them or spoken to them.)

All of a sudden the energy in the room changed, and everyone got really excited! Erik entered the room! He came in from my left and appeared right next to me! There he was!!

I was shocked that he came up to ME! He was so clear. I could even see traces of acne on his face! I was amazed that he seemed so real…..I couldn’t help but reach out and touch him to see if he felt real! As I moved to reach out to touch him …he instantly threw a newspaper into mid air and leaped after it, caught it in mid air and Poof!!!!!!….He disappeared!!!!! (It was like a dog running after a frisbee only Erik was both the dog and the master at the same time!).

When I woke up I had a phrase stuck in my head for hours!! I just kept repeating it to myself over and over. The phrase was “eating Lion’s meat”. How weird! What does that mean? Were we all eating Lion’s meat at Erik’s party? Or was that part of a different dream? What a weird thing to be eating! So odd and random!
A couple nights later, the night before Valentine’s Day, I got a visitation dream from my son. When I saw him in the dream I immediately grabbed him and started hugging him and loving on him from my heart which was just pouring out. And in my head I heard his thoughts say “Okay, Okay Mom….but I was trying to tell you something”! Then the dream ended.

At that point I realized that Erik was trying to warn me that if I slobber my love all over my son, I am going to cut off our spirit communication. How can my son get through a message to me if I am so obnoxious with my Love? Erik was warning me to take a more hands off approach for the sake of being open to receiving the message from my son.

Recently I had a reading with Jamie. Erik came through and confirmed that my interpretation of the dream was spot on!! He also said that we were, in fact, all feeding ourselves Lion’s meat at his party! He said we were all feeding ourselves strength and courage to go on! Erik then explained that my family and his family share similar experiences and that his family is here for me as is the CE family. He is right, Elisa and I have ALOT in common! The only difference is that I didn’t have a good relationship with my son before he took his life. So now that my son and I are experiencing a wonderful new relationship through spirit communication, Erik is helping me to make it the best it can be, even if it means telling me to tone down my enthusiasm a notch or two so that my son can have the opportunity to give his love to me and have it be fully received by me. So I am focusing on letting myself be loved by my son! Thank you Erik! Thank you Elisa and family for inviting me into your “dream home”!!!

And thank you God for being the Great Consoler by giving us the gift of spirit communication. My son has given me dreams and signs that have been little masterpieces! I am so grateful for the healing love!
See you at the Chicago event Elisa!

Story #2

I’ve been following Channeling Erik for a couple of years and can’t tell you the comfort it has given me during that time. My only child, Michael has been living with depression, PTSD, agoraphobia and anxiety for years. Last summer he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Lately, I’ve been unable to shake feelings of defeat, helplessness, hopelessness and failure. Early this morning unable to sleep, I was sitting on my couch in the dark feeling so alone with my problems, as low as I’ve ever been. After a while I could feel myself getting sleepy and drifting into a half sleep state when suddenly I had what I can only describe as a lucid dream. A little boy, 3 or 4 years old with a freckled face and hair sticking straight up on his little head, came running towards me with his arms outstretched for a big hug. I woke up instantly feeling shock, love and release all at once. Sitting there with my heart pounding, I remembered the pictures of little Erik on your blog. It was him. I never expected a visit. Thank You Erik! Thank You Elisa! That simple hug of love made me see I am not alone.


Story #3

My daughter Rachael was due to deliver her second child Feb 6, 2016. On Feb. 7, 2016 they lost the heartbeat. She had to carry Kale Eden for another week before delivering. Every minute was excruciating. Then they got to spend 5 precious hours with him before he had to leave them. They then had the next phase of planning. Burial or cremation. Both agonizingly painful. Cremation was decided and they put the ashes in a heart and had it put knot a plush bunny, so they could hug and hold him and never have him out of sight or mind. Rachael went to a bookstore looking for spiritual guidance the first book she saw was My Son and the Afterlife. No thought just put the book in the cart. She devoured that book and so did I. Beautiful and exactly what we needed to help us. Not sure if it was an encounter but when I was reading the book. Twice I had the feeling that a spirit or energy passed right through my body and my left hand between the wrist and knuckles was freezing cold. That was not even the hand that was holding the book. I put my hand between my thighs to warm it but no luck. I have also had a strange s ell of fish when there was no fish in the house. We would love to have a visit from Erik. We know it is probably too soon as our grief is so thick and heavy. We need help to become a higher vibration so that we can communicate. Thank you so much for helping us by your story. Sending Light and Love your way xo

Last but not least, Daniel Lucas and Kat Mullaney created this wonderful video for Erik and me yesterday. It really helped to get me through that horrible day. Thank you all for contributing such touching comments. I love you guys! Click on the link below to download this to your desktop.

Thank You Movie


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  • Anonymous

    Wonderful stories. I’m not sure if this is the right place to request, but I was wondering if Erik could bring Elisa Lam forward and find out what really happened to her? Also, I am very interested in Emmanuel Swedenborg and would love it if he could be interviewed. Thanks, if that is possible!

    • Unfortunately I already have almost 400 people on the list of interviewees. I can’t imagine even getting through those in my lifetime. Hopefully, someone can take over for me when the time comes!

  • Anita what a wonderful experience!! Almost made me cry! 🙂

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