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I woke up this morning to find my daughter, Michelle, her husband, Nick and the two kids packing up to leave for Arlington. She has her orientation for nursing school Monday and Tuesday, and I had no idea! Talk about being out of the loop. Plus, Annika went back to college yesterday so it’s pretty quiet here. Lukas goes back to College Station in a week, and Arleen starts third grade the 22nd, so calm will once again settle in over the house. Nice, but of course I will probably miss the happy chaos before long. 

For those of you who missed it, here’s last Thursday’s radio show:

Now for some sweet praise for Erik. I love it when you guys write things like this!

Praise #1

I want to express my immense gratitude to you all. I have been stuck in a cycle of anxiety since I was very young. I am 56 now and thanks to Erik et al I feel I’m able to move forward just a small step at a time. I have been listening to and reading your work for only a short time but the advice I have received has made me understand that I’ve been living in fear of my own thoughts for so very long.

I take medication and I’ve recently started counselling which really helps and thank goodness I hear that Erik is in favour of both. Another thing I’ve done is to live more with my thoughts in a higher dimension looking for answers but I’m taking time to ground myself and view my time here in this body as a bonus.

Much love to you all x

Praise #2

I had an arthritis pain episode. This is usually a forerunner to rain. It went from joint to joint; even my toes and fingers ached. I was engulfed and couldn’t get a handle on it. As soon as another area sprang up, I focused on it and groaned. Then another and another. I don’t like taking meds, but this was a crisis situation. It was this or the emergency room. It takes over 4o minutes for the meds to kick in, so I lay down, panting from the pain.

Desperate, I called out to my guides: “Anybody out there? ” Then I remembered Erik: “Erik, please stop the pain!” He immediately appears sitting beside my bed, talking to me, coaching me, but I could only see hand gestures and his mouth move. I said: “I can’t hear you.” (The pain wouldn’t let me.) Erik was frustrated, unable to break through, so he shouted louder and louder, gesturing with his whole body. I still couldn’t hear him. I thanked and blessed him, waiting for the meds.

Suddenly, I had the taste of smoke in my mouth, in my nose and a dry throat as if I had just had a cigarette. I’m not a smoker and wondered if it was coming through the opened window, but it wasn’t. It was in me. My attention was now on the smoke, and I no longer had pain. I drifted into sleep.

What Erik did was distract me when he couldn’t get through to me by shouting and gesturing wildly. He was trying to draw me away from the pain to him. In the 1800s, a country dentist had someone beat a big drum to distract the patient, so he could pull teeth without an anesthetic. To give me relief, Erik moved my attention from the “pain” to the “smoke”. Since then, Erik’s Mom writes she woke up to the smell of cigarette smoke in her bedroom at 4 am, and nobody in the family smoked but Erik! “Erik, you’re an angel spirit who loves humanity and will do anything to help those in need.”

Praise #3

Spirits communicate in “feelings”. It’s their natural language. Erik speaks this way as evidenced in his lessons, and the medium is always asking him to talk in words. I kept forgetting about this, and expected words from my guides. I know this is a difficult concept to grasp, as we assume they talk in our native language. Just think: some of these guides who have incarnated on earth may have spoken Aramaic, ancient Greek, Mayan. Others never have lived on earth, so it’s natural that they all speak the universal language of “feelings” instead of “words” to get their message across. Our loved ones in heaven may speak to us in our language, but their language of choice is “feelings”. On top of that, we’re never still and receptive. We’re on the hamster wheel with a monkey brain chattering away.

I had asked my guides to give me a physical sign when they can’t get through to me. Since then, whenever I am deep thought about life, I find pennies on the floor, in the yard, when I’m walking the dog, in the parking lot. I was washing dishes (water is a psychic conductor by the way), and wondered what all these pennies meant. Erik appeared to my right. He held a penny between his fingers, at arm’s length. Slowly he moved it closer to my face, while the penny became larger and larger, taking over my entire field of vision. Do you know how eerie it is to see a penny floating in front of you, not knowing where it’s going to land? When it reached my myopic eyes, it was the size of a big cookie. I could see Lincoln’s face clearly lighted. Then my eyes caught the inscription: “In God We Trust”. Noogies, I got it! I had been having trust issues with the messages and lessons I was getting. Erik is a truly incredible teacher!

Praise #4

For a time I was trying to figure out, “What am I doing here?” especially when my life would completely change, which happened 6 times (so far). So I started reading books about life after death. I have quite a collection, and each leaves one with conflicting ideas about the Other Side, and crossing over. Then, recently, my cell phone booted up to a picture of My Son and The Afterlife. I have no explanation for this, but it was a great read, so I started following the blog everyday. I avoided Erik’s book for a while because I thought I would pick it all up in the blog. I’m not sure why but I finally read My Life After Death and it is not only a good read, it helps make sense of the differences in other books. People (and the books they write) each have a different impression of crossing over and the Other Side in general, which is the way it should be. Erik’s book and the blog make sense of many other writings and make God bigger and greater than I had ever imagined. Thanks Erik!

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