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We got back last week from a wonderful time in the peaceful mountains of Norway. We try to go there twice a year to see relatives, especially Rune’s father who will be 94 this month. Rune’s broken foot put a little bit of a damper on things because we weren’t able to ski or take long hikes together, but we made up for it by being in a cozy cabin together in front of a roaring fire. Here are some more pics:

Hiking above the tree line

Winter Wonderland

Okay, I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this!

Enjoy today’s post!

Kim: Good morning!

Me: Hello. How are you doing?

Kim: Good. Finally got up and running.

We talked about how she had to go through several updates and restart her computer, and I told her that she must have a PC instead of a Mac.

Me: Well, hello, Erik. How are you doing?

Erik: Hello, Mom. I’m good.

Me: Good! I’m so glad. I want to talk about something that has always bothered me a lot, and a blog member brought it up. Our spiritual contract with Native Americans. It’s such a shameful part in our history. I have some Cherokee blood in me, myself, but I feel like what we did to them was horrible! What’s that all about?

Kim: I can relate. I have a lot of Cherokee in my family, too. There are a couple of angles he wants to take.

Erik: It depends on what perspective you take as far as saying, “What we did was terrible.” Even putting that judgment on it blocks your view and the ability to see the purpose behind it. No matter what we’re talking about, Mom, we’re always looking for the purpose and the growth from it. From your perspective, which many take, we consider it “horrible” for a few reasons. We’re thinking from a human standpoint, thinking from the mind instead of the heart. We are a people who believe that our views, our thoughts, our actions are right and take priority over those of others. The aggressive approach that we took was all about ego.

Kim (wincing): This might ruffle a few feathers.

Erik: There was, at that time and still is, a huge lack of openness to other cultures and perspectives as well as value and appreciation. Down to a minute level, to the level of self rather than the whole, cultural level, to believe that we’re right. Self is right. It depends on how you look at it. You can look at it from a cultural or community standpoint or a mankind standpoint, but we’re coming all the way down to the level of the individual where the individual believes in its own ego and that its ego is right and prioritized over other beliefs. The spiritual purpose is to first separate from ego. It’s almost like a lost cause, Mom. You have to get people to separate from their ego first, and that is hard because a lot of people don’t truly understand what ego is. Ego isn’t just a sense of self. So if we can first get people to understand where they’re acting, then they can separate from it enough to be open minded and respectful. It doesn’t matter what cultural traditions you practice, if you—

Kim: He kind of laughs. He has such a, his vibration is so simple today. This might sound strange, but it feels very thin, and he’s taking a very simple approach.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It doesn’t matter what cultural traditions you practice. You know, Mom, there is no right and wrong. It’s just different eyes looking for the same thing. So for us to go in and take over and to push our beliefs and even do different things to the land was very ego-driven, but it was also driven by fear. It was also very fear-based. But this kind of stuff happens all over the world.

Me: Sure.

Erik: It’s not just with Native Americans. It happens all over the world when one becomes so clouded with their ego that they believe that their beliefs, their traditions, their practices are right.

Me: Like the Jihadi.

Erik nods.

Kim: Man, his approach today is so somber!

Erik: Mom, as long as we act in ego and believe our beliefs are right or best, we’ll never know world peace. You can’t truly operate in love and respect another because they’re different and respect them for their differences when we operate through the ego, and world peace can never happen, at least in our world.

Me: What about the fear? You said it was fear-based. What was the fear about?

Erik: I couple the fear with territorialism. “I have to mark my territory. I have to own.” So the actions were out of fear, needing to have the territory, needing to take over.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It doesn’t matter who you are. Anytime you see that drive or need to “own” or dominate a space, it’s fear driven, Mom, and it’s an illusion. To actually “own” land or take over other people all goes back to the ego.

Me: So it was basically a contract for us to learn how to separate from our egos? Is that what our spiritual contract with the Native Americans was about?

Erik: As a people. As mankind, not at the individual level. There’s a big difference, but again, whether it’s at the individual level of the level of a group of people, owning space, taking over, having ownership is just an illusion.

Me: What can we do about it. They have increased suicide rates, alcoholism, and, I mean, what can we do for the Native Americans now, and why is that all happening. Why are they struggling so? Answer that one first and then what we can do about it.

Erik: They feel as though it’s a lost cause. Mom, they operate from the heart space more than most, and when you are completely or at least more aligned with that heart space, that sacredness, there’s not a sense of ownership there but rather an understanding of what’s sacred. To them, they feel we’re so far gone from seeing and knowing what is sacred and keeping anything scared. They see us as very wasteful, as people of waste and convenience and superficiality, so they exist as they are in their culture without disruption or they’d rather not exist. They feel like it’s impossible for us to mesh.

Me: Oh, okay. Well, what can we do in a practical sense?

Kim: He’s showing an image of us nurturing their beliefs.

Erik: It’s very easy, Mom. It’s very simple. Keep an open heart and an open mind and show them that their ways are respected. But it’s also hard in a way because they live a slower lifestyle than we do. That makes it really hard to find a common ground.

Me: Right.

Erik: This is especially true when you have two types of people that are hard headed. Both parties need to keep the traditions from getting in the way. Let the traditions fall away and find common ground like, “I’m a human; you’re a human. Let’s start over.”

You can still respect those traditions, though.

Erik: It’s hard because it’s embedded. It’s so thick on both sides, but it has to be mutual.

Kim: This is interesting.

Erik: It has to be mutual in that we need to nurture respect for their ways, but they have to do the same.

Kim: I don’t have a lot of knowledge about this. I live in a bubble, but he’s showing me that they’re not cooperative either, so it’s very, there’s no communication right now. There’s no will.

Me: Well, maybe all we can do in a practical sense is send them healing energy, white light.

Erik: Sometimes, Mom, even that might not work. Instead of sending THEM healing energy, send the cause healing energy. Send it to the collective awareness of it. If we constantly sit around and think, “It’s a horrible situation! It’s a horrible situation!” then you’re putting that energy into the situation.

Me: Yeah. So send light to the situation.

Erik: Yeah, Mom.

Me: Okay. That sounds great! Anything else you want to say before we go onto our next topic?

Erik (wagging his finger): Remember that your way isn’t the wrong way; your way isn’t the right way. It’s YOUR way. Your way is just your way.

Me: That’s right.

Kim: He’s asking people to neutralize and accept everybody for their differences. Man, his approach is interesting, today. He’s kind of shaking his head and giving off this sense of hopelessness.

Erik: There’s a huge chunk of people who want this peace, but there’s also a huge chunk of people who are so blinded by and sickened with their own ego.

Me: Yeah, that’s too bad. Well, we’ll let it end off on that very happy note! I’ll talk to you in a little bit!

Kim laughs and says goodbye.

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  • Patrick

    One of Erik’s best sessions. (Hey, that rhymes with the name of the USA’s Attorney General)

  • Eric Bishop

    Truly challenging for all parties involved! Thank you for the insights.

  • Léon Vrins

    At first the Americans have to acknowledge they have treated the natives so wrong, many many times and they still do. See what happens at Standing Rock. It is not so very long ago the natives were prohibited to do their own cultural things, like the sundance, sweat lodges etc.
    Read ‘Fools crow’ to learn something about the way the white invaders treated the natives.
    Nevertheless some of them are willing to teach us some of their wisdom and culture.
    Twice a year a holy Lakota man, Steve McCullough, comes to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to tell about their culture and to do inipi, lowampi and wopila ceremonies. Eight years ago he and his spirit helpers gave me a healing I’m still very grateful for. I got it because a month after it I was going to have a big operation, 4 by-passes and cleaning one of my carotids. They gave me a huge amount of energy, I had the feeling i was floating.
    So, my advice is: learn about the natives.
    Mytakuye oyasin.

    • Patrick

      Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, Colombians, Ecuadorians, Peruvians and Bolivians – to name just a few nations which had native populations when Europeans arrived – have learned about ourselves and mistreatment of both native populations and also many imported victims, a sad process begun by Europeans. There was much blame to go around. These mistreatments no longer and have not happened for a LONG, LONG time.

      • Léon Vrins

        You should pay a visit to the reservations and talk with the people. And how about Standing Rock? Isn’t barbarian Trump mistreating the people and violating their rights? Read ‘Fools crow’ and you will learn about the way the natives were treated, not so very LONG ago. Also remember Wounded Knee.

      • M&M

        A lot of Americans stood with Standing Rock, for the Native Americans. A lot of Americans do not support Trump’s views. A lot of Americans do not support the abuse of Native Americans, or any person for that matter. We are not all the same.

      • Léon Vrins

        A lot? By far not enough. Look what is happening…..

      • Patrick

        I take exception to your use of the adjective “barbarian” to describe the President of the United States. You dislike him? That does not convert him into what you prefer to see and frankly, Mr. Vrins, your arguments are undermined by throwing around crude, shallow insults.

      • Léon Vrins

        I’m sorry for you, sir Patrick, but in this case Trump allows barbarous actions. He has no respect for the rights of the natives. It is not a matter of arguments, but only of what he does.

      • mar

        really?? Enough already!

    • I agree!

  • Fiona Ranalli

    Native Americans are very spiritual aren’t they.

  • Kathryn

    It’s all about men’s egos that has caused so much death and suffering! Women’s egos are easily stroked by competing in bake-offs and other crafty, contests! So, who do you think should be wearing the pants, which of course are mostly made by women?

    • Amanda

      I think about this all the time! Not to be a man- hater, but when we reflect on so many issues and ward, etc- past snd present- the common denominator is men. When riots break out, modt of the perpetrators are young men. The terrorists are almost all men. The school shootings, mall stabbings, any act of violence are exclusively men!! We need to teach our boys, from infancy, how to tap into emotions (other than anger, frustration) and how to manage them better.

      • Amanda

        Sorry for the typos!! I’m on my phone :/

      • Nancy Antia

        Yes, we should teach boys to recognize and respect the sacred but first we, women, have to know it ourselves. Sadly, too many women are too overtaken by men’s approaches. It happens here in Argentina and all over the world I believe. What do you think about that?

      • Amen!

  • Marts

    This has a reflection to where l am across the ditch in Australia, l really appreciate this topic being posted up, thank you Elisa…
    l happen to be at a stage of my growth identifying with my own personality, watching where my thoughts are birthing from in order to recognise if am l in fact thinking from a place of control (the ego).
    I am learning more now than ever before to get to the bottom of how the ego feeds on us by us giving too it unconsciously, the way it holds its power by using fear to keep us restricted is the lower vibrational frequency, once we learn to recognise it is our negative intentions that has been feeding it, the all restrictions are off… its good bye ego and goodrittens!

    This is such a fantastic website because we are all able to unite and lift the planet out of the matrix held by the ego… Educating in unison of love from light source energy about how we can see into this lower energy frequency… shinning the light onto will show that we have been feeding it out of separation, we have been unconsciously nurturing this damn thing keeping it rolling along.

    We are moving forward and always opening up in consciousness working from our higher self our knowing, our divine worth this with all our spiritual comrades together we are shining the light on the ego, dismantling its structures… whilst sharing in with one another from a place of acceptance gives back to the flow of consciousness, opening up many new possibilities from a higher vibrational frequency of love, freedom and peace.

  • Nancy Antia

    Welcome home, Elisa! So happy you’re back!

  • Nancy Antia

    Dear CE Family, I live in Argentina, South America. When the Spanish landed in Central and South America did the same thing. Native communities are very poor and ill since then. I was told by Veronica that my son Santi and I had been Aztecs once. Maybe that’s why I’ve always related so naturally to the concept of what’s sacred. People in Argentina have little or no idea of how sacred everything is. Thanks for reading my post.

  • Judith F.

    Elisa, thank you for this discussion with Erik. We have at least three ways to move forward with this topic: we can, as Léon has recommended, read and learn more; we can be aware of our own ego and practice coming from a heart-centered place by sending love and light to the Water Protectors, and even to those who want to go forward with the pipeline project and those who are brutalizing the defenders; and if we want to take it further, do as our conscience guides us, either by being physically present at Standing Rock or other areas in the country where the same thing is happening, or by giving spiritual, monetary or other support. This is a time of challenge, but a time to learn from. As Erik keeps teaching us, all things happen for a reason; there are lessons behind it all. Bless you Erik!

    • 🙂

    • Léon Vrins

      I agree with you, Judith, but some things are not easy to accept, whatever the reason could be. For example: global warming as a result of human actions. Maybe we should try to avoid some lessons….

      • Judith F.

        For sure, Léon. I still feel anger, sadness and frustration at what is happening to our planet. It’s also impossible to know how much negativity comes from soul contracts and how much from humans’ free will. I cannot come to grips with soul contracts, and don’t know if I ever will. Evil actions and behavior are part of some soul contracts, which blows my mind. According to what Erik and other spiritual authors have said, these soul contracts are for the growth of one or several souls, or for hundreds of thousands of souls, as in war. Living on earth isn’t a “walk in the park,” as they say!

      • Nancy Antia

        You’re right. From my own experience I can attest living on earth is not a walk in the park.

  • Callies’ Pet Human

    It’s a complicated problem – the culture of the Native American is essentially nomadic, to be hunter-gatherers and roam vast tracks of land at will. There was no need for “ownership.” The culture of the white European immigrants is farming – division and “ownership” (albeit temporary) of the land is essential to make cultivation a success. When the white settlers came to North America, their paradigm said “Lookee, a whole bunch of fertile, unclaimed land just waiting for us to divvy up. NOBODY’S here!” The NA paradigm said “WTF is this ‘ownership’ you guys keep talking about? Wherever we go is ‘home’ (unless a more aggressive tribe kicks us out.)” How do those two cultures reconcile? Probably not easily done but it was settled because one came to dominate. The problems in the Middle East stem from the same sort of issues. The natives culture there is nomadic. Nation-states with borders are essentially alien to that paradigm. The Europeans came and divvied the area up into colonies which later became countries, on basically arbitrary boundaries the colonists concocted out of thin political air. Yes, the European model does tend to impose itself on other models it views as “less civilized.” This imposition has brought some benefits as well as drawbacks to the areas into which it expanded. The unhappy thing is that the cultures that were “civilized” in this manner did not have a choice in how to live their lives in this dimension. Ultimately, as Erik says, this is not good or bad, but something we must all learn from. Perhaps if and when humans travel forth from this planet and encounter “primitive” cultures on other worlds, next time they will have the simple perspicacity to just let them be. 🙂

    • Nancy Antia

      Beautifully said, thank you!
      You wrote: “Perhaps if and when humans travel forth from this planet and encounter
      “primitive” cultures on other worlds, next time they will have the
      simple perspicacity to just let them be. 🙂 ” I do hope so!

  • Elisa

    In Australia it is really dire with Indigenous Australian children committing suicide. I think in the last ten years it has skyrocketed and is the worst in the world.

    I only just heard a report this evening as I was parking my car and it is so distressing – they mentioned kids under ten killing themselves. Really sad stuff. I find this to be particularly heart wrenching.

    I am reading a book called “Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening” by the Robbie Holz who was married to Gary Holz, who was said to be a great healer. Gary Holz I think learned his healing abilities from Australian Aboriginals.

    …As an Australian, this idea is almost foreign. I don’t think there is real respect for the spirituality of Aborigines. I think if there was more knowledge about these aspects of their culture that it would create more of a sense of equality. There is too much materialism in our culture, so that it takes on a sense of us as being the conquerors and the indigenous people as being the victims -that sort of view. It’s a hopeless sort of view. I think if more was known about the Spirituality of Aboriginals that their culture would be given a new place of respect.

    Here is some info…

    “… Indigenous suicide has increased from 5% of total Australian suicide in 1991, to 50% in 2010. The most drastic increase occurred among young people 10-24 years old, where Indigenous youth suicide rose from 10% in 1991 to 80% in 2010 (7).
    Many factors contribute to these tragic statistics, including:
    -the brutal history of colonisation
    -intergenerational trauma left by Stolen Generations policy
    -ongoing racism
    the everyday realities in Indigenous communities, such as unemployment, poverty, overcrowding, social marginalisation, and higher access to alcohol and drugs (read more about Indigenous disadvantage) (8)

    According to the Elders’ Report into Preventing Indigenous Self-Harm and Youth Suicide (2014), a loss of cultural identity and cross-cultural confusion is a major factor underlying Indigenous youth suicide. Bernard Tipiloura, an elder in the Tiwi islands, NT, explains that “suicide occurs when young people find themselves in no-man’s land” (9).”

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