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I want to extend my prayers and love to all the victims and their families of the horrible Manchester bombing. Why do people do these horrific things and how can we change their hearts. So troubling.

An update on the FBI raid. Yesterday we had various news helicopters circling over our street. We also had several TV stations come and interview me along with other neighbors. Crazy stuff. I don’t know what crimes were committed, if any, but it involves the IRS, the Department of Commerce and the FBI. The couple have a 7 year-old and a 2 year-old, making this very tragic indeed. After my session with Kim and Erik (about God), the doorbell rings. Channel 13 wanting another interview. It’s been a very busy street. 

Enjoy today’s post on asexuality!

Me: Hi there.

Kim: Hello again.

Me: Today, Erik and Kim, we’re going to talk about asexuality. We’ve talked about homosexuality, heterosexuality, polygamy, incest and all sorts of other things, but one blog member said, “Hey, talk about asexuality.” There are some people who are just not sexual at all, and I’m not talking about, because we’ve talked about a loss of libido. We’ve talked about libido problems before, but we’ve never talked about people who are just asexual beings. So, take it away, Erik!

Kim (embarrassed): This is the perfect platform to mention, because he’s pushing me to mention this: Mama Medhus, he’s been asking me for months to do a radio show on tantra.

Me: Oh, okay.

Kim: So, he wants me to mention it. I just haven’t caved yet because god knows where he’s going to go with that!

Kim laughs.

Me: Oh, god.

Erik: This is the perfect place to pitch the idea.

Me: Are you talking about one of our Thursday night radio shows? Because that would be interesting.

Kim: Yeah.

Me: Yeah, okay!

Kim: Now he’s conveying compassion, sadness and sorrow because it seems like a lot of people feel this way or experience this. He’s going to get real deep into this.

Erik: Asexuality becomes a conflict between spirit, the soul self, and the human self. It’s like an inner battle. There’s nothing bridging the gap between the two.

Kim: There are a couple of different scenarios he wants to share for asexuality.

Erik: Most of the time, individuals who are asexual—first, there are quite a few “causes.” One is that some of these individuals have very high vibrations need or thrive –

Kim: He goes back and forth using energy, pictures and words.

Me: Okay.

Kim: He’s showing me some people with a high vibration that don’t need those human needs or actions to feel like the self. Their sense of self supersedes or transcends beyond the physical self.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Now, with that being said, remember, Mom, you and I always talk about this—there is such value in being human and having the human experience, and I want people to remember this. So, if you’re one of those people and you know it, you need to ground yourself into your human self. I’ll talk about that. There are high vibrational people who even intentionally choose celibacy because they want to restore their vibration. We just got through coming out of a session talking about rejection. You can’t reject the human side of you because there’s a reason you’re human; there’s value in the experience, and part of it has to do with your sexuality.

Kim: This is the opposite end of the scope. He also wants to talk about people who feel like they “suffer from” or are victims of asexuality, but this is now more of the—I don’t know what you would call it, like a high vibrational side that’s spirituality chosen or induced—that’s the word he’s using. That’s really interesting.

Erik: So these people, no matter what, should work on grounding themselves to their human self meaning connect to your physical body and bridge the gap because when mind, body and spirit are all aligned, all are well. If they aren’t all aligned, that’s when that inner chaos starts, that inner chaos. So individuals, whether male or female, who “suffer from” asexuality, Mom, there are people who incarnate who aren’t used to their gender. Maybe their other lives were all female, and they come in wanting to experience being male, and they haven’t quite gotten comfortable in their skin as this gender. So they feel disconnected from the body and the features of the body. That “causes” the feeling of asexuality.

Me: Wow. Interesting!

Kim: Man, this is interesting. Yeah, I can relate on some level—he’s just talking so quick! Really interesting.

Erik: We could really open this up. Homosexuals can fall into that same vibration, but I really want to target the individuals who “suffer.” They’re asexual, and they suffer from it. They want to be sexual so they suffer.

Me: Wait, before you go on, before I forget: Are there any circumstances where someone will come in as asexual because in another life they were a sexual predator, for example so that they want to experience the lack of sexuality? I guess what I’m asking in, there must be many spiritual contracts for asexuality.

Kim: Yeah, he was counting on his fingers.

Erik: There are quite a few reasons for asexuality.

Me: Okay. So regression therapy might actually help. If you can find out what life—

Erik: Not even just sexual predators, but there are, for example, people who that’s the only way they knew themselves, as their sexual self. They may have had many partners so that they got lost in that, not knowing who they are outside of that. So in the “next” life, they experience quite the opposite. They’re asexual so that they can know themselves outside of that avenue or dynamic.

Me: Ah, interesting!

Kim: Man, I just love how he’s consistent to this message. He wants to talk about people who are victims of asexuality.

Erik: It boils down to you suffering from your own expectations. You might think, “Oh, those people are so comfortable with their sexuality. I wish I was. I wish I could be like that. I don’t know why I can’t be.” They’re entertaining the illusions or living through the illusions or expectations. So this, Mom, is kind of like what we were talking about in our previous session, self-rejection. There are many people who suffer from this. There a level of self that hasn’t been explored or accepted. When somebody is experiencing asexuality, they haven’t completely accepted, in an intimate way—not sexually, but like a self-love intimacy. When they haven’t completely accepted themselves and loved themselves on that human, physical level yet—complete, absolute and in a whole sense—asexuality is one of the biggest ways that will manifest.

Me: Yeah.

Kim: He’s also talking about—I can’t remember what you call it—but he’s also talking about identity issues.

Erik: It’s very, very similar when you haven’t completely accepted your physical self, identity issues manifest, too.

Me: Sure.

Kim: It’s interesting. Man, there are so many reasons. He’s talking about all of these reasons for why there is asexuality.

Erik: Mom, it’s very relative to what they person is going through in their life, but it also has a lot to do with their contract and how they want to grow and evolve because again, just because you may feel a deficit of sexuality in your life doesn’t always mean it’s a “bad” thing. It’s how you react to it that makes it a “bad” thing.

Me: Right, that’s when you suffer from it.

Erik: Yeah, remember, this could be something you put in your contract. It could be temporary where you’re completely asexual to get to know yourself outside of those parameters.

Kim: Man, this is really interesting because he’s showing me how you build your spiritual contract.

Erik: Through the different ways you build it, you can experience yourself outside of the illusion.

Kim: He’s showing me these illusions overlapping. It’s really hard to put into words!

She seems frustrated!

Kim: He wants to go back and show an example. In the “past” life, the illusion of being completely comfortable with yourself and completely knowing yourself because you’re overly, you’re hypersexual with all kinds of people, but in that life, you’re empty elsewhere not knowing yourself outside of that. He kind of reverses it.

Erik: So you come into this life, stripping away those parameters so that you know yourself asexually. It’s a deeper way to know yourself.

Me: Okay.

Erik: There are two main things, Mom. A lot of people are experiencing asexuality because they’re suffering from their expectations or because the consciousness is expanding. A complete, higher level of self, highly transcends and goes past the physical self. When the capacity to know yourself is on a soul level, that’s when the battle comes in.

Kim: It turns into this vicious cycle for people because they’ve expanded, consciously—

Me: Yeah, but can’t you just accept that? Can’t you be okay and choose not to suffer from it? Is that what you’re saying, Erik?

Erik: Exactly.

Erik moves his hands as if he’s cleaning them in a “my work here is done” move.

Erik: My job is done.

Me: Oh, right! So you have a choice. You may be asexual because your vibrational level is so high that you’ve transcended the physical aspects of human life, but if you have the expectation, “Well, wait a minute. I’m supposed to be sexual, so something must be wrong with me” then you suffer. So it depends on your expectations and whether you decide to suffer from it. So what do you tell people who do suffer from asexuality? What do they do? One idea, of course, is to get regression hypnotherapy. What else?

Kim: There are a couple of ways he wants to talk about people grounding themselves, but he quickly wants to mention something.

Erik: Suffering comes through the ego, so people that suffer with asexuality or are uncomfortable with intimacy as the cause of their asexuality is because they’re shedding their ego—

Kim: He’s showing me something but the energy doesn’t line up with the message.

(Long pause)

Kim: Man, we could turn this into three more episodes because he’s talking about how the ego places emphasis on different body parts and makes them important. People become uncomfortable and then they introvert. “Don’t show anything!” and so on.

Erik: To ground yourself, if you suffer from asexuality, this is where YOU have to be with YOU. You have to be with you, intimately. You have to know yourself. Mom, it’s as simple as talking to your heart, but don’t force the answers. Don’t force the guidance. Just listen. If you suffer from asexuality, ask your heart why. I promise your heart will answer. So ground yourself, physically, by first working on acceptance, accepting your body. Get to know your body because oftentimes, people who are suffering aren’t comfortable with their bodies.

Me: That makes sense.

Erik: It doesn’t matter what they look like; there are people who are uncomfortable with their bodies, and the more you can first accept your body, your physical self, you can then get to know your sexual self, your intimate self. Then you can explore a new sense of self through sexuality. People hold such harsh parameters against themselves like, “Oh, that’s wrong,” or “Society thinks that’s wrong. That’s not right!” when exploring sexuality and getting to know self intimately. Let go of those fears. Let go of those parameters and go where your heart takes you. Mom, people need to work on this. They’re so backwards when it comes to sexuality.

Me: Well, especially in western society because we came from puritanical roots, and different religions didn’t paint sexuality in a very pleasing light! So many people considered it sort of a sin or at least aspects of it.

Erik: It all boils back down to ego, how ego says, “This is right and that is wrong.” “My beliefs are better.” That’s where all the divide comes in and all these new awarenesses are born.

Kim: He’s using energy to talk now. It feels like forgiveness like self-forgiveness.

Erik: Whatever ways you need to get to know yourself, forgive yourself, too, through these avenues. What I mean is however you need to explore yourself or get to know yourself, sexually, forgive yourself for holding right and wrong against yourself. Don’t go, “Oh, this is wrong. I shouldn’t be doing this!” Let go of those fears. A lot of people are victims of their own rules.

Me: And that usually comes from society’s rules. They have to realize that society and some religions can create these false rules. They need to ask, “Is this a rule that I came up with or has it been foisted on me from some outside source?”

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Okay, anything else to help people who suffer from [asexuality] before we go on?


Kim: He’s being very soft with his energy, very compassionate.

Erik: If I could tell people anything, it would be to not be afraid to talk about it. It’s human nature. At least start to talk about sexuality, what it means to you and how you know yourself through it because I promise you, if you allow that to open up in your life, especially you people who suffer from asexuality, you talk about it and you’ll get to know yourself. That could very well be the door that opens for you to get to know yourself again in this respect. So at least talk about it.

Me: That’s right.

Erik: Don’t be backwards with it. Don’t be afraid. Fuck that!

Kim laughs.

Me: Good! Very good, Erik. Thank you so much!

Kim (still laughing): He’s singing that song, “Let’s talk about sex, baby!”

Me: Oh, I don’t know that one! Oh, you’re blushing, Kim! I see it!

We close in our usual way.

One more thing: Don’t forget tomorrow at 7 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik. Kim is out of town, so Raylene Nuañes will be filling in. Next week, I’m hoping to devote the show to callers who want to share their stories of how Channeling Erik, and Erik in particular, have changed their lives. Monday, I’ll ask those who want to share to email me the number they’ll be calling from so I can recognize it on the studio board. 


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  • Lola Jones

    Interesting! Now we just need a post on hypersexuality/sex addiction to counter it. (my bad if there already is one!)

    • Lola Jones

      Basically, an expansion on what Erik called the “emptiness” part of hypersexuality.

    • Good idea!

  • Robin Kincaid

    Good discussion here. I know a man (my husband’s college friend) who has finally accepted his asexuality and is so much happier now (at age 56 – it took him that long). He is definitely a higher vibration person.

  • mummy Sue

    I can’t thank Erik enough. He has just explained to me who my son was. My 19 year old son took his own life nearly 4 years ago whilst he was at university. Before he went to university it was a common ‘joke’ amongst his school friends that he was a ‘virgin’. It seemed not to bother him and he carried on being his usual clever and creative self. We knew he had body issues (he thought he was fat, he still had braces on his teeth, he was conscious about his skin, he wanted to change his outward appearance) and he very rarely bared his body to the world – (very self-conscious and private). However, he had almost always been like that. He seemed to always have a ‘friend who was a girl’ (ie. not a girl friend!) and I believe that he became very close to them, almost to the point of leading them to think that he was ‘interested’ in them. Quite a few of the girls fell in love with him – he could be very charming – but he never seemed to feel the same way about them. Until he went to university. I am not blaming anyone or pointing towards any particular event, but we did find out through the investigating police officer that he had had a ‘sexual’ relationship with a girl from his college who he had become close to. Obviously, I do not know the actual details of events but what I can predict from what Erik has said is that he was ‘suffering’ from not being sexual – I’m not totally sure if this means he was asexual or he just didn’t like sex – ‘far too messy and unclean’!! – but either way, I think he tried it and it wasn’t for him. I think he would have struggles immensely from not feeling or being ‘normal’, leading to perhaps him feeling down, not having self worth, and not really understanding his own-self. He never discussed his inner feelings with anyone, not even his close friends so I am not surprised now to see how his experiences (or lack of them) could have lead to him not wishing to carry on with a human life. This explanation really has helped me to understand my son better. I have had contact with him in his new spirit life and know he is free to be who he is (or maybe she is???) and he is so much happier now. I am truly happy for him although I miss him dreadfully. To me, he was just Callum, my child, no matter what. I was very privileged to have had him in my life. I am so glad that I was able to share some quality mother/son (friend) time with him. I hope Erik gets to meet him as they just seem to be very, very similar indeed – I’m positive Callum pranks our family and thinks it’s highly funny. Even in the spirit world, he will not go unnoticed!
    Thank you once again to Erik for helping me put the pieces of my very difficult puzzle back together again. Sent with Love x

    • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

      Sue, thank you for sharing. He sounds like he was/is a beautiful boy. imho, there’s far too much pressure on our children/teenagers/young adults to lose their virginity. I hate it. It leads to kids having sex way before they’re emotionally ready for it. It leads to girls drinking to become uninhibited enough to have sex because it’s something they wouldn’t do if they were sober. And I’m sure this applies to boys too. Our teenagers’ lives are saturated in porn. Children who have been subjected to porn grow up manifesting the same issues as children who’ve been sexually abuse. end rant.

  • Magda

    Could Erik explain why peple are so afraid of sex as in the context of a taboo topic? I mean, everybody does it but people are afraid to show it to children and revenge porn damaged life of so many people as if it was something that shameful – what is the reason for it? Is it about Christianity? Does he think the approach to it will ever be different?

    • I bet it’s because of our Christian roots plus we’ve worn clothes so long that we feel vulnerable without them!

      • Magda

        You know Elisa, I just found an explanation – on the net someone explained that it exposes our animal side so maybe you are right about the Christian roots – like you know, it’s all about the dychotomy – soul vs flesh so people feel it’s somehow unclean – sex I mean. Or maybe it’s all about the fact thatour private parts are ugly and children who rather aren’t sexual beings to this extent as adults are going to get disgusted and people are afraid they won’t want to do this in adulthood after wards due to some shock they experienced in childhood after they saw this? Or maybe they don’t want kids to get interested in this too early because they could start to molest other kids or become masturbation addicts or – in case of older kids – they could want to try it and… well, a preteen girl getting pregnant is not the best thing? Btw, are you going to ask Erik about the missing people? I think they may be people kept in captivity somewhere out there and what if we could help them? Erik could say who is kept where and maybe we could find some woman like from the Cleveland case – like you know, Castro, this evil guy. Btw, you could ask Erik who Kaspar Hauser was 🙂 I was always so curious 🙂

      • Magda

        And generally, I wonder why sex even in form of erotic stories is reserved for adults – like some fics are 18 + rated. After all, it’s not like this that kids will get disgusted by sounds or rapid movements like in porn on TV. And could you ask him what was the reason standing behind the Cleveland tragedy? After all, there HAS to be some explanation as for why Castro kidnapped those three women.

  • Kathryn

    I’ve been single and celibate for a number of years and I truly LOVE and enjoy my life! I’m fit, smart, kind of purty and as funny as all get out, but if I’m “A-Ass-Sexual,” then I’ll happily, wear the “ASEXUAL 4U” banner 24/7! Suffer? Really? That’s never going to happen! KM

  • What does that mean?

    • Rog

      Sorry, that would have made sense to include… Oops.

      “A demisexual is a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone. It’s more commonly seen in but by no means confined to romantic relationships. The term demisexual comes from the orientation being “halfway between” sexual and asexual.”

  • Marie Cole

    I’m glad Erik wanted to talk about asexuality. My son (24) has Asperger’s and is socially awkward. A few years ago he met a girl online and they have been living together. He told me she was asexual but he loved her. She has had multiple psych issues herself and maybe because of that, she understands my son, which is great. Well, the story does not end here. Prior to her coming to live with us, my son told us (family) he wanted to be a female. At first I thought he was a transvestite, but then I realized he literally wanted to be a female. To be honest, I’ve been doubtful about this declaired desire because his girlfriend not only is asexual but seems to be transforming her body to be more of a male…. or maybe trying to be gender neutral. She changed her feminine name to a gender-neutral name, and we are supposed to use “they/their/them” in stead of “she/her” for this person. So I’m not 100% sure if my son wants to be a girl becasue she wants to be a boy. Surprisingly, his younger siblings, now 10 and 12, are very accepting and correct me when I say “he” or “him”. Anyways, I feel like Erik is telling me to accept them without reservation. So thank you, Erik and Dr. Medhus. Erik, please work with my son’s spirit guides to lead him to where he needs to be. He still cannot find a job ever since he moved out of the state and I worry that he and his sig other struggle for many years to come. Right now she (“they”) is supporting him, but does not make a lot. I’m sorry for the long post.

    • I bet this is related to past lives. Maybe each was the opposite sex from what they are now and they were a couple. Maybe you should ask Erik through one of the mediums and also ask if they’ll be okay, if he really wants to be female, if regression hypnosis would help, etc.

      • Marie Cole

        Thank you for your input. I recall that one day he asked me all frustrated if there was a medication he could take to suppress erection. He said that when he and his girlfriend were in bed together, he would get erection without trying and that made her uncomfortable. I felt so bad for him!

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