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Annika’s graduation was actually not as hectic as we thought. Out of all the students, there were only 28 who graduated summa cum laude (GPA 3.9-4.0) and she was one of them. She has worked so hard for so long. I’m so proud of her. Next, it’s on to medical school, another challenging phase of her life that I’m sure she’s excel in. 

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Me: Let’s talk about birthmarks. Why do we carry them over from past life events? For example, say someone gets shot in the wrist in a past life and then, in this life, they have a birthmark there. First of all, does this even occur?

Erik: Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. It occurs. I wanna break it down even more clearly. This reader is more concerned about the physical appearance, because we carry all of these emotional scars and mental scars from past and future lives, so why wouldn’t it show up in our physical bodies? It’s all the same thing.

Jamie (giggling): He has his hands in front of him like he’s rolling something hand over hand over hand.

Erik: If we have a mental scar, that physical scar is just as easily done as the mental scar, and the reason we carry them over is we’re still working on that scar, that incident, that situation. A physical scar could be a visual reminder. It could be a purpose for having a physical injury—


Jamie (to Erik): Oh, god. You just talked me into circles. Do it again, Erik.


Jamie (to Erik): No. I think I get it.

Erik: Because if you have the physical scar in this life, you had the injury in another life. Like, you didn’t have the injury in this life, but yet the physical repercussions of that injury is already happening in the life where the injury didn’t occur. Are you with me on that?

Me: I’m not.

Jamie: Do it again, Erik.

Me: So, you repeat the injury?

Erik: Yeah, even though it didn’t happen in this life. Let’s say you got shot in the knee in a previous life.

Me: Oh! And then you have knee trouble in this life!

Erik: Yeah, and then you were born with this knee defect. It’s constantly hurting in this life, and there was no injury to say it should be hurting.

Me: Well, if you do past life regression, does that often get rid of that knee pain?

Erik: Hell, yeah.

Me: Okay. What about if you got shot in the knee, can you be more inclined to injure that knee?

Erik: Yeah. And that is to say if those to lives are closely linked and they’re similar and you’re supposed to be learning –


Jamie: He’s got his hands in his hair right now. He does not have a hat on today. He’s kind of like tugging at it. (to Erik) What are you doing? (pause) Say it a different way then. (pause) He goes, “I can see it in your face, Jamie! You’re not following me!” And I go, ‘You’re right; I’m not, so do it a different way!’

Jamie and I both laugh.

Jamie: He’s putting his two pointer fingers together like to make a pair.

Erik: If in the past life and this life, the lessons were similar, woven together, written into the contracts and everything you decided to do in this current life cuz we are way more fucking aware of ourselves than what we give ourselves credit for, uh, so, we’ve created this for ourselves that we play the dumb card when we’re in a human life.


Jamie (giggling): He’s treating me like I’m two! He only puts up one finger. The right finger. He talks like he’s speaking to a little kid.

Erik: Thiiiis life is the past life.

Jamie: Now he’s wiggling the left finger.

Erik: Thiiis life is the current life.

Jamie (to Erik): And you’re an asshole!

Erik: Thank you!

Jamie: All right. So, they’re linked together. He still has the two fingers touching each other. They’re parallel.

Erik: Now remember, we’re not going to look at time as being linear—as that past life as being completed and done. Let’s go ahead and look at time as it really is. These lives can touch and truly parallel each other. So if the knee gets blown up in one life, and then the stiffness occurs in another life—say the knee gets blown up at 33. And then when you turn 33 in this current life—

Jamie: He wiggles the current life finger.

Erik: That knee will start hurting for no apparent reason. This is what we call one of those energetic injuries. The knee represents fear of change. So, we could look at the current life.

Jamie: He wiggles that finger again.

Erik: We wouldn’t necessarily go to a knee doctor to get this fixed because, physically, there’s nothing wrong with it. But we would look at how we’re energetically using that knee and why it’s holding energy or releasing too much and causing physical pain. We could also go to a hypnotherapist and tap into another lifetime when the knee was injured and look at the situation around that.

Me: And we can do the same thing if we have recurrent injuries.

Erik: Yeah, because that shows a physical weakness in the body. You know, honestly, Mom, every little human being made—of course we’re different and unique and all that shit—but we should learn how to work our bodies. We shouldn’t have to have physical injuries.

Me: We’ve been shot in the kneecaps many times, and we’ve had many other injuries. We’ve been stabbed, beheaded, etc. Why do we not have—

Erik: All of ‘em?

Me: Yeah. Why are we not riddled with scars, birthmarks and pain?

Erik: It’s just the injuries you’re not done with yet. And sometimes, you’ll find this, let’s say we’ve learned kind of the lesson of having that knee blown up—that fear of change. We’ve learned how to make our changes and embrace what’s coming at us, even if we don’t like it.  When you find yourself in a similar situation, you may get a knee pain, but only for a minute or thirty minutes or one day. Then, it’s completely gone. Our bodies can actually, you know those cell memories can react to give us that clue of, “Hey, shit head, look what’s going on. You’re not paying attention. This is a clue.” And then once you start to pay attention, the body flushes out those memories from the cells. It doesn’t have to bring it to the surface for you, because you know what the fuck is going on.

Me: What is the fear of change? How does that have any relationship to knee pain or to a past life injury to the knee?

Erik: We’re looking at a really fucking cool map.

Jamie (to Erik): Oh, we’re looking at a map of the body. Sorry, Erik! When you say map, I’m thinking geological.

Erik: There’s an energetic map of the body that distinguishes—much like reflexology at the bottom of your foot, you know pain here means diaphragm. This is the spine.

Jamie: He’s pointing to some random spot, but it’s funny, because he has shoes on. They’re kind of chunky shoes.


Jamie: I’m being put in my place. Apparently, they’re very stylish. I apologize.

We both chuckle.

Jamie (to Erik): Go back to what you were saying, the map.

Erik: Taking that idea of reflexology all throughout the body, physical locations in the body represent mental and emotional energetic qualities, and the knee is known for a serious change. So, I was just using that as an example.

Me: Ah! Okay. Anything else on this subject.

Erik: Nah. Not for now.

Me: This was fascinating. Thanks, Sweetie.`

Have a wonderful weekend and, for your summer reading pleasure, please order yourself a copy of Erik’s book, My Life After Death: A Memoir from Heaven. I just got a Facebook private message from someone who said that, after reading it, she no longer fears death. That’s a nice thing. Also, you can get a copy of my book, My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side. Both books come in all possible formats!

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  • Kristen Swain

    Hi Elisa, I just uninstalled and reinstalled the app on android, and it is working great. All of the pages are accessible. Thanks so much!!!

  • T Diaz

    Android app now working here too. Lovely photo of your summa cum laude baby girl!

  • Marq.

    Hi Elisa and Erik,
    I have a question that I would like Erik to comment on next month please. Perhaps exploring it publicly would broaden all of our understanding of our true multidimensional selves.
    My most prominant guides are shape shifters. Not human. I feel that they are reptilian. Am I correct? Are they associated with the ‘Naer-go’ benevolent reptilian race?
    I also have conection to a Mantis race called ‘Zephyr’ and participate in hybrid children program working with ‘Grays. Further to all this, I am aware that 2 of my concurrent incarnations are reptilian.
    My question comes down to identity and belonging…
    I incarnate as human but clearly I have many other non human expressions.
    Do I have a primary ‘race’?
    My connection to human kind feels more like a mission.
    Hopefully Erik will bring clarity and perspective.
    Perhaps others will be inspired to learn more about there own multi dimensionality,
    Love and respect,

  • JaniceT

    Congratulations on Annika’s graduation! You must be sooooo proud!

  • Belkis

    Congratulations to Annika, she is an smart young lady, who going so far, the picture is beautiful, she looks like you Elisa, the next Doctor on the Family, it is a big step, Erik have to be proud of her for sure. Love you guys. Ps. Erik, Come to visit any time you are welcome always.

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Congratulations Annika!! Well done.

  • Robin Kincaid

    Hmmm, now I am wondering why I have a little scoliosis at the base of my spine (readily perceived by my artist mother when I was four – not twelve, when the school nurse normally tests for this). Wonder if I was “stretched” on the rack in Medieval Times? They say most modern day empaths were victims, by the thousands, over a four hundred year period of various European inquisitions. Yikes! Good thing it’s safe now to be here and communicate with spirit – probably why many of us have chosen to incarnate at this time. Don’t have to worry about The Stake!

  • Nancy Antia

    Congratulations to Annika. She’s beautiful.

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