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Well, Tropical Storm Cindy was not much to brag about here in Houston, thank god. Nothing more than a summer shower. I feel for the people east of us, though, so my prayers go out to them. It’s still pretty nasty out there though, so we’ll spend the time inside doing all things cozy. Lukas and I are planning to cook our famous Dijon herb encrusted beef tenderloin with garlic mashed potatoes and peas with thyme. Lately, we’ve been really horrible about cooking homemade meals and having family dinner. I blame Doordash, Uber Eats and Favor for that. These are convenient, but too expensive and they cause us to eat on our own, isolated. Tomorrow, I’m going to cook my special fried chicken recipe. The secret is dipping it in buttermilk, then a flour mixture that has a little cayenne, a lot of poultry seasoning, garlic salt and a whole bunch of ground black pepper. 

Okay, that’s enough, Betty Freaking Crocker. Time for another Best of Erik.

Me: Okay. Let’s talk about my favorite thing. Caffeine. What are your thoughts about caffeine and its effect on the spiritual, physical, mental and emotion bodies? Be gentle, because you’re going to have a tough time prying my white knuckled grip from my cappuccino right now.

Erik: Well, first, for a healthy person, caffeine sucks, because it fucks you up, because it changes your vibrational quality, and if you’re trying to be spiritual or if you’re trying to get down and meditate and really hone into the vibrations to get all Zen, then that shit’s gonna ruin it.

I quickly go through a mental inventory, looking frantically for some ailment that would take me off the “healthy” list.  Nada. Damn.

Erik: Now, if you’re whack-a-noodle—

“A-ha!’ I think. ‘There is hope!’

Jamie (to Erik, giggling): Shut up. Wait. I gotta gather myself. Whack-a-noodle.

Jamie and I laugh.

Jamie (giggling): Oh, for the first time I get to agree with Erik that he sounded queer!

Me: Ah oh!

Jamie: He said that to me and he goes, “That sounds so queer.” He didn’t mean it in the gay terminology.

Me: He just meant he sounded stupid?

Jamie (chuckling): He won’t even acknowledge me.

Erik: If the person’s body needs the caffeine to be mentally and emotionally clear, like it’s taken almost as a medicinal quality, then the quality for that person is going to take them to a place where they can be more spiritually awakened and Zen. So, you have to identify: Are you the kind of person who, when you drink the caffeine, you get jittery or high from it? Then you don’t need it. You’re over-doing it for your body. You’re over-saturating it. Pull off of it. Don’t do it.

I check my fingers. No trembling. Yay. A second cup is in order for a celebration.

Erik: Do a decaf. There’s still fucking caffeine in that shit. They’re lying to you.

Jamie laughs, then sighs. I can almost see her shaking her head and thinking, “What are we going to do with that boy?”

Me (nervously asking for a second opinion): So, do I need my daily cappuccinos, or should I back off?

Erik: Let’s meet in the middle, Mom. Cappuccino. Singular.

Hmm. I’m going to have to get a bigger cup.

Me (sounding dejected): Okay. Instead of two. Dammit. All right. I can do that. (Muaah ha ha. He need never know.)

Erik: Because notice, after you have the one, you feel all working, in balance.

Me: Mm hm. That’s true.

Erik: And that’s a great thing. When you take the two, it’s almost like this slight overdose where you’re trying to really rev up, but you can rely on other systems in your body to help you rev up. So, to the masses—

Jamie: He has one arm up in the air.

Erik: –to the masses, if you feel jittery when you have caffeine or you feel like you have a miniature high, you are taking too much and you need to stand up, be good to yourself, and get off that shit, or move on to something a little lighter like a green tea.

Me: Oh! Okay.

Erik: For those of you who can have that cup of coffee or whatever your addiction is, caffeine-wise, and you feel completely fine after having it, then you haven’t overdosed your body. Your body is absorbing it and using it as a supplement—as a way to stay chemically balanced.

Me: M’kay. Sounds right.

Jamie: Yeah. That’s cool. I have to start paying attention to that.

Me: Me, too. I never have focused any awareness on it, but I’m pretty sure I don’t get the jitters with coffee, and I can sleep like a log even if I drink it right before bedtime.

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  • JaniceT

    Your beef tenderloin and fried chicken is making my mouth water….sounds fantastic! As for coffee/caffeine, great topic! thank you Elisa! Very helpful!
    Do they sell half gallon thermal mugs? got to fine one….

  • Marq

    As I read I take a sip
    to stem the quiver in my lip
    I need this caf…. to face the day
    Lest those those around me get to pay
    Addiction’s such a tired word
    To me it’s sounding so absurd
    I need my caf to fire my brain
    Or all I get is fog and rain..
    So let me have my vital vice
    That’s if you want me…. to play nice….

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    One of the best parts of my day is my morning coffee. It wakes me up and makes me feel somewhat ‘normal’. So I think I’m in the second category. Thanks Erik!

    • Mandy Hammond


  • Lauralee Allen

    I have to take an energy multivitamin (along w/my prescriptions for my various ailments) & have at least 1 cup of coffee in the morning just to be able to think properly & function well enough to get myself moving. LOL

  • Coffee leaves my mouth feeling icky so I don’t drink it but green tea – gallons!!

  • Lorri

    Thank God, I’m in the second category. I can drink tea all day and right before bed, and it never keeps me awake.

  • Sheri Gurczenski

    I have a question. When I’m looking on the website for archives, it only gives me the transcript. How do I access the actual video for what I’m looking for?

    • Not everything is in YouTube format. I only started doing that after a few years.

  • Aw, thanks! You and your words made my day.

  • Mandy Hammond

    Oh gosh I didn’t realise caffeine was that harmful. I need it in a morning after my wate. Maybe for now I can cut back….but coffee….mmmm

  • Jing-Jing Ju-Lin Wang

    sorry I’m a little confused here, are these transcripts of private channeling sessions or a previous show, such as “Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment” or the youtube show? I often read an interesting topic, want to here/watch the show but can’t find any link to it. thank you!

    • Yes, this is a private channeling. Early on in the blog, we didn’t put them on YouTube but now we do.

  • Me too!

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